holiday cards 2011

Míriel, after an AU idea of mine, where instead of being swallowed by the waves, she reaches the top of the Meneltarma and pleads her case to Eru and the Valar. I have always been deeply intrigued by Míriel’s story and wish we could have heard more of her, and that she had been able to do more.

done putting them in envelopes OTL mailing them tomorrow morn hopefully.

if you live in Canada or the USA it is highly likely you will get them in time for Christmas, but international…I have to say that I doubt it, I’m sorry, but I hope you enjoy them when you get them!

And if you’re wondering, I put the cards in plastic sandwich bags.

list: togabito | nami-alchemist | ningyohime | findinglaurie | bakarii | serandaria | vhplant | ottobomb | a-chama | tianmingh

thanks all u wu~


I still have cards left…I think . A. ?

if you want a card, fill the below in and ‘ask’ it!

“To ___ from toychild” on the (front/back) (and any other messages)

do you want a horizontal or a vertical card (longer sideways or 'tall’)

Mailing address including, but not limited to

Name you want on envelope, Street (and apartment) number, City, State/Providence, Zipcode, Country


if you don’t want to 'ask’ me this my email is