hole in the ozone

You’re not doing well and finally I don’t have to pretend to be so interested in your on going tragedy,


I’ll rob the bank that gave you the impression that
money is more fruitful than words, and
I’ll cut holes in the ozone if it means you have one less day of rain.
I’ll walk you to the hospital,
I’ll wait in a white room that reeks of hand sanitizer and latex for the results from the MRI scan that tries to
locate the malady that keeps your mind guessing, and
I want to write you a poem every day until my hand breaks
and assure you that you’ll find your place,
it’s just
the world has a funny way of
hiding spots fertile enough for
bodies like yours to grow roots.


I miss you like a dart hits the iris of a bullseye,
or a train ticket screams 4:30 at 4:47, I
wanted to tell you that it’s my birthday on Thursday
and I would have wanted you to
give me the gift of your guts on the floor, one last time,
to see if you still had it in you.

I hope our ghosts aren’t eating you alive.
If I’m to speak for myself, I’ll tell you that
the universe is twice as big as we think it is
and you’re the only one that made that idea
less devastating.

—  Lucas Regazzi
Alien Invasion?

Here’s a different take on the alien invasion trope: 

The world is going to shit: overpopulation, deforestation, pollution, global warming, everything. The only question is if we’ll kill ourselves off before we kill the planet out from under us. Then one day ships appear in the skies all over the world- not just America and countries with trendy landmarks, but EVERYWHERE. Efforts are made to stop the “attackers” but humanity is still rounded up and carted off to some strange alien facility. 

Food (of a sort) and shelter are provided, but no answers are forthcoming because humanity’s captors don’t bother talking to us. Maybe select individuals are taken off for testing, but they all come back in more or less the same condition they were found, except maybe with immuno-boosters or a few troubling terminal diseases cleared up. There’s massive speculation about what’s going on and probably religions are formed based on various beliefs about what the aliens are doing with us, but no one knows for sure. 

This goes on for years (or longer) and then one day everyone is rounded up again and taken back to Earth. Everything is exactly how we left it (except maybe dustier and overgrown) except now there’s no pollution, the ice caps have been repaired, global temps stabilized, ozone holes patched, everything. There are more forests, more crops, and maybe a few critical species (like bees) have been given a population boost. There probably isn’t a lot of thought to where people get dumped so a lot of folks end up in the wrong countries and whatnot, but eventually we sort ourselves back out and either make our way back home or settle down where we are. In a world that’s a little better than the one we left.

And that’s how humanity finds out they’re just an alien terrarium and the owners have stopped by to clean the tank.

Is it an alien hot spot? Is it home to the underwater city of Atlantis? The birthplace of a colony of sea Draculas who feed on the blood of shipwrecked survivors? For over a century, no one was able to explain the dozens of mysterious shipwrecks and plane crashes in the fabled Bermuda Triangle, a patch of the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. And in the grand spectrum of our theories about it, sea Draculas was on the more logical end.

Fear of the triangle didn’t kick into high gear until 1945, when 135 people went missing after five American bomber jets and a search-and-rescue plane went missing 141 miles east of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We’ve been shitting our pants ever since. Throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, there were TV movies, dozens of fiction and nonfiction books, TV shows, and way too many documentaries telling the Triangle’s tale, and every one of them ended with what amounts to an admission that nobody knows how, why, or what the fuck is going on.

The Bermuda Triangle has been eerily silent in recent years, and so have we on the subject. Did the recession force the Atlanteans to move to an underwater metropolis with more job opportunity? Did the aliens fly home after hitting their abduction quota? Did the sea Draculas explode after exposure to the tropical Sun, which was only made harsher by THE HOLE IN THE OZONE LAYER? OH MY GOD, I AM THE ILLUMINATI.

4 Impending Panics From The Past (And What Came Of Them)

Beyoncé: *coughs*

Bitter-ass loser: “So, here we have the notorious Beyoncé Knowles carelessly spreading her germs around! Clearly she couldn’t be bothered with health and safety. Do we need to go into quarantine? Potentially killing off half the Earth’s population isn’t very feminist of her. She probably pierced a hole through the ozone with her fumes.”

Ink: Error is doing time.
Blue: What for?
Geno: No one know for Sure. He changes the story every time you ask him.
Error: I destroyed a major cooperation.
Error: I robbed the second largest bank in France using only a ball point pen
Error: I created a hole in the ozone over Avignon.
Error: I killed a man. With THIS thumb.

borkbirk  asked:

Can you by chance. Write me a story of Meihem. But it's were Mei cleans up Jameson. Like he has a nice suit on and bathed. Yes bathed and she shows him off to everyone and roadhog last?

