U.S. judge to question nearly 3-month detention of unnamed American ISIS suspect
Government says period is “reasonable.” ACLU petitioned to represent man held without charges.

A federal judge Monday is set to home in on a question left open by federal courts since the struggles over detentions of suspected al-Qaeda members and other terrorists after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks: how long can the government hold a U.S. citizen captured on the battlefield without letting him challenge his detention?

U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan of the District of Columbia set the 10 a.m. hearing in a petition brought by the ACLU. The organization seeks to represent an unidentified citizen and suspected member of the Islamic State detained as an “enemy combatant” for nearly three months without a charge. He was captured in Syria and transferred to the U.S. military.

anonymous asked:

how bout johnny but his built in heels are 18 inches

now hold on. this makes sense. I dont know anything about horse riding but my friends told me that u need a lot of leg strength or else u need to have like a harness to hold u in and johnny doesnt so. Bare with me on this. 

heres johnny boy in his normal state

ok and then

thats obviously an already improved johnny because adding heels to any character makes them better but im thinking. what if we use that length to create a harness for slow dancer so he physically cannot fall off.

Here’s a diagram

with a bottom view

Practical AND fashionable. I dont know why the horse riding world hasn’t picked this up already, frankly.

I think, anon, you’ve created some innovation here that Araki should look into if he ever writes a spin-off. Good job

i love girls. theyre so sweet and kind they always have a painkiller or a chewing gum when u need one, they always give u a bite of whatever theyre eating, they hug u when ur cold, they hold ur hand so u dont get lost in the crowd. angels

good ass boy things

-when they giggle

-when they do a big sleepie yawn

-when they run their hand through their hair

-when they smile real big and goofy

-messy hair..

-when u hold their hand and it’s warm and safe

-when they space out and get that dreamy look in their eyes

-when they start laughing while they’re kissing you

-when they hold your chin

-when they mess up ur hair (even tho it’s sometimes annoying)

-when they compliment like every tiny thing about you

-when they spoon u

-cuddling in general

-especially while music is playing

-when they bite their lip

-i love boys wtf

peter parker is a Clingy boyfriend

hi i know there are 4000 of these and i already wrote one but i need to scream about clingy!peter so here it is folks enjoy this long ass post lmfao!

  • cuddling is intense because that boy will cling to you like a goddamn koala
  • omg his favorite is when you’re laying down and he’s resting his head on your chest and you’re playing with his hair all softly
  • he doesn’t even care that you’re totally messing it up because it feels so good
  • this boy is deadass like a little kitten
  • he will lean into your touch subconsciously like if u put your hand on the side of his face while you’re cleaning him up after his spiderly duties

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tfc is such a special book tho like normally it would take a few chapters to completely fall in love w the main character but w neil josten ur in the second sentence and suddenly ur holding adoption papers and u have no idea that in a few hours ur gonna be tryna make ur way as a single parent of 9 broken misfits in a cruel world of ravens imaginary sports and the japanese mafia like wow thats Special