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So me and my friend just watched this science video where they explained if you Drilled a hole through the earth and jump in that hole it would take you 42 minutes to reach the other side?! But the MindFuck is Where does Gravity come into Play like when do you stop falling!?!?! Like lets say hypothetically i jump in this hole on the other side of the world and India is the bottom and Im gonna pop out or how does it work? Its not about surviving its about what happens to the falling body. Me and my friend Quinn are discussing this and its effing with our heads? 

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With what Kind of Girl Do you think would the members End up with ?

Hello, it’s admin Kale!!

This is only my opinion!!

Seokjin: He would end up with a girl who loves to cook and enjoys late night cooking in their little shared apartment. While they wear their matching pink aprons cooking both their favorite dishes he would wonder what he did to deserve someone like her.

Yoongi: He would end up with a girl that has a lot of patience with him staying late at the recording studio and not coming to bed until the sun almost rises. He would need someone as lazy as him but just a little more energy so he can actually have motivation because if they were both lazy, nothing would get done.

Hoseok: Let me just say this, CRAZY, ENERGY, AND DANCE. He would end up with someone who can dance with him, scream with him and just be silly. But also has a serious side for when he just needs someone to talk to after the long practices and dreadful pressure of the idol life.

Namjoon: I feel like he would end up with someone that loves to hear little facts throughout the day. Since he has such a high IQ and so much information in his brain, we would want to share it. I’m not saying he will end up with someone stupid, just someone who didn’t know that if you drilled a hole through the earth and jumped in it, it would take 45 minutes to get to the other side.

Jimin: He would end up with someone really short and really cute. Like pigtails cute. Even though he is 110% submissive and would need a dominant girlfriend (in bed) he would still like a nice sweet girl to call his in public and give cute little pats on the head, but someone that can rip their cute hairstyle out and tie him to the bed when their alone.

Taehyung: He would end up with someone that collects stuffed animals on their free time and learns every child’s name when they go out so if they run into that child again they could be bffs because she remembered their name.They would go to fairs and drive in movies and just be a cute couple that every one aspires to be.

Jungkook: This little shit would end up with someone that is just as competitive as he is just by coincidence. They would spend his days off playing Mario Kart and screaming the whole time. When he is away their only form of communication is through memes. It would just be a mess, but a cute mess.

-Admin Kale 

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Awww fairy tail is ending at 545? I guess I owe you a dollar 😂 but wow just how much bs can they drag out now.. Gray's long lost brother which brings angst to Gruvia?? Travel back in time so none of the events in fairy tail never happen??? Makarov brought back to life?? Natsu eats Gray's Ice and uses Fire and Ice slayer magic??? Egolas!Acnologia appears??? Eileen revived??? Layla revived??? I'm appears to a loss here orz

I wouldn’t be surprised if Layla pops up at this point. I’m holding out for “Acnologia was the dragon that killed Natsu and Zeref’s parents” myself. 

But here are some more totally serious guesses and predictions of stuff I’m totally sure will happen at some point:

Zeref is revealed as Gray’s ancestor so Natsu and Gray are related. Gratsu is sunk definitively.

Annalogia used to be canon. Pre-dragon? Post-dragon? I don’t know, and neither does Mashima!

Mystogan reappears just in time to give ten seconds of drama to Jerza; then he’s passed off to Cana, who doesn’t have a love interest. This is the sole reason for his return. 

Makarov is sealed within lacrima and becomes the new Fairy Heart, becoming a mystical fairy spirit guide to the guild. Like Mavis, he is naked. Unlike Mavis, he can’t illusion himself new clothes.

Future Rogue and/or Future Lucy appear to make the gate work, somehow summoning a bunch of the spirits of dragons that Acnologia killed to come and attack him and drag him screaming into the timelapse. This is never, ever explained. (F!Rogue still doesn’t meet Sting.)

Natsu and Gray finally pull off a Unison Raid. This goes one of two ways: fire + ice = steam. Nothing happens. Fire + ice = water. Juvia appears, kicks Natsu in the head and takes his place in the combo attack. Gray accepts it. Of course he couldn’t do anything without Juvia. What was he even thinking.

Jellal and Erza pull off a Unison Raid. Erza is turned into a literal meteor and punches a hole through the Earth. “It’s because she’s Erza,” Jellal says, sobbing tears of joy, when literally anyone asks how she survived this.

Plot twist: Sting and Rogue were actually genetic twins the whole time! 

Natsu and Lucy pull off a Unison Raid. Every single one of Lucy’s spirits catch fire.

Happy finally eats Cancer. 

Hi, everyone!

Chris here!

