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philip talking about how he lies, he can’t help it, he thinks he lies to get close to people?? gabe saying ‘you don’t need to do that with me. i’ll always help.’ philip asking if lukas is lying to him?? lukas saying ‘i lie to everyone else. not with you.’ this poor mistrusting boy who is so good so soft trying so hard finally meeting people who don’t want to lie to him, who can’t, who don’t want to be lied to, don’t need to be, everything so tentative but slowly building and nourishing his starved lil heart afdl;sk


Ready for some SERIOUS BLINGAGE? Here’s Natasha Denona’s Star Palette

Good lawwwd. What is this amazingness?

Here’s a quick look at something I’ve just gotten hold of from there is ONE thing you might want to invest in if you’re looking for a jaw-dropping holiday gift idea this year, it is the 18-shade Star Palette from Natasha Denona.

Her new matte formula is super smooth and the bling-bling? Totally out of this world. I would say I definitely find the left portion of the palette (the warm side) to be consistently fab in formula. The red toned shades on the right (cooler side) are a touch less buttery and pigmented. But don’t get me wrong - Natasha Denona shadows on a bad day still tend to be better than the average shadow.

If you already have tons of these warm burgundy-brown-gold type palettes you maybe don’t need this one. But if you are looking for JUST the one to splash some cash on this holiday season, you probably want to check this one out.

Just sayin’.

Shopping note: Available on beautylish for US$169 with free worldwide shipping. I got this in just a few short business days via Fedex.

Animated Feature Seems to Be In the Works for Hutcherson

(Josh Hutcherson with producer Lucas Lynette-Krech in an undated photo.)

The producer of an upcoming animated holiday film is dropping hints about Josh Hutcherson’s involvement in a new project. On Instagram Thursday, Lucas Lynette-Krech of Canadian studio Awesometown Entertainment posted a photograph with Hutcherson, adding, “What an awesome experience and an amazing voice performance. It’s hard not to love my job.”

Awesometown’s newest project, The Littlest Reindeer, was introduced to buyers at last month’s American Film Market. Samantha Bee and Martin Short star, and comic John Cleese is reportedly attached to the project as well. No word yet on whether Hutcherson is involved with this film, or one of the two other features Awesometown has in development with Double Dutch International.

Hutcherson’s last foray into animation was 2013’s Epic. With an all-star cast that included Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried, and Beyoncé, the film made $268.4 million USD worldwide.

Holiday Advice for the Houses
  • Slytherin: The holidays can do a number on mental health--depression (including SAD), suicides, all significantly higher this time of year. Check in on your people regularly. Let them know you care about them, that you value them.
  • Hufflepuff: Secure your oxygen mask before helping others--don't be afraid to tend to your own needs or wants before seeking to fulfill the needs or wants of others. Even something like "can you bring [thing], so I don't have to buy/make it?"
  • Ravenclaw: When you're bragging about your achievements at the holiday table or a party, take a moment to be aware of anyone who might feel overshadowed by you. Show interest in the accomplishments and interests of others. You may learn something fascinating.
  • Gryffindor: I know. It is hard listening to that one person at the party or dinner table who's a bigot. There are times, though, when harmony is more important than justice. Pick your battles and your battlegrounds wisely.

I’m Sure I Don’t Know What You Mean

Moving into your first apartment with Stiles would include
  •  Him dropping the box that had the plates and cups in it causing all of them to shatter
  • Arguing over what body wash to get
  • Him using all of your shampoo because it smells better than his
  • Sitting on the floor together watching tv in the living room because you don’t have a couch yet
  • Him cooking dinner
  • Him burning said dinner
  • Him stealing the covers
  • You hogging the bed
  • Bickering over who has to clean the bathroom
  • Showers together
  • Sex literally everywhere
  • Even in the kitchen
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Him telling you it’s too early for Christmas lights (you pouting until he helps hand them up)
  • Trying to repaint the bedroom and end up in a major paint war
  •  cooking holiday dinners together
  • him dropping the turkey on the floor
  • slow dancing in the kitchen (badly)
  • “(Y/N”) where is my …”