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I can’t believe you beat me to it

Just some heart warming stuff for you nerds! I had some dialog planned but i thought it would go better without words. I also wont be posting as much comics after this because im starting school tomorrow. kill me quick

lance: they call me “the tailor” ‘cause of how i-

keith: you can sew?

lance: no, it’s just a-

keith: my jacket has a hole in it, can you fix it?

lance: i can’t actually-

keith, already handing him his jacket: thank you so much

Kraglin: So… what’s goin’ on?

Rocket: You want the short version or the long version?

Kraglin: [Hesitantly] The short version, I guess?

Rocket: Shit’s fucked.

Kraglin: Oh, well, that’s definitely not an optimal situation.

Peter: Dude, wait, I can fix this.

[A Space Monster makes a hole in the wall]

Peter: Nope, it’s fucked.

so i got a prompt from @shouvley for nurseydex that was “Nursey starts breaking things on purpose just to see if Dex can fix them” and i loved it honestly…plus it gave me an excuse to write one of my very favorite nurseydex tropes, which is nursey having not even a little bit of chill. also, it reminds me a whole lot of that story from holes where the handyman tells the schoolteacher “i can fix that” and that’s one of the most iconic love stories of our generation so??? enjoy this story about two dumb boys who like each other


The first time it happens, it’s an accident. Really.

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Request: So u have no Ubbe so I can give you some request 😎 Girl and Ubbe r married for so long but she can’t give him a baby - she’s upset he’s in love with her etc they must deal with it but it’s opportunity adoption, ofc it’s isn’t easy,lots of emotions, bad and good decisions. I hope you like it 🤞🏼AND OFC I LOVE YOUR IMAGINES AND YOU ❤️❤️❤️😂
Note: This grabbed me right at the throat, the feels, don’t do that ever to me again. ;-)
Warnings:  Loads of emotions, fluff, angst
Words: 3047

Tags: @itharley @miss-brightly-red @decaffeinatedeaglefart @odins-missing-eye @zombie-zayde @float-autumn-leave @inthenameofodin @burningsunshin3 @raekenimages

You stood on the docks, looking over the heads of the people gathered there. It was weeks now since the last time you saw him and you missed him, terrible. It was one thing to be in a forced marriage, a woman didn’t missed her husband as much as it was in a marriage that came out of love. And this was that, you married for over a year ago now and this was the second time he left you, the longest travel he made. So seeing those ships dock into the harbor made the tears of joy well up in the corner of your eyes. Pressing your body up on your toes you looked how the first men jumped out of the ships. Somewhere that short strand of panic filled your body while your eyes looked for him. What if he died? What if he was badly wounded? But all of that concern faded as soon as you saw him walking aside his brother and you pushed your way through the people, not being able to move further when you saw that smile spreading over his lips on something his brother said to him. His eyes started to search over the crowd, looking for you. He looked so good, healthy, strong and handsome as always. You remembered the first time you saw Ubbe like it was yesterday. You were cleaning the stables when he walked in, demanding a horse before he left again. After that he demanded a horse way to often until he only demanded you. His eyes locked with yours and you bite your lip to suppress the tears of joy while you started walking. His eyes scouted your body hoping to see the one thing that he was wishing for all the time you were married, you pregnant and just as always you needed to disappoint him. You laid your hands around his face while he pulled you closer around your waist. You placed your lips against his and everything you felt, you feared disappeared in this love.
‘Did I miss the most gorgeous face of Kattegat.’ He whispered.
‘Welcome back home husband. Night won’t be so lonely anymore.’ You smiled softly back, embracing his tightly for all your happiness didn’t found a way out.

