We at Needless Alley are extremely happy and proud to present this delicate thing we are been working on with the very lovely girls of Oxjam Dalston and the camp fest that is Vogue Fabrics

WHO THE FUCK IS ALICE | Friday 27th September | 7.30pm

Curated by Needless Alley for Oxjam Dalston, in aid of OXFAM

A gratuitous night of music and performance art. Based on our endless love (or hate) of pop music, we invite you to head down to Vogue Fabrics on 27 September to escape from your worldly woes into our decadent new world.

The evening will be packed with performances, including some very special previews of new shows (from Louise Orwin and Foxy & Husk), collaborations (from Samuel and $hift$) and special DJ spots from the artists themselves.

Live performances from:
Foxy & Husk | Louise Orwin | Holestar | Samuel Kennedy | $hift$ | + SPECIAL GUEST DJ Jonathan Kemp

Tickets for the show are £7 - and will give you free admission into the club night that follows.
Club only - £5
All ticket sales + 50% of booking fee will go towards OXFAM

TICKETS HERE: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/233923

For more information, and to keep up to date with info, do join the facebook event for this special evening: Who The Fuck is Alice? Facebook Page


I. must. own. this. song.


HARD TON - Not Again (featuring Holestar)

Directed by Brian Christopher Griffin

© Toy Tonics


HARD TON featuring Holestar