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when i die i hope no one who ever hurt me cries, and if they cry i hope their eyes fall out
and a million maggots that had made up their brains, crawl from the empty holes and devour the flesh, that covered the evil that passed itself off as a person, that i probably tried, to love
—  Nikki Giovanni

the year is 2183. todd howard has just re-released skyrim again, this time for the neural compliance chip installed in all of our heads. mine is glitched. in a shocking display of defiance against our corporate overlords, i don’t buy it. “the version released for the os of bethesda’s cybernetic attack droids was better,” i think to myself. i try to live my life normally, fly under the radar, but he knows. somehow, he knows. i find myself a wanted woman, pursued into the underbelly of my megacity by his high-tech minions. they smile at me with his face and their blaster-arms shoot holes in my flesh. as i lay on the ground, dying, i let out a final, defiant croak. “fallout… new vegas was better… than fallout 4.” the toddbots do not listen. my last words go unheard.

Can I just say I love the Amalgamates?

Undertale’s main message is to be nice to those you meet, and be kind

And even though these are freakish science monsters gone wrong, even they aren’t exempt to this.

Cornered by a large dog that’s basically a bunch of dogs fused together by science that has a gaping flesh hole for a face?

Go pet it. If it spews out slime and crawls along the walls it means it likes you.

Fic also available on AO3.

Shiro hangs the last of their damp winter clothes in front of the roaring fireplace to dry. On the floor behind him, Allura’s bundled up in a cocoon of soft blankets and pillows. Her white hair curls around her bare shoulders, like a veil, and her dark skin is glowing in the warmth of the fireplace. She smiles sleepily and reaches a hand out, playfully beckoning him over with the wriggling of her fingers. In this moment, she’s relaxed and unguarded, her walls completely down, all for him.

He takes a long moment to stand there in his sweatpants admiring just how soft and welcoming she looks—like home. Kneeling beside her, he takes her fingers between his own and kisses at her wrist, and then up her arm. Like a wing, Allura lifts the blanket up with ease to let him join her on the floor.

She traces delicate fingers along the scars on Shiro’s chest in the warm light and listens closely to his slowed breathing. His eyes sleepily blink open every minute or two to watch, a small grin pulling at his lips.

“Comfortable?” He yawns.

“Yes.” A laugh escapes Allura as she presses her hands against his chest. “Are you?”

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anonymous asked:

Did Isabel know Jamie was Willie's before he was born. I don't remember that part very clearly. LBJ does have relations with her doesn't he? Too bad they didn't have children . She was a good mother.

In the book she did not. In the book we barely meet her at all - and we certainly get no sense of who she is as a person.

I so love how in 03x04 we really got to know her - and her relationship with her sister - and her relationship with John. Something tells me that their marriage, while based on pragmatism, will be surprisingly happy and full of love for William and respect for each other. And I’m so happy to see evidence that she will be a fantastic mother to William.

These are the small things that the series does so well - fill in the gaps, mend the holes, and give flesh to otherwise flat characters. Makes the entire story that much richer as a result.

Visceral - Ch. 1

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Word Count: 4,627

“Stop staring at the new kid!”

“He’s hardly new, he’s been here since the start of the year!” You hiss back. Jangmi rolls her eyes at you and stuffs more food in her mouth.

“Why do you keep looking at him anyway?” she asks making you wince at her full mouth. “Is it because he is good looking and you have a crush?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think so” you sigh. “He just looks interesting I guess,” you mumble back.

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Prinxiety monster AU cuz I’m trash.

Virgil bound down the steps as quickly as his legs could carry him without collapsing over his own wieght, quickly pulling up his shirt so that it covered the holes of flesh in his chest before skipping the final two steps and turning into the living room.

“He got out.”

Logan and Patton, who were both lounging carelessly across the couch up until that moment, spun around to face him.

“What… How?” Logan shook his head and stood quickly, “How could he possibly have escaped. The silver chains–”

Virgil clenched his jaw. “I didn’t have time to question the guy before he crashed through the window and into the street!”

Patton stuck his lip out at him as he began to rock back and forth. “Naww, did he give you those puppy dog eyes again?”

Virgil felt his cheeks begin to burn. “What, no, I didn’t–”

“You released him again?!” Logan snapped, “You do this every month!”

“Twice a month, once in a blue moon,” Patton chimed in.

“We can’t let another event like last months happen again.”

Virgil rolled his eyes. “It was one cat…”

“Yes, that he killed!”