“Jami-Jamison sit still please!”

Mei’s voice was exasperated as she tried to get her fidgety boyfriend to stop moving and splashing as she scrubbed shampoo into his soot-laced hair. She was being careful and gentle, not wanting to pull out any more of his constantly shedding, thinning hair out. The petite woman stood outside of the bathtub in her room, Junkrat’s sitting form still coming up to her shoulders as she bathed him. This is what it had taken to get Junkrat into the tub, the promise that ‘she’d join him’. And join him she had, just not as naked as Jamison would have liked; already bathed and dressed in her namesake deep blue tanktop and a pair of shorts that Jamison had offered to take off for her. She declined.

Instead, Mei had motioned for him to enter the tub she had already filled with piping hot water, just the way he liked his showers, and had an array of bath bombs set up outside of the tub as a affectionate atonement for her deception. Jamison had pouted fiercely, arms crossed and grumbling about how his ‘lil snowflake’ has tricked him. He kept up his behavior until she had begun to scrub heartily at his back, drawing purrs from the lanky Junker, his body turning to putty for the rest of the bath. Mei was thorough, scrubbing dirt, soot, gunpowder and whatever manner of mess clung to his skin. It took time and elbow grease but soon, Mei had managed to find what really lay under all those layers of unclean. His skin was tanned, if not a bit red from her aggressive washing, and he was covered from head to toe in freckles. Mei’s fingers had lingered, quietly assessing the freckles with intense curiosity before Junkrat would grab her hand and nip at her fingertips only to be blushily admonished. Now she had finally made it to his hair.

“Can’t help it, darl”, Junkrat exclaims, fidgeting a bit more before tossing up his arms. “Tickles! That ‘n I feel…naked!”

“You are naked”, Mei answered back, expression deadpan but tone holding a hint of a chuckle.

“Yeah I am”, Junkrat answered with a waggle of his bushy brows, tittering as Mei flicked him light in the back of the head. “I mean without me dirt! Just don’t feel natural!”

Mei understood, she really did. The Omnium explosion had torn a hole in the ozone layer above continent of Australia, leaving the land highly susceptible to adverse weather conditions and a concerning lack of protection from the sun. Heat prevented clothing being used as a skin protectant so instead dirt, mud and various homemade concoctions guarded them from debilitating sunburns. Mei had done her research, her expertise in climatology granting her insight into the possible ripple effects a severe climate changes might have on a society. The Eastern coastal cities used technology to bubble their city, the less sophisticated Junkers used dirt. But they weren’t in Australia anymore.

Roadhog had taken to daily bathing as if it was an old, dear friend, the elder Junker always clean and smelling of whatever perfumes or colognes or deodorants caught his fancy. Junkrat, however, had never been a daily bather, had never known the joys of relaxing in a hot shower or tub. The demolitionist would lament how Roadie would ‘hold him down in the water and scrub ‘im like a dog’, often followed by the agitated statement of ‘just wash your own ass and I wouldn’t have to’. But bathing was out of his comfort zone, the dirt and soot on his skin kind of like a comforting blanket when he wasn’t ‘home in Oz’ anymore. He had gotten better since he had been at the Watchpoint though. Mei’s soft reminders of he couldn’t lay in her bed if he was dirty combined with Mako’s nurturing threats to drown him again actually coaxing the man into washing at least twice a week of his own volition. Now the only smell that seemed to linger with him was that of gunpowder and firewood, even when he was covered in a fine layer of dust. Tonight’s event, however, demanded absolute cleanliness.

Tonight was the first official formal gala for the newly legalized Overwatch. It was an all hands on deck event, even the uncouth Junker required to be on hand site, to let the world know about their brand new, legal reputation. Best behaviors were expected and anyone stepping out of line would be reprimanded. Normally this wouldn’t be nearly as threatening or terrifying as one might think, but when Ana was the one doling out the punishment it was no joke. Mei sped up the washing of his hair as much as she could, the dirty burn blonde locks turning gold-platinum in the bright light of the bathroom. Wiping her forehead, she took a half-step back to appraise her hard work and couldn’t help the blush that rose to her cheeks as she surveyed him.

