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You're actually Pro-Snape? I'm not here to be hateful or anything, but he's honestly such an awful person. Please look up "Reasons to be Anti- Snape", and if you're still pro Severus after that then I'll drop it. You should just know what he's really like before becoming a fan. Hope you're having a good weekend x

Ooo, I just did and:

…which is quite funny, really.  :D

I must say, I appreciate the polite tone of your message, but I fear your efforts at being reasonable are rather undermined by this statement:  “You should just know what he’s really like before becoming a fan.”  

If you were a genuine reader of my blog, you would already know that it is 99% Snape related, has been online for a couple of years, and that I put a considerable amount of effort into the content I create.  That in itself should lead you to the conclusion that I have deeply considered the series, and have already drawn an overall conclusion about Snape as a character.  

I also deliberately label my blog as pro-Snape so you really should not have been shocked to discover my stance.  Consequently, I think it is a little insulting to send such a message.  

If you genuinely want to have a discussion about the positive and negative aspects of the character, then either reblog one of my posts with your comments, or make a post and tag me in it - and I may respond when I have a free moment.

However, given the broad scope of your message, I rather suspect you are sending this message anonymously to pro-Snape blogs in some odd attempt to force them to change their stance, which is a very strange way to spend your time.  

If I might make a small suggestion, I think it should be noted that fandom would be a happier place if everyone spent their free time appreciating their favourites instead of attempting to police what other people are fans of.