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WBJ Prompts 2017

1. Introduction
2. Geography
3. People & Races
4. History
5. Civilization & Architecture
6. Gender/Sexuality
7. Economy
8. Hierarchy, Power, & Governance
9. Religion & Cosmology
10. Holidays & Traditions
11. Language
12. Fauna
13. Flora
14. Food
15. Technology
16. Magic
17. Medicine
18. Fashion
19. War
20. Arms & Armor
21. Fun
22. Work
23. The Sky
24. The Frontier
25. The Backpack
26. Art
27. Transportation
28. Major Figures & Important Players
29. Communication
30. Weather

As requested! the mobile version of our permanent masterlist, maknae line focused.  Here you can find every single scenario we have posted to this date. It will get updated constantly as we publish new works. Thank you for all the support to Bangtan Spells, we hope you enjoy the reading! (Hyung Line Post)
































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The Signs As Holidays

Aries: Easter

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Taurus: Mother’s Day

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Gemini: Father’s Day

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Cancer: Independence Day

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Leo: Senior Citizen’s Day

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Virgo: Patriot Day

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Libra: Columbus Day

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Scorpio: Halloween

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Sagittarius: Thanksgiving

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Capricorn: Christmas

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Aquarius: Chinese New Year

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Pisces: Saint Patricks Day

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calling gentile allies

I’ve seen multiple posts on my dash just today about the JCC bomb threats and how they’re affecting the Jewish community, and I thought of an idea that gentile allies can help to alleviate some of the heightened anxiety and isolation that a lot of people are feeling right now. Raising awareness is great, but you know what’s also great? Getting to know your neighbors.

So here’s an idea: if you aren’t Jewish, look up whether there is a JCC or synagogue near you. Then keep an eye out for it in local and national news. If you see that it has received threats recently, take a few minutes out of your day and fill out a postcard or a card, and send it to the main office.

I want to emphasize that it’s best if you focus on local institutions rather than ones that are in another state, because it makes it much more personal. The anonymity of the recent threats is one of the reasons they cause so much fear; no one knows if it’s from someone across the street or across the country. Know that there’s someone nearby who is on your side can help balance out that anxiety. I also think cards are better than, say, phone calls, because it strikes me as potentially nerve-wracking if synagogues and JCCs end up with a rash of unexpected calls after getting a phoned-in bomb threat. And cards are very tangible; you can keep them in the office, put them on a bulletin board, point to them when people are having doubts about whether their community cares.

As for what to include in your message, you can really say anything you want in support and solidarity, but here are some things that might be especially nice for them to hear:

  • “Shabbat Shalom!” (if you think the letter will arrive on a Thursday or Friday; this is the Hebrew for “a peaceful Sabbath,” the traditional greeting in many communities)
  • “Happy Purim” or “Chag sameach!” (Purim is a holiday, happening Saturday March 11 and Sunday March 12 this year–in general, look up a Hebrew calendar and see if there’s a holiday around the time you’re sending the letter. Tisha B’Av and Yom Kippur are “the ones you can’t say Happy [holiday] on.”)
  • some communities are holding rallies after receiving threats–I know there was one in Springfield, MA–so if your community did, and you attended, definitely mention that!
  • “I am a member of [faith organization], and I think it is important for us to stand with you in these times. My organization has participated/hopes to participate in multifaith activities with the Jewish community.”
  • “I have a friend who went to school at her JCC and she always spoke about how much it meant to her, so I want to show my support.”/“My child has a classmate who attends your programs, and they were very concerned about making sure their friend felt safe.”
  • “I read an article your president wrote in the paper, or I heard about a community-wide event that you lead recently. It sounded great and in the future I hope to engage more with my Jewish friends and neighbors.”
  • ***nothing proselytize-y and nothing political beyond the immediate issue. there’s no need to bring Jesus or Israel into this conversation.***

Obviously there’s more to do beyond this. Educate yourself about antisemitism. Combat it in YOUR OWN SPACES, not just when it comes from your enemies. Show up to events organized by Jewish activists. Show up to multifaith events even if they’re not activist spaces–if your local synagogue is pairing up with a church or a mosque/masjid to run a toy drive, watch a movie, eat pancakes, whatever, grab a friend, find someone new, and introduce yourself.

