holiday card art


I was so absorbed in the Valentine’s Day spirit today that I sketched up some more, this time for classic literature (because plays are heckin rad)


I'ma be super transparent right now, more so than I’m typically comfortable with…but I’m struggling. Like, $400 in the hole, barely keeping the roof over my head struggling. I don’t have any sob stories, just stuck in a low paying job and haven’t landed any of the new roles I’ve been applying for and it’s been taking a huge toll on my household.

Here’s the thing. I urgently need help, but I hate asking especially when I can’t immediately reciprocate. BUT I design and sell greeting cards! My shop, Rebels and Royals Print Company, was created a month or two ago, to celebrate Black women and our experiences. It’s my baby, and I have such a huge vision for the growth of my company, but I’ve gotta pay some bills first.

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*Please do not remove this caption*

I always look forward to the holiday cards at the animation studio. Of course the artists cards are amazing but usually a production will hand out cards as well. Was digging out my decorations and noticed I’ve got a nice little collection now so I thought I would start posting some of them. Here’s a Princess and the Frog one -


He’s not thinking. He closes the gap with a few steps and unconsciously touches the velvet petals, unaware that a faint smile has crossed his lips.

i’m head over heels for everything @versigny writes but especially Ceo!Yoongi!!!