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Azurrin week 2016 Day 7: Story


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As You Like It: Half Calf*, Full Audio

Hark, hear the audio of the 1967 National Theatre production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, in which Jeremy starred as Orlando! This is with an all-male cast and I’ve posted a few pics and articles about it before.

Here is an obligatory visual aid to help with listening: Jeremy Brett in capris as Orlando and Ronald Pickup as Rosalind (who, btw, played Barrymore in Granada’s The Hound of the Baskervilles 20 years later).

*For another visual aid, see one thousand Jeremys.

Audio, Part One:

Audio, Part Two:

Mmm, here. You need another:

Love you all! ;)


Moving Holiday (1992 - 1994) [play]

Shoegazers from Czech Republic

Moving Holiday was a Czech shoegazer band founded in fall of 1992 by Tomáš Svašek (guitar, voice), Ondřej Faber (drums) and Honza Dědek (bass). Later came Vojtěch Probošt (bass, guitar). As main influences Svašek pointed out the music of Revolver, Chapterhouse, Ride, Boo Radleys or …xyz album by Moose.
More gigs with Nova Mob and czech bands Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa and Sebastians, appearance on TV.
Band has tried to send promos to MTV and contact labels in UK. Greg Ackell of Drop Nineteens is in touch with band and offered collaboration at debut release. Band is contacted by BMG. In October they played as support for Slowdive (after seven live gigs) with positive echo in musical reviews. At the end of year band hit 3rd position in journalist‘s survey focused on indie scene. The band split up before the release of their first album.

The Dinner


It was coming up on two weeks since Cameron left to report for duty. The time went by fast but that was because i kept myself busy scheduling clients back to back. Cam and i FaceTimed almost every night usually until he or i would fall asleep. Some nights we had a little fun (😉) but most nights we just stayed up talking. He was so funny and had me crackin up about stories from his day. But as much as i enjoyed our FaceTime calls, i was ready for him to come back home because i was missing our sessions more than anything. He told me he was coming back from base on Memorial day and i was lit because i knew i was getting some (much needed) dick that same night. The only plans i made for memorial day was a dinner at my parent’s house that evening with my half-brother and his family, but that night i had no other plans than to have my legs wrapped around Cam. 

Growing up as a military brat, my family always took federal holidays pertaining to the service very seriously. Memorial day was like our Pre-Fourth-of-July and normally on holidays, my brother would drop in to celebrate. Jeremy (half-brother) and I were never really close growing up though, reason being was that he was a product of my dad’s first marriage. His Ex-wife was jealous of my parent’s relationship so in spite of his happiness, she kept his son from him. When Jeremy was old enough, he started coming around on his own, learning that the lies his mother told him about his dad and “his new family” weren’t true. Since then, Jeremy always made an effort to come around at least on the holidays.

I had spent majority of the afternoon at my parent’s house helping with dinner prep and talking with my mom and Summer (Sister-in-law) and playing with Liliana (niece) while my dad and Jeremy marinated then grilled the steaks.

When the food had finished cooking, everyone gathered to make their plates and headed out to the patio to enjoy the scenery and a nice meal. I had noticed my mom making an extra plate and setting out another placement at the table but i didn’t think much of it because I had my hands full with my busy-body niece who had finally fell asleep in my arms after playing all afternoon. By the time we all sat down at the table, Dad’s guest came walking through the house. i couldn’t make out the face, but the figure looked familiar. It wasn’t until he walked through the patio doors that i realized it was Cam. 

Surprised, I almost asked “what are you doing here?” but i caught myself because i didn’t want to be obvious that Cam and i have been talking since we met. But damn, i wish he would’ve given me a heads up that he was coming.

He walked towards his seat lookin all good and flashing that sexy ass smile of his. He greeted my parents first then stuck out his hand as he introduced himself to my brother and his wife. When it came to me, he greeted me subtly, acting like he couldn’t remember my name. I went along with it though. He knew how i felt about involving my parents in my business. They always over-analyzed everything and if i would have acted like i knew Cam like i know him, they would have internalized the relationship to make it seem like it was more than what it was and i didn’t want to go through all that with them. The twenty one questions, the “what are your intentions with my daughter?” type shit. And I know they do it because they care, but i just wasn’t ready for that yet. I barely knew anything about Cameron other than the fact that he could lay pipe and i wasn’t ready for an interrogation from my mom and dad about him. 