She had always believed that Jamison ‘Junkrat’ Fawkes was attractive but seeing him clean and pristine was something brand new. In the oddest of ways, he was devilishly attractive in his duality. He was raunchy and dirty and passionate and excitable and a chaotic force that gave hurricanes a run for their money, but he could also be gentle and tooth rottingly sweet and tender. Nibbling lightly on her bottom lip, Mei could feel a blush rise to her cheeks, only growing darker as Jamison stood up with a flirty smirk on his lips. Mei’s hand clapped over her face, less in embarrassment and more in exasperation as the Junker shook his hips, his dick slapping his thighs audibly. How he managed to do that in a tub, mostly filled with water without either of his prosthetics would be impressive if it wasn’t so damn raunchy.

“You are impossible”, she sighed, dropping her hands from her face and rolling her eyes at him, not fighting the slightly amused smirk that crossed her lips. His toothy grin didn’t waver, but the movements of his hips stopped as he Mei moved closer and reached out to him.

“Knew ya couldn’t keep your hands offa me snowflake”, Junkrat teased as Mei’s arm easily wraps around his small waist, helping to hoist him out of the tub and setting him down on a chair she had brought into the room.

He practically purred like a pleased feral cat, shaking his shoulders as Mei gently pat him down with the towel, drying his skin gently and carefully. Next came a layer of unscented body lotion, a spritz of a special cologne and a gentle combing through his hair. Junkrat blabbered on and on as Mei groomed him tenderly, his golden eyes glittering as he relaxed underneath her tender touch. The Junker made a mental note to return the favor but for now he would bask in the delightful feel of her hands all over his body. As Mei backed away from Jamison, he couldn’t help the cheeky grin and unbalanced pose she struck for her. The petite Chinese woman’s hands jump of to her lips, stifling the giggles that he was able to so easily pull from her lips. Mei’s giggle was like music to his ears, soft and tinkling and punctuated with a slight snort if something was especially funny to her. Hearing her laugh was one of his greatest goals and he was pretty successful at it most of the time, stroking his pride and filling him with as much warmth as a napalm.

“Ey Mei”, Jamison questioned as his eyes darted around the bathroom, searching for something and not finding it. “Where’s me arm and leg?”

“Oh I have a surprise for you”, Mei exclaimed, clapping her hands together in sudden remembrance. She held up a finger before rushing out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, returning with something held behind her back. “Ta-da!!”

She thrusts her arms out, a grin on her face as she revealed her gift for him. They were newly built prosthetics, streamlined and completely black with bright neon orange lights and joints as highlights. The arm was extremely similar to Symmetra’s, but it had obviously been sized and created just for Junkrat. His peg leg was done in a similar fashion, the shocks and joints and cushioning covered while still tapering off into a thin, high shined black peg. A nervous smile settled on Mei’s lips as she waited for Jamison’s reaction, eyes dropping sheepishly to the new prosthetics.

“I-I hope this is okay”, she exclaimed, face growing redder as she locked her focus on the limbs. “I-I know you made all of yours but I-I thought th-that maybe a formal pair might be nice! S-So Satya helped me to design so-some. But it’s okay if you don’t like them! I ho-hope I didn’t overstep…sorry.”

When Junkrat still hadn’t replied, Mei peeked up at him through her lashes, her face and neck burning as she finally looked at her boyfriend. His bottom lip was quivering, a watery smile on his lips, tears of joy actually rolling down his cheeks.

“For me”, Junkrat questioned, pressing a hand against his chest and grinning wider and wider. He roughly pushed the tears away, sniffing hard and giggling softly. “Thank ya, snowflake!”

“You’re welcome Jamie”, Mei said warmly before slightly shaking the limbs. “Let’s finish getting ready!”

“Whoa…nice look Junkman!”

“No fricking way….nice going Mei!”


“Nice looking, my friend!”

Junkrat was fighting a mix of emotions; to puff out his chest and bask in the glory or to shy away because all the attention was making him sheepish. Mei held onto his hand light, smiling up at him in a way that managed to push the anxious buzzing from his stomach. She really had gone all out to make sure the both of them looked their best. She had her hair half up, half down, a small bun held back by a white chrysanthemum pin while the rest of her hair fell in soft waves around her shoulder and face. Her dress was a crimson floor length halter top a-line with a knee high slit that showed off her toned calves and cream colored heels. Her makeup was soft and sweet, a sweeping of pink blush and a deep pink gloss across her lips. Junkrat had gushed, slack jawed and starry eyes as Mei had gotten ready that evening, fawning over her with what felt like hundreds of compliments. She was sure that she had heard how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to have her and how everyone would look like shit in comparison. While Mei was nothing to sniff at, everyone was gawking at Junkrat.

