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Name: Avery

Birthday: January 10th

Gender: Female

Height: 169 cm 

Favorite color: Red, dark purple

Time and date at current moment: 12/27/14 3:01 PM

Average hours of sleep: Varies

Lucky number: 4 I suppose

Last thing I Googled: I’m pretty sure it was how to obtain serum from blood

First word that comes to mind: Paralian 

One place that makes me happy: 798 Art District

How many blankets I sleep under: 1 or 2

Favorite fictional character:

  • Fred and George (Harry Potter)
  • Bucky Barnes (Captain America/ Winter Soldier)
  • Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)

Favorite book(s):

  • Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
  • The Odyssey
  • Dragon Rider
  • The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

Favorite TV show(s): Political Animals, Parks and Recreation, How to Get Away With Murder

Favorite beverage: Any flavor of Sparkling Ice

Favorite food: Pizza probably

Dream holiday: Backpacking in Asia

Dream wedding: In a forest maybe? I haven’t given it much thought.

Dream job: Chemical engineer, inventor, musician, anything that lets me travel, translator, cosmetic chemist

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