holiday comic art

Tikki is struck by modern times and learns that sweets can, indeed, make up every meal.

It’s April. The holidays have been over for almost four months. My mind lives unbound by the sands of time. I was hit by this at like 7 in the morning.

Artwork ©: alazic02

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Since people are starting to get them in the mail, here’s another copic marker Christmas/holiday card sketch! This one is of Batman and Commissioner Gordon from The New Batman Adventures episode “Holiday Knights”! #batman #cartoon #comics #copic #art #fanart #sketch #drawing #cosplay #dc #gotham #gordon #holiday #christmas

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First and most important of all: I’M SO PROUD OF MY SPARKLESHARK TO MAKE IT INTO ADVANCED TRAINING!! Can we all just have a moment of proudness for them please? So awesome!! \o/

Now, to the comic, this little conversation made me kinda happy. Sometimes it annoys me that for some reason 99.9% of people seem to automatically assume I’m heterosexual - and are surprised when they find out I’m not and almost act as if I kept a secret from them until then (dude, to begin with, you never even asked!). 

(Btw, I totally realize that the derby context and being a cute fluffball with gf might have helped the impression in this case though. 😁 )