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Still believing in film…


I must admit that 2013 was a year of few pictures for me. I definitely did not hit the “shutter-fired” quota an avid film shooter should have. I would like to blame work for my lack of photo-capturing, but the truth is I did not push myself hard enough. So really, I am the one at fault. But fret not, 2014 is here and the RESET button has been hit! Camera is loaded and my finger is shutter ready. I will be globe trotting once again this year, visiting many new places I have never been to before, and this time, I will be sure to look through my lens!!

On Tumblr news, we will start to make use of the caption option on Tumblr to tag our photos so all you need to do to find out what film and camera was used to capture the images we feature is to scroll over the image or click to enlarge. The aim we have here at CGSF has been from the very start to share with our readers what to expect when dealing with certain types of films and cameras. Although the film catalogue is getting smaller by the day, we sometimes stumble upon old expired film or happen upon vintage cameras at your local flea market, so hopefully our site is able to aid as a source of answers to your questions.

2014 is still very new and there are many days to come with many opportunities and possibilities just waiting to be plucked. I wish you all the best and may this year be a year full of wonderful and enlightening things to come. 



An Unconventional Fancy

Holgamod 120S, Shanghai GP3, home-dev in Ultrafin Plus 1+9


Those who are familiar with our work here at CGSF know that we are big fans of this cheap black and white film, often garnering the No.#1 spot on the “Worst film I ever tried!!” list. Sure it is not the most reliable or resilient to different shooting conditions or developing temperatures, but the uncompromising properties of this film is why we (delusiana and myself) love it so much. 

The fact that we do not shoot photos for money or in hopes of selling our prints (at this point at least), helps us appreciate the imperfections in our experiments to this day. To some this may sound like an excuse for what may appear to just be “plain old bad photos”, but not to me because there is no particular expectation I have when it comes to what I hope to achieve with my shutter clicks. Do I want to find my photo-calling? Absolutely. I just am not going  about looking for it, I am going to let it come to me and reveal itself in all its glory. 


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