hole cat

givenchy & gold (m.)

;pairing — jungkook/reader

;warnings — sex | implied exhibitionism | mild dom/sub tones | if u’ve got a praise kink then ur gonna love this | mentions of daddy kinks | instances of spanking 

;summary — you’re the supervisor of the clothing department with a lot of useless lingerie knowledge, jungkook is the jewelry department’s defiant hot boy who flirts in wristwatch brands. basically an upscale retail au, but with lots of implied under-the-counter sex. and when an opportunity presents itself to fuck each other in the boss’s office after hours, you’re both too hot for each other to say no.

;word count — 20k im so sorry

part i | part ii (coming soon!)

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Reasons Hustle Cat is the literal best
  • lets u be gay
  • lets u use they/them pronouns
  • lets u change ur pronouns whenever u want
  • is a choice-based visual novel that starts out like a dating sim
  • has cats and magic and coffee
  • player character literally is the internet in a nutshell
  • characters include:
  • hayes baby the precious adorable cinnamon roll
  • mason my queen please punch me in the face
  • finley the cutie pie nerd
  • landry who likes nature and building things
  • reese the sarcasm machine who also does fashion design and likes romance novels
  • goth dad aka graves
  • captain deviantart rust man
  • did i mention you work in a cat cafe?
  • you work in a cat cafe
  • one of the cats is named bramblepelt. i assume graves went through a warrior cats phase?
  • you get to date one of ur hella cutie coworkers
  • with every route you go through, you unlock more info about the story
  • super secret 6th route
  • potential for sads
  • funniest fucking lines okay
  • the conversation about being in a band im dying
  • “how do you spell spider with an x” “goth willpower”
  • im screaming
  • its twenty dollars on steam but you can find lets plays on youtube

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anonymous asked:

Leonard seems like the person that would knock things over if people aren't paying enough attention to him like he would knock his own cup over I swear and it doesn't have to be talking to him or anything you have to acknowledged that he walked into a room one time he walked into the cortex and no one even looked at him so he just pushed the mannequin holding the flash suit over he is just a ass hole cat

leonard: pay attention to me
leonard: PAY ATTENTION TO ME *knocks over his coffee*
barry: i was DRINKING that
leonard: >:3c