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Has anyone else noticed this in Night Witch? When Nightingale’s running over his escape plan? He’s got a book he’s reading in his cell, and he carries it with him as he disables the Russians, blows a hole in wall, collapses some stairs, and generally makes his escape. The book? The Metaphysical Poets.

Now, somehow I doubt his Russian captors picked out a book of poetry to keep him entertained during his captivity. So he probably had it on him when they picked him up. Which means Nightingale was just wandering around with a slim book of metaphysical poetry in his pocket.

madgirlinroom31  asked:

Hey! I love your prompts. Do you know any none clichéd way to enter an alternate universe or another layer of reality? Thanks, and I hope you're having a nice day c:

//Thank you very much!!

Firstly, I don’t think that writing cliches are a bad thing. There’s plenty of stories out there with tropes that have been twisted or made their own. 

Here are some ideas on what you could do though:

  • A literal hole in the wall.
  • A dream.
  • A mirror.
  • A book.
  • A pocket watch.
  • A television or computer.
  • A music box.
  • A door.
  • A vehicle.
  • A futuristic machine.
  • A picture/painting/drawing.
  • A window.
  • A weapon.
  • A blink.
  • Through a body of water.
  • Through some fog.
  • Aliens.
  • The Paranormal.
  • Food.
  • Writing a reality to make it come true.
  • A character grasping thin air and making it into a doorway.
  • A pair of glasses or an article of clothing.
  • A supernatural ability.
  • A gemstone or mineral.
  • A pendant on a necklace or a ring.
  • A quilt made up of several universes.

I hope these help even just a little bit and I hope you accept my sincere apologies that this was answered so late.

The Signs as Things I've Done
  • Aries: got so mad at a book that i threw it at the wall and left a book-shaped hole there
  • Taurus: got really high and ate two rolls of cookie dough
  • Gemini: got kicked out of class for calling a teacher by her first name
  • Cancer: cried at a soup commercial
  • Leo: asked a teacher out in high school (he was twenty years older than me and married)
  • Virgo: put a traffic cone on my head, fell over and got very injured
  • Libra: made out with a guy who had rejected me a year earlier then told him he was a bad kisser
  • Scorpio: hooked up with one of my best friends exes
  • Saggitarius: got really drunk and tried to flip over the hood of a car then landed in a puddle
  • Capricorn: had a phase where i wore formal clothes and nothing else
  • Aquarius: had a fight for an hour and asserted that ducks couldn't fly even though i realized i was wrong after 5 minutes
  • Pisces: wrote a song about picking up girls with yoghurt