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a list of some of my favourite, most ExtraTM Fëanor moments : 

  • showed up to his dad’s house in full military gear just so he could throw a hissy fit at his brother in a public square , sword-waving theatrics and all
  • straight up slammed a door in Morgoth’s face , after quite literally yelling at him to get the fuck off his lawn
  • “Fëanor, lending us your Silmarils to save the Trees could prevent the world from plunging into complete darkness” / “And then what , do you waNT ME TO DIE is that it
  • “So dad , are we going back for Fingon now?” / *manic laughter* “Oh, Maedhros, my sweet summer child,”
  • pulled a total Patroclus and charged on the gates of Angband without waiting for backup , then promptly got into a swordfight with a bunch of Balrogs 
  • couldn’t help being dramatic even in death and turned into ashes on the spot before his sons could bury him
  • if you ever feel like your job is hard , just remember that Mandos is gonna have to put up with this dude camping out in his office until the end of Arda
Draco Malfoy:

- Last picture on Instagram: (7:55am this morning) Harry, dressed in nothing but low rise sweatpants, standing in their kitchen cuddling their grumpy, fluffy white Persian cat, smiling into its fur. Caption: “Look at how disgustingly adorable both my cuties are, look at them.. 😎 ” followed by half a million hashtags including ‘#Bae, #KittyLove, #SaintPotter and #LookAtHisHipBones.

- Last Snapchat sent to Harry: (6:35pm this evening) Double-picture snap 1) Picture of a rack of lacy red bras. Caption: “Pansy forced me to go lingerie shopping with her FML”. 2) Himself in a changing room wearing the shirt he wore to work that morning, the satin tie and a lacy green thong, his back turned to display his arse, looking over his shoulder at the mirror. Caption: “I don’t hate how this looks. Thoughts?” [Harry screenshots it.]

- Last Snapchat received from Harry: (6:40pm this evening) An undecipherable, blurred image with just a part of Harry’s shoe visible. Caption: “MOTHER OF MERLIN, I JUST RAN OUT OF A MEETING TO GO HIDE MY BONER, YOU TOSSER.” followed by an IM on the chat window - “Buy that fucking thong, Draco, buy it right now.”

- Last link shared on Facebook: (4:18pm this evening) Ten Gorgeous Destinations to Consider For Your Next Holiday. Caption: “Harry Potter, pick a date, we’re going to Hawaii.”
Harry - Just say when, baby.
Draco - What the fuck have I told you about calling me that in public?
Harry - I dunno, call you that more often?
Draco - Please go away.
Harry - But I love you!
Draco - I will unfriend you. And block you.
Pansy - Would you two get a room?
Harry - We have a whole flat, Parkinson.
Narcissa - Draco are you in Hawaii
Draco: No, Mother, I’m very much still in London.
Narcissa: Ok wear sunblock even under your swimwear or you will burn
Ron: This is officially the best thing ever.

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bossuet trying to get at least one good photo of himself on holiday so he picks a great spot with a nice background and asks joly to take one and. doesn’t realise that he’s stood on one of those fountains that occasionally turn off and on again until it’s too late. (on the bright side, bossuet being scared out of his skin and covered in water makes a great album cover)

DK is your babo, The8 is your sunflower, Chan is your baby. Then Jisoo oppa is Jeonghannie’s ____ ?
JH: Deer

Credit: 趙依依 
Source: confretti
Trans: jeonghoonhao

Scars of the Broken (Remus Lupin x Ballerina Reader)

Harry Potter Marauder’s Era

Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings; angst, bullying

A/n; so so so sorry this took so long! I’ve had a crazy past few weeks. This is the Remus x dancer reader requested by Anon. I hope you like it, i took a much angstier route than the last one. Again, I don’t take dance, sorry if some concepts don’t make sense in reality. Also! I’ve got a question at the end for ya’ll in the author’s note if you don’t mind putting in some feedback. thanks! now on with the story! 

(Y/n) (L/n) never thought she’d ever meet someone who understood the pain of being broken. She entered Hogwarts orphaned and muggleborn, and expected the bullying. The Pure-bloods didn’t seem fazed at her dull reactions to their words, they didn’t really care as long as their point got across. But over the years, she did care. She really did. And she put her pain into her dancing.

         It was one of those first weeks at Hogwarts, the purebloods had found her shoes, and teased her. ‘Filthy mudbloods and their silly ways, you must be a terrible dancer.’

         Back then, shoes were a light, pale pink satin. But after years of excessive dancing, they’d worn old and dull. She danced in them so roughly, her skin broke, and blood stained the once beautiful shoes. So she colored them with a red sharpie over Christmas holiday, and never picked them up again, until the words finally turned into bruises.

