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i hope this isn't a weird question, but i feel like it's appropriate to ask you - what BL series can you recommend, manga or otherwise? they don't have to have xxx scenes, and relationships can even just be implied... thanks, either way!

Ohoohohoh I have a lot of BL stuff I could tell you about!! Here’s a list:  

That’s all I can think off but hopefully you’ll read some of these cute stories!! Thank you for asking me!!!

The Lucky Ones Pt. 1 (Riarkle AU Two-Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle (Mainly), Markle (Kinda…?)

Characters: Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, Maya Hart, Stuart Minkus, and Jennifer Bassett Minkus

Rating: T with a strong language advisory.

Prompt from lucasfriarfan: Farkle Minkus, the young and newly appointed Head of Minkus International, has just married middle-class, all-American Riley Nebula Matthews and she’s quite the packaged deal… Can free-spirited, kind-hearted Riley play her new role of impeccable, wealthy housewife? Or will she break under the pressure to be perfect?

Author’s Note: Planning for this one to be a two-shot so look out for part 2 of you enjoyed :) Also, trying out a new format for just this two-shot, let me known what you think

*Breaking News Music Plays*

Anchor One: This just in! Newly christened CEO of Minkus International, Farkle Minkus, is what? That’s right, he’s married!

Anchor Two: Minkus was reported to be romantically tied to a civilian reporter for the New York Times over a year ago and it was announced via the Minkus International PR office that over the last weekend, the young bachelor tied the knot this his secretive, long-term girlfriend.

Anchor One: With the marriage announcement, however, came a full public introduction to the new Mrs. Minkus.

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Violent invitation 2

My shot at one-shot part II of some sort :) Vikings Modern Mafia AU, Ivar x reader

You were breathing heavy smoke, dizzy from all the alcohol you used hoping that his presence will have a lesser pull on your soul if you do so. But his charisma was catchy to extent that no one in your booth was immune to his voice to and power radiating from his aura.

Confident women as you were, in the middle of his serious conversation with most powerful people in town, his hand landed right across the border made by the edge of your dress and your bare skin and your confidence slipped down the black hole. Lucky you were for the oceans in his eyes were hidden behind massive black shades, and you could easy guess the reason, he again let in his rage take over the reason. You couldn’t allow your vivid imagination to roam free in the direction of possible outcome for whoever was crazy enough to challenge Ivar the Boneless.

“You can go and dance if you want, I won’t mind” He said touching your ear with his breath, igniting heat inside your weaken body. You loved to dance but there were no place you would rather be than next to him, since that night when he offered you a promotion in his personal security escort, dancing around the bar became long forgotten past and useful skill to entertain your boss on occasions.

Man with his reputation couldn’t trust to wide circle of people, not even to his brothers and yet he knew that he could trust you, after he saw the video of your ferocious defense of his honor and reckless beating of his brother Sigurd for spiteful words he let out, ungrateful for everything their youngest brother created for them.

Thanks to his brilliant mind and fearless personality all sons of Ragnar lived like a kings, not worrying much about struggles he had to endure to provide them everything of what their once famous father deprived them after the bankruptcy.

“I don’t feel like it tonight” You said leaning with your elbow on his broad shoulder inhaling his intoxicating fragrance of whiskey and sin.

“Hvitserk is here, I want you to play with him and check does he have needle marks on his skin”  You shot him with puppy eyes, hating having to seduce his brother when all you wanted was to seduce no one else in the world except most gorgeous guy you laid your eyes on, but melting from the fact how his request was motivated with kind gesture and genuine concern for his brother addiction.

You pat him on the shoulder to keep your balance in check, dizzy for all the shots you consumed, and he brushed his calloused palm over your leg looking at you amused and grateful you couldn’t say no to his requests lately.

“Ivar” people surrounding him demanded his attention but his gaze lingered on yours long enough to increase tornado in your brain and body.

“Promise me you won’t be too hard on him if he was using it again” You leaned close to him, whispering him your concern, knowing how ruthless he could be.

He grabbed your behind squeezing a moan from your lips, promising bruises where his hand was at.

“I can’t” His nostrils flared as his hand swiftly traveled to your waist pulling you straight in his lap.

“It’s not his fault” You said going with your long nails over his scalp enjoying the friction of his thick hair over your fingers.

“I won’t tolerate weakness. There is no excuse for his behavior”

“But he is suffering”

“Ohh so? I’m in pain that no one of you couldn’t bare for a moment without reaching for some medicine, and tell me y/n did you ever seen me complaining?” He said, fire flaming in his voice and your heart sunk deep. “Go” he gave you his mischievous smirk you were so weak on, and you let your hands once more go through his majestic hair before you turned your back on him with assignment ahead.

High heels challenged by dizziness in your head became worst enemy, but your triumphant hips managed to contain that seductive sway on the way to Hvitserk who was surrounded with beautiful girls. Mischievous charming prince of Lothbrok Empire knew his way around opposite sex, but his eyes were blank, chills went through your body after seeing his lifeless expression.

Late last night I had the privilege of servicing the Alpha God above. He comes by every few months (if I’m lucky) for hole service. Each time is the same really, but it’s just as mind-blowing for me as the first time. I am asked to wait under my rimseat with door unlocked. He comes in without saying much, undresses and struts over to the seat. He is not interested in talk or contact other than my tongue on his hole. He watches straight porn while occasionally ordering me to “go deeper” or “kiss it.” Each time I see his muscular ass begin to descend I can barely refrain from blowing my load. I don’t touch myself while providing service. My entire focus is his asshole, and so I worship it while he jerks his cock. After 30-40 min he tells me to open, he rises slightly, points his cock towards my mouth and unloads thick, white ropes of cum across my tongue. He dresses, leaves, and I blow my load while simultaneously swallowing his.

Kamimura Kazuo 上村一夫 (1940-1986) illustration cd cover

Ongaku kirai 音楽ぎらい (Hate music) - Omokage lucky hole 面影ラッキーホール feat.後藤まりこ(ミドリ) [Glimpses Lucky Hole feat. Gotou Mariko (Midori)] cd cover - 1999

The Lucky Ones Pt. 2 (Riarkle AU Tow-Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle (Mainly), Markle (Kinda…?)

Characters: Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, Maya Hart, Stuart Minkus, and Jennifer Bassett-Minkus

Rating: T for explicit language

Prompt from lucasfriarfan: When accused of stealing from her husband’s family, Riley starts to wonder if Farkle is really the man she married anymore. Can she ever trust him again when he believes she’s capable of something so awful? Will they be able to last in a world that they don’t both truly belong in?

Author’s Note: Part 2 of 2

Interrogation Recording of Maya Penelope Hart from the New York Police Department

Maya Penelope Hart: This is ridiculous.

Detective One: Millions of dollars is missing. You think that’s ridiculous?

Hart: I think that you having me locked up in here is ridiculous.

Detective Two: You’re good friends with Farkle Minkus, correct?

Hart: He married my best friend. That wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t solid.

Detective Two: So, you stole from a friend, then?

Hart: I didn’t steal anything.

Detective One: Oh, no?

Hart: No.

Detective One: So, where were you last night from 11 to 11:45?

Hart: Home. Check my apartment building’s surveillance.

Detective Two: Oh, see, I was hoping you’d say that, Ms. Hart. The virus sent to take the funds from the Minkus Trust was from your IP address. The one you’d be on if you were home.

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