holiday buying guide

Holiday Buying Guide (2015)

The Christmas buying season is here and if you are anything like everyone at 3 Star Review, you are struggling to figure out what to buy the people in your life to prove that you are making a fine living on your own despite what your dad keeps telling everyone. But what to even get? Shopping can be so hard and boring when it’s not for yourself. Well fret not! You can actually learn everything you need to know about a person by simply asking them what their favorite movie is. Afterwards, consult our list of favorite movies below. We’ve compiled every single possible answer to the question “What is your favorite movie?” so you are completely covered. If the person says a movie that isn’t listed below they are lying to you because these are the only favorite movies there are. Also, remember, no ones favorite movie is Seven Samurai. That mess isn’t even in English. 

The Crow 

The Crow lover is dark, mysterious, and loves being misunderstood by society. Buy them something no one understands like The Crow 2: City of Angels

Pulp Fiction 

People who say Pulp Fiction is their favorite film are too embarrassed to tell you their favorite movie is actually Boondock Saints. Buy them a book.  

Citizen Kane 

Lovers of this movie are liars because no one has ever seen it. Get them a new Rolodex to keep track of their lies.

The River Wild

This is one you’ll probably hear a lot. This person is most likely an avid outdoorsman and for sure owns their own raft. Get them a pot of boiling water to cook with when they are camping. 

The Notebook

This person is working on another level than you. They have everything they need. You could not possible impress them. 

The Dark Knight or Inception 

Look, he’s your 10-year-old nephew. Just ask his mom. 

Anyway, hope that helps! We are always here for you at 3 Star Review.