So if you’ve been following PLL writer Bryan Holdman’s twitter tonight, he’s been answering fan questions.

Someone asked him to describe the last episode of the season with one word

His word choice: ovoid.

Seems weird, doesn’t it? Ovoid refers to an oval, egg-like shape.

Then, someone asked for the first word that comes to mind when they say Ezria. What did he say again? Ovoid.

How could a word used to describe Ezria also be the most important word to describe the finale? This seems like a major hint.

Fans tried to extrapolate that this “ovoid” hint was related to the shape of a pie, which relates to Ezria and seems to be a hint that we can’t crack, and they also suggested that it hinted at a character getting pregnant, but he responded saying that people were reading too much into his oval.

So we need a simpler explanation.

An oval is like a misshapen circle, and a circle refers to a cycle, something that goes and goes and never ends. So making a circle into an oval shape could mean that a cycle is slowing down and possibly coming close to ending. Cycle of what? Cycle of lies/secrets? 

Is Ezra Charles...? Hints

As many of you might have already heard, Holly Marie Combs (the actress who plays Ella on PLL), recently posted a jaw-dropper tweet. Here you have the screenshot.  

She’s CLEARLY saying that Ezra’s middle name is Charles. But a lot of fans think this is obvious, therefore that tweet is a lie to mislead us. But I don’t think so. I think this is true, I think she posted this because everyone will think it’s a lie.

Remember when Marlene posted some tweets teasing the fifth season finale? These tweets are REALLY important. REALLY.

Nothing really happened to Ezra in the finale. Everything just happened to the girls. So, what does this tweet even mean? There’s a huge hint here. Maybe Marlene is referring to Ezra as A, not as two different people. She says ‘Just ask Ezra’, like he is the one with a wicked sense of humor…

I’ve asked Bryan Holdman via twitter a word to describe the last episode of the fifth season. He replied ‘Ovoid’. Here you have the screenshot


Everything leads back to Ezra (and Aria). And as you might remember, A tried to protect her.

We found out in the fourth season that Ezra was writing a book, and that he had always known Aria. Even in the first episode (Pilot), where they ‘met for the first time’ in the bar. CREEPY! He is one of the creepiest characters. 

He is keeping a secret. Is he Charles?

Keegan Allen really has brought something special to that character and I think it is this strength of just his personality and his loveliness and the ways in which he kind of brought Toby out of the show and turned Toby from this retiring almost ‘Boo Radley’ type of character to, I think for the large part, a real kind of moral center for Spencer and such an opposite from her kind of 'murky’ home life. I think that’s a real testament to Keegan.
—  Bryan Holdman on Keegan’s portrayal of Toby [X]