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Preference 34: First Date

Requested by @thornnb! Thanks for the fun idea and being patient with me and my slow getting things done life style. 


Your first day with Harry was very simple. He didn’t plan anything extravagant, against the rules maybe, but not over the top. The two of you snuck out to the quidditch pitch and flew around, which was perfect in your opinion. You had so much fun flying around and laughing together. Harry almost fell off his broom at one point because you looked so beautiful flying past the bright moon. The thought of the night brought a smile to your face, even during the detention you got for being out of bed past hours. 


You and Ron shared a love of food. So for your first date he decided to make you a homemade dinner at the burrow over winter holiday. His dad even picked up some muggle cooking appliances for him to try, including a pressure cooker. When you arrived Ron, who was quite pleased with himself, brought you into the kitchen to see his work. As the two of you approached the kitchen, the pressure cooker exploded sending food everywhere. You jumped into his arms and laughed. You ended up getting pizza. The two of you still laugh about it.


Fred wanted to do something you wanted to do. Thinking about how you loved dancing he brought you to a swing event in a nearby village. You were obviously good, but Fred picked it up so quick you would have thought he’d been dancing for years. You were both so nervous for the date, wanting it to go well. He convinced you to jump into a dance circle, but the nerves of the first date wee getting to both of you and when Fred swung you out you fell flat on you back. To make you feel better Fred immediately pretended to fall over too. Everyone loved the two of you. You went back together every week. It was a perfect date. 


George reserved a table for the two of you at the nicest place he knew. He wore a suit, which you didn’t knew he even owned, and your wore a nice dress. It all felt a little forced and you knew he felt the same way. So when your chicken masala and pasta arrived you did the first thing that came to mind to lighten the mood. You made a mustache with your pasta. George started cracking up and everything felt so much better. He joined you, playing with his food too. The waitress was clearly judging you, but neither of you cared. 


Your first date with Neville was as humble as the boy himself. It was just the two of you wandering around the castle and talking. You talked about everything, you childhoods, likes, dislikes, embarrassing stories, and secrets. As the two of you wandered up some stairs, Neville grabbed your had and you blushed. You reached the top of the tower and the view of the grounds was beautiful. When you got chilly, Neville gave you his jacket. You are still going strong and you still have his jacket. 


Cedric set up a picnic for the two of you on the shores of the black lake. It was complete with red candles and all your favorite foods and desserts. Apparently the house elves really wanted the night to go well for Hufflepuff’s golden boy. And it did. Cedric was sweet and charming and the evening was perfect. Then after dinner the two of you stripped down and went for a swim and splashed around together. The moon light shown off the water was absolutely beautiful, but neither of you noticed as you were so wrapped up in each other.


Your first date with Cedric was pretty short. The two of you grabbed some food from the great hall and then decided to walk down to the black lake. You talked and teased one another, it felt so natural. No awkward first date feeling. You made an admittedly terrible sand castle, but it was still fun because you did it without magic. You joked that hopefully your relationship didn’t end up as big of a mess as your sand castle.he grabbed your hand and told you that it was a beautiful castle because you made it together.


You and Draco snuck out after hours and met in the Hogwarts gardens. Draco brought an emerald green blanket and the two of you laid on it and looked at the stars. It was the clearest you have ever seen the sky in your life. Draco showed you the star he was named after, smiling cheekily at you as he claimed the star was actually named after him not the other way around. He looked at you like you were the beautiful one but looking at him, cheeky grin fag in his mouth, you knew it was him. So you took the cig out of his mouth and kissed him.

~Your Manager of Mischief, Erika

Extreme Tourism

A continuation of the Swapped Luggage AU?

“And how is your current date going, Law?”

Swatting at the latest mosquito to try making a meal out of him, Trafalgar D. Water Law, stumbles through the rainforest, wondering why he’d even bothered booking a fortnight off work for this madness.

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anonymous asked:

So... any plans for Christmas?.... (this is assuming you guys know what it is.) I mean, you can't be planning on doing absolutely nothing, right?

Hello, the creators of agas here! Error and Ink are currently busy with the house, so they won’t be able to answer you.
So we do instead if that’s okay.

In fact we currently are visiting each other and are already excited for Christmas! You might have noticed that updates have been slowing down lately due to preparations for holidays, but they’ll pick up later again.

So, until we get the time to work on agas again we wish you Merry Christmas! We got you a small present as well to thank you for all the love you’re sharing with us!

Life In Plan (1/2)

A Captain Swan Modern AU

Rating: T


She’s 16 when he catches her, and their life goes on from there.

Disclaimer: None of the OUAT world belongs to me.

Although I’m not posting I have four WIPs that are taunting me.  This is me sitting down at 3:30am and saying “ignore them, just write something- anything”.

