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Taylor Swift visits sick kids in Brisbane hospital

SHE might be the world’s highest paid celebrity, but pop superstar Taylor Swift proved she also has a heart of gold when she visited the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane last night.

Ashmore toddler Slater Walker was among the lucky fans to meet the Shake It Off singer, who took a break from her Gold Coast holiday to visit the hospital.

“Of all the celebrities in the world, she was the best one that could have turned up,” Slater’s mum Bianca said.

“My son Slater is only 20 months old but he loves her music, he’s always dancing to Shake It Off.

“Slater has brain cancer and had a tumour removed three months ago but he couldn’t stop smiling tonight. Taylor kept commenting on how happy and beautiful my little boy was.”

Also lucky enough to meet 26-year-old Swift was Samuel Thorne from Meadowbrook in Logan.

His father Craig said Swift took a genuine interest in Samuel, 10, who suffers transverse myelitis and has been in a coma for seven months.

“We were actually about to leave the hospital when we heard Taylor was coming to visit Sam in intensive care,” Mr Thorne said.

“She wasn’t just there because she had to be … she’s one of the biggest names in the world but she really listened to us and what Sam has been going through.”

Samuel’s interest in science didn’t go unnoticed by Swift, according to older sister Amelia. “She put a big focus on the way his room was set up,” Ms Thorne said.

“He loves science and he has a periodic table hanging in his room so she talked to him about that and made him feel so special.

“She said ‘you’re wonderful and you’re brave’ which was great for Sam to hear because it wasn’t just coming from a family member, it was coming from Taylor Swift.

“Taylor has been my biggest inspiration for eight years and she was everything I thought she would be. Everything about her visit was genuine … she even sang to the kids up in oncology.”

The visit follows a plea made by the hospital in November last year when children at the Lady Cilento released a video to the tune of ‘Shake it Off’ in the hope it would catch Swift’s eye.

Facebook users were quick to praise Swift’s visit, which came on the day that Forbes magazine revealed the singer is the world’s highest paid celebrity, pulling in $US170m over the past year.

“She might be the highest paid celeb but no dollars compare to this,” Julie Ridler said.

“Well done TS, so obviously grounded.”

The singer-songwriter is staying on the Gold Coast with current beau Tom Hiddleston while he films the third instalment in the Thor series.

But she’s been avoiding the cameras, mostly hiding in her Broadbeach penthouse at the Oracle.

She was last spotted at Italian restaurant Gemelli on a romantic dinner date with Hiddleston on Sunday night.

Her stay on the Gold Coast is expected to last two weeks.

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who's the girl in the red in that vid u just reblogged

honestly this is the best question i’ve gotten in my inbox since starting this blog ahem ok let’s dive in 

t h i s is normani kordei hamilton. 20 years old, born in atlanta, raised in both new orleans and houston. gymnast, dancer, singer, activist, feminist, model, actress. light lyric soprano, C#3-G5-Eb7 vocal range, four octaves. has a clear and consistent whistle range. huuuuuge beyonce stan. ambassador of cybersmile, an organization against online bullying. bought her grandma a car with her hard earned money. spent the holidays visiting children’s hospitals. donates to countless charities. avid spokesperson for black lives matter. wants to be remembered for making other people’s lives better and making other people happy. 

oh and she’s apart of some group called fifth harmony or whatever but you know. that’s not really important.

i hope that answered your question~