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John Frusciante, On the Record Book (2004)

If you only knew the Bee Gees for their dance-oriented and other Saturday Night Fever songs, you only know about half the story.

During the 60s, the Bee Gees recorded a number of pop albums full of Beatlesque compositions and complete with the Brothers Gibb’s trademark, high register harmonies. You really owe it to yourself to explore their work.

This is one of my favorite Bee Gee songs, in spite of its dirge-like cadence. I especially like the dee-dee-d-dee-dee-dee refrain. This is serious earworm material, boys and girls, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Holiday - Bee Gees

2014 Bangtan Bomb Masterlist

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(Note: Links with ** next them indicate that subs are not required to watch)

(140102)  Dancing by Jimin and Shooting by Jungkook  |  Eng
(140105)  New Year’s greeting from BTS  |  Eng
(140105)  V’s Birthday Episode  |  Eng
(140106)  BTS Runway like Model  |  Eng
(140108)  Jungkook…Jimin is older than you lol  |  Eng
(140114)  RINGA LINGA (by Taeyang of BIGBANG) DANCE PARTY  |  Eng
(140119)  BTS at The 28th Golden Disk Awards  |  Eng
(140121)  Trot Rookies on standby time of rehearsal  |  Eng
(140122)  V is doing weird dance  |  Eng
(140127)  Show your powerful sexy wave!  |  Eng
(140128)  Drawing their 2014!  |  Eng
(140129)  Show your feelings using your body!  |  Eng
(140130)  Jump! Jimin entered the high jump  |  Eng

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