During the feast you and Ubbe hardly stayed away from each other. And although you were a very descent woman you ignored all the rules in this night. Taunting him by dancing, exchanging promising looks and whispers about how much you missed him. On a certain point Ubbe had enough of it and leaded you out of the great hall home. ‘What did you do on those lonely night?’ He asked you just before you walked into the house. You turned around, your back leaning against the door while you looked up.
‘What woman do to feel comfort and enjoyment when their husbands aren’t home.’ You replied with a small, almost shy, smile. His deep blue eyes prayed your body, imagining you lying in bed at night, touching yourself because you missed him. ‘Not as satisfying as this.’ You said, laying your hand on his chest while looking up.
‘You always show yourself to be so innocent and good hearted but,’ he silenced his own words by the kiss you give him again. He opened the door and pushed you backwards in.
‘I’m all innocent and good hearted.’ You protested, pushing your feet out of the shoes before embracing his neck again with your hands. ‘Are there any wounds that I need to attend?’ You asked carefully looking over his body. He laid his hands on your dress, slowly pulling it up while he leaded your body towards the bed.
‘Does my wife has wounds that need attending?’
‘Only the black hole in my heart from missing you.’
‘That I can fix.’ He whispered, placing his lips against yours. You felt his fingertips scour over your body while he pulled your dress further up. You lifted your hands while he pulled the dress over your head. Your hair, stroke down over one shoulder while he let the dress slip out of his hands on the ground. You untied his leather armor, generally aware that his eyes covered your naked body that stood before him. He helped you get rid of his and your fingers stroked the superficial wounds and bruises he had. ‘I’m fine.’ He promised, cupping your face before laying you down on the bed. In the weeks it was everything you wanted, feeling his skin against yours, his hands touching your body, feeling him inside of you. You moaned on the fore filling feeling it gave you, the way he moved inside of you, the way he said your name, the way he made you feel. ‘I love you.’ He panted against your collarbone, just as you tumbled down from your high point and he spilled his seed inside of you. You embraced his head while he laid aside you, resting it on your chest, stroking your fingers over his braid.
‘I love you to.’ You whispered right back, listening to the heavy sounds of your breaths before his got more steadier and you knew he slipped away into is victorious dreams.

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I Can Fix That

Watched Holes and got an idea. All the fluff for you guys.

“I can fix that!”

It was Holtzmann’s preferred mantra since…well, since she’d first closed her little fist around a screwdriver at five and started making “repairs” to appliances around her home. Growing up, her mother heard that more than “I love you”—only slightly more on account Jillian was an affectionate child. It began as something said with a grin that showed too much teeth, a giggle trailing on the end like a kite caught by the wind. Innocent. Welcome. Laughed at during family gatherings and awed at during community functions. It was a novelty.

But childlike innocence was not something long meant for this world. Like snow, the delicate and fragile beauty melted under the heat of forced maturity. Childhood was fleeting. The bumps and tumbles of a child, once seen as amusing or adorable, morphed into annoyances met with sharp reproaches and sometimes sharper hands—depending on the family member. The smiles disappeared, replaced with deep scowls and louder voices.

Holtzmann quickly learned that the playfulness of her mantra had to stop. She couldn’t say it with a confident smile and expect a hand not to fly at her when she took apart her uncle’s TV and forgot to solder the right wires back into place. She couldn’t roll it off her tongue with a giggle when she experimented with her cousin’s dirt bike and wound up with three leftover screws after reassembling the engine—it had caught fire and she’s caught hell for it. And she certainly couldn’t pull off a playful wince when she’d disassembled a washing machine from the inside out and the local laundromat, flooding the tiny building with enough suds to make Mr. Bubble proud.  

“I can fix that,” turned into a plea for more time. For leniency. For forgiveness. Oftentimes pushed from her lips with a blanch in her shoulders and a raised hand to ward off a blow. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t. But she always tried. Her mother and father understood. They’d birthed a curious child with curious tendencies, but the world was far less understanding when that same curious creature undid its careful stitching.

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sanvers holes au where alex is kissin’ kate barlow and maggie is ‘i can fix that’ sam and their love is forbidden bc THEYRE LESBIANS. max lord is trout walker and he kills maggie and alex goes fuckin rogue and murders all men everywhere and steals their valuables

Not Dead Yet (Part 36)

*A bit of a jumble not gonna lie. Realized I made some plot holes and needed to fix them as best I can.*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: language

Ever since that day the new boy Rufio became my shadow. He was a interesting one to say the least. He was short for his age with naturally dark skin and a mane of red hair that made him easy to spot among the boys. Devin and the others thought it was funny that he was following me around like a lost pup. It seemed I now had two pets.

While my new follower amused the others it severely pissed off Peter. It was hard to find a moment alone with him tagging along everywhere I went. I liked Rufio just fine and a new face helped cut through some boredom but I would be lying if I wasn’t a little antsy for some alone time. Not just time for myself but ever since Rufio came to the island Peter and I hadn’t had any time together. When I usually got a moment alone Peter was gone or I was too tired to do anything.

I was walking through the jungle with Candace on my shoulder and Rufio at my side. I had just finished showing him Dead Man’s Peak and explaining the dreamshade poison. It was getting late though and I was very tired. Day by day more and more boys had been coming to the island. Some by Peter, most by his shadow. The camp grew so large we had to move it to a bigger clearing in the depths of the island that made coming to and from the coast a lengthy journey.

