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    happy holidays everybody!!!! :)))) it is currently 03:18 AM and I am finishing this off as my eyes shut because I really wanted to get this up today and not have to worry tomorrow with sense8 and that. I know the header’s crappy but it’s prison mike and the office has taken over my whole year and I love it so much and it’s not very christmassy and it’s quite ugly (i tried to get the picture of the whole office trying to jump for the christmas picture, if u know the office you’ll know, but that was impossible so prison mike will do) and if you don’t know prison mike i think it’s well worth your time a quick google. I’m sorry if there are any mistakes or if I’ve left anyone out, I know I fucked up somewhere in the S section but I’m too droopy to fix it (no matter how many times I sing the alphabet in my head I’m still somehow doomed to fail). I love everyone here, all my mutuals, feel free to message me any time I’d be delighted to talk to any of you, your posts never leave me without anything to reblog and ur all so amazing so happy holidays everyone, I love you all and enough rambling here’s the frickin list of people (holy bejeezus ming-na that was a long ramble, I’m tired okay. I think I’ve reached the delirious phase) I LOVE U ALLLL !!!!! :)))))

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Imagine the Haus or one of the couples using an advent calendar (you know where there's like scheduled gifts) to make a big announcement.

Bitty finds the first gift when he shuffled into the kitchen and reached into the cabinet. The box is in the spot where his mug usually sits. It’s a small box wrapped with a Falconers Blue bow. “Jack!”

At first, there’s no answer, so Bitty calls again. “Jack!”

“I’m right here, Bits. What’s going on?” Jack’s standing right behind Bitty, hair still mussed from just waking up.

Holding up the gift, Bitty gave it a shake, hoping for a clue about what was inside. “Care to explain?”

Jack took the box and blushed. “First gift for the Advent calendar. There will be one each day leading up to Christmas. The gifts aren’t big. They’re just little things for the season.” Handing the gift back to Bitty, he smiled. “Open it.”

Lifting the lid, Bitty reached into the box and lifted out a small chair. It was a chair definitely intended for a dollhouse, but what Bitty really loved was how similar it was to the chairs that currently resided in the kitchen.

“Jack? What does this mean?”

Jack winked at Bitty. “Can’t tell you. You’ll just have to see what else you get. Coffee ready?”

Over the next week, Bitty opened each box and found three more chairs, a small table, an oven, a fridge, and some miniature pies. Bitty had arranged the dollhouse furniture on their own kitchen table for Jack to see when he comes home and Bitty is hoping maybe Jack will finally give him some sort of clue about why all the Advent gifts have been furniture.

When Jack comes home, Bitty is decorating Christmas cookies and humming along to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. There is a little spot of green icing at the corner of his mouth and when Jack spies it, he dips down and kisses Bitty, licking away the icing as he does. “Tastes good, Bits. Any of those cookies for me?”

“There might be.” Bitty held out a cookie shaped like a tree, freshly iced and covered in sprinkles. When Jack reached out for it, Bitty pulled it back. “Uh uh, tell me about the gifts and you get the cookie.”

Jack frowned and took a seat next to Bitty. Leaning close, he kissed along Bitty’s jaw. “Well…the thing about the gifts is…”


“There are 18 more and then I have one big gift for you.” Jack snatched the cookie from BItty’s hand before he could protest and took a big bite. “Delicious, Bitty.”

Bitty sat there shocked as Jack took the cookie and hurried to their bedroom to change. He stared at Jack’s retreating back for a minute before standing and following him to their bedroom. “You stop right there, Jack Zimmerman!”

Jack stopped in the doorway to their bedroom and licked the remaining icing from his fingers. Watching Jack carefully lick the icing away, Bitty completely forgot why he had been chasing Jack and knew all he wanted was to watch Jack lick any remaining icing off his fingers.

It was Christmas Eve and Bitty was staring at the last Advent gift. It was the same size as all the others, but BItty knew it was going to be different. All month he’d opened box after box filled with tiny furniture. A bed, and a sofa, and assorted chairs, and even tiny hockey gear. He was waiting for Jack to finish getting ready for Ransom and Holster’s Christmas party and had promised he’d wait to open the gift until Jack was there.

When Jack stepped into the living room, Bitty took a moment to appreciate the way he looked in his suit before standing, box in hand. “Can I open it, now?”

Jack took his own minute to appreciate Bitty in his own suit before perching on the arm of the chair. Jack wrapped an arm around Bitty’s waist. “Go ahead.”

Lifting the lid, Bitty found a key nestled inside. “Jack? Is this? Is this what I think it is?”

“Depends on what you think it is.”

“Is this a key…to a house?”

