holiday bucketlist

hey guys! since summer is quickly approaching, i thought id share some of the things i hope to accomplish before school starts again. let me know your plans for enjoying a semi-productive summer and enjoy! 

some books to read
1. ready player one by ernest cline
2. the unexpected everything by morgan matson
3. mistborn: the final empire by brandon sanderson
4. rebel belle by rachel hawkins
5. the hidden oracle by rick riordan
6. the sword of summer by rick riordan
7. me before you by jojo moyes
8. carry on by rainbow rowell
9. cinder by marrissa meyer
10. pride and prejudice by jane austen

become organized!
i. write all upcoming events on a calendar
ii. delete unnecessary photos and apps
iii. write 3 goals for the new school year
iv. develop a study schedule to get ahead for school
v. establish a morning routine
vi. find more delicious yet healthy recipes
vii. choose (and stick to) an organization system
viii. make a study soundtrack
ix. find (and use) study resources for my classes next year
x. do at least 1 creative thing each day

learn something new for the fun of it!
1. learn to code by @code-bug
2. learn to design by @cmpsbls
3. learn to make printables by @cmpsbls
4. learn to mindmap by @studinet
5. learn a language
6. learn how to start a travel journal by @areistotle
7. learn to write by @the-brightest-witch-studies
8. learn to print on post its by @filenames
9. learn diy notebook covers by @muchelleb
10. learn to make a resume by @studyingstudent​ / find a job by @universi-tea

experience new things
i. watch the sunrise and set
ii. start talking to atleast 3 new people
iii. actively listen to new music (including musicals)
iv. talk until dawn
v. be more outgoing and independent

Winter Bucketlist:

  • make a snowman
  • go sledding
  • watch Christmas movies
  • drink hot cocoa
  • eat candy canes
  • go to a Christmas party
  • donate to Toys for Tots or a different charity
  • go caroling
  • decorate the house for Christmas
  • kiss under the mistletoe
  • catch snowflakes on my tounge
  • go to a Christmas parade
  • look at Christmas lights
  • decorate a wreath
  • go ice skating
  • go holiday shopping for friends and family
  • make lots of holiday recipies
  • make a ginger bread house
  • have a snowball fight
  • make a snow angel
  • watch the ball drop on new years

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Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!  #getoutdoors