reasons why Percy makes a good Zero:

1. loyal friend
2. can’t read/spell very well at all
3. just wants to find his mom
4. will fight people for u
5. doesn’t actually talk that often
6. prone to shoveling people upside the head when they disrespect him

Hi everyone!

Tumblr invited me to have an ANSWER TIME and I said SIGN ME UP, let’s answer some friggin’ questions!  

It’s happening Tuesday June 28th (tomorrow!) at 1pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific, and we can talk about anything: adapting Shakespeare into choose-your-own-path books, writing comics for Marvel, messing up walking your dog so badly it makes the news, writing 2999 Dinosaur Comics using the exact the same pictures, AND MORE??

Send me your questions here: ryannorth.tumblr.com/ask

Everyone talks about the perfection that is Holes but darn it, nobody ever talks about the perfection that is its sequel wherein one of the boys from the camp goes home after it’s shut down and faces all sorts of internalized racism from the police and his neighbors and he befriends a girl with a disability and agrees to take her to a concert but is tackled and beaten by security, all while the girl is having a seizure, and the singer steps in to save them and he falls in love with her but the book ends with them not getting together and he’s bummed but fine with that (also she gets attacked by a her stepfather; it gets pretty dark) and it is literally one of the best books I read when I was a kid and nobody knows about it.

It’s called Small Steps.

Here’s the link:



Read this book!

Canon vs. Fanfiction

In which I say thank you to all the fanfic writers (especially now that Droughtlander is officially upon us!). For those who write canon complaints, continuations, missing scenes, modern adaptions, PWPs, and AU stories. Whether you write one shots, drabbles, multi-chaps, or epic novels; fluff, angst, smut, cross-overs, and everything in between. Thank you for expanding upon this universe that we love so much and for bringing our favorite characters to life over and over and over again in ways never before seen. You’re all amazing. You’re all talented. You’re all appreciated.

T H A N K  Y O U !

[for writers like @imagineclaireandjamie (all the mods in this account, past and present), @lenny9987, @kalendraashtar, @sapphiresassenach, @balfecaitriona, @bonnie-wee-swordsman, @zoe1078, @gotham-ruaidh, @writtenthroughtime,  and any others that I may have left out. You all are fab!]

For everyone else, feel free to tag your own favorite writers!