“There you two are,” Peter appeared on our path, “Rufio, beat it. I need to talk to Y/N alone for a minute.”

Rufio gave me a concerned look but I nodded for him to go on ahead. I handed Candace over to him and they disappeared into the jungle.

“Peter, I’m really tired and don’t feel like–”

“I’m not here about that.” he cut me off, “Well sort of. There’s something I’ve been meaning to discuss with you.”

“Can’t this wait till tomorrow when I’ve had some sleep?” I sat down and rested back against a tree.

“I know you’re tired but this is important.” He knelt across from me, “Recently with the new boys there’s been a rift.”

“I’d say. Half of them are crying their eyes out at night because they miss dear old mummy and daddy. They’re on an island where there are no rules, no responsibilities, no fear of growing older and you can create almost anything you want with a little belief. How could they not love it here?”

“That’s what I say! But again that’s not the problem, not exactly. The rift is something more internal. I’ve heard some rumors, whispers really, that they are planning an uprising against us.”

“An uprising? They do realize what you’re capable of? They’d never stand a chance.”

“I know that and you know that but they don’t know that. The fact that these ungrateful little shits are trying to turn against me has me mad but apparently they are looking to you as their leader.”

“Me?” the news perked me awake, “Peter I can assure you that I am not leading some rebellion.”

“Don’t be silly, pet, I know you wouldn’t betray me. They’ve only named you their leader because they think you’re the only one that can stand to fight against me.”



“Joking, only joking. Any idea why they think your second in command would turn against you?”

“Because you’re, ahem, queen.”


“Oh yes.”


“You have to admit that you do command a lot of respect on the island second to only me.”

“But why would they look to me? Are they hoping I’ll be there misguided mother figure? If they’re hoping I’ll coddle them they are in for a surprise. But I suppose I understand them. They wanted time away from their mundane lives and they got it. But the adventure is over now. They’re not like us, Peter. They don’t need Neverland like we do. None of them are the boy we’re looking for. Why not just send the cry babies back?”

“You know why.”

“No one leaves Neverland without your permission. I’m just asking you grant them that. Most of them are weak, unmotivated whiners. Why would you even want to keep them?”

“Because the moment they set foot on the island they became Lost Boys and this is where they belong whether they like it or not. If they wanted to truly remain in their boring lives they wouldn’t have asked to be taken away.”

“If this leads to war between the boys–”

“It won’t!”

“Just know that it could have been avoided.” I adjusted myself more comfortably. “I’m gonna take a nap.”

“You sleep a lot lately.”

“Not much to do once you’ve done everything there is here.” I yawned. “I’ll see you back at camp, okay?”

“Sure you don’t want me to take us back to camp in a blink?”

“No. I need a night where I don’t have to listen to the new boys cry the night through.”

“Alright. Don’t get yourself into any trouble.”

“I’ll be asleep. How could I possibly cause trouble?”

“I’m sure you’d find a way.” he smirked at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and fell asleep.


Devin had to admit he thought Rufio was flipping hilarious. Any other time when a new kid came to the island and they challenged Y/N she would break them in so to say and go back to her normal friends. Rufio though, he adopted her as his mentor and they formed this weird friendship. Only problem was that Y/N was slowly starting to lose patience. The boys that know Y/N best can instantly tell when she’s annoyed and when she gets annoyed you get out of her way unless you want your arm broken (or in one case stabbed). Poor naive Rufio didn’t realize how close he was to making her snap. That’s why when Rufio showed up at camp late that night without Y/N it was a relief. Maybe he finally got some sense about him.

“Oy Devin?” Rufio walked up to him, “Is there something goin’ on between Pan and Y/N?”

“Are you serious?” Devin laughed.

“I know it’s nonsense but we were walkin’ and Pan showed up and told me to leave. He looked ticked for some reason. Do they not get along so well?”

“Oh…” This threw Devin, “Well um…Pan and Y/N get along great. Really great. When it goes south though it gets ugly fast, they have actually tried to kill each other in the past.”

“Holy mother of god,” Rufio looked horrified.

“Yeah, just be glad that you didn’t have to suffer through the endless downpour when Pan really pissed her off. He knows not to mess with her anymore.” He gestured for Rufio to come closer, “You didn’t hear this but Pan is wrapped around her little finger. Everyone knows it but if you mention it then that’s a sure fire way to get yourself maimed.”

“But why? I know she’s a good fighter and she gets along with most the others but how did she become so important?”

“Sheer force of will.” Ben muttered from his spot next to Devin. “I’m sure she could move mountains just by glaring at them hard enough.”

“Yeah,” Rufio toed the dirt with his boot, “She’s pretty amazin’ like that.”

Ben and Devin exchanged a nervous glance. “Ben, your turn.” Devin whispered as he scooted back from the daydreaming idiot before them.

“What?” Rufio looked at them.

“Rufio, are you asking all this about Y/N and Pan because you might be interested in her?” Rufio’s face flushed as brightly as his hair.

“N-No, of course not. I just think that she’s exceedingly skilled but I’m not interested in her…did she say something?”

“Rufio, do not go down this road.” Ben warned, “Y/N is not that kind of a girl. We are her brothers, she our sister. You do not get those kinds of thoughts for her. You especially do not try to act on them.”


“No buts! Count yourself lucky that she welcomed you at all instead of dumping you after you had the insane idea to fight her your very first day.”

Rufio stared down at the ground disheartened. “I don’t get it.”

“Get what?” Ben asked but Rufio left without answering.

“Should we be worried?” Devin watched as Rufio disappeared back into the jungle.

“Nah, he’s not the first new boy to fancy Y/N. Once he realizes she won’t have him he’ll back off.” Ben shrugged, “I think what we need to worry about is these new kids Pan’s been bringing in.”

“The whiners?” Devin sneered, “Yeah, they need some sense beat into them.”

“That’s what I say. You know they actually talk like they’re going to escape. How thick can you get?”

“I suppose we’ll just have to rectify that.” Devin smirked and whistled for Nick and Felix. They had some planning to do.


For the first time since Rufio came to the island he hasn’t been stuck to my side all day. It was relaxing but also mildly concerning. What had happened that he finally backed off? I decided not to dwell on it and enjoy the respite from his company. I think I knew the best way to use my time off as well.

The boys were off at training for the morning. I searched for Peter but he wasn’t in his tent. He must be at training with the others. How was I gonna get him away from the others without arousing suspicion? I’ll deal with that mess when I get to it.

When I arrived at the grounds though it was a horror show. All the new boys that I had so generously dubbed the crybabies were were tied to trees with apples resting on their heads. The other boys were shooting arrows at them to varying results. Next to one boy I noticed the shaft of a spear stuck in a bush where it must have just missed their target. All the boys, including Rufio, looked terrified while the others laughed and kept firing.

Peter was standing back from the crowd with a wicked smile. I noticed Nick notch another arrow and pounced on him. “Ah! Y/N, what the hell?”

“You’re saying that to me?” I took the bow and snapped it over my knee. “What are you idiots doing?”

“Just a bit of target practice.” Peter strutted up to me, “Care to join?”

“I cannot believe you! They are Lost Boys, not targets!”

“This was not my idea. They already had this setup when I got here.” Peter raised his hands in defense. “I am merely an observer. They needed a lesson anyways, bloody traitors.”

“So who’s brilliant idea was this then?” I marched up to the boys wielding my club dangerously. “Someone had better answer me!”

Devin stepped forward nervously. “There’s no reason to make a big deal out of this. They’re the ones that were spouting treason.”

“I understand that but shooting out their eyes is not the right way to punish them. Untie them now.”

“You can’t just order us around. You’re not the leader here, Pan is!” Devin snapped back at me.

“I suppose he is.” I walked back up to Peter, “You condone this?”

“You were the one that was worried they would start a civil war. This is nipping it in the bud.”

“You didn’t do anything! You only ensured their revolt!”

“And if they try then they know what will happen.”

“Fine, they know. Let them go.”

“If you wish it.” he nodded and the boys cut the others free of their bonds.

“Y/N, thank you! Thank you!” the boys rushed to me.

“Get off!” I shoved them away, “Beat it before they change their minds.”

The boys nodded and scampered off. Rufio was left standing with a bleeding shoulder. “Y/N–”

“Not now.” I stressed through clenched teeth. He stayed staring at me, more at the possessive arm of Peter slung over my shoulder, “Not now, Rufio.”

He glanced back at Peter before leaving in the direction of the others. “I am done with you idiots. I cannot take another moment stuck on this island with all you stupid boys!” I shoved Peter’s arm off me. “You do not follow me. You do not try to stop me. I will return because this is my home but I cannot stay here for another moment.”

I snagged Peter’s pouch of beans off his belt and withdrew a handful. He didn’t fight me to stay and shushed the others when they did. When I was far enough away I dropped a bean on the ground and jumped through imagining a place with no boys in sight. Someplace completely unlike Neverland.

I was spat back out someplace surrounded by dense forest and snow up to my ankles. Well this is different at least. The cold wind tore through my thin shirt. I continued struggling through the snow hoping my breathing problems wouldn’t come back to haunt me. There was a small shack up ahead exuding warm light. Better than nothing.

When I got to the shack and knocked on the door. The door swung open to an old woman with a large drooping lip. “This is a day for lost children isn’t it?” she spoke unnaturally clear for someone with a disfigured mouth should. “Come in before your lungs give out.”

“Thank you.” I stepped inside. There were two more women that looked much like the old woman who let me in sitting at a spinning wheel. Speaking of the shack it was much larger than it looked from the outside. Every corner was filled with books, jars of pickled miscellaneous, pots of herbs, withered flowers, and piles and piles of thread.

“You should have chosen somewhere warmer child.” the spinner woman with a broad foot said. The spinner next to her had a thumb as swollen as a plum.

“Excuse me?” the spinner with the drooping lip sat me down and shuffled off to the whistling kettle.

“Oh to be someplace warm would be a dream.” the first spinner came back with the kettle and poured me a cup of tea. “But you’ve had your fill, haven’t you? Even now the scent of sun follows you.”

“What’s going on?” I looked at the three strange woman. “Who are you?”

“Bain, Cibil, and Dabria, we are. And you are the lost child, Y/N.”

“How do you know me?”

“Just as you know us my child.” Bain said, “Dabria, the window.”

The heavy footed spinner clomped to the window and locked the shutters in place just as a gust of wind rattled the shack. Where was I? These spinster ladies were making me uneasy with every word that creaked out of their wrinkle lined mouths.

“Do not be scared child.” Dabria smiled at me, “We only hope to help you with the hardships you will face soon.”

“What are you talking about? What hardships? How do you know any of this?” I demanded. My outburst didn’t faze them one bit and sat down across from me. All I had wanted was to get away from the island.

“Tut tut,” they silenced me, “There is not much time and so much you need to know for your upcoming struggles.”

They urged me to keep drinking my tea and started shuffling around the shack checking small things and skimming through the dozens of dusty books. “Ah here,” Cibil handed me a leather bound book with Neverland written on the cover in emerald green paint. “This should help.”

“But what is this? What’s going on?”

“Tut tut, you will know soon enough.” They took my cup and peered inside. “Oh dear, oh dear. Poor child, such a curse to bear trapped in a land of unwilling residents. What pain there will be for your hearts.”

“Hearts?” perhaps I had misheard.

“Oh yes,” the spinsters sighed, “Do not fret, there will be joys to compensate the sorrows. Lilies, wings and a darling bird.”

Flowers and a bird? Well I suppose Candace was darling as they put it.

“Anything else?” I asked the three strange women.

“Yes, for our services we do require payment.”

“Payment? I came by here by accident, you helped me without my asking. Why should I pay you? You’ve barely done anything.”

The three pairs of eyes glaring back at me silenced me into submission. “You knew what you were looking for when you left. You knocked on our door for assistance. Now, your payment.”

“I don’t have any money.” I showed them my empty pockets, “I do have a magic bean.” I withdrew one of the glittering beans I had taken from Peter.

“We have no need for your portals.” they waved off the bean, “That little baubles will do.”

My hand came up to clutch the pearl necklace resting on my sternum. “My necklace? It’s just a pearl.”

“A special pearl, no? It has been there every moment since you touched the island’s soil. It is sentiment. Priceless compared to that of a bean or gold.”

They held out their weathered hands and it was with a heavy heart I tore the necklace from it’s long resting home on my neck and dropped it into their palms. They smiled at the worn pearl. “It’s time to go my child.”

Bewildered and wanting to get out of that shack and away from the three elderly I nodded and clutched the book they gave me tightly to my chest. They dropped my necklace in a little chest and gave me soft smiles as I backed out the door. I braced myself for the cold but when I stepped outside the snow was gone replaced with tall lush grass and the sweet smell of flowers on the breeze. I turned back to the shack but that was gone as well with a massive oak tree in its place.

This is too weird for even me. I looked back at the book in my hands and sighed. I was hoping to be gone longer but I needed some questions answered. I dropped the bean on the ground and headed back home.

When I landed back on Neverland I could tell instantly that something was incredibly wrong. First I had only been gone for an hour at most. How was it night here? Also, the island was cold and the sky was muddled by rumbling clouds. I climbed up a tree and looked over the island. Darkness. Nothing but inky darkness. I should at least be able to see the camp bonfire or the lights of the Jolly Roger on the sea.

“What have you idiots done now?” I muttered to myself and dropped out of the tree.

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