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Gift Guide for Her

I pride myself in being a very generous gift giver, especially during Christmas time when my room is littered with wrapping paper and ribbons which will aid me in wrapping two or three presents per person. Perhaps because I am a girl, deciding on gifts to give to women always comes easier for me than choosing what to give to men which is why I jumped at the chance of compiling a list to help you decide what to give to the special women in your life.

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So Yuuri and Yuuko always give each other both a normal gift and a gag gift for holidays, celebrations, etc. And when Yuuko's wedding comes around Yuuri's gag gift to her was a step by step tutorial of pole dancing with a slow-mo video of him pole dancing with stripper music in the back ground at the end. Yuuko lost her shit and keeps it in a precious box for years. But then she brings it to the Viktuuri wedding. Everyone is now asking for copies and Yuuri realizes he's friend with a traitor.


Fixer-Upper [h.s.]



The situation Y/N had found herself in was very rare and unnatural considering she was normally very mindful and cautious of these types of circumstances, especially now during class. It was odd and uncomfortable– boy, was it uncomfortable– and it made her feel hollowly awkward and flustered with anxiety.

It had happened to her a handful of times because, naturally, thinking about Harry can get her wound up pretty tight if just the right explicit thoughts managed to wriggle themselves in from the recesses of her mind. Thoughts that she wouldn’t allow herself to dwell on too much while in public because making herself horny in front of her peers was utterly stupid. But this time, Y/N wasn’t really able to control it. It snuck up on her and when set into motion, she just couldn’t make it stop. It was like trying to halt a neutral FedEx truck from rolling down a hill only by pulling it with bare hands– hopeless and blatantly impossible.

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Gift Headcanons for 2012 Turts

For a basic or traditional gift he would ask April to get him some of his S/O’s favorite flower and/or sweet treat. The more he gets to know them the more personal the gifts would get. He would try to get her things based on her interests. He would get them gifts for holidays and special occasions, such as an anniversary or her birthday. He would by them a little something if they were feeling down to cheer them up, if he could.

He would actually be somewhat nervous to give his S/O a gift in the beginning, fearing they wouldn’t like it. When he gets over it though, the gifts would be pretty personal from the get go. He would save up enough money for something meaningful, resembling their relationship. Due to some other headcanons I have I think he is actually a pretty creative turtle and a somewhat good artist, considering this I think that once the relationship was far along enough to be comfortable with it, he would give them a picture he had drawn of the two of them. Asking them not to show anyone. Most gifts would be on special occasions or holidays, sometimes he may have something for them on a random day when he’s thinking of them or they’ve had a bad day.

He would go through short periods of time where he gets hyper-focused on an idea of a gift for his S/O. When these hit he has to make it, or at the very least write it down or design it, before he can get back to work. The idea bunny won’t let him be until something is done about it. If the urge comes near a special occasion of holiday he will save it for then, If not he would give it to them as soon as their next date after it arrived or was completed. If it’s small he’ll give it to them asap. He can’t help it, he loves their smile and showering them with his love. He wants to give them the world because that’s what they deserve. He would give them a lot of tech based things or things he engineered, (Ex. April’s music box). He would also cater to their interests the best he could.

This boy, this boy, everyday is a day for presents for his S/O. Drawings of him and his S/O as superheros. Random serenades. Asking April to teach him how to make his S/O’s favorite dessert. Anything. And. Everything. S/O’s getting showered with little presents constantly. He’ll get them bigger things that cater to their interest for holidays and special occasions.

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Would the Inquisition take time to celebrate Feast Day (which I think is their version of Christmas??) and what would the companions (and Advisors) say to the Inquisitor giving them gifts?

I think Satinalia is the closest equivalent, so here you go. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all!

–Mod Sarah

Cassandra: She likes the decorations and everything, but she’s usually too busy to really consider the holiday, and she doesn’t exactly want to go visit her family. She’s shocked as the Herald presents to her a first edition copy of the first Swords and Shields, and her heart swells with affection. She stammers awkwardly at first, trying to find the proper words, before finally just beaming at them. “Thank you! Thank you so much… this is so thoughtful of you, Inquisitor.” She tries to look in the market for something in return. If in a romance, he puts a rose in the cover of the book, and she’s blushing so much as she pulls him aside for kissing.

