“He turned and walked across the floor and out. I watched the door close. I listened to his steps going away down the imitation marble corridor. After a while they got faint, then they got silent. I kept on listening anyway.

— Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye

Ace Hotel, Portland, OR, October 2009

Shot with a Holga 120CFN
Fuji Velvia RVP100, long-exposure, cross-processed

a few weeks ago it was announced that the holga would be discontinued after more than 30 years of production. those of you who have been following my work since the beginning would know it was the holga that first introduced me and made me fall in love with photography 5 years ago. i remember shooting countless rolls of tri-x through its plastic lens trying to master the complexity of its limitations, just to try and make one good photo. while my work has very much shifted in direction since then, i’ll always have a lot of respect for this little piece of plastic
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