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“Pinot Noir is my favorite, but in moderate amounts of course! A glass of red wine is beneficial for your health as it is filled with antioxidants. Now let me pour you a glass and we shall discuss it further. Happy New Years! Cheers!”


Oh, oh, oh, sir, I cannot.
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Mistletoe [Dan]

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I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, but I couldn’t resist writing this.

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It was that time of year again.


To say that it was her favourite holiday ever was an understatement.

She’d go all out; ugly yet adorable sweaters, a real pine tree decked out in flashing fairy lights and glass baubles, homemade eggnog with fresh cookies. Back home she’d even dress her little pom up in a Santa suit.

This year she had been invited over to her friend’s place; Dan and Phil’s to be exact. It was a break from her normal holiday routine, which was a nice feeling for once.

‘(Y/N)! Nice to see you!’ Phil greeted as he opened the door to his shared flat, a wide grin on his face. She exchanged hellos with him as she took off her flats. He led her up the stairs and to the lounge, where a loud bang sounded from the room.

‘Piece of crap! Move your car, you dumb fu-’

‘Dan!’ Phil called out as they reached the door, stopping his best friend from unleashing a cursing bomb. ‘We have a visitor!’

She peeked her head timidly through the door to see him lying lazily on the sofa, Wii remote in hand. He had a Christmas-themed sweater on with some classic black skinny jeans; his hair was straightened as usual.

‘(Y/N)!’ He called out happily as he spotted her head creep around the corner, dropping his game controller and stretching out his hands for a hug. She gave him a funny look as she entered the room and he just shrugged.

‘I can’t be bothered getting up.’

(Y/N) laughed as she made her way over to him, his arms wrapping her in a warm hug when she sat beside him. Unbeknownst to Dan and (Y/N), they stayed in each other’s arms a fraction longer than normal; Phil picked up on this and cleared his throat awkwardly before his face suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree.

‘Who wants to make some cookies?’

‘My sweater is ruined, goddamit!’

The baking wasn’t going to well, to say the least.

The trio had made a complete mess in the kitchen. Broken egg shells littered the benches, flour scattered all over the countertops and dirty dishes were piled high in the sink with the smell of vanilla extract and cinnamon in the air. If anyone were to walk into the flat and see this right now, they’d think a food bomb had exploded.

‘It’s only a little flour, Dan,’ she argued with a frown, making him pout playfully. Phil hummed in agreement as he continued to stir the cookie batter with a wooden spoon. ‘Besides, don’t you have a spare one?’

Dan mumbled something incoherent under his breath as he hoisted himself into the counter-top, leaving (Y/N) and Phil to finish making the cookies. Little did they know that he had sneakily swiped the bag of flour along with an egg from the ingredients pile.

‘I think this one’s gonna be a snowman!’ Phil exclaimed excitedly. ‘I just have to cut th-’


A puff of flour exploded on top of (Y/N)’s head like a ball of snow, the white dust settling itself in her hair and down her sweater. Dan tried desperately to hold in his laughter, but his attempt was futile. A deep, loud laugh erupted from his throat as he clutched his stomach with one hand. (Y/N) sent a death glare his way, shaking her head like a puppy as she tried to get out as much flour as possible.

‘Dan,’ Phil scolded his best friend, placing a hand on his hip as he tried to make himself seem more menacing. ‘I think the least you could do for (Y/N) right now is give her a spare jumper to wear. Her one is destroyed, thanks to you.’

Dan sighed, hopping off the counter top as he lead the way to his room. She followed in tow with her arms folded across her chest; she wasn’t angry, though. If anything, she was quite amused.

In fact, she couldn’t wait to get him back later.

Dan dug around in his closet for his spare Christmas sweater, pulling off its hanger once he found it. (Y/N) took one glance at the jumper and immediately knew it was going to be humongous on her. Dan was twenty centimeters taller than her, at the very least.

‘It’s going to be a little big,’ he stated with a small frown, almost as if he had read her mind. ‘But it should be fine, I guess.’

She took it from his arms gratefully, thanking him for it with a chuckle.

Dan looked at her a little sheepishly, a small yet regretful smile on his face. ‘I’m, uh, sorry for flour bombing you. Gotta admit, though, it was quite funny.’

(Y/N) elbowed him softly, giggling slightly as she made her way out of his room and into the bathroom to change. She pulled off her flour-ridden sweater and replaced it with Dan’s.

Boy, was it huge. That’s what she said bu-dum-tis

The arms came down an extra few inches past her hands, giving her rather large sweater-paws. She didn’t mind this; it was quite cold outside.

The bottom of the sweater itself finished a few centimeters above her knees, making it seem like she was wearing a knitted dress. She looked at herself in the mirror and chuckled slightly before making her way to the lounge.

