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Voltron playlists for back to school

Chill beats to study, do your homework or just relax after a stressful day at school.

Her- eery
A beautiful life -Broke for free
Beyond Dazed- Broke for free
Traffic lights-pools
Closer- n u a g e s
Let go- Ark Patrol
Partizan Hope - Oh! Sketra!!! (Yuri on ice album)
Uwa!! So holiday- Toby Fox
March to the sea- Twenty One Pilots
Drive- Oh Wonder (Dodie Clark has a cover, I like that one better)
Love Sorrow- violin and piano version

Going to school may be hard, having a fun and chill playlist makes the trip a bit more bare able.

Highway to hell- AC/DC (it really gets you going)
Absolutely smitten- Dodie Clark
When - Dodie Clark
In the middle -Dodie Clark
You - Dodie Clark
Guillotine - Jon Bellion
Hand of God - Jon Bellion
Amerika - young the giant
Something to believe in -y young the giant
Repeat - young the giant
Silvertongue -young the giant
Home of the strange -young the giant
Ease - Troye Sivan
Lose it - SWMRS
Sweater weather- the neighborhood.

Let’s face it, some of us really hate school and have an awful time while we are there, here’s an outlet to all of that.

Raise hell - sir the baptist
Brother - Matt Corby
Dinner Bell - With Confidence
Archers - With Confidence
Believer- imagine dragons
Morning in America- Jon Bellion
Overwhelming- Jon Bellion
Woke the f*ck up- Jon Bellion
Maybe IDK- Jon Bellion
Heavydirtysoul- Twenty One Pilots
Blood On My Hands- Nobody Beats the drum
My songs know what you did in the dark- Fall Out Boy
The Kids aren’t alright- Fall Out Boy(just to chill a bit)
Irresistible- Fall Out Boy (get angry again)
Una Thurman- Fall Out Boy
Jet Pack Blues- Fall Out Boy (cry a bit, let it all out)
Novocain- Fall Out Boy (NOW PUNCH A WALL)
Immortals- Fall Out boy

Imagine this: you have to do a project that you were supposed to do with your team, but your team is full of irresponsible pricks, but you have to turn in the assignment because is 40% of your final grade.
Here’s a playlist, don’t get stressed.

Megalovania- Toby Fox
Death by glamour - Toby Fox
Hot Milk- Snails house
Paper cut - Troye Sivan
LA Devotee- Panic! At The Disco
Hallelujah- Panic! At the Disco
Girls/Girls/Boys- Panic! At the Disco
Try this- Voltron Legendary Defender
Right Hand Man- Hamilton
Stay Alive - Hamilton
Ten duel commandments - Hamilton
Guns and Ships- Hamilton

Getting ready for school?

Alive- Empire of the sun
Tongue Tied- Grouplove
What you know- Two door Cinema Club
Out of My League - Fitz and the tantrums
Take a Walk- Passion Pit
Ways to go - grouplove
Tear in my heart- Twenty One Pilots
Gospel- Panic! At the Disco
House of Gold- Twenty One Pilots
Midnight City- M83
The sound - the 1975
Girls- the 1975
Ugh!- the 1975

More playlists:

It’s been a one hell of year guys, but I can say it’s been a hella productive one!

In a weird twist of fate, I must’ve gained a little over 3k new followers this year, so I guess things are getting a little more serious now! I just wanted to thank all of you cuties for all the crazy nice replies and notes! I might not respond to some of them, but I can gurantee you every lil nice thing I get in my inbox just puts the dumbest smile on my face. 

You’re all wonderful and I hope you have a good holiday break!

alright but imagine that the whole team goes ice skating one day and every other couple is gliding gracefully across the ice except for Neil and Andrew. Nicky and Erik, who’s in town for the holidays, are practically floating over the ice like an Olympic qualifying duo, Allison and Renee are elegantly spinning around each other, Matt and Dan are literally doing synchronized jumps off in one corner and Neil keeps on tripping over Andrew’s skates like a newborn doe. The last thing Andrew says on the ice is “No, Neil, like this.” right before slipping and busting his ass in front of the whole team. Neil and Andrew decide to sit rinkside with hot cider (holding gloved hands of course) for the rest of the day and the next time Renee suggests ice skating, Andrew gets up and leaves the room.


What if I made asks like this? like the background will be styled like an rpg game in which ya can somewhat tell where they are. (sometimes animated if I can build up the motivation for it)

the replies will be slower, but more expressive and visually appealing!

It’s either these icons, or the old ones just remade with the new style


yay shabtronics humanization!
/when you’re bad at designs/
also yes, aninbox doesnt have pupils, only white eyes XD (cuz they are broken in original??)

@subnerd64 finally i did it XD