And I swear- despite appearances, this is Captain Swan, it’s not Liemma.

Part 2 will be posted later in the week.

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Life In Plan

She’s 16 when he catches her.

“Bad form, Lass.  Take that out of your pocket and put it back on the shelf.”  His hand on Emma’s arm, grip tight- there’s no chance of escape and his voice- low, commanding… Dangerous- brokers no room for argument… “Now.”  Reluctantly she curls her fingers around the pilfered candy bars and withdraws her hand from her pocket, briefly considering throwing them in his face to try and escape, but his hold on her is so solid she doubts it’s an option.

He must be new here- the ill-fitted uniform marking him as a member of staff, but his accent decidedly foreign.  He’s older than her, but not by much, and obviously much more observant than the other youths that work here- it’s the first time in three months she’s been caught.  Emma replaces the chocolate on the shelf, ignoring the pang of hunger that runs through her before meeting his gaze defiantly- challenging him to make his next move.

“There,” A smile washes over his face and his grip relaxes, although he doesn’t remove his hand completely.  "Was that so hard?”

“Yes.”  She bites back, determined not to agree with a word he says.

“Tell me Lass, at the end of the day, when stock goes missing, who do you think gets the blame?  Whose wages get docked?”  He raises his eyebrows in question, obviously expecting her to answer- but it’s honestly not something she’s thought about before… It’s not like she steals for profit.

“Tell me Boy,” Her lips curl back, a snarl in place, “Where else is my meal coming from?”  Emma gets the desired response- he jerks back, surprised, and she’s free.  Because she’s learned recently that no one expects a pretty blonde in glasses to be homeless, to be a runaway- and defying expectations gains her an advantage.  She should be running now, she knows this- the second his hand was off her arm she should have been gone- but now she wants an answer from him.

He regains his composure slowly, straightens up and extends a hand.  She looks down on it, bewildered, because just what is she supposed to do with that? It takes a few moments to realise he’s expecting to shake her hand.

“Liam Jones, at your service.”

“Emma Swan.  Whatever.”

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send me one (part one).
  • 001: name your favorite television/movie character.
  • 002: what was the last emoji you used?
  • 003: if you had to makeout with the last person you interacted with via your phone, would you?
  • 004: do you prefer to be hot or cold?
  • 005: do you always sleep with a fan on?
  • 006: what's your favorite brand of water?
  • 007: do you watch grey's anatomy?
  • 008: name a song lyric that will always speak volumes to you.
  • 009: do you have a problem talking about feelings/showing emotion?
  • 010: how do you arrange your contacts in your phone?
  • 011: what's your zodiac sign, and do you think it fits your personality?
  • 012: what was your dream job as a kid, and what is it now?
  • 013: do you think you could survive during a zombie apocalypse?
  • 014: did you ever go through a "phase" ?
  • 015: have you ever struggled with your sexuality, and have you come to terms with it now?
  • 016: would you prefer someone to answer you with "yes", or "yeah"?
  • 017: if you had to pick a holiday to have been born on, which would it be?
  • 018: what's your opinion on body art?
  • 019: do you have a lot of friends, or do you wish you did?
  • 020: what's your favorite swear word?
  • 021: tell us the best advice someone ever gave to you.
  • 022: do you get car sick?
  • 023: what is your ideal date?
  • 024: would you dare go cliff diving?
  • 025: dogs or cats?
  • 026: are you allergic to anything? if you are, what are you allergic to?
  • 027: if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?
  • 028: if you were a fictional character, which one would you be?
  • 029: has there ever been a time that you went through that you can now look back on and smile because you made it through it?
  • 030: rate your self-confidence on a scale of one to ten.
  • 031: do you believe that therapy is a thing that can actually help someone?
  • 032: what's your opinion on naps?
  • 033: do you know who alecia moore is without googling her?
  • 034: are you the type of person that can say "fuck it" or do you stress?
  • 035: what's your favorite out of the three: aliens, ghosts, or serial killers?
  • 036: what part of the world are you from, and what part of the world do you want to visit?
  • 037: do you know what 'cerulean' is? without googling it.
  • 038: do you believe in relationships, or would you rather hit it and quit it?
  • 039: are you fake-friends with anyone?
  • 040: do you lie a lot? are you a good liar?
  • 041: what's your favorite hex code color?
  • 042: do you have any siblings? are you close with them? or do you wish you had some?
  • 043: did you ever do that thing where you put glue all over your hands and then pull it off?
  • 044: do you have any habits, bad or good?
  • 045: does having red hair automatically make you not have a soul?
  • 046: do doctors scare you?
  • 047: have you ever had a moment where your life flashed before your eyes?
  • 048: what's your everyday outfit like?
  • 049: kissing or no kissing on the first date?
  • 050: what's your dream vehicle?