But still, these things can be difficult. They can require spoons, time, transportation, etc. Writing a postcard only requires a writing surface, a writing utensil, a stamp, and two minutes of your time,  and it, too, helps build your community. Even if you don’t have a local Jewish org to support, please reblog and share the ahavah.

1. Nouvelle Vague|Human fly| 2. Cursive|The recluse| 3. Peter Bjorn & John|Young folks| 4. The Blow|True affection| 5.Lana Del Rey|Video games| 6. Paul Anka| Put your head on my shoulder(1963 version)| 7. She Keeps Bees|Fangs| 8. Margot & The Nuclear so & so’s|Broadripple is burning| 9. Lana Del Rey|KILL KILL| 10.  Billie Holiday|Summertime| 11. Lana Del Rey|Honeymoon| 12. Coroner|I want you/ She’s so heavy|
13. Arctic Monkeys|R U mine?
Trish belongs to @goblinqueenbluebie these are songs I listen to when I draw her <3 (lmao in that order) so they’re songs based less on what she listens to but more on her relations with my OCs


21 days to EOYs - {10/10/16}
‘pretty isn’t everything, you punk ass’

oK a mood board for the super super productive study session at the library today!! this post isnt pretty at all but tbh… whatever… last day of the holidays, last holiday of year 11. 3 weeks to end of year exams. im not okay.

majorly inspired by adele’s (@love-adore-study-more) own study mood board over here! :)

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OK, list of positive events in the Reylo Fandom...(in chronological order)

So we’ve been through a lot of bad shit. We’ve had some major divisions, too. And just imaging all of the friends many of us old cane-wielders have lost along the way genuinely makes me very depressed and I hope somehow things change some day…

So frankly I’m done reading that sad shit- let’s get started with the good!!

1. Those first two weeks after the film came out and people, still on their main blogs, started posting voraciously about TFA and started tentatively asking each other about a possible Kylo and Rey dynamic only to discover it wasn’t just them- others felt it, too.

2. The discussion in the tiny fandom over what to call the ship. There were multiple candidates, some simple, some other mishmashes of words, but eventually posts began to emerge saying “Well it’s settled then- Reylo it is.” Yep, the ship name was decided on Tumblr. And actually at the time I remember posting saying I preferred one of the other candidates (can’t remember what it is now, though- maybe kyrey?), but it wasn’t long until #Reylo became the main name and tag for the ship and, hey, you can’t fight progress. 

3. The first amazing fan art started to appear! Many of our very first artists are still with us! I remember the first original piece of fan art I ever saw for this ship came from @solarfugue(arriku) and I was instantly in love.

4. Fics were steadily being written! Through everyone’s early stories, certain patterns began to emerge- ‘force bonds’ being the primary one. These would be things that would be included in nearly every single fic as a prerequisite after February 2016.

5. Just around the very, very end of 2015, the dedicated side blogs began to emerge and the fandom began to really solidify.

6. The first big exchange (to my knowledge) was the Valentine’s Day fic exchange Feb. 2016! Tons of people got in on it, and it started rumblings for possibly more writing projects.

7. SMUT WEEK was the last few days of february going into March 2016. Basically, after a stream of people happily chatting and giggling along here on tumblr, a whoooole lotta risqué art emerged at once, and as a consequence, I declared the second or third day of this trend to be Smut Week. Everyone really grasped onto the idea with both hands and the smutty art, and even stories, POURED in for 5 solid days more. There’s not been much of a need to call another smut week, because, well, we never actually dropped back down to any innocent level since. So, anyone who’s ever tried to avoid smut in fics in this fandom, it’s my fault. I’m sorry (sort of). ^^;

8. Art Fridays! For awhile in spring, going into early summer 2016, Art Fridays, organized amongst some of the artists in the fandom, became a thing to look forward to. There’d be a secret theme and on Fridays around 8pm or so, suddenly tons of new art would emerge. It was something I always looked forward to. Later the concept morphed into ‘Shenanigans’ and is held sometimes on days other than Friday.

