holiday followforever

For once I’m actually doing this at the same time everyone else is hehe what a surprise! Sorry for this last minute…graphic…thing. Out of the blue just decided to do a ff today orz

Before I get started I wish you all a merry Christmas/happy holidays and a memorable start to the new year!

I’d like to start off by saying that I bought an alarming amount of oversized plain tees…so with my nivea fruity shine peach and new timberland boots I now proclaim myself jungkook trash.

To everyone I follow: I couldn’t be happier with the quality and flow of content on my dash. It’s hard to believe I only follow 100 blogs now! With my rigorous work load and horrible work ethic I am very thankful for all of your wonderful posts. Even though I am more prone to procrastinate, believe me when I say that you guys keep me sane ( especially those who put their thoughts in their tags hehe ). You guys are amazing keep doing what you’re doing~

To my old followers: 2015 was definitely a year full of changes. Does anyone even remember when I annoyed everyone with my color coding? Yea…it all feels so distant now. But of course nobody could forget that I went from an exo blog, to half infinite/exo, to multifandom, to finally a taekook bts blog. I’m actually amazed you guys stuck around. I know I don’t get to talk to all of you ( at least without the shades on ) but I love you all! *throws greasy hearts*

To my new followers: I know everyone is probably used to seeing gifs so I’m especially thankful that you all still appreciate the simple edits I put out! Coming from a fandom that was predominantly edits, this was a culture shock to me for sure. I really didn’t think I would receive such a warm welcome but just week 1 and people were already recommending me as “bts fanboy.” Thank you ARMYs for accepting me into this fandom :)

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