Iron Bull: He had never really participated in any of the holidays in Thedas, which he never grew up with on Par Vollen, but he likes the decorations and food. The Herald presents to him a dawnstone great axe for the holiday, and he almost weeps at its beautiful. “You’re the best, Boss!” he says cheerfully. “I can’t wait to kick some ass with it!” He hears what Blackwall’s up to, and the Chargers come the morning of Satinalia to help deliver all the toys. If in a romance, they give him that plus half another dragon tooth with the base covered in dawnstone. He responds by carrying them up to the bedroom.

Blackwall: He decorates a little tree or a little bush (whatever he could find) and decorates it modestly on his workbench. He starts carving a lot of little wooden toys for the kids in the refugee camps, and works for hours. He only pauses when the Herald drops by with a gift, a scarf with a griffin sewn on it, and he beams and laughs and thanks them. Dennet sees him later at work in the early morning hours, breath visible but the scarf around his neck. He gets Sera’s help on the actual holiday and delivers the toys to the refugees. If in a romance, the Herald helps him make the toys, and he instead wraps the scarf around her neck.

Sera: She starts tacking mistletoe on every precarious spot of the ceiling and giggles as flustered passersby realize what they’re standing under. When she hears about what Blackwall’s up to, she starts dropping by with little toys or materials for his work. She also spends time helping him by painting some of them. The Herald drops by and, although uncertain as to what to give her, they present her with a new quiver, and inside is a stuffed plushie of a honey bee. She drops the quiver and squeezes the plushie tight, and hugs the Herald just as tight (with a kiss as well, if in a romance. And time on the roof if it’s not too cold).

Cole: He’s not sure how to feel about the holiday– most people are happier and cheerful, but there’s a few with the blues, for various reasons, be it loss or disdain for the holiday. He does his best to make those who are sad feel a little happier, and he tries to help Blackwall with his little project. Come the morning of, all the refugee children are happy, and it makes him happy. The Herald gives him a new hat with less holes in the brim, and while he still likes his old hat better, he’s thrilled because they want him to be happy and they care.

Varric: He likes Satinalia well enough, he supposes, though he gets tired of the same holiday songs being sung in the tavern. When he hears what Blackwall’s up to, he buys numerous toys to donate and feels pleased with his work as he sends along gifts to a few of his friends. The Inquisitor drops by with a fancy new quill and ink set and a pair of socks, because they weren’t certain what to get for him, but he seems happy and thanks them. He’s surprisingly more excited by the socks than the quill and ink set.

Solas: He observes it all from the sidelines and views past celebrations to get some idea of what Satinalia is like, nowadays. He otherwise keeps to himself and comments little on all the decorations and hubbub. The Herald surprises him with a bunch of new paints for his art, and considering how expensive materials are, he’s actually very happy. “Thank you, Inquisitor.” he says brightly. If in a romance, he kisses Lavellan (who probably doesn’t celebrate the holiday but gave out gifts anyways) to thank her. Maybe this holiday is a good thing that should be one of the few things kept…

Dorian: He doesn’t really care much for Satinalia– it meant cold and gaudy decorations and the same songs sung for too long. This year, it was more bitter, trying to reconcile fond memories of the holiday as a child with his family with the reality of his relationship to them now. Though, the others are having fun, so he leaves it be. The Herald drops by with a surprise– an expensive bottle of wine he had been eyeing for months but never obtained, until now. He grins and thanks them profusely, and offers to share it with them. Maybe the holiday wasn’t so bad after all. If in a romance, he giggles. “Oh, amatus, you know me so well… come, let’s go to your chambers and share this, shall we?”

Vivienne: Skyhold does well enough decorating, but she has seen the splendors of the Winter Palace this time of year, done up in reds and greens and silvers and golds with the likes of which you’ve never seen. She uses her magic to levitate various decorations onto the massive tree brought into the hall, which now sits where the Inquisitor’s throne usually is. She hears what Blackwall’s up to and orders many toys to be delivered to his stockpile, though she doesn’t comment on it. The Herald gives her a mask inlaid with opals– the newest in Orlesian fashion– and she is thrilled. “Thank you so much, Darling,” she says warmly, “I can’t wait to wear it to the next ball!”