9. Art Fridays eventually morphed into the Reylo Anthology, a collection of artists who would still occasionally do art fridays stuff, but also worked to focus more on big themed reylo art projects.

10. The Reylo Fanfic Anthology was a concept tossed around quite a bit during Spring 2016 before being taken up by a group of writers and is still going strong to this day. There’s one large project a year, dotted with side events often centered on holidays.

11. The Reylo Sin Anthology came to be! A fanfic anthology for all the smuttiest smut fics, written to various themes throughout the year- many of them very much on the risqué side which is how they liked it. (It later became the Reylo Book of Sins and still going strong.)

12. From Spring to Summer 2016, due to new revelations from cast and crew, the fandom contracted a bit, but ultimately became more concentrated and ‘regulars’ began to emerge. Summer was also about the time that ‘metas’ pretty much got exhausted (everything had pretty much been hashed out by then), so it got a little quiet…

13. In October the Reylo Short Story Collection was announced. Focusing on, obviously, short stories, the goal was to write within the word-count limits and then publish with each story having its own custom art. A new issue is published every four months.

14. In November, two of our own, @starwarsnonsense and @bastila-bae, began an analytical podcast, “Scavenger’s Hoard”, about the new films and also with the goal of being reylo-friendly in an increasingly aggressive fandom. They added women’s voices to the discussion and have since even won awards!

15. We lost Carrie in the winter of 2016, so that was pretty terrible. But just before that happened, we were abuzz knowing a title for 9 was coming, and also anxious for the latest new years’ fic exchange hosted by the fic anthology, something that a lot of us held onto as a positive distraction in the wake of tragedy.

16. Starting around the turn of the year, changes started to take place on the SW website, namely the Data Bank, and other places- talk of ‘intertwined destines’ and ‘fascination’ and ‘links’ with regards to Kylo and Rey…could it be? Did we finally have more reason to hope?

17. In January 2017, we got the title for 8!! “Space Bear” became “The Last Jedi”, and suddenly the meta writing was back in full swing!

18. In April 2017, we got the trailer for 8! And boy did we get our hope alright. Quickly we realized many of our ‘standards’ in fanfiction seemed to have fairly correct between the trailer and cast/production commentary at SWC: Luke the underwhelming teacher, Kylo suddenly maskless and with a much reduced scar than we ever anticipated…*cough* causing us to speculate even more strongly about his anti-hero role and desire to reach Rey. The new clues and speculation quickly began to filter into fic writing.

….and here we are today! Did I miss anything? This was sort of a greatest hits in the fandom. ^^; If I missed anything, let me know! It’s getting late and I’m a bit out of it, so forgive me if I have…gosh so much has happened!! We’ve done so much!! And I’m so proud to have been with all you guys, old and new, through it all. :,)

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Hello! Would you have any prompts for internet friends AU?

Themed Prompts: Internet Friends

1. The first Skype call.

2. Trying to cheer each other up.

3. One of the characters can’t access Internet for a while and the other one is worried.

4. Timezones ruining sleep schedules.

5. Characters keep missing each other due to timezones.

6. Characters find out they know each other outside Internet, too.

7. Characters write a fic together.

8. One of the characters is worried the other one may not be who they say they are.

9. The characters fall in love.

10. Exchanging art and stories in place of physical birthday gifts.

11. Exchanging holiday cards.

12. Meeting for the first time at an event, like a concert.

13. Running a blog together.

14. Talking about one another to people IRL.

15.  First face-to-face meeting.


“They sure like to review everything …”

Prompt List 1 ♡

Heres the first prompt list! Please remember 
- Kuromahi only, no angst or smut and tag us or #Kuromahi positivity project so we can see it! 

