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DK is your babo, The8 is your sunflower, Chan is your baby. Then Jisoo oppa is Jeonghannie’s ____ ?
JH: Deer

Credit: 趙依依 
Source: confretti
Trans: jeonghoonhao

ME: I should write star wars christmas fic!

ME: …well except there’s no christianity in space, so it’d have to be Generic Winter Solstice Celebration, Possibly About the Light Side or With Lights of Some Kind. But that works. I can see the jedi getting together for a solemn celebration of the light side in the deep winter!

ME: ……..though now that I think about it, there’s no winter on tatooine, so luke probably wouldn’t celebrate even a generic winter holiday. maybe anakin picked it up at the temple?

ME: also alderaan is primarily space-equivalent jewish, so leia is right out, unless there’s some reason for them to celebrate a generic winter holiday, like maybe it’s big in the Core? and they’re all in galactic politics, so she’s kind of dragged into it unwillingly.

ME: but also I don’t see the empire being big on religious celebrations, surely they’re all about empire day and agnostic state-sponsored holidays, and the New Republic wants to respect everyone’s traditions so they’re hardly about to insist on the state sponsored force-worship of the old republic

ME: also, I’ve always headcanoned that naboo is all about the rainy season and the moon and stuff, and they’re much more water-oriented even in their worship of the Force, so why would padme care about generic winter festival, outside of the performative elements required as a senator?

ME: even the next generation is out, because rey doesn’t have any family so she wouldn’t be attached to any traditional celebrations, and finn was raised in the most repressive environment possible, and even poe’s force-worship is mostly functional and sort of idly mixed with his father’s traditional gods—

ME: ……so basically we’re down to obi-wan. sitting, alone, in his one-bedroom hut on tatooine. Merry Generic Winter Solstice Celebration.

Lowered His Rating

Last year I was a driver for a popular service where people use there own car. Both user and driver could rate each other.

It was around the holidays and I picked up a lovely lady from an office party. The rider info was a guys name. They came out together and he opened the car’s front door for her to get in then says to me, “ Ok, you’ve got the address. Thank You for driving her home safely.” Not too uncommon.

I ask her if she had a nice evening, “ Well,” She said, “I’m still trying to process what just happened here.” She goes on to tell me how tonight was the third date out with this guy. Her office was having their holiday party so she invited the guy to go with her as her date. He said he would be coming straight from work and asked her to get dropped off at the party and he would meet her there. She tells me at the party how the guy was pretty much ignoring her, not showing affection, being much more distant than before. They spend a few hours there and had a couple of drinks. He asked her if she was ready to leave. She thought that meant they were going home together, in his car. She went to get her coat and in that time he called her an (insert popular rider app here) and I showed up to pick them up. So they came out and He put her in the car, sent her home but He STAYED at the party! He tricked her in to leaving. It was her office party and she asked him to join her as a date! What. A. Jerk.

When we arrive to her home I tell her she looked wonderful tonight and I’m sorry that her date didn’t go as planned. That I hoped she would not think to much about this crummy dude.

Then the app asked me to rate the rider. It was under the guys account so I asked her, How many Stars should we give David? (Not his real name) “Zero Stars” she says. And that’s what I did. We gave him the lowest rating. Fuck David. I hope we lowered his score.

Even when we’re married - Dan Howell imagine

Request from Anonymous: Can you make a fic where dan and the reader are being really cute and adorable and they talk about their future and maybe future *DIng Ding* wedding bells?? Lmao, Sincerely- HIppopotoumus

I don’t seem like the guy to do this, and most guys normally hate this, but literally wait all year for this time.

The time where I get dragged across the city and into random shops to help y/n pick holiday gifts.

Her face lights up with excitement every time we pass a new store that has an elaborate window display.

“Dan! Look at that! It’s so pretty! We’re going in there.” She said adamantly.

And all I have to do is smile and follow along.

At 8:30 y/n started to slow down and lose interest in the stores surrounding.

“Babe? Are you done shopping? We can start heading home if you’d like?” I suggested as I kissed her temple.

Y/n looked up to me and I could see in her eyes that she was getting worn out. “Dan, how are you so tolerant of me dragging you around all day?”

I smiled and looked over to her. “Because I love watching you finding joy in thesel things.”

“You’re okay with that? Like I swear we’ve been walking around since 3 this afternoon. And you’re carrying almost all the bags.” Y/n said as she pulled to the side of the pavement.

I sighed and chuckled as I tucked her hair behind her ear. “Hey, I’ll do anything with you, I’ll do this every year with you.”

“Even when we’re married, or carrying our kids, or our grandkids and even when we’re old?” She babbled.

“Yes even when we’re married with kids and grandkids and really old. Now, how about we go grab a Wagamama’s on the way home?” I replied.

Y/n smirked before she grabbed my hand and let us towards the Wagamama’s down the road. “Now Daniel, you better not go back on those words of yours. Even when we’re married!”

Even when we’re married.

I reached my hand into my pocket and rummaged around to check for the tiny, velvet box that was waiting for the right moment.

For when we’re married.

It’s not even Thanksgiving, yet I am ready for fluffy holiday fics. Send us requests for imagines or anything of the sorts. Hope you enjoyed! L <3

Another story from The Glitter F**k Palace! If you’ve ever seen our phones, you’ll have noticed they are from the late nineties. Meaning they basically accept calls and transfer them. No “smart phone” powers there. So I’m working the floor at TGFP one day during the holiday season and I pick up a customer call. This man is looking for a specific item, but he doesn’t have the SKU#. Whatever, we’re astoundingly not busy right then so I get him to describe the item. All I need is a very basic description: ceramic sparkly snowman, holding a sled, maybe a foot tall. But this guy, whoo boy. I get a full life story on this item. What it is. Where he saw it the first time. Why he needs it. A 7 minute description of it’s appearance, characteristics, hope and dreams. I finally manage to cut him off and put him on hold, dead certain that I can find this thing with my eyes closed at this point. Lo and behold, we actually have one in stock! I pull it, put it at our Hold register, and return to the phone with happy news that yes! I found the *exact* item you just spent 15 minutes describing to me! And this guy, what does he do? “OH GREAT! Can you send me a picture???” Um, no. No sir, I cannot. *headdesk*

I’m taking Christmas/Holiday Prompts!

Pick any of these, or give me your own and include a pairing!

1. Accidentally pegging the cute stranger with a snowball
2. We’re ice skating and I can’t stop falling, and you’re doing tricking tricks.

3. I’m caroling and you hate caroling but my voice/my face/my smile….

4. I’m a scrooge and you start playing christmas music in early november. which i can hear through the walls. Because I’m your neighbor.

5. We’re both minimum wage elves at the mall.

6. We’re stuck under the mistletoe but you can’t stop rambling about how red-berried mistletoe are actually quite rare if they exist at all and you can’t stop spewing mistletoe facts and I think it’s adorable.

7. It’s a masquerade christmas ball and wtf is that

8. We’re having a christmas movie marathon because you’ve never fucking seen ‘insert movie here’

9. Your friends decided to go to this resort in the woods and you got dragged along even though you don’t wanna go and you and one other person are the only two without a significant other and that means you get stuck in cabin 6 and oh whoops looks like your snowed in.

10. I was drafted into the army and after a few years I stopped communicating back and then a decade later I show up on your door and I’m singing ‘I’ll be home for christmas’ and you literally want to murder me.

11. We’re walking and I slip on the ice and you try to help me up but instead I pull you into a snowbank.

12. Both of us are on our way home for the holidays. We bump into each other at the train station, it’s been five years since we’ve seen each other.

13. We’re going home to meet your parents and I’m terrified what is christmas.

14. You want a date for christmas because your parents/family won’t shut up about tit and there’s like 30 cousins and RAHR and I offer to go as your date because I don’t have a family/don’t celebrate the holidays and yikes.

15. We’re walking and my scarf will NOT stay on and you keep fixing it and then it flies off and you go running through the street to get it, and when you get it you raise it in your air and look so proud that I can’t help but say I love you.

16. I come from a family where Christmas isn’t a big deal and this is my first time spending christmas with you/your family and there’s a seven foot overdecorated tree and tinsel everywhere and people constantly bursting into songs and random people stopping over and staying for drinks and trading cookies and I’m hella overwhelmed at first, but soon I really find myself liking the festivity.

17. I REALLY wanna have a picnic even though it’s snowing.

18.  We have a mutual friend but I don’t know you and I got your name for this damn secret santa and now i have to figure out what to get you.

19. I own a bakery and one day you run in crazy panicked and need a ridiculous amount of cookies in less than 24 hours.

20. We’re waiting at the bus stop and you’re obviously really cold so I give you my scarf.

21. I know we hate each other/are figting but it’s christmas eve and my flight was cancelled, can I please come in.

22. I live the floor below you and was watching the snow fall outside when I saw you fall out your window, why would you put up lights like that?

23. I slipped on ice outside your house and you came barefoot to help me up now you’re full on taking care of me and we’re cuddling, how did this happen?

Pairing: Chise/Elias (The Ancient Magus Bride)

Word Count: 733

Rating: General

Summary: It was time, then, to research human bonding rituals. The resultant answer was so blindingly obvious, so easy, that Elias was surprised he hadn’t done it sooner.

Dedicated to the lovely @jellyfishfaerie. If there was ever someone in need of a holiday pick-me-up, it’s her.

The moon waxed and waned, the seasons changed, years passed and, as humans were wont to do, Chise grew.

She became taller, the narrowness of her limbs filled out, her hair lengthened and, periodically, shortened whenever a spell required a few strands from that true-red mane of hers.

Elias noticed that she looked good, healthy, strong, as far as humans went.

Evidently he wasn’t the only one to notice.

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