Mei had gone above and beyond to make the younger Junker look just as amazing as she always thought he did. He wore a black tuxedo and white dress shirt, tailored and fitted to fit the lithe frame of the demolitionist; orange tie, handkerchief and dress socks a pop shocking pop of color against the monochrome outfit. The right leg of his tux had been rolled up, showing off the new, sleek black and orange prosthetic he had been gifted, Mei gently holding onto his black hand. His light blonde hair had been combed back and gelled into a coif, giving his angular face a stylish, sharp look. With all the dirt gone, hair styled and dressed in actually fitting clothes, the Junker looked his age if not a bit younger. He looked attractive and clean and completely unlike the Junkrat they had grown used to, Junkrat practically glowing with pride at all the compliments being bestowed upon him.

“Oh Mako”, Mei said with a grin, adjusting her glasses needlessly once more as she peered across the room. The man had placed himself in a corner, away from all the action and attention that was buzzing around towards the front of the hall. Smiling apologetically at her friends, she began to push through the small throng of agents that stood in front of them. “Sorry sorry, we will be right back.”

“Oy Hog”, Junkrat exclaimed, a part of him perking up as soon as he caught sight of his bodyguard and best friend. “Whatcha think mate?”

Mako was without his mask, his silver bushy brows lifting in surprise as his dark eyes studied his employer. Roadhog glanced at Mei before giving a slight wink, grunting low in his throat and giving a slight shrug of the shoulder. The both of them giggled softly as they watched his shoulders sink before Junkrat moved forward and placed one heavy hand on Jamison’s shoulder and the other on Mei’s

“Nice”, Roadhog said simply, the single worded compliment making the younger Junker’s eyes light up, a tittering giggle leaving his mouth. “Good job Mei.”

“Oy it’s my face mate!”

“And she actually made it look halfway decent.”

“Fuckin’ ru–”

“What was that?”

“N-nothin’ mate! I got it, thanks for the compliment!”

Mei covered her mouth, tickled pink and proud at the highest of compliments coming from the other Junker. Squeezing Jamison’s hand lightly she smiled sweetly at him, rubbing her thumb over the back of his hand tenderly.

“You look very nice.”

Junkrat’s eyes lit up even brighter, giving a sharp toothed grin to his petite date.

“Well thank ya darlin!!”

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I work front counter at a fast food place. One day our broiler went down just before lunch so we had no. Burgers. All through lunch. People looked at me like I was personally responsible for the hole in the ozone when I told them and one guy actually cussed me out as he was leaving.

Earth Science on the Space Station Continues to Grow

The number of instruments on the International Space Station dedicated to observing Earth to increase our understanding of our home planet continues to grow.

Two new instruments are scheduled to make their way to the station Feb. 18 on the SpaceX Dragon capsule.

The Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE) III instrument will monitor the condition of the ozone layer, which covers an area in the stratosphere 10 to 30 miles (16 to 48 kilometers) above Earth and protects the planet from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Its predecessors, SAGE I and SAGE II, which were mounted to satellites, helped scientists understand the causes and effects of the Antarctic ozone hole. The Montreal Protocol of 1987 led to an eventual ban on ozone-destroying gases and to the ozone layer’s recovery; SAGE III, designed to operate for no less than three years, will allow scientists to continue monitoring its recovery.

The Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS), first launched as an instrument on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission in 1997, records the time, energy output and location of lightning events around the world, day and night. From its perch on the ISS, the new LIS will improve coverage of lightning events over the oceans and also in the Northern Hemisphere during its summer months. Because lightning is both a factor and a gauge for a number of atmospheric processes, NASA as well as other agencies will use the new LIS lightning data for many applications, from weather forecasting to climate modeling and air quality studies.
While SAGE III and LIS are the latest Earth science instruments slated for operation aboard the ISS, they are not the first or the last.

For two years, beginning in September 2014, the Rapid Scatterometer, or RapidScat, collected near-real-time data on ocean wind speed and direction. The instrument, built and managed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, was designed as a low-cost replacement for JPL’s Quick Scatterometer, or QuikScat satellite, which experienced an age-related failure in 2009. In addition to addressing such questions as how changing winds affect sea surface temperatures during an El Niño season, RapidScat data were used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Navy for improved tracking of marine weather, leading to more optimal ship routing and hazard avoidance.