1. School Au (high school/college/kindergarten etc)
2. Childhood friends Au (can be in the canon universe if you want)
3. Domestic/home life
4. Awkward first meeting au
5. Fantasy Au
6. Superhero Au
7. CrossoverAu
8. Theme park date
9. Proposal
10. First kiss
11. First holiday together
12. Video game night
13. Coffee shop au
14. Travelling/trip
15. Free choice

Play With Me


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Member: Joshua
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 879 (prob too long for a drabble but shh)

“What do you mean you can’t remember the last time you played with a toy? It’s like…tradition; you have to get some kind of toy for Christmas!” you exclaimed, looking at Joshua like he was crazy.

“I don’t know, I’m an only child so when I got to be in middle school my parents stopped buying me toys and I didn’t have any younger siblings who would play with them after I did. It’s not unusual. I’m twenty one years old for god’s sake, it’s not unusual for me not to play with toys,” he laughed, “and besides, I’d much rather get a Christmas present that I could actually use. Like a new scarf, or some socks. Maybe some guitar picks.” he shrugged, looking at you like you were the crazy one.

“You’re so boring! Where’s your sense of youth and whimsicality?” you asked, poking him in the arm. He just rolled his eyes at you and continued preparing the ingredients for the Christmas dinner he would be making the next night for the boys. Why they put him in charge of food instead of Mingyu was a mystery, but it was probably because they knew that you would help out as well and two sets of hands would be more efficient than one.

That night, curled up next to your sleeping boyfriend, you came up with a plan. You’d have to be quick about it, but you were pretty sure that you’d be able to pull it off if you were sneaky. This would be the best Christmas he’s had in a long time.

The next day you snuck off early in the morning with the excuse that you were going to drop off some presents for some of your friends. You were able to get to the store and buy everything you needed, and you called Seungkwan to help you out with the next step of your plan. He was supposed to arrive first, and when he did you had him pretend to have car issues so that Josh would go out front to help him. When he did, you quickly snuck through the back door with all of your bags and ran into your bedroom, locking the door behind you. Damn, you really should have been a navy seal with all of these skills. You wrapped everything as quick as you could and left them in a neat stack on your bed for after dinner. You kind of wanted to take them into the living room and put them under the tree for the full effect, but then the rest of the boys would ask about them and ruin it.

Dinner was fantastic, and you had a great time catching up with everyone and eating good food. However, you were antsy for them to leave so your real Christmas plans could begin. As soon as plates were cleared, you quickly started cleaning around everyone, making it clear that they were in the way. Joshua went to ask if anyone wanted some after dinner coffee, but you quickly interrupted him, loudly mentioning how tired you were. They left eventually, though, and as soon as the last guest was out of your apartment, a grin spread over your face.

“You seemed pretty anxious to get me alone,” Josh smirked, grabbing your waist gently and pulling you towards himself. “Is someone a little excited for their last christmas present of the night?” he whispered, his lips just centimeters from yours. Oh jeez, you were, but this was not the time. You gave him a quick peck on the lips before wriggling out of his grasp, leaving him quite confused.

“I do what to get you in the bedroom, but not for the reason you think. C’mon,” you grabbed his hand and dragged him to your bedroom door, stopping just before it to cover his eyes with your hands. “I have a surprise for you,” you giggled, leading him through the door and in front of the stack of presents you had prepared. You uncovered his eyes and watched as his face changed from confusion, to excitement, and back to confusion.

“But…we already exchanged presents? What’s all this?” he asked, his brows knitting together. You just smiled and handed him the first package.

“Open it.” you said, and he did. It was an action figure. He still didn’t understand, but you just kept shoving presents at him. Another action figure, a basketball, a board game, a racetrack and racecars. He smiled at all of these, fondly remembering childhood Christmases that looked very similar to the scene he was in now.