“Poor kitty…” Patton sniffed.

Logan grabbed his cloak from off the back of the couch and threw it over his shoulders, adjusting the collar so it pointed upwards neatly before heading in the direction of the door. “I’m going out to look for him.”

“Now, now,” Patton said, appearing between the vampire and his exit. “We all know what happens when you leave the house at night, too.”

Logan scoffed. “Please, I haven’t indulged in my blood-sucking… tendencies… in nearly a year now.”

“And we wouldn’t want to chance it, now would we?”

Logan muttered something that could’ve been a “fine” before turning back to the living room. “If that’s the case, then who’s going out to round up our pelage plastered pal?”

“Well not me!” Patton laughed. “We all I know I couldn’t lay a finger on him!”

The two others pair of eyes fell on Virgil and he stiffened.

“Me?!” He sputtered. He looked down at his body, his skin a greenish hue and bones visible through holes in his flesh around his wrists, shoulders, and collar bone. His eyes snapped back onto the other two sides and he scanned them over, trying to deduce whether or not this was a joke. “You’re serious?”

Logan straightened the collar of his cloak. “You know I am.”

“I can’t go after him!” Virgil snapped. “He’d tear me to shreds like a chew toy.”

“He never has before.”

“Patton’s correct. When Roman is in these…” He paused as if trying to think of an unoffensive term to use, “… spells you’re the only one who can ever get an intimate distance to him.”

“He never lets me touch him without growling,” Virgil said quietly.

Patton’s expression became sympathetic. “You poor things…”

“Yes, well, he snaps at the two of us if we’re even in the same room as him.”

Virgil’s arms fell limply to his sides. “It’s got to be me then?”

Logan and Patton both nodded simultaneously.

With a sigh, Virgil pulled his hoodie over his head, drenching his features in darkness so that he almost looked human. He crossed past the others and put a hand on the door. “Wish me luck.”

The last things he heard as he shut the door behind him and the cool air of the night stung his face was Patton’s overly excited “Good luck!” And a quiet “He’ll need it” from Logan.

Collecting Hearts and Lobster Coats Part 2

“Just make me forget.” He kissed you. Immediately his tongue melded with yours, sweetened honey mixing with the soft surface of flan drizzled with sweet syrup.

Request: @anna1012131

Summary: The Reader and Negan’s budding relationship puts her loyalty to her family to the test.

Characters: The Reader, Negan

POV: Second Person

Warnings: smut, but nothing too heavy

Collecting Hearts and Lobster Coats 2

Negan’s trucks pulled away from Alexandria, your eyes closed and you sighed happily. Marijuana. It was like you were high when he was around. His eyes, dark and longing were like special brownies made just for you to devour. He made you forget, he took you to a brilliant world, beyond walkers and death and the monster that was life. Negan found a way to make you smile, even though he was the one who caused you pain. He just made you forget that. As soon as you remembered that your father would be looking for you, you sat up, abruptly. There was a knock at your door and panic swept across your face.

“Ca-c’mon in.” The door opened and there stood a very angry Rick Grimes.

“Y/N Grimes. I am so ashamed of you.” Eyes bulging out of your head you sat in surprise. “I walk up here to ask you to take care of Judith and I find my daughter in bed with Negan.” You stuttered, trying to make an excuse for what you had done. Make an excuse for the way you betrayed him and everyone you loved.


“How could you fucking do that? How could you fucking do that to your family? What the hell were you thinking?” His words started to burn holes in your brain, causing tears to ripple down your cheeks.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered.

“That’s not good enough. Answer me! Now, right now I want to know why you’re fucking around as his whore.” You gasped. He had never said anything like that to you before.

“I am not a whore!” You spat at him and ran out the door.

“Y/N, y/n. That’s not what I meant.” You turned around and pushed him away.

“No, that is what you meant!” Running down the stairs you grabbed your jacket and a hand grabbed your arm.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.”

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” You yanked your arm away from his grasp and ran out the door, straight for the wall. You knew from the house it just looked like you were going to stay with Rosita, as you always did when you were upset, but you were leaving for good. You were going to take Negan up on his offer. Sure you were going to miss everyone, but you couldn’t live with a man who called his own daughter a whore. Using your usual strategy, you climbed the wall, not caring if anyone saw you or knew what happened with your dad. As soon as you hurdled the wall you ran as fast as you could, only stopping to kill a walker or two before you knew you were close to the Sanctuary. After Carl got into the Sanctuary he was able to give you all a detailed summary of the directions.

Soon the sun was falling and you could taste your own sweat trickling into the corners of your mouth. Smoke danced high above the ferocious walkers, clawing for the salty dirt covered skin on your aching, tired bones.

“Who’s there?” You froze and put your arms in the air.

“I’m here to see Negan.” The man who spotted you smirked, his long walrus mustache peaking on the right side of his face.

“Alzando, go tell Negan we have him a very special visitor.”

Simon escorted you to Negan’s room and left you alone at his door with nothing to say, no good reason why you were at his door and not Rosita’s. You heard yourself knock gently on his door anyway. As soon as it opened you were greeted by a very cocky Negan.

“Kitty, I knew you couldn’t pass up my offer.” Before you could think you broke down, sobbing.

“I-my-my dad-” Your words came out hysterical and he brought you to his chest, pulling you into his room.

“Alright kitty, calm down. What happened?” You vigorously wiped your tears from your eyes.

“I-I-I-da-Ne-ne-negan-” Negan tightened his hold on you, picking you up off the floor and putting you on the bed. The whole way he was muttering curse words, saying that he’d kill the person who made you sad. He kneeled down in front of you, grabbing your hands and stroking your palms with his thumbs.

“Kitty, I can’t understand you. I need you to stop fucking hyperventilating and tell me who did this to you. I need to know so Lucille can bash the fucking life out of the motherfucking pussy.” You tried to slow your breathing, but failed.

“Ne-ne-ne-negan-p-ple-please-j-jus-just-h-ho-hold-m-me.” He was furious.

“Abso-fucking-lutely not, I need to know what dumbfuck bastard did this to you. Now, I fucking need you to fucking tell me.” You continued to sob, angrily pushing his hands away from yours, moving towards the door. “Kitty, please don’t. I’ll lay with you, okay. I’ll hold you just come here. Before you could yell at him he picked you up and put you back on the bed. That was it, everything melted away under his touch. He mended the wound in your heart and invited you into a deep haze, a fog of gentle peace. After a few minutes of him spooning you into his chest you finally regained your spirits and your breath.

“He called me a whore.”

“What?” You shifted to face him.

“My dad, he called me a whore.” Negan grunted angrily.

“That motherfu-”

“No. Just kiss me. I don’t want to think about him or anything, please.” His features softened as he processed the desperate look on your face.

“But, kit-” You put a finger over his lips.

“Just make me forget.” He kissed you. Immediately his tongue melded with yours, sweetened honey mixing with the soft surface of flan drizzled with sweet syrup. His hands slipped down your back, then moving back up your shirt caressed your stomach with blazing fingertips. His kisses, hungry became rough and desperate, both of you clawing to each other for more naked skin. Drawing his hands upwards he grabbed your breasts, grasping them with all of his hands. While he was preoccupied with your chest you took the chance to find his neck, trailing sloppy kisses to his collar where you suckled his skin in delight. He groaned, resting his chin on your head, burying his nose into your hair.

“Fuck, don’t do that.” He growled. You giggle in response, your warm breath now fanning over his ear.

“Then fuck me.” Negan moved at the speed of light, picking you up by your waist and throwing you down on the bed underneath him. You grabbed the hem of your blouse, but before you could life it over your head it was torn off you, the buttons flying everywhere. “Negan! This is my favor-” He cut you off by painting a tender stripe up your stomach.

“You said, “fuck”, kitty.” You squirmed, your panties becoming even more soaked then they were. Negan moved down, in between your legs and pulled your pants down. Yanking them off your feet you sat up and unhooked your bra, letting it pool on your bare legs. Negan looked up to see your boobs and smiled. “Now, this is what I fucking live for.” He cupped them in his hand, wasting no time to marvel them with just his eyes. You laid back as he began to knead your breasts, his tongue all too slowly making their way to your nipples to lick the sweet little buds. You moaned, your eyes rolled back in your head and your arched chest pushing his lapping lips against your raw skin. One hand gripped the bed as the other was buried deep inside his ruffled hair, forcing his face into your body. You already felt yourself becoming a sweaty mess, but didn’t care.

“Just fuck me already.” He responded by forcing his body to the other side of the bed, away from you. You whined at the loss of touch.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you.” He was stalking you with black eyes of lust and a electric smirk. He was magnetic, you would do anything he said just to feel him on your body.

“Touch me.” He chuckled, crawling over to you.

“Excuse me, but I don’t think I understand you, kitty. Might want to speak a little louder, use my name. I don’t hear little girls unless they dress me right.” You groaned, feeling a wave of lust ripple through your lower stomach.

“I want you to fuck me daddy.” He crawled over top of you and sat between your legs. He took off his shirt for a brief second before going back to torturing you.

“What was that?”

“Fuck me daddy?” He unbuckled his pants and started to peel them off.

“I can’t hear you.”

“I want you to fuck me Daddy!” He chuckled and placed his hands on your waist.

“Now that, kitty is what I fucking wanted to hear.” You giggle and he yanked your panties off your body. He threw them some where in the room and crashed his lips against yours again. You felt his boner against your stomach, burning a hole of desire in your flesh.

“Take them off already.” You complained, tugging his briefs down. He chuckled and took them off, releasing the beast. You blushed, remembering the first time he fucked you.You were terrified at his size. You had no idea how he was supposed to fit in you, and he didn’t. The next day you had to tell everyone you pulled a muscle when you could barely walk. It was worth it though, it got easier every time and he brought out a side of you that you didn’t know existed. Negan gripped your waist and growled in your ear.

“Turn around.” You giggled, resting on your hands and knees, shaking your ass in his face. He grabbed your face under your jaw with one hand and oh, so gently dragging his big, long cock up your slit. The teasing stopped, just as he wanted it to, but now you were the one feeling edged. You moaned, pressing your hips back into him, trying to get him inside you, but he refused.

“Daddy, just get inside me. What are you doing?” He grabbed your waist again and held your hips still. Licking a stripe up your sweet bud you gasped.

“Only good girls get daddy’s cock.” You whined, bucking your hips against him as his hot breath fanned your twitching clit. He chuckled.

“Daddy, please, I need you.” You squeezed your butt-cheeks together, providing a very little bit of stimulation. Suddenly you felt the sting. Negan slapped your cheek.

“Uh, uh, uh, bad girl. Only daddy can touch your pussy, kitty. Only daddy is allowed to pleasure you.” You smirked. This was your ticket in, tease him and he’d pound you like a hammer. You looked over your shoulder with a smile and laid back on your back once again. Negan looked confused as you put your fingers in your mouth and rapidly thrusted them into your core. Already soaking wet, your entrance was easy and you could already feel yourself getting off. You looked back up to Negan’s face to see him in some kind of mesmerized fury. It was like he wanted to watch you get off, but he wanted to do it himself. You took the chance to slid your hand out of your core and over the precious little button that made all your dreams come true. You moaned, already shaking at the touch. You usually didn’t get off this easy, but while he was watching you your body was aflame. Your breathing was getting shorter, more urgent and hyperactive as you rubbed quick little circles over your favorite part of your body.

“NO.” Negan’s voice took you out of your trance when he slammed himself into you, blessing your pussy with his huge cock. He leaned down, kissing you feverishly as he slammed into your tight little hole over and over again, wildly. His primal urges became too much for you as he left hickies painted on your skin like freckles on a little red-head girls cheeks. You whined and screamed, gripping the bedsheets as his moans set you off.

“Negan, uh, uh, uh, Negan.” His hips, slapping against yours were loud, but not as loud as the sound of his cock spanking your dripping core, making your wetness splash everywhere. Soon his thrusts were getting sloppier, his body was getting weak against your own. He buried his head in your shoulder and groaned against your sweaty skin. A fluttery feeling passed in your stomach and you knew that it was coming. Negan knew you were close too, speeding up his thrusts to send you over the edge. He licked down to your nipples, biting at the sensitive flesh. The sensation was like licking chocolate cake off of your fingers, but never getting to actually eat the cake. And you really wanted that cake. You grabbed his chin and pulled him back up to your lips, kissing him feverishly. In one last swoop Negan drew his free hand from behind your head and rubbed you clit. The nerves were sent over the edge and you felt yourself clench around his form. “OH, NEGAN! UHH, UGH, UHH, OOOOO!” Soon he followed, unwinding in your core. He road out his high, a string of incoherent curse words erupting from his lips.

“Fuck, Y/N. Sexy ass little pussy, cunt so fucking tight. Mother fucking shit, fuck, fuck, fucking, fuckity fuck.” He collapsed against you and you laid there, panting, gasping for breath. When you finally caught your breath you smirked at him and grabbed his ass.

“Well, that was a good fucking fuck.”

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

One of several of Bill’s god forms. This one has no real connection to any earthen religion and is more of an in-between form, a transitionary phase that would only appear for a scant few second before man turns into massive monster. It’s easier to manifest than the big God form so it was also used as Bill’s power was slowly dwindling out of our world.

Yes his feet are backwards. That was a hallmark of the God Xolotl; backwards feet and a dog head. This lacks the dog head, but not the rear-facing feet. They swivel around for convenience.

His bones are black holes and his flesh is made of galaxies he’s absorbed, eaten and destroyed.

The Beginning Of The End: Feeling Him

Originally posted by songsoftheheartless

Characters: Y/n, Derek

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (MALE!READER)

Warnings: Smut, pure smut. Unprotected sex, blowjob, fingering, choking kink, biting kink. 

Word count: 1272

Summary: Derek experiences all of Y/n.

This will all be Derek Hale x Male!Reader

A/N: 5th part of this miniseries!! These will be kinda short stuff, where it’s each part rewritten in Derek’s POV, but there will be some stuff that you won’t have known as well. So…yea! Hope u like it!!

P.S. If u wanna be tagged in anything, send me an ask and I’ll add u!!

Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53@salvatorexwinchester@helvonasche@chelsea072498@the-latina-trickster@aingealcethlenn@lucifer-in-leather@p–trick@crackedclown@kumaartz@sinceriouslyamellpadalecki@mogaruke


The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

The night was…god, it was the best night of my life.

The date was enough to make me smile for weeks.

But then, he invited me in, letting me hold him as I carried him to the bedroom.

I could literally smell our lust filling the entire house, our scents combining.

It was heavenly.

Of course, I’d had sex before.

And while the women let off lust too, it was never appealing.

Not like this.

The scent of y/n was driving me mad.

And I could tell, he loved it too.

Even if he couldn’t smell it, the atmosphere was getting to him.

He was desperate.

Really desperate.

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anyWay i see a lot ppl freaking out about marco punching a hole through toffee and i needed to do a sort of analysis or what have you for it

it kinda shows a lot about who marco is as a person? like

the kids fourteen and he literally just got his best friend back and suddenly being told shes gone, which to him means dead, is so traumatizing like

he hasn’t seen her anywhere between two days and maybe two weeks and she left out of the blue without telling him why. and now shes here and he gets to see her and almost immediately shes taken away again.

thats got to take a toll on him.

and so for me its almost no surprise that, while toffees distracted, marco fully intends to kill toffee by punching a hole through where his heart is. marco knows full and well what hes doing. sure, hes very upset and probably in a daze, but i think he knew exactly what he was doing.

because when toffee didn’t die, marco looked surprised.

you have to hit a real low to try and kill a person at the age of fourteen. and marco was just so done with toffee causing trouble and him “killing” star was the end-all be-all for marco.

he wasnt going to hesitate. he was strong enough to punch a hole clean through flesh and bone and scales.

basically i dont think marcos the kind of guy you can just keep pushing because at some point hes gonna push back tenfold what you did to him and he’ll be fully aware of what hes doing


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She stayed frozen where she was, perched on the edge of her bed, all muscles tense with the shock - and then came that voice, his horrible, unsettling voice from the other side of the door. “Evelyn.”

The way her name sounded on his tongue made her skin crawl. But he knew she was there. Best to see him and have him leave quickly than delay the inevitable. She slowly rose to her feet and crossed to her door, trying to still the flutter of her pulse at her throat.

He stepped forward as she opened the door, leaving her little choice but to stand aside as he came in. His gaze fell on her, a broad smile stretching across his features. “Evelyn, it’s wonderful to see you.”

“Mr. Engel.” She dipped her head briefly. “What brings you to America?” In this state, in this town, the week I am here?

“Lysander, please - you remember?” He touched her arm and she stared down at it, like he’d left fingerprints on the silk of her sleeve. “Business, unfortunately. I’m taking some beautiful things for my collection.” The smile dropped from his eyes a little. “Did you receive the letter I sent you?”

“Oh, yes, I did. Only, I’m sorry - it’s lovely to see you again, Lysander but I’m terribly sorry, I’m in rush you see - I’m going out and I’ve yet to even put my earrings in -”

The mood left his face and he laughed again. “I’ve never understood the fascination people have with putting holes in their flesh. Perhaps I will some day. But come, let me take you to dinner. I’ve made reservations at the best place this little town can do.”

She felt a rush of relief that he’d picked this evening to show up at her hotel and not earlier in the week. “Oh, no, sorry - I’m going to a party tonight, I really must be off. I’ll be late.”

“A party?” It looked like the words were acid on his lips. “With who? What for?”

“It’s just a housewarming party. In the equestrian community. I’m going to look for investors in our stud.” She glanced back at her room and shifted her weight on her feet. “Really, I must finish getting ready.”

The corner of his mouth grew hard and pinched and the knuckles on his fist were white around his keys. But he didn’t answer, and then there was the welcome sight of her driver appearing in the open door, his brows shooting up in surprise when he saw the extra occupant of his lady’s hotel room.

“Louis!” Effie exclaimed, grateful for his intrusion. “I’m a little late tonight, I’m ever so sorry. I’ll be but a few moments. Mr. Engel is just on his way out; would you be so kind as to remind him where the lifts are?” She forced a cheery smile as she stepped back from the men, not letting Engel protest. “Good evening, Lysander.”

Louis walked forward, moving Engel slowly out the door, looking ever so polite as he went. Effie shut the door and latched it firmly before either of them could give her a backwards glance. She wondered if she could have a strong drink before the party.

Paparazzi [Part II]

Pairing: SherlockxReader

Warnings: Kidnapping, little fluff at the end, mormor angst, gunshot (to the shoulder), badass reader, little Sherlock…

A/N Okay, so, I had a plan with th mormor thing, but I took it too far… my mormor shipping has become quite the little probem, I’ll admit. It’s also like 1.6 K words, so…. I’m sorry. I’m also sorry it’s so late. -CE

Last time on Paparazzi…
I’m going to have so much fun with you, pet.” He whispered heavily into your ear while the other jabbed you in the neck. The last thing you could remember was everything turning black, and a lunatic giggling jumbled up with the words, “So… much… fun.”

The drugs wore off rather slowly, creating fog in your vision until it cleared enough for you to see the dull, throbbing grey of the room. There was movement in the dark, just enough to alert you that you weren’t alone. 

“Well, would you look who decided to join us? You’re little fan!” A voice sang- the same voice that had taunted her earlier, belonging to an utter lunatic. Your breath caught slightly when you heard a deep chuckle. His buddy was there, and he had to be just as insane, if not more, to do what he did to those women. You knew that… you just hoped you weren’t the next victim.

“Well, well, well. The little reporter who managed to do what Scotland Yard couldn’t- I’m honored!” The tall blonde chimed sarcastically, messing with a gun on a smooth silvery table. Moriarty’s fingers drummed along your jaw, but you refused to react. You had to do everything Sherlock told you: stay calm, and find a way out. Among other things, but who could remember those?

“It wasn’t difficult, you practically left a trail.” You remarked blandly. As his blue eyes fell to navy, you wished you had the skill of just biting your tongue. 

“What did you say?” Moriarty seemed rather intrigued by your sass, but continued to to type away at his phone, leaning haphazardly on a metal table. The other- Sebastian -just seemed pissed.

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beyond the seams | Min Yoonji

Angst | Fluff | Eventual Smut | Crackfic

Chapter 1:     the seamstress   Next: Chapter 2

Word Count: 8,828

Pairing: bangtan + min yoonji x black reader (harem)

Warning !: sexual/lewd situations

A/n: support me on this please! ive worked very hard on this. also the reader is portrayed as plus sized💕

You are a mere seamstress, biding your time stitching and sewing away in the depths of your apartment building. Your roommate is the famed Min Yoonji, the stoiccold blooded beauty with a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for power. You’ve been friends for years, both secure in your relationship with one another despite the many hurdles you’ve had to face. What with Yoonji’s stubborn, almost cruel behaviors, her flooded bank account, paparazzi, and not to mention your much lower social standings, it’s truly a wonder how the two of you have grown to be friends and even more so startling that you two ended up living together in a shaggy, run down town in the middle of nowhere. But when Yoonji decides to take a trip to visit her brother and informs you that you have no choice but to come, things abruptly take an abnormal turn. You’re suddenly introduced to seven men and nearly all of them seem strangely fond of you. You’re suddenly suffocated with all the attention you’re getting and it doesn’t help that Yoonji grows to be wildly possessive of you. With your usual routine compromised and new ordeals to overcome, will you be able to stitch yourself together? 

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Tiny Anti

@alliedoesstuff wanted me to write this because she suggested the idea to @magic-marvin-protection-patrol first and then told me to write it and i was like “eh, why the hell not?” And maybe I’ll write more tiny egos, idk yet. Though, Allie, i hope this is what you were wanting:

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