The Cloud Aerosol Transport System (CATS) was mounted to the exterior of the space station in Jan. 2015 and is in the midst of a three-year mission to measure aerosols, such as dust plumes, wildfires and volcanic ash, around the world. Built to demonstrate a low-cost, streamlined approach to ISS science payloads, the laser instrument is providing data for air quality studies, climate models and hazard warning capabilities.

Over the next several years, NASA is planning to send to the space station several more instruments trained toward Earth.

The Total and Spectral solar Irradiance Sensor (TSIS-1) will measure total solar irradiance and spectral solar irradiance, or the total solar radiation at the top of Earth’s atmosphere and the spectral distribution of that solar radiation, respectively. The data are critical for climate modeling and atmospheric studies. TSIS-1 will continue the work of NASA’s Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment satellite, which has been taking those measurements since 2003.

NASA’s Earth System Science Pathfinder program is supporting the following instruments that are currently in development. The program is managed by NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

The JPL-built and managed Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3 (OCO-3) instrument will monitor carbon dioxide distribution around the globe.

Assembled with spare parts from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite, also built and managed by JPL, OCO-3 will provide insights into the role of carbon dioxide as it relates to growing urban areas and changes in fossil fuel combustion. The instrument will also measure the “glow” from growing plants (known as solar-induced fluorescence).

Homing in on tropical and temperate forests is the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI). The lidar instrument will provide the first high-resolution observations of forest vertical structure in an effort to answer how much carbon is stored in these ecosystems and also what impacts deforestation and reforestation have on habitat diversity, the global carbon cycle and climate change.

The JPL-built and managed ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment (ECOSTRESS) will also focus on vegetation by providing high-frequency, high-resolution measurements of plant temperature and plant water use. Among the data’s numerous uses will be to indicate regions of plant heat and water stress and also improve drought forecasting for the benefit of farmers and water managers. Researchers will also use ECOSTRESS in concert with other data to calculate water use efficiency among plants and identify drought-resistant species and varieties.

Also on the horizon is the Climate Absolute Radiance and Refractivity Observatory (CLARREO) Pathfinder mission comprising two instruments for measuring solar irradiance: a reflected solar spectrometer and an infrared spectrometer. CLARREO will collect highly accurate climate records to test climate projections in order to improve models.

Felix: Bendy has done time.
Mugman: What for?
Felix: No one know for Sure. He changes the story every time you ask him.
Bendy: I defrauded a major cooperation.
Bendy: I robbed the second largest bank in France using only a ball point pen
Bendy: I created a hole in the ozone over Avignon.
Bendy: I killed a man. With THIS thumb.

Poseidon skips stones over our ocean. He creates tsunamis that wash cities away, tear families apart.

Dionysus takes another drag from a smoke and exhales methane into our atmosphere. When he’s done he puts his cigarette out on a school, a church, an planned parenthood clinic.

When Aphrodite gets bored she sharpens her nails and and pokes holes in the ozone layer, letting the love we once had for our planet slip into her arms.

Athena sets her spear in the places that need it the least. The goddess of war can’t understand where the glory has gone. These bodies are no longer honoured, there are no heroes, only murders. No fighters, only deserters.

Zeus spits lightning onto Canada’s forests, creating the boldest, brightest, most unstoppable fires foresight has ever seen.

Prometheus spent 300 years chained to a mountain for his kindness to the human race.  

What have we done to repay him?