“Why’d you do this?” he asked, still gripping one of the small racecars in his hand.

“You work so hard. You deserve to just be a kid again. Now, let’s play with some of this stuff, huh?” you nudged him, and sat down to start assembling the parts of the racetrack. He sat next to you and helped, and before you knew it there were cars zooming around the track just like a tiny nascar event. Joshua looked at you and smiled, and you couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Thank you,” he said, leaning to rest his head on your shoulder. “I love you so much.”

- Marcy

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you are in school? eww in germany its 8:51 pm yeee and i have easter holidays :)))))

its 11:54 am here west coast living is the worst kind of living if u sorta like dan and phil

#11 Brendan Gallagher (Montreal Canadiens) (1)

Two years ago you moved to U.S. to study and haven’t returned to Canada ever since. You haven’t seen your family for two years and you missed your little brother’s graduation. So it was not a surprise when you stood nervously in your hometown’s airport’s arrivals and waited for your mom to show up. You had spoken to her a day earlier, announcing you are coming back for Christmas holidays this year. She hadn’t asked question why this sudden decision, she had only ordered you to bring the warmest clothes to be found in your closet. So you did, wondering what that could mean.
Then, a day later, she was still nowhere to be seen and you were starting to freak out. After about ten minutes, she finally showed up, wordlessly embraced you and took your bag. When you looked her in the eyes, you saw tears in the corners of her [E/C] eyes.
“What’s wrong, mom?”
“I am so happy to see you again, sweetie. You’ve grown.”
“So did you mum,” you said in a broken voice and hugged her again.
“Where are we going?”
“Skiing. To Mont Blanc.”
“Skiing? I haven’t skied since…”
“Your aunt invited us. She had bought a resort up there, you know?”
“No,” you mumbled, feeling quite ashamed for not knowing things, related to your own family.

Few days later you were at your aunt’s resort, trying to get back on track with your family. Even your baby brother, who had always been on your side, appeared to turn back to you. Out of protect you never joined them and they never seemed to bother. But one day you felt like going skiing, so you waited for them to leave and then you left your apartment. You ran to the cellar where your skies had been since your arrival. With your helmet in one hand, skiing boots on your feet and skied in the other hand, you went out and in the coldness. After few seconds, you were ready to attack snowy peeks.
You enjoyed racing down the hills, the cold and the pure whiteness of freshly- fallen snow. Completely in admiring the nature around you, you did not pay attention to the others. In a split second of your inattentiveness, you crash into someone, but you are the only one ending on the ground.
“Hey, watch out,” said the same person you crashed into.
“S-Sorry,” you mumbled, feeling your cheeks getting redder and redder every moment. Only then you looked up and you were glad you are not standing. There, above you, was Brendan Gallagher, 23-year old forward, playing for Montreal Canadiens.
“Are you okay?” he asked and looked at you worriedly. You nodded, still hardly believing you had crashed in Brendan Gallagher.
He grinned and continued:“ Well, it is my bad, I was just standing here like there is no one else. So, as an apology, would you like to grab a cup of hot chocolate with me?”
“A-As an a-apology? I should be the one apologizing to you.”
“No, no, no, it’s my fault. And I insist.”
Hardly believing your luck, you accepted his invitation. You went to the first cabin and grabbed a cup of hot chocolate.
“So, where are you staying?” he asked, his gaze focused on your face.
You told him the name of the hotel, not expecting him to know where that was, but the odds wanted him to stay in the exactly the same hotel as you did.
“Well, I should not let a lady go back home alone, so I will escort you. If you don’t mind of course,” he chuckled, trying to sound like he didn’t care but you saw in the way he lowered his gaze how much it would’ve meant to him. You intertwined your fingers with his as you said quietly: “That would be great. Thank you.”
He smiled and kissed you on your forehead.

Well, at the end of the day it didn’t seem it was a mistake coming up here. Even when you went back to U.S. at the end of holidays, Brendan and yours relationship developed.