Nuzzling into Bitty’s arm, Jack nodded. “I drove by this house one day and it was just perfect. I know I should have talked to you first, but the realtor said there had already been offers and she took me on a tour and I just knew. It’s our house. I could see us in every room of the place. Are you mad?”

Bitty kissed the top of Jack’s head. “I’m not mad. This is, by far, is one of the sweetest things you have ever done for us, honey. Can we go see it after the party?”

Hugging Bitty tighter, Jack sighed. “Of course. I think you’re really going to love it.”

“I know I will, honey.”

Together they went to the party and when Bitty revealed Jack’s gift, both Ransom and Holster cheered before moving on to teasing Jack.

“Bro! You bought a house!”

“Cannot believe you pulled a Halpert and just bought it for Bitty!”

Jack smiled and went along with the teasing. “Yeah, yeah. Maybe next year we’ll be the ones hosting the party.”

Once the party wound down, Jack carried a tired Bitty to their car and asked. “Still want to see the house?”

Perking up, BItty bounced in his seat. “Yes! Let’s go!”

The drive to the house wasn’t long and as Jack pulled up the driveway, Bitty gasped and once the car stopped he was out of his seat and hurrying to the front door. Jack followed behind at a slower pace, just watching Bitty take it all in. “What do you think?”

“Jack, it’s beautiful.” Pulling the key from his pocket, Bitty opened the door. “I can’t wait to see inside.”

Together they toured the house and when they came back to the kitchen, Bitty was crying silent tears. “Bitty? What’s wrong?”

“Absolutely nothing. This house is perfect. Can we stay here tonight? Have Christmas morning here?”

Pressing Bitty back against the counters, Jack kissed him. “We can. I’ll get the spare blankets from the car.”

ITH Holiday Special 2016 posts

A Calzona advent calendar - December 13th

Cold toes were pressing into Callie’s calf when she slowly drifted awake, and at first she was aware of only two things – one, that those toes were very cold, and two, that simultaneously, there was a very warm body wrapped up around hers as well; a somewhat pleasant contrast.

She could feel soft breathing on the back of her neck, and she could smell the faint, familiar scent of her wife’s perfume and shampoo and the comforting scent that was just…her. She could feel the weight of the other woman’s arm where it was wrapped around her chest, keeping her tucked in close, and the soft, fluffy duvet that enveloped them both. She could feel the coolness of the air in contrast to the toasty warmth between them.

It was, all in all, the most perfect way to wake up on a cold Sunday morning in December.

A small yawn escaped her as she blinked her eyes slowly, adjusting to the light filtering through the curtains, and she remembered that they were alone in the house; Sofia had spent the night with the Shepherds. Callie smiled a little to herself as memories of the previous night came to mind, and she realized she was still naked under the blankets too. She shifted carefully, rolling over until she was facing Arizona, and the blonde let out a sleepy sigh and simply adjusted her hold, her arm tightening again around Callie’s rib cage.


Arizona burrowed in a little deeper, her leg curling around Callie’s under the blankets, and she murmured softly, eyes still firmly closed.

“Stop moving.”

Her long, blonde hair was thrown up into a loose bun, messy from sleep, and Callie couldn’t help but reach up and lightly run her fingers along the delicate skin of her wife’s neck. She traced a pattern down along her collarbone and over her shoulder, smoothing her palm down across her back. Arizona was irresistible – and Arizona in the morning was possibly Callie’s favourite version of all.

“I want you to wake up.”

The brunette whispered softly, leaning in to press a gentle kiss just under her wife’s eye. She watched as eyelashes fluttered slightly, but Arizona’s eyes remained shut, a soft sigh the only other acknowledgement of her affections.


Callie let the other woman’s name tumble slowly from her lips, and she pressed another soft kiss to her shoulder, then another to the side of her neck. Her hand slipped under the blankets and trailed over the curve of a breast and down over a bare hip, and Arizona sighed quietly again, nuzzling her nose into the crook of Callie’s neck.

“I miss you.”

Blue eyes finally fluttered open at those words and a sleepy, adorably sexy gaze met Callie’s – a heart-stoppingly beautiful smile crossing her face as she brought her hand up to brush dark, loose hair back from the other woman’s face.

“I was dreaming about you, Calliope.”

Callie smiled too then, curling her arm around Arizona’s back under the blankets, shifting closer so warm skin met warm skin.

“Good dreams, I hope.”

The blonde simply looked at her for a moment – the blue of her eyes stunningly brilliant in the morning light – and she let her fingers slide through dark hair, her hand cupping the back of Callie’s head as she brought her in for a slow, deeply lingering kiss. She closed her eyes again, letting the warmth of Callie’s body envelope her in a feeling of comfort and pleasure – letting the stillness and quiet of the morning suspend them in a place of pure contentment – and she kissed her again, her lips almost brushing against her wife’s as she murmured.

“The best.”