“Cameron, Thank you for joining us! We’re delighted to have you here.” My mom said as Cam took his seat. 

“Oh no, thank you for having me Mrs. Dianne. Everything looks delicious, wow.” 

“So Cameron, how are you liking your new position as a PO?” My dad asked taking a bite.

“I like it a lot. I’m definitely a lot busier when i get to base but it helps the time go by faster. The new schedule is nice too, two weeks on, two weeks off. It’s like having a vacation every month. And having a private living quarter is nice too. No more bunking with three other guys.” he replied taking a sip of his wine.

The whole while he and my dad were talking, i couldn’t help but look at him. i tried to be modest but he was so cute the way he interacted with my family. He was fitting right in, making us laugh, talking sports with my dad and Jeremy and even offered some advice to my mom about home repairs. I couldn’t take it, he was making me wet. I wanted to jump across the table and fuck him in his seat. I already knew he had me dickmatized, but now i was starting to become attracted to his personality too. I guess all the late night calls and cupcakin was starting to take an affect on me.

I guess my staring wasn’t as discrete as i hoped it was because when i looked up, Jeremy was looking dead at me smiling.

“Y’all fuckin?” he mouthed to me across the table.

“Shut up!” i mouthed back as my eyes got big and started smiling.

I looked around to see if anyone else was paying attention to me and Jeremy’s silent conversation but everyone else was swooning over Cam too. I looked back at Jeremy who was silently laughing to himself and shaking his head.

Damn. Was i being that obvious that even my older brother, who i never see, was able to tell? Shit. This is the first time that i’m seeing Cam like this. Actual boyfriend material and not just someone i’m fuckin. I was beginning to become infatuated with Cameron. And for the first time in months, I actually hadn’t thought about Stefon. 

After dinner was over Summer and I helped my mom clean up everything. I cleared the table while Summer and my mom packed up the extra food. Jeremy, Cam and my dad were inside the house still talking about sports and future football drafts. But i guess Cam somehow managed to sneak away from the conversation and make his way out to the patio where i was.

While i was outside grabbing the dirty dishes from the table, i felt a presence behind me and someone touch my arm. But i knew who it was so i didn’t have to look back. Cam hugged me tight and kissed my head.

“You look amazing.” he said still holding me tightly. 

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” i asked

“I wanted to surprise you. Did i?”

“Ummm, definitely, but it was a nice surprise. I’m glad you came though cuz I missed you.”

“Well how about after we finish here, we go to my place and you can show me how much you missed me?”

“Sounds good.” I said laughing as he and I finished picking up the rest of the dishes.

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Im glad Kala FINALLY getting her mind right!

Also Shout out to the CC creators! thanks yall for all the new CC yall been dropping. i’m loving it! everything is poppin!! ❤️❤️❤️


Polyjuice Potion - Yoongi

Word Count: 1493

Genre: Fluff

A/N: GUYS I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I JUST CAN”T // also first of my harry potter!au series

The chill of the dungeons nipped at your heels as you and your housemates clambered down the hall for your weekly potions lesson. To say that potions was your least favorite class was an understatement, you detested it. Not because you were terrible at it, that was far from the truth. In fact, you were heralded around Hogwarts as perhaps the best brewer to set foot in the castle since Severus Snape himself. Your particular dislike for the subject that occupied your Friday afternoons stemmed from none other than a certain Min Yoongi with whom you’d unfortunately been paired with for the year.

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Hi flock! 1. Damn your gif game is strong. *bows down* and the 2nd thing...I think, what did old man call her?, skipper? has already arrived in SA today. She was online at 1pm today and followed an actress who is shooting another show in CT (Troy: Fall of a City). Noticed it because I follow Bella Dayne and she followed MM back. OR it was total coincidence but what are the chances with her... or maybe they aren't in SA atm because it's easter week. I mean I don't know their schedule so...

Hi, boo! I’d bet my favorite pair of period panties and an IOU for a fuck to give that the visit has nothing to do with another production. I saw something about a marathon that may or may not be in the mix, but I didn’t look that closely because I have crap to accomplish today. (LIES. I just don’t care.) 

Holidays and dropping in on family events is An A++ way to put a spotlight on the shit you’re trying to sell and a while ago, my DeLorean brand crystal ball apparently barfed out a prediction that an Easter visit would be in order. 

