holga camera

Leaving by Thomas Geppi

Camera: Holga 135BC

Film: Fujicolor 400 (Expired:15yrs)

Multiple Exposure: 7 exposures

This photo actually means a lot to me. This captures a women who came into my life, taught me a lot, shared life with me, and left just as fast. But I won’t forget her and we will see each other again. Goodbye for now good friend!


So, my contract with my BB ends in January 2012 and when
when that happens I will be switching to AT&T to my husbands plan.
Thus, I will be getting an iphone :]] Woot Woot!! I came across this website called
  www.society6.com [check it out] and they have tons of AWESOME 
iphone skins & covers. Now I have to decide which ones 
  I want! So hard! Might just get them all. <3