The hardest part about letting go of someone and deciding to move on is, when you finally make up your mind to truly move on from one person, you know that even if in the future they want to get back together, you know deep inside that you closed that chapter and it will never be read the same again.
I guess this is why so many people try to patch things up straight away, or give second chances.
I guess this is why I am still hanging onto you and trying to make this work, because in a way, I subconsciously know that when i do finally decide to let go of you, it will be real and i’m terrified of never wanting to love you again, for loving you, was the best and worst thing that ever happened to me.

Man and Dog - In the news recently the residents of a small cluster of part demolished homes in the very center of Shanghai halt the property developers as they hold out for a better settlement. Too many to be simply threatened and beaten which is the normal way of solving the problem. More shots to come in the Guangfuli series. #guangfuli #shanghai #shanghailife #shanghaiist #shanghaicity #shanghainese #china #modernchina #citydevelopment #people #life #hardlife #buildings #architecture #demolition #leicaq #holdingon

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Why should I feel like i’m hurting someones self esteem just by being me?

I know for one, that my friendship with her isn’t healthy at all, she’s actually hurt me in so many ways this past year i’ve lost count - it makes me wonder: why i still hold on, why am I still her best friend?

Obviously i’m causing her insecurity without even meaning to, so maybe i’m no good for her either. If i hurt her self esteem that bad just by being me, then maybe thats a sign that the friendship simply isn’t healthy. It can’t go on, yet i’m still holding on….because i’m grasping onto hope; the very hope that things will change.”

My thoughts on a friendship which is crumbling before my eyes. Jealousy is a curse.

—  via flourishingly