I haven’t made a post about myself or anything on this blog ever, but I wanted to do to things:

#1) Thank you to all my followers! I really didn’t expect this blog to garner any followers at all. You’re all lovely beautiful people, and I’m glad we can all share the great connection of loving our girlfriends a lot. I hope my blog is a good resource for cute memes to send her, and I will continue to do my best to collect only the best, most loving memes. 

#2) I should tell you some about my beautiful angel. She’s the best, most beautiful, creative, smart, funny, amazing, solid, fun, adorable, blessing of a person this world has ever seen. When she goes inside, the rest of the world gets a little dimmer. If you were to hold a magnifying glass next to her smiling face, you’d burn a hole through the earth. Her laugh is so sweet and good that it’s certifiably a gateway drug, and when she calls me her boyfriend everything inside of me goes nuts. 

Anyway, that’s all for now! Thank you again for all the support, I hope you and yours have a great day!

Comic Con - Liam Dunbar

Prompt by Anon: liam imagine where the reader is really nerdy and she meets liam in one of her classes and they go to study in the library and end up making out?

Word Count: 1,811

Warnings: Making out? Should that really even be a warning….???

Author’s Note: I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS ONE!!!!!  I couldn’t help myself and went kind of comic book nerdy. P.S. As you can tell after reading this imagine, I’m a huge Arrow fan and y’all are more than welcome to talk to me about Arrow as well :)

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Nerd, if you look it up on Google or in Webster’s Dictionary, it’ll tell you it’s someone who’s highly intelligent. Some people define nerd that way. Others sometimes define a dork with a bad haircut, either a bowl hair cut for guys or horrible and uneven choppy bangs for girls, with big-framed glasses and braces. Others define a nerd as someone who loves comics. Society has considered people who love superheroes a nerd or a geek.

Y/N was considered a nerd. She was the smartest girl in her class, and she also happened to love comic books. On the other hand, Liam wasn’t considered nerd for either one. He was smart, but not a genius. He kept his grades good enough to pass all his classes and play lacrosse. Liam liked superheroes too, but never really picked up a comic book. He preferred to watch the movies or the TV shows and play the video games. And he certainly liked Y/N.

There wasn’t one thing Liam didn’t like about her. She was beautiful, smart, and had the biggest heart. He loved the way her eyes light up every time she got a math problem right. He loved the sound of her giggles when she reads something funny in the comic books. He loved how her smile lit up the entire room.

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The Signs as Officialunitedstates Facts of the Day

FACT OF THE DAY: it’s apparently not okay to raise 16,200 seagulls from birth, train them every day in the art of aerial warfare, and then unleash them upon a medium sized township

FACT OF THE DAY: mashed potatoes were discovered in boston, massachusetts in 1871, when a young chef accidentally stepped on a potato and decided to see what it tasted like

FACT OF THE DAY: no one knows exactly how the dinosaurs went extinct, but one scientist, officialunitedstates, thinks that the reason behind the mass extinction was their size, “They’re just too big. They probably fell over a lot, maybe broke their ankles and stuff.”

FACT OF THE DAY: you can do it, buddy

FACT OF THE DAY: the reason why you can’t dig a hole through the earth and come up on the other side is because your shovel would melt. that’s it. that’s the only reason.

FACT OF THE DAY: anteaters actually never eat ants. ants and anteaters have had an alliance since 1972, and there is no living member of either species that has eaten the other.

FACT OF THE DAY: ugg boots come from the ugg tree, native to australia and new zealand. when asked for comment, the ugg tree did not confirm. it cannot talk. it is a tree

FACT OF THE DAY: you can create homemade apple juice by smashing an apple with a hammer 19 times

FACT OF THE DAY: the US military has spent over $15 billion researching the possibility of using snowballs as weapons. Snowball Strike Force Unit goes combat ready within the week

FACT OF THE DAY: if you are in an elevator descending at exactly 9.80665 m/s2 and you jump, you will remain in the air, essentially floating, for as long as the elevator continues to accelerate downward

FACT OF THE DAY: if you never tie your shoes you have over 1.7 years more free time over your lifetime

FACT OF THE DAY: starbursts are made out of moons, not stars


i’ve never seen anyone shake a snake, so i can’t really tell you if they do that or not.

All That We See or Seem

Another Pynch fic. I can’t stop myself. I’m not even trying to anymore. 

Thank you, KL, for searching out all of my oddities and typos. xoxo


“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Leave something to my imagination, Parrish, for the love of… fuck.”

Adam stands before him, stripped of all clothing but his underwear—dark green boxer briefs the colour of the evergreens they’ve just walked under—his fingers dipped beneath the elastic waistband, pulling his last scrap of clothing lower and lower on his hips.

And Adam smirks. He fucking smirks. “Your imagination, huh? And what have you been imagining, Lynch?”

“Fuck you.”

“Probably just that… Quit your complaining and take off your clothes. We’re going for a swim.”

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