I just hope that since they’re all on location and away from home that our two STRICTLY PLANOTIC BFFs and Third Wheel Skipper have a nice holiday meal together because if everything is as they say it is that shouldn’t be weird at all. May their Easter table be as friendly and full of familiarity and love as that table at the BAFTAs.

Oh, wait…

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I must have tripped and fallen into a vat of asshole again.


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Congrats for finishing your exams for the week! As for the angst prompta.. they're all so good. Number 16 please!

I feel like I deserve cake for finishing this week’s exams… That’s on the to-do list now. Hope this is alright!!

16 - ‘No. Don’t you dare shut me out.’

They’ve been walking for over an hour now, Heiji just in front, dragging Kazuha along the beach.

Sand itches at the soles of her feet, her sandals rubbing the gaps between her toes, leaving her sore. She wants to sit down, or at least stop moving for long enough to take the stupid things off, but Heiji isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, nor does he show any indication that he wants to talk.

His behaviour is… frankly, Kazuha doesn’t know what to call it. She’s confused, sure, but she’s also angry that he’s not responding to his name, no matter how many times she repeats it, regardless of the worry that laces her tone.

She trips over a rock embedded in the ground, barely has time to catch herself as she’s dragged forwards and decides that enough is enough.

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Merry Christmas from Subaru and the chibi-invaders in his present!!
Possible closeup of chibis later on Diabolik-Chibisins.
pls….no reposies :.D

“Tch…hurry up and take it already!!”

Sorry ‘bout the big watermarks, but I worked really hard on this~!
We hope ya all have wonderful holidays with your loved ones!


Ready for some SERIOUS BLINGAGE? Here’s Natasha Denona’s Star Palette

Good lawwwd. What is this amazingness?

Here’s a quick look at something I’ve just gotten hold of from there is ONE thing you might want to invest in if you’re looking for a jaw-dropping holiday gift idea this year, it is the 18-shade Star Palette from Natasha Denona.

Her new matte formula is super smooth and the bling-bling? Totally out of this world. I would say I definitely find the left portion of the palette (the warm side) to be consistently fab in formula. The red toned shades on the right (cooler side) are a touch less buttery and pigmented. But don’t get me wrong - Natasha Denona shadows on a bad day still tend to be better than the average shadow.

If you already have tons of these warm burgundy-brown-gold type palettes you maybe don’t need this one. But if you are looking for JUST the one to splash some cash on this holiday season, you probably want to check this one out.

Just sayin’.

Shopping note: Available on beautylish for US$169 with free worldwide shipping. I got this in just a few short business days via Fedex.


Happy Christmas and happy holidays to everyone at OFC! It is officially Christmas Eve in rp time, and in order to give everyone enough time for holiday celebrations before the plot drop, we are extending Christmas Eve and Day into a week-long extravaganza! Many different things will be happening, from parties to galas to festivities that you won’t want to miss! Christmas will last from TODAY, JUNE 22nd until THURSDAY, JUNE 29th. Threads can take place on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ( December 24th and 25th, 1979 ) during this time, you don’t need to wait for a certain day during the week to do Christmas Day threads, you can just do them!

The Boxing Day Plot Drop will be happening on FRIDAY, JUNE 30th, once Christmas week is over, so keep an eye on the main for more information about that! We’re very excited to share this event with you, and enjoy the holiday before the plot drop happens!

Looking for ideas for what to do over the holiday? Here are a few suggestions!

  • For purebloods, there is the Christmas Gala on Christmas Eve.
  • There are several small parties thrown for friends and family– if your character is throwing a party, let us know and we’ll add them to this list!
    • Christmas Day party, thrown by EDGAR BONES. Open to all.
    • Christmas Eve party, thrown by HESTIA JONES’ father. Open to activists and blood traitors.
  • Diagon Alley is having a Christmas Eve festival, with vendors and special events all day which include free holiday-themed ice creams from Florean Fortescue’s, eggnog and sugar cookies at several shops and eateries, special holiday discounts, last-minute holiday gift vendors, and midnight caroling. 
  • Hogsmeade is retaliating with a Christmas Day bash on the 25th, with holiday-themed drinks at the Three Broomsticks, Christmas decorations all over the village, snowman building competitions, sledding, ice skating along several of the streets, and an eggnog drinking contest.

Remember to mark the date or include “Christmas Day” / “Christmas Eve” in the title of your open starters, and tag any starters with “ofc: christmas 1979″ so people can find them easily! And, most importantly, have fun and happy holidays to all of you!