Josephine: She’s very busy this time of year; she organizes gifts to be delivered to households who support the Inquisition, sends toys to Blackwall’s little project once she hears about it, gifts to those in the Inquisition, decorations around the keep. That’s not even the start of it; there’s also parties to arrange and attend, ordering the tree to be delivered, and all along with her normal duties. She insists she loves the holiday, and that it is, in fact, her favorite. If not in a romance, the Inquisitor finds her a copy of her original family crest, which makes her so, so happy, and she thanks the Herald. If in a romance, the Inquisitor (who already gave her that) instead gives her a porcelain doll she had been eyeing now and then in a catalog but was too embarrassed to order. The doll holds a rose as they give it to her, and she squeals and blushes and kisses them.

Cullen: He’s too busy to really think much about Satinalia or celebrate, but he does smile a little to see all the decorations when he goes about the keep. He has no idea how Josephine manages to do all of this with a smile. The Herald distracts him one day and sends a crew to quickly as possible fix the hole in his roof, which genuinely surprises him when they get back. They also give him a tin full of shortbread cookies, and he’s a happy man. “Thank you.” he says, genuinely pleased. If in a romance, he smiles warmly and kisses her, and they hang out on his bed and eat the shortbread cookies together. He doesn’t even mind the crumbs.

Leliana: She actually helps the Herald with gift advice if they need it, and assigns an agent to make sure no one steals any of the gifts Blackwall’s going to hand out, but doesn’t comment on it. The Inquisitor gifts her a fancy pair of red shoes for the holiday, and she smiles and thanks them. If they have a party later, she can be seen wearing them.

BONUS: Dragon Age 2 and Origins. Enjoy!

Aveline: She’s busy as ever trying, organizing patrols and schedules– ‘tis the season for pickpockets and robberies abound. Nevertheless, she tries to dole out some time to spend with Hawke, who throws a party in their mansion, and she brings Donnic. Hawke gifts her a new shield, which she rather likes, and she thanks them. And they also get a box of condoms from Isabela, which she’s less thankful for.

Carver: He visits for the holiday from whatever he’s doing, and he enjoys his time with his sibling in the mansion. They bicker, as always, but it’s affectionate bickering, or at least some of it is. The day of the holiday, he finds a long box addressed to him, and he opens it to find a brand new sword, shiny and sharp. He goes a bit red in the face and thanks his sibling.

Fenris: He’s never had much time to celebrate Satinalia, always too busy doing work for Danarius, but the last few years in Kirkwall have given him more time. He attends the party Hawke throws, and they surprise him with a bottle of red wine. He grins. “Ah, just what I’ve always wanted. Thank you, Hawke.” If in a romance, he accompanies the thank you with a kiss.

Varric: The last few holidays have been a bit bitter without his brother, but he attends the party Hawke throws. He ends up enjoying spending time with his friends, who end up exchanging gifts and playing Wicked Grace and eating snacks and getting drunk. Hawke just gives him a big bottle of whiskey, which he’s pretty pleased about. “Thanks, Hawke. Come on, it’s worth sharing.”

Isabela: She thinks that Satinalia is fun only when accompanied by partying, and so she is pleased to hear of a party for the holiday at Hawke’s house. It comes closest to a family holiday party, and she ends up really enjoying herself with her friends. Hawke gives him a fancy new hat from the hat shop she loves, and she grins. “Oh, Hawke, you shouldn’t have! Thank you, sweetness.” She kisses them, on the cheek if not in a romance, on the lips and other places if in a romance, though she waits for the others to go before the kisses those other parts.

Sebastian: “Keep Andraste in your hearts this Satinalia!” he says time and again, but the others mostly ignore him. Still, he attends the party and has a good time, as good a time he’s had since his family was murdered– they’re like family enough. Hawke gives him his helmet that looks like this. Then they assure him that they’re joking and actually give him a little statuette of Andraste, which he’s actually happy about. If in a romance, he actually gives them a betrayed look when they give him the helmet, but he does laugh about it.

Bethany: If a Grey Warden, she managed to get some time off to spend with Hawke. If a Circle Mage, Hawke had to bribe numerous templars to get her just for a few days. In either case, she enjoys the time at home, and Hawke takes her all over Kirkwall to go shopping. Hawke presents to her a new gown, much to her delight, and she hugs her big sibling happily. It’s just like how it was before everything…

Anders: He shows up to the party, and tries his best to not delve into talking about the plight of mages, at least for the evening, though he does shove his little pamphlets into various nooks and crannies of the house. Hawke shocks him by giving him a tabby kitten for the holiday, and he almost starts crying, he’s so happy. “Thank you! Oh, he’s so cute!” he gushes. “I’m going to name you… hmm… Sir Pounce-a-Lot II!” He proceeds to spend the rest of the party cuddling his new kitten and babying it. If in a romance, he keeps showing the kitten to Hawke even though they’re the one who bought the cat in the first place. “Look, love, can you believe it? We have a new member of the family!”

