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“I’m sorry…”

Happy belated birthday, @ka-zu-ya​! IMOUTO IS HELLA LATE BUT YEah ok I have no excuse

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Voltron Legendary Defenders A Powerpoint

or What my dash taught me about the space gays

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Go WATCH THIS it’s on Netflix okay.

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Yes, unfortunately for us, she has deleted her blog. I think she needed to step back from the fandom stuff to focus on sorting out things going on in real life.

There will always be a dancelikeandrewscott-shaped hole on my dash, but the most important thing is that she’ll be okay. Stay strong, dancypants 💕


Hey guys!!!

I’m back again!!

So, as you can see, these pictures are from the ending of Zootopia.

And I gotta say, this is one of the most funniest scenes in the movie 😂.


That’s not what this post is about.

Even though I love this scene, I have a question:

How come Flash, who’s a SLOTH, how can he be able to drive a sports car?!

Think about it:

He’s a Sloth, which means that Sloths are slow.

So how can Flash turn the wheel in a car very fast?!

Is there like a special feature for Sloths?!

I know it’s used as a joke, but, just think about it 🤔.

And that’s my take on it.

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Just had to unfollow someone cos literally they made me want to slap some sense into them and tell them to grow up and realise life isn’t disney…now am left with a massive hole in my dash as they were one of the best multifandom blogs I followed. So if anyone posts awesome stuff (LOTR, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, random stuff which is hilarious etc.) please please reblog/like this so I can check you out!
Best way to find out if you’re what I’d like to follow is to look at my blog and see if we post similar stuff

Open RP }

The ground was crumbling beneath his feet, cracks and holes appearing randomly as he dashed towards the only safe part of the cave. With a loud gasp, he flings himself against the cave wall, hands trying to find the right edge to grip on to. Quickly, he managed to scale the cave wall and crawl into the smaller cave above, his hands shaking and his wounds dripping with blood.
Carefully taking his sword out of his belt, he advances in the cave and curses softly when he notices another person in the cave already.
“Hello?” He speaks softly but that doesn’t prevent his voice echoing loudly in the small cave.