She reached the door, peering her head inside to see Dan putting up some decorations along the mantle above the fireplace. She continued to observe him silently from the doorway, noticing how he kept going back to re-align everything when he thought it didn’t look good together. A small chuckle escaped her lips, making him whip around instantly.

‘How long were you standing there?’ He questioned with wide eyes, his cheeks turning a rosy red.

‘Long enough to know you’re a freak when it comes to interior design.’

He gasped in mock offence, placing a hand over his heart jokingly as he made his way over to her in the doorway. She played with the ends of the jumper, rolling the soft fabric in between her fingers as he looked down at her.

‘There’s actually one more decoration I forgot,’ he spoke in a low voice, making her head shoot upright. A smirk danced across his face as he raised his left hand above their heads to reveal a small, green leafy tuft.


‘You absolute cheese-ball,’ she mumbled, biting her lip as she watched him place it above the doorway. He looked quite pleased with himself, a large smirk plastered onto his face.

‘Well, I think you know what mistletoe means,’ he chuckled once he finished, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. (Y/N) laughed quietly, standing on her tippy-toes as she leaned in towards his face.

‘Shut up and kiss me, Howell.’


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Holiday Fics 2016

warnings: light Destiel fluff

word count: ~675

Dean sat in front of the fireplace at the bunker, doing his best to pretend like he was a normal person with a normal life, celebrating the holidays in a normal way.  He had hot chocolate (with Guinness, whiskey, and Bailey’s mixed in) in one hand, a holiday murder mystery book in the other, and an old holiday record on the record player.  Sam had come in the room at some point, taken note of his brother’s cheer, and joined him in his quiet reading time, but with a men of letters’ log book as his choice of entertainment.

Dean looked up from his book, feeling as if something was missing.  “We need a tree or something, dude,” he commented to Sam.  “We may as well be festive, since we have places to store decorations and stuff, right?”

Sam knew his brother was enjoying having a ‘home,’ especially during the holidays.  His memory sparked, and he stood up, marking his page in his book and heading down the hall.

“What, did I say something wrong?” Dean bellowed after him, only getting up when Sam yelled at him to follow.

Sam took Dean into one of the rooms near the dungeon that he had slowly been cataloguing for inventory. Tucked away in a closet, he brought out an old fake Christmas tree and some simple decorations, obviously from the early 20th century, but still mostly intact.  Together, the brothers brought the items back into the den, Dean eager to decorate.

Hey Cas, Dean thought to the angel.  We’re decorating for Christmas, you should come join in the fun.  I mean, do you even celebrate Christmas?  That might be a little weird, but I’d love for you to come by.  I miss ya.

In only a few moments, Sam and Dean had unboxed the tree and were attempting to put it together, which was taking a little more time than they expected, seeing as they had never put up a Christmas tree before.  Once the pieces of the fake tree were put together, they turned to see that Castiel had appeared and was watching them.

“I come bearing gifts,” he said carefully, holding out a bag to each brother.  Sam took his, taking the item out as Dean stepped forward to grab his own bag from Cas, brushing his lips across Cas’s cheek softly.

“Why the gifts?” Dean asked, not bothering to open his yet.  He was studying Castiel’s face, wondering why he had brought them things.

Castiel tilted his head at Dean’s question.  “I have watched many humans celebrate Christmas, and believe that giving gifts is a major part of the celebration,” he began, gesturing toward the bag.  Dean heard Sam laugh behind him, probably at what Cas had gifted him.  “I also believe these gifts are another tradition, so I would suggest you open yours so that you may include it in your evening.”

Dean nodded, glad that Castiel wanted to be involved in the holiday with him.  He looked down at the bag in his hand and opened it up, finding a red, white, and black holiday sweater inside.  Dean turned over his shoulder to see his brother donning a red sweater with penguins on it, grinning as his head popped out of the top.

Dean laughed at the silly print and turned back to Castiel.  It was only then that he noticed that Cas was also wearing a white holiday sweater vest, underneath his trench coat.  

With a grin, Dean pulled the silly sweater over his head, looking down to examine at the holly, ivy, and Christmas tree patterns on the squares.  “Thanks, Cas,” he said, grabbing the angel’s hand.  He brought Castiel’s hand toward his face and kissed the palm.  “Best Christmas present ever.”

Sam had turned back to the box of decorations, and Dean gestured for Castiel to join them.  Grinning and singing along to the old record, the three of them decorated the room, enjoying their goofy sweaters and each other’s company in the festivities.

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Finally told a customer that I don’t really celebrate Christmas. (Officially, I do celebrate- but not in the way that I’m expected to. Culturally do, spiritually don’t, but its easier just to say that I don’t celebrate). 

“Happy holidays!”

“Merry Christmas!” Normally they just say it and leave and I just let them go. But she sticks around to see my reaction- which is mostly me making an uncomfortable face. She leans in close. “Its okay. You can say Merry Christmas.”

