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Memories are vignettes for one’s past, and often times, they are very telling.

1. Their First Memory
2. A memory of their father
3. A memory of their mother
4. A memory of a sibling
5. A memory of a pet
6. A turning point in their life
7. A memory they want to forget
8. A hazy memory
9. A photographic memory
10. A disappointing memory
11. A memory that may or may not have happened
12. A happy memory
13. A memory of a friend
14. A memory of a relationship
15. A heartbreaking memory
16. A memory that makes them angry
17. A memory of something they regret
18. A memory they’d love to change
19. A memory of someone they don’t see anymore
20. A memory of someone who is deceased
21. A memory of the first time they did an activity they love
22. A childhood memory
23. A school day memory
24. A holiday memory
25. A birthday memory
26. A memory they want to share
27. A memory of something they’re proud of
28. A memory that strains a relationship
29. A memory they can’t let themselves forget
30. Asker’s choice
31. Writer’s choice

Hello, fellow Shigaraki lovers!

After a little bit of silence and preparation, we’re finally back with our list of prompts for our Shigaraki Tomura Week, from the 19th of November to the 25th!

Day 1 (19/11): family/childhood/redemption
Day 2 (20/11): dream/growth/seasons
Day 3 (21/11): quirk/scars/hero
Day 4 (22/11): magic/mythology/pirates
Day 5 (23/11): birthday/holidays/domestic
Day 6 (24/11): healing/creation/au
Day 7 (25/11): games/movies/free prompt

As you can see, we went with three prompts a day, because we were really inspired! But don’t worry, we’re not strict about the rules, and you don’t have to do all of them. You can either do one prompt a day by picking the one who inspires you the most, or you can mix them all together to create something unique! You can even choose to do all three separately if you have the time and motivations!

Now for a few rules, structure and guidelines:

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Losers Club as YouTubers headcanons no one asked for

The last HC that I wrote about Eddie got me thinking about what kind of videos all the losers would make if they were youtubers in college so more HC’s coming your way. (I may have taken this too far).


~ We’ve already established that Eddie is a posts OOTW’s, but he also posts some home DIY’s, fashion DIY’s, and challenges if one of the other losers is willing to collab with him.

~ He also lives for his holiday Diy’s

~ He does 24 Christmas DIY’s leading up to Christmas day. He calls ot Eddie’s 24 days of DIYmass.

~ He lets Richie do the very last one with him because he’s been begging to all month. He tries to make a snowflake garland

~ Richie’s DIY is a disaster, but Eddie posts it anyways because it’s funny and he loves his boyfriend.

~ He also adds in a real tutorial of DIY snowflake garlands at the end of the video.


~ Bev is also a fashion vlogger, but she mostly makes videos about high end fashion and reviews runway fashion shows. She also does a little bit of daily vlogging when she can. Her channel name is MarshStyles (Eddie came up with it).

~ She’s also got a few videos of poems that Ben wrote for her. She likes to put visuals to them and he can’t always post videos all about her on his channel.


~ Richie’s channel is…… a mess of a channel. He named his channel Yourenotreadyformyjelly

~ At first most people just think he’s a troll account

~ I guess you could say he’s in the comedy category of YouTube

~ He’s got two very popular on going series: Recreating vines and memes of the month, where he reviews the most popular memes of the month.

~ He also makes the most random ass videos that makes zero sense (they’re still hilarious tho). They’re like one long 5 minute vine.

~ Most of his videos have definitely been demonitized for his excessive cursing and sometimes crude themes.

~ No one understands why he has so many subscribers

~ He also has two other channels: One where he anonymously posts his R.I.P vine videos, and a daily vlog channel that he and Eddie share called CheeandE.


~ Stan posts a lot of “with me” videos.

~ He used to watch study with me videos and plan with me videos because it helped him to focus so he figured why not make some videos like those and post them.

~ He even makes bird watch with me videos where he sits his camera beside him on a bench or in an area where the video can capture the birds and just let’s nature do its thing.

~ Sometimes he’ll make very emotional videos when he’s in a bad space. Talking it out sometimes makes him feel a little better.

~ He usually doesn’t post his emotional videos, but he does post the one’s that he feels could help his subscribers through a hard time.

~ He likes for his subscribers to know that they aren’t alone and that there are other people feeling the same way that they are.

~ Like his video about unrequited love, where he basically cried about loving someone so much to the point where you feel like that’s the only thing you know how to do and it’s killing you inside because you know that they probably will never feel the same way.

~ It’s one of his most viewed videos. He’s feels torn about it because the first part is just him sobbing and talking incoherently to the camera, but most of his subscribers sent him messages saying that the video made them feel like someone finally understood them and that they were thankful for him.

~ He just runs a wholesome YouTube channel that’s mostly for people who are feeling alone.

Bill and Ben

~ Bill and Ben run a film channel together called shortproductions

~ They make short films. They alternate between writing the scripts and creating the setting/ finding a place to shoot.

~ Bill writes a lot of the action and horror short films that they make and Ben writes the dramas, and romances.

~ All of the loser’s club has starred in at least one of their videos.

~ They also share the title of director on most of their projects except one.

~ The only project where only one of them was the director was Ben’s proposal video for Bev.

~ It was a very short video based on Ben’s “January embers” poem and it featured a beautiful red headed girl running through a field of flowers freely and smiling.

~ Ben added one extra line to the end of his poem and it was “ I’d be honored if you would say I do.”

~ Before he posted it he showed it to Bev and proposed in front of all the losers and of course she said yes.


~ Mike’s youtube channel consists of some bomb ass cooking videos.

~ He’s like the fly version of Martha Stewart for Youtube.

~ He started out by posting videos of the loser’s favorite meals that he made for them so that they could learn to make it at their own houses, then it progressed into Mike wanting to film every meal he made.

~ He loved talking to the camera and making food puns. What he loved even more is that he was teaching people.

~ Mike got countless comments thanking him for teaching them how to make easy meals and desserts that tasted great.

~ All of the losers have been featured on each other’s channels wheather it was in a collab or completely by accident.

~ Their fans love their dynamic and always ask for them all to do one big video together.

~ They did one. It was a Q & A, but it was a mess to edit on account of the excessive amount of useless banter so they all agreeded to never do that again.


~ Bill and Ben get a movie deal off of one of their horror videos.

~ Mike gets the opportunity to write a cookbook

~ Bev and Eddie get invited to major fashion shows and get to meet designers

~ Stan helps so many people and starts a charity to help kids with mental illnesses

~ Richie can now get excited about vine 2


 I should be doing things instead of feeling sad for no reason.

55/100 Days of Productivity

02/24/2017 || Spring Holiday vibes

Finally! One week of spring break is here and I need it so badly! I barely have time to meet friends or go shopping during school days! I am so happy, that I’ll have some time to sleep in and not needing to rush in order to study!

I hope everyone is having a productive day!

Grelliam Week Master Post

Thank you to everyone who took time out of your busy schedules to make content for Grelliam Week. It was so great seeing how everyone interpreted the prompts. And also, thank you to my co-mod @andantin0, who helped me managing the project.

  • I’d like to encourage everyone to take a look through this list and try to leave a comment on as many fics as you can, or to reblog as many artworks as you can. We are a tiny community compared to some of the other Kuroshitsuji fandoms/ships, so let’s all support each other!  😊


Working Holiday by @shadow-wolfhawk

Don’t blame me, love made me crazy by @xanderbot13

I’ll love you forever (song fic) by @melvelinn

Every Time is Like Our First Time by @shinigami-mistress

In another light by

Mr. B-Average (nsfw) by @tirnelstargazer

After the final (nsfw) by @shinigami-mistress

Can you see me? by @shinigami-mistress

12 Days of Grelliam by @tirnelstargazer

William follows Grell into death - Drabble by @kali-mav


Grelliam Headcanon by @kuroshitheadcanons

More Grelliam Headcanons by @peaches-and-memes

Grelliam Headcanon by @moribirds

20 habits William finds unattractive about Grell by @moribirds

20 habits Grell finda unattractive about William by @moribirds


Happy Grelliam Week! Start!


Just together

The love is there ♥

A smooch for Grell

William embraces Grell

Darling, you got to let me go…

Grell and William 90 years in love

Grell wants compliments

A soft kiss for William

Cheshire Grell and Hare William

Just with you…

Grell and William together on a bench

Grelliam: Tangled

Grelliam: Frozen

Grelliam: The little Mermaid

My little Reapers

Pony Reapers

More pony Reapers

Just love you…

You’re mine!

Grell and William outfit swap!

Grell and William in the rain

Tako Soseji

Bathing together

Custom Pop!William

A feeling as vaste as the ocean

Grell can’t apologize

Welcome to the show!

We have no future…

Our dear baby… (mpreg warning!)

Grelliam DC Crossover

Grelliam in Snowy Wonderland

Little Red Riding Hood


Like a mirror

Grelliam Wedding

Grelliam Birbs

Grelliam Kiss on Christmas

Grell and Will 100th Anniversary

💗💕❤️ Happy Anniversary Grell & Will!! ❤️💕💗

Happy Grelliam Week! Final!

My Only Reason For Living, It’s You… Because, You’re My Life… ♥

Grelliam Artwork Collection

Grelliam Circus AU

Aren’t you romantic?


Office Sex

Serious Business

Tender lovers

‘It ain’t gonna suck itself’

Torrid Passion, Eternal Lust…♥

Grell is a silly cat ♥

Blood and love

They like it rough

Happy Hornymoon


If you wish to browse via prompts for each day, please use these links!

Day 1: Lines from a song | book/movie/game | Grell and William go on a reap/mission together | Blood

Day 2: Fairy Tale AU | Sextoys | William went back to collect the novel of Thomas Wallis and shows it to Grell years later

Day 3: Endearments | William and Grell exchange their Outfits/Death Scythes/Glasses | Body Reversal | ‘It ain’t gonna suck itself’

Day 4: Tears| Either Grell or William have amnesia and forget they are a couple/have feelings for each other| Death

Day 5: Outfits and Costumes| One of them is sick and cares for the other | Office Love

Day 6: Seasons | 100th anniversary on the same rooftop where Grell fell in love with William | Lace & Leather

Day 7: Prompt Free