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annual reminder to NOT make christmas edits of these jewish characters:

- any character in falsettos

- any character in fiddler on the roof (where is the fiddler fandom at)

- maureen johnson and mark cohen!!!!

- add more



Please do not tag as R//ei/Mo/b 

….Next Christmas is now less than two months away… …I am so sorry

I originally had a different description in my draft post that was like weh life got in the way but still… 10 months is taking the mickey;; Doesn’t help that the drawings are old and were coloured at different points of the year so it’s… it’s yeah.

I think your original prompt was mp100 relationships/dynamics with the option of a opm crossover so I ended up doing a few things… There’s no real coherent timeline with these, just wanted to draw more than one thing…

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What kinds of products you want me to sell during the holidays?

Hey guys, as I am wrapping up deep dark space month with two final comics,(It’s why i’ve been MIA lately..) I wanted to know if there are any products you’d be interested in purchasing during the holiday gift season. 

Would it be more sticker sets? The second volume of cosmic funnies? Pins? 

Feel free to reply here or send me a message. I want to be able to provide you guys with the best products and freebies!

See you guys later.


Shepard’s struggles, and the crew that’s beside her all the way back to Earth.

Hello! This is my @masseffectholidaycheer gift for @mishikaiya, and I hope that you like it!! It was my first time doing a fanmix, and I actually really enjoyed doing it, so I might do some more in the future. 

In this, I tried to show Shepard’s journey through the games, her struggles alone and with her crew. I hope that that comes across well! 

Please enjoy, and happy holidays!!

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(Song list and lyrics under the cut!)

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Compression Part 1

Pairing: Levi/Mikasa

Word Count: 7282

Author’s Note: Sadly, I won’t have time to join in on all the fun for Rivamika week, but here’s an early contribution and holiday gift to all rivamika fans! I was scrolling through the rivamika tag when I read this prompt by juunku:

rivamika au where mikasa is the commander of the survey corps while levi is still in the underground capital. mikasa goes underground and levi sees her and falls in love at first sight. he joins the survey corps to serve under her

I apologize but there was one detail I had to change and that was making Mikasa Corporal while Erwin remains as Commander. For the sake of the larger story, Mikasa being able to go underground, a more flexible position was required. I imagine being Commander makes it difficult to move about freely.

This is the first part to a two (or three?) part fanfiction that I may or may not have enough time to complete. Mikasa is at least 24 years old in this fanfiction AU.

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Hi, just a little heads up;

I’m flying back home to Denmark for the next few days, to collect my glasses i brought last time and celebrate my birthday, i will be gone until the 22th. Since its only a few days, i won’t take the laptop with me. 

  • There will be a queue in the weekend 

Other then that, there will not be an queue rest of next week unfortunate :3


In short, Nekoma’s “secret santa” exchange was a failure and Lev ended up buying awful gifts for everyone (they appreciated it though, on the inside) 

Bonus Fukurodani: 

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MAY 2ND, 1992. PART TWO.


Attention followers, friends, family, strangers, whoever you are: Here are some awesome gift ideas

What to get me for my birthday:

  • Jung Hoseok

What to get me for Christmas:

  • Jung Hoseok

What to get me for Hanukkah:

  • Jung Hoseok

What to get me for New Years:

  • Jung Hoseok

What to get me for Halloween:

  • Jung Hoseok

What to get me for Valentines Day:

  • Jung Hoseok

What to get me for St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Jung Hoseok

What to get me for Easter (I don’t care if I don’t celebrate it):

  • Jung Hoseok

What to get me for any country’s independence day:

  • Jung Hoseok

The gist of this post:

Get me….

  • Jung Hoseok
  • Jung Hoseok
  • Jung Hoseok
  • Jung Hoseok
  • J U N G H O S E O K 

that is all

DISCLAIMER: i’m not actually a psychotic fangirl with no sense of a persons well being or privacy or free will and i do not actually want anyone to kidnap J-Hope of BTS for me, i just have a lot of feelings okay

Holidays are the best because Tome gets to do what she loves in pajamas, at home: laze around and game <3

For @friendbot as my part of the Mob Psycho 100 Holiday Gift Exchange 2016! I hope you like it and have a happy and peaceful winter! @christmas-shou