—  The Gods are getting bored of our foolish hands, (11/31)
German vocabulary list Environment & Pollution
  • der saure Regen (acid rain)
  • die Atmosphäre (atmosphere)
  • die Biosphäre (biosphere)
  • das Gleichgewicht (balance)
  • die Artenvielfalt (biodiversity)
  • der Kohlenstoff (carbon)
  • das Kohlendioxid (carbon dioxide)
  • die Katastrophe (catastrophe)
  • das Klima (climate)
  • der Klimawandel (climate change)
  • der Schmutz (dirt)
  • der Staub (dust)
  • die Dürre (drought)
  • die Erde (earth)
  • das Erdbeben (earthquake)
  • die Ökologie (ecology)
  • das Ökosystem (ecosystem)
  • die Energiequelle (energy source)
  • die Umwelt (environment)
  • die Evolution (evolution)
  • das Abgas (exhaust gas)
  • die Hungersnot (famine)
  • das Düngemittel (fertilizer)
  • die Erderwärmung (global warming)
  • der Treibhauseffekt (greenhouse effect)
  • das Treibhausgas (greenhouse gas)
  • die Hitzewelle (heat wave)
  • das Erdgas (natural gas)
  • die Atomkatastrophe (nuclear disaster)
  • die Kernenergie (nuclear energy)
  • der Sauerstoff (oxygen)
  • das Ozonloch (ozone hole)
  • die Ozonschicht (ozone layer)
  • das Gift (poison)
  • die Verschmutzung (pollution)
  • das Kraftwerk (power station)
  • der Regenwald (rainforest)
  • der Meeresspiegel (sea level)
  • der Giftmüll (toxic waste)
  • die Windenergie (wind energy)
  • bedrohen (to menace)
  • beschädigen (to harm)
  • durchsickern (to leak)
  • schützen (to protect)
  • verschmutzen (to pollute)
  • verseuchen (to contaminate)
  • verschwinden (to disappear)
  • wiederverwerten (to recycle)
  • zerstören (to destroy)

I think I am burning a hole in the ozone layer,
And that I can hear my own heartbeat on an infrasonic wavelength.
And I think that somewhere in a corresponding but distant world,
There is another dark night just like this one.
On a pile of chalky bricks in a suburb soaked with bristling January rain,
A girl like me wonders what it is that she desires.
Maybe to burn down a building;
Something old and tall and made of shaking wooden planks.
Maybe to fall asleep in the middle of a screeching highway,
And just melt against the dripping wet neon soundscape that is all these highways around her.
She sits on her front stoop akin to my own
And she burns her own hole in another threadbare ozone layer.

Open up your heart and open up your mind.
We have created these messages in which you’re to find.
Your brazen words of “wisdom” and your attitude worth no dime all expel no confidence that has wasted all our time.
You say you make “informed” decisions for a country you know, living life by standards you’re not willing to let go.
And blaming other people for subjects you don’t know only shows how little knowledge you’re willing to for show.
You say climate doesn’t matter as the icebergs are melting slow, leaving other species warm and without a home.
Let’s build a wall dividing them from us staking claim that it will be the best for the both of us.
Leaving all these people in a sorrowed rut, making sure there all thrown out on their butts.
The fact is you have money claiming its just luck, but the truth is you wouldn’t even spend a buck.
Leaving people homeless doesn’t come as shock, but next time I really hope the world has better luck.
The holes in the ozone really truly suck; it’s just a matter of time before our galaxy becomes unstuck.
You say let’s wreak havoc on some places on this earth; let’s unleash that atomic bomb that started hell on earth.
We’ll wipe out masses with radiation and become just like Hitler without all of the idolisation.
You’re making tasteless statements about our babies, proclaiming that you know just how to treat the ladies.
Yet you ridicule all the media with conflicting allegations saying that they just “don’t know how they’re treating you.”
You just sit in silence while our people protest hate crime and gun violence; you claim that there is no need to create an alliance.
Our world is filled with people who are afraid of what they show, just because their skin isn’t as white as snow.
We are here to let you know, that you won’t make us feel that low.
And that just goes to show that we will never let love go.
You never say you’re sorry for all the pain caused by the worry.
But here you are with your head held high making brazen statements that seem to be all a lie.
Since it is now up to you, I’ll leave you with this.
Please just make sure our world still gets to exist.
—  gaybyday-gaybynight


i wanna write poetry about birds.
wings, fine bones, sharp lift 
of air. faraway fragile nests.
& the music, how i always forget
the music is why my poetry is birdless.
also because when picturing the
sky i think of flaming
aircrafts. i go to bad omens,
warfare, holes in the ozone.
all things nocturnal & strange.

yet another flightless passage:
it carries silence, sheds scales,
slithers & asks for nothing
celestial or foul.

One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with the environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole.  We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.

Ottmar Edenhofer, United Nations climate official

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.” - Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change,

Investors.com editorial - This is how the global warming alarmist community thinks. It wants to frighten, intimidate and then assume command. It needs a “crisis” to take advantage of, a hobgoblin to menace the people, so that they will beg for protection from the imaginary threat. The alarmists’ “better world” is one in which they rule a global welfare state. They’ve admitted this themselves.