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traumatized pansy with a knife, 2017

Images by Carey Lynne Fruth

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[image desc: 6 photos of me with finger waves in black lingerie on an indigo background (1) me in my wheelchair with a lacy robe falling off my shoulders (2) me pushing up off the floor with my legs crossed (3) me holding my wheel and looking over my shoulder while holding a switchblade in my other hand (4) my on my stomach on a couch with my legs crossed and holding a switchblade of the side (5) me in my wheelchair holding a sword and fencing helmet (6) me lying on my stomach with my legs crossed at the ankle holding a blade and looking at the camera]

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Hello Chickens! It’s me the Easter Bunny! I’m here to collect eggs…..yes eggs…to hide for the kids to find on Easter day! You can trust me I promise I’m not going to eat the eggs!

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Steve, Bucky and Sam take the day off from the Avