holiday craft fair

this weekend, we had the holiday craft fair at the brewery. it was my idea so i organized it, which is fine because i have a long history of event planning & i love to do it. except this one was the first thing like this at our brewery ever & i had no idea how it was going to turn out. i had the feeling my coworkers & boss were kinda going along with the idea but not too hopeful it was going to be a good thing, like it didn’t really fit with what we’ve got going on. & i had gained a bunch of momentum in planning it but then the election basically sucked all the life out of my body for a stretch there, so i had been super stressed about it. i didn’t want to invite too many vendors & have it be crickets & tumbleweed & no sales, but i didn’t want to be too few & the customers all like what the fuck did i waste my time here for. somehow, magically, all goldie-locks-bears-like i struck the perfect balance. lots of people came, a good mix of regulars (& their significant others who don’t come too often so maybe this event made us feel more approachable) & new faces who had never even known a brewery was there. everyone had a blast! there was such a good energy in the space. so many customers said this was the best event we’ve ever thrown & they can’t wait to come back & all the vendors were gushing with thanks & want to join us for the next one. each one of my coworkers & boss have personally reached out to me to congratulate me. it feels fucking great.

it was a HUGE relief. & gotta be honest, exactly the kick in the ass i needed to remind myself that i indeed am a fucking badass & though talents might be laying dormant & underutilized, they can spring to action when i need em.

now i just have to really dig deep to see how best to use them, & be honest with myself about that.


Hey guys! 

So I guess I took a bit of an impromptu hiatus from tumblr for a bit without intending to. 

Back in the summer I applied for a couple of Holiday markets, without really thinking I’d get into any of them (they were really big name markets) but somehow I got into both. 

and of course, this led to a mad rush to figure out a display and booth and build it over the past month, while still making things to sell. 

But here’s my final booth display! I’m insanely happy it worked out.  (◠‿◠✿)

I was a crazy good market (the second one especially) and as of today I have sold out of 98% of my etsy items. Over 60+ items of various sizes are all gone, which is amazing! 

Now on to finish the last commission before Christmas and then I have about 45 octopus hat requests to fill. 


So we just got back from The Brentwood Arts Exchange Holiday Craft Fair~! It was a pretty good for a first time craft show met some cool new people and we got to see some friends who stopped by to support us. We also want to send a huge thank you to our friend Tokie for helping us get ready the night before, setting up and then keeping us company. THANK YOU!

Also please ignore the spelling error on the mini-chalkboard sign of “Candles” … We didn’t get any sleep the night before. We fixed it before opening, but not before I took this picture OTL.

-A Fox & Wolf