Merrill: She’s never really celebrated this holiday before, but she enjoys the party Hawke throws and thinks it’s great fun as she ignores Sebastian trying to tell her about its meaning. Hawke gives her a basket of all sorts of colors of yarn, and she gasps and beams. “Oh, it’s so pretty!” she squeals. “I’ll never lose my way around Kirkwall again! Ma serannas, Hawke!” she cries as she hugs Hawke tight. If in a romance, she squeals and kisses them and tries to make them a hat or something with the yarn.

Alistair: They don’t really have time to spend on the road celebrating Satinalia, but the Warden surprises him with a holiday gift they bought from the last town they passed. It’s a variety of Ferelden cheeses in a tin, and he grins. “Oh, wow! Thank you! This is perfect!” he exclaims happily. If in a romance, he beams even brighter. “Cheese and a wonderful woman. I couldn’t ask for better gifts.”

Oghren: He’s doesn’t really care about Satinalia one way or the other, but the Warden brings him a big bottle of booze as a present anyways. He grins and cradles the bottle. “Well, now. I like this holiday now. Thanks, Warden. Come on, share a drink with me.”

Sten: He doesn’t care about or think about Satinalia at all until the Warden gives him a plate of cookies as a gift. He stares at them for a moment before taking it. “Thank you.” he finally says. “It is a good gift.”

Shale: She’s seen the holiday many times before, and she hates it because villagers would put ugly decorations on her or get drunk and piss on her. She is baffled when the Warden approaches her with a big, remarkable diamond. “It… is trying to give me a present for the holiday?” she asks. They nod and confirm it. “I still despise the holiday, but thank you.” she says, taking it happily.

Loghain: He enjoyed Satinalia when Anora was younger– seeing her eyes light up at all the gifts was a sight to see, and made all the work worth it. The last few years haven’t quite been the same, but he pauses when the Warden brings him a botanist’s map of Thedas. Finally, he smiles and thanks them.

Dog: He gets a big beef bone and thanks the Warden by giving them numerous slobbery kisses.

Leliana: She loves Satinalia, from the decor to the music to the goodwill. The Warden gives her a Chantry Amulet, and she responds by grinning ear-to-ear and hugging the Warden– and kissing, if in a romance. She then grabs her lute and proceeds to sing a holiday song for the party by the fire.

Zevran: He hasn’t celebrated the holiday for years, not since before he joined the Crows. As a result, he doesn’t have any particularly strong feelings about it, but he does crack a wide smile when the Warden gives him a bronze bar. “Why, what’s this? A gift for me? Really?” he asks, sounding incredulous. Finally he settles for giving them a kiss on the cheek (or the lips, if in the romance, and sex) in thanks.

Wynne: The mages of the Circle would usually decorate for the holiday, and the templars would allow them a tree to decorate and a feast. She misses it as they’re out in camp, but doesn’t mention it to the Warden– they have enough to worry about as it is. They surprise her with a brand new book to read, and she smiles. “Oh, this is so sweet of you. Thank you.”

Morrigan: She has never celebrated Satinalia, and finds it a waste of time and resources, and mentions it as such when they pass through a village all spruced up and ready. She and Alistair proceed to snark back and forth at each other about it, but she loses interest rapidly. Later, however, she is surprised with a golden necklace inlaid with amethyst that the Herald presents to her. “I am… grateful. Thank you.” she finally utters. “I understand this is for the holiday…? Well, then. ‘Tis a fine gift, and you have my thanks.” If in a romance, she sighs and shakes her head at him. “A hopeless romantic, you are. Nevertheless… thank you.” she says with a kiss.

Nathaniel: He enjoyed the holiday as a boy with his family, but it always seemed a bit off, somehow. He tries to ignore the tree in Vigil’s Keep, and doesn’t comment much on the day, at least until the Warden presents him a new set of locksmith’s tools. He’s silent for a moment before thanking the Warden and smiling slightly.

Sigrun: She oohs and aahs at all the decorations and food and music and stories. She likes it quite a lot, and likes it even more when the Warden gives her a gift of a snowglobe. “Oh, it’s so pretty! Thank you!” she says cheerfully.

Velanna: She spends most of her time shitting on the shemlen holiday when she sees all the decor, but she’s suddenly silent as the Warden gives her a gift of an elven runestone. “I hope you know this doesn’t mean I like the holiday,” she says finally, “but thank you. It is a good gift.”

Anders: He would like Satinalia if all his memories weren’t of it being spent in the Circle. He’s not sure what to make of it now that he’s free, but he decides he likes it as he sits in a comfy chair in the keep, cuddling Ser Pounce-a-Lot in his lap. The Warden gives him a knitted scarf, and he grins. “Oh, thank you! It’s perfect.” Instead of putting it around his neck, he puts it around his cat and smiles.

Justice: He’s baffled that people are busy celebrating instead of trying to correct the injustices still left, but he does feel that Kristoff loved this holiday, spending it with his wife– so it can’t be all bad, he reasons. The Warden even gives him a gift, a book titled Verses of Dreams, which he likes. He thanks them and takes to reading the book with gusto to give justice to the Warden who bought the gift.

all that changes is only everything

He’s the first to mention it. They’re having a lazy Sunday, sprawled out on either side of their couch, legs entwined. She’s reading a copy of the Sunday Times and he’s looked up from his sketch of their outing the day before.

“So…Valentine’s Day is Tuesday.”

Peggy doesn’t look up from the article she’s reading, but answers nonetheless, “It appears that way, yes.” She silently reaches for her mug on the coffee table and takes a sip of her tea before placing it back on its coaster, never shifting her attention from the paper.

It’s not the answer he was looking for, but he doesn’t know how to continue the conversation or whether not he should. It wouldn’t be their first Valentine’s Day together - not, exactly, anyways. The holiday had come and gone during the war, but their first official Valentine’s Day “together” hadn’t occurred until 1945. At that point, all plans for the future had been dreamed up scenarios and wishful thinking of a life spent together. Neither of them could have predicted what was to come - Bucky’s fall, Steve’s crash, Peggy’s ultimate appearance in the future - and yet, somehow here they were. Together.

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Saccharine [V]

{{ adjective // excessively sweet or sentimental ; sugary, relating to or containing sugar }}

All I want for Christmas is you.

Fluff. College AU. 3,421 words.

Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook


College is incredibly difficult. You’re struggling to balance five classes, a three hour lab, two clubs, and a social life. It sounds crazy, you now know it’s crazy, but your stubborn freshman mind was too excited to comprehend that when you signed up for everything at Freshman Orientation. And most days, you feel like dying from the workload or moving onto Plan B: dropping out and finding a sugar daddy instead. But fortunately for you, you have your temporary salvations. They arrive every week on Friday at 9 PM on the dot.

Every Friday night, your dormitory holds a Cafe night. Cafe night is when a different sweet is given out in the common area each week. You usually have to come early because the line gets long fast and the food may run out. After all, it is free food.

And anyone who’s been a broke college student would know that the two most favorited words in college are “free” and “food,” especially when they are combined together.

“Hi, _______!”

Although, those two words uttered by Kim Taehyung may be your absolute personal favorite now. Not that you were biased or anything. Of course not.

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Dating Josie McCoy would include

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• Going to every one of her performances

• Taking tons of videos and pictures

• Her writing songs about you

• Being friends with Melody, Valerie and even Cheryl

• Sometimes you sit in on their band rehearsals and you all go to Pop’s afterwards

• Going to town social events with her to support her mom

• When the reelection comes around you help with the campaign

• Buying little music related gifts for her birthday and the holidays

• When you two get serious you buy her a new guitar

• And then she teaches you how to play

• Late night talks about leaving Riverdale so she can play shows all over the world with Josie And The Pussycats

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69, narlily?

I’m assuming this is Narcissa/Lily?

The cluster of Slytherin girls surrounding Narcissa tittered in envy as she flashed her ring at them.

“How did he propose?” Ianthe Parkinson asked with a sneer, as if unimpressed by the sparkling four-carat diamond at which all the other girls were agog.

“On bended knee with a dozen roses, of course,” Narcissa replied with a sniff as she snatched her hand back. She did not appreciate the skepticism Ianthe doused on Narcissa’s good news. Did not appreciate her best friend forcing her to lie.

Truthfully, there had been no proposal. Lucius and his parents had come to a marriage agreement without Narcissa’s presence. Over Christmas holidays, he had gifted the ring to her with the assumption that her acceptance of it constituted an acceptance of a marriage as well, and that had been that.

She had known Lucius her entire life, so it was silly of her to expect romance when she’d known she was intended for the Malfoy heir since she was a little girl. The ring was not a gesture of love, but a claim, and that was fine. Narcissa could find beauty in any situation, and being claimed by someone was as beautiful a thought to her as being loved. It meant she was wanted. It meant she’d been chosen.

As Ianthe and the other girls began to drift apart, attentions diverted by some other shiny thing or the thought of dinner, a soft scent wafted through the corridor, making Narcissa’s body tense. She didn’t turn around. She kept walking, hoping to escape before the girl who wore the scent caught up with her. As always, she was not fast enough.

Sixth-year Lily Evans matched her pace, a serene smile gracing her lips.

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Hello dearie it's me again! Could I ask for some fluffy relationship headcanons for Momo and her girlfriend? I love her >u< thank you so much!!

She’s one of my candidates for best girl tbh


- She’s a very shy partner at first. She is very polite and asks permission for every touch she wishes to give.
- Further into the relationship, she doesn’t condone for PDA but she enjoys holding hands and hugging in public.
- However, she gives her partner gifts very often. Regardless of holidays, sometimes she gives gifts just to say “I saw this and thought you’d like it.”
- She is one who likes to plan day long dates.
- Her ideal date: She would start the morning with her coming over and making her partner breakfast then the two would go to a shopping mall and make a bear together at Build A Bear. Afterwards they would go see a movie and return home for a homemade dinner and cuddling to sleep.
- She doesn’t get jealous easily but will beat ass if someone tries to make a move on her partner.

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^w^ Happy Holidays, friend!

aaa happy holidays to you too!! you’re an awesome awesome awesome writer; Haunt is still one of my favourite fics for some good ole Ford pain! RP-ing with you is sooo fun too; we need to cook up another scene one of these days… ALSO HOLY SH IT YOUR PAINTINGS ARE GORGEOUS I DIE

ghostbusters + winter/holidays

  • Abby goes HARD for the eggnog, but she’s the only one who likes it. This leads to a yearly cycle of Abby overestimating how much nog they need, buying way too much, and ending up drinking it all herself.
  • Patty is the absolute QUEEN of Christmas sweaters that straddle a fine line between tacky and fabulous. Some of them light up.
  • Erin will, without fail, drink slightly too much wine on Christmas and get adorably tipsy.
  • Holtzmann uses a blowtorch to light her menorah, because of course she does. She may or may not have learned this from Dr. Gorin, who usually stops by to light at least one candle with her and does it the exact some way. 
  • Ghost shaped cookies? Hell yeah ghost shaped cookies. 
  • Erin tried hanging up mistletoe exactly once. Kevin ate it and the girls had to take him to get his stomach pumped.
  • Abby and Holtz have absolutely crazy snowball fights up on the roof. Erin and Patty prefer to stay inside with their hot chocolate and, you know, not freeze.
  • The girls usually get either pizza or Chinese to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah and Christmas Eve. Christmas Day involves feasting on whatever leftovers are in the fridge. 
  • Erin’s parents send a fruitcake every goddamn year. It usually ends up getting used for target practice.
  • The firehouse is a designated Christmas music free zone, since it’s literally impossible to escape anywhere else.
  • The girls are non-traditional gift-givers; there’s hardly any gift-giving on any actual holidays.
  • Patty is unavailable for the entirety of Black Friday. She vanishes as soon as Thanksgiving is over and usually shows up back at the firehouse sometime around midnight with a metric shitload of stuff - new appliances for the firehouse, books she’s had her eye on for months, clothes for the other girls, little toys for Kevin’s desk to keep him busy. This is known around the firehouse as Pattymas. 
  • Somewhere between the first night of Hanukkah and Christmas Day Holtzmann usually cranks out a bunch of new gear for the team and calls it the Holiday Extravaganza, and that serves as her main gift to the team.
  • Abby and Erin cover all the food costs, including the aforementioned pizza and Chinese, baking supplies, any holiday candy, you name it.
  • So there aren’t a lot of presents actually wrapped and under a tree or anything, but that’s okay because the one year they tried having a tree it turned out to be a MASSIVE fire hazard. The damn thing caught on fire four times and it was only Holtzmann’s fault once. The last one seemed to be a case of genuine spontaneous combustion.