“I don’t really celebrate Christmas, so I tell people to have a happy holiday.”

She’s upset. “Well, ‘Merry Christmas’ is MY way of saying its OK.”

I… I don’t know what that means. 

It’s perverse

But I’ll say this about the unfolding debacle: in a way, it has caused me to be just a little more in the present moment. It’s always been true that the future isn’t guaranteed to anyone, but that’s more evident to me now than before. Shame on me for that, maybe. Or maybe it took a year of friends and family dying, and now the imminent destruction of our way of life, to bring that truth to my fullest attention.

For example: I spent more on a Christmas tree and pine garland than I normally would. This tree is flipping huge. And why not: let’s make it big and pretty and bright right here and right now. Next Christmas will be very, very different. I also bought better wine for the holidays than I normally would by the same logic. 

More: There’s a massive snowstorm moving in, with 8-12″ forecast. It just started falling in the last hour and will continue until tomorrow night. I hate snow. Hate it so fucking hard. But this time it’s just gonna fall, and I’ll shovel it tomorrow, and it’ll be OK. Why hate the snow? Who has time or energy for that? There may soon come a time when I’ll look back fondly on having the opportunity and choice to clear it.

You get the idea. Don’t mistake me—I want the old mindset back. We’re all going to want it back soon, even (especially) those of us in denial or ignorance about how the whole thing is coming apart. This clarity comes with a heavy sadness I’d rather not carry. No. I’m just noting that this steadily approaching disaster has jarred me into a new kind of mindfulness which therapy, study, and meditation could not. May it last. May it help.

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So... About 5 yrs ago I went like, radical Christian and got involved with a group of people who are intensely against paganism and anything "worldly" (even normal holidays). They all scream that pagan holidays are evil etc but all I've seen about Ostara is pretty cute and I guess I'm confused? Where's all the blood sacrifice they're screaming about lol

idk man, of the 12-ish kinda general pagan holidays i dont think any of them involve blood or sacrifice? they kinda just observe the changes of the seasons you know. ostara’s symbolism overlaps with easter a little, chicks bunnies honey ya know.

i mean, if you wanted blood sacrifice and such you could involve it if you wanted to, but you’d have to do a little digging to find one that is mandatory

tbh in my time as a witch the first time i heard of anyone doing actual animal/blood sacrifice was that celeb and chickens in her closet there was a big fuss about. even then that sort of tradition has roots that use the chicken normally and it’s not very different from normally killing/eating a chicken

blood magic is a thing, but like, minimal amounts like pricking a finger, and it usually comes from the witch doing it. its not very popular i think bc there are so many safety/medical concerns surrounding it but it’s not like evil or whatever

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How about what the worst Christmas for the RFA+V was? And their best?

ooh this is really interesting!!! 

I’m adding Saeran to this too, hope you don’t mind anon! 

SPOILERS: literally this spoils everything. 


Best: He was ten or eleven and his whole family was there. It was the first time that he met Rika and she was immediately kind to him, regardless of how much younger she was than him. 

Worst: His last year in High School. He was so busy studying and trying to get into a good university that he barely had time to devote to his family or friends. He barely got any presents for anyone, even his closer family members and didn’t send the routine holiday texts that he normally sent, simply because he couldn’t spare the time. 

Of course, his parents didn’t see it that way. 

His parents saw it more as he was wasting his time elsewhere and didn’t have the time to devote to his family and he was being rude and careless. Because of that his mother assigned him more work than usual in preparing for the family’s Christmas party. 


Best: The year he got his first acting job. He was new to living on his own and was nearly completely broke, not to mention not having many friends or any family around, but he was acting and it was the first time in his life that he was being close to successful doing something that he really, really loved, not to mention he was no longer living with the crippling pressure that his family put on him to do well in school. 

Worst: He was ten, his grades were slipping. He was no longer excelling in his classes like his parents expected from him, which meant that his parents would be taking away the things that he took personal interest in, namely, his piano lessons. 

His parents had given him until Christmas to boost his grades and despite hours and hours of hard work and studying, both on his own and with his brother, he couldn’t get this stuff. 

Even though he knew it was coming, when his father broke it to him on the morning of Christmas he was devastated and no matter how much he promised he’d do better and begged they wouldn’t budge. 


Best: She was five. Her father was out of town for a business trip which wasn’t really anything special. He was often out of town for important days like holidays or birthdays so it wasn’t really anything new, still every time she woke up on one of those holidays and her father wasn’t there she felt lonely. 

Her and her mother were opening presents and sitting around the kitchen table drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream when he walked through the door with a wide smile on his face.

Her mother had been crying with delight and Jaehee hugged him so tight they both though that she might never let go. 

Worst: The year after her parents died. Her aunt wanted nothing to do with her and wanted her out of the house as soon as possible and, as kind as her uncle tried to be, that house still wasn’t a good place to be, not to mention the fact that her parents had only died a few weeks earlier.

It was her first year spending the holiday away from her parents, so when she woke up on Christmas morning and left her room to see no Christmas tree or stockings hung up and her parents not there, her heart broke and the day continued to get worse as her uncle made awkward attempts at comforting her and her aunt outright ignored her. 


Best: The year after he met V he ended up having Christmas with his father and V’s parents. Both of them were thrilled to spend the holiday together instead of just writing to each other like they normally had to over the holidays and both of of V’s parents and Jumin’s dad had manged to get off work. 

The entirety of Christmas dinner was spent in conversation instead of with their parents quiet and focused on work as they normally were. 

Even better in Jumin’s opinion, was the fact that his father’s girlfriend had gotten caught in bad weather at the airport and could not make it back home in time to join them. 

Worst: His father was busy with work and he was deemed “too young” to spend the holiday on his own, so his father contacted his mother to spend the day with him. 

At first it wasn’t too bad. They sat around the house and talked, mostly niceties about how school was going and had Jumin made any friends, before his mother started talking about her own troubles.

“It really was quite a shock when your father threw me out without a penny and told me I couldn’t see you anymore.” She said, all dramatic flare, with her hand to her chest as if to show how much being separated from the son that she’d hardly paid any attention to had wounded her. 

Still, he knew to stay quiet and smile politely, even as he wanted to scream at her to leave. 

A few hours that felt like a few years later, his mother was finally leaving when she, in a way that even she couldn’t have considered subtle, suggested that Jumin ask his father to help her out financially.  


Best: His mother was away for a few days without explanation, not that she normally gave much of an explanation as to where she was going. Some of the time she’d announce that she’d be gone for a few days and would leave without a word. Others she just wouldn’t come home for days.

One such time, during which happened to fall Christmas, this time she thankfully had given a warning that she would be gone for two days, she left early in the morning. Unlike usual she’d left him a small sum of money for food and emergencies only. 

He could finally talk freely with his brother. 

If he did have to leave the house, which he tried not to do often considering the very real threat that his father posed, he wouldn’t have to fear something horrible happening to Saeran when he wasn’t there to protect him, instead he could bring his brother with him.

They’d gone to get ice cream and he’d loved watching the look of awe on his brother’s face as he looked at the sky and as he tasted the ice cream. 

When they got home he gave his brother the book that Rika had given him to give to Saeran a few weeks ago. Now that his mother was away he could finally give it to him without fear of them getting caught and having it taken away, and of course of the constant threat of punishment. 

The two of the sat curled up in his bed as he read to Saeran for the rest of the evening until they fell asleep together, for once without fear. 

Worse: The year after he left was the first year that he was really on his own. Of course, Vanderwood would come by, normally just to check that he was still alive before disappearing again, but that could hardly be referred to as company and especially after years of having Saeran constantly clinging to his side, he couldn’t stand the loneliness on Christmas.  

As a way to avoid feeling the loneliness as well as the guilt that came along with having to leave his brother behind he threw himself into his work, getting everything required of him done and then some and refusing to sleep or eat because even a moment where he wasn’t working would allow him to think just enough for him to break down.  


Best: His best Christmas is the same as Jumins, the first year they met, where they had Christmas together. It was one of the only times that his parents were both around and talking, both to each other and to him. 

It was the first time that Christmas didn’t seem like just a formality not to mention the fact that he got to spend it with his best friend for the first time in his life. 

Worst: The year after Rika left. 

He couldn’t help but blame himself for everything bad that had happened, not only recently, but in his entire life. He’d always had a rather self-deprecating, self-sacrificial, and self-blaming streak in him, but that only got worse after Rika left. 

He was so depressed that year that he couldn’t bring himself to really celebrate at all. He just stayed home, sent a quick text to the RFA saying that he wouldn’t be able to be on and to have a wonderful time, and sat around home, deep in his self-loathing. 

Even when Jumin noticed that something was very not normal and texted and called him he couldn’t bring himself to respond. 


Best: His best Christmas memory was the same as Seven’s. 

His brother had been careful to untie him and for two days he’d been able to move freely without the constant fear of punishment. 

On Christmas day, his brother had taken him out to get ice cream from the shop that was a few blocks away from the church and despite the fact that it was freezing, he was overjoyed. He hadn’t seen the sky in months and couldn’t look away as they walked hand in hand. 

When they got home Saeyoung gave him a book of fairy tales that he’d gotten from the nice girl at church that Saeran heard about so often. 

Worst: His worse Christmas, unlike Seven’s was when the year his brother disappeared. He spent everyday after his brother disappeared wondering if that would be the day that he died. 

To be completely honest, he wasn’t even aware that it was Christmas, but it was definitely during the span of the most miserable time of his life considering it was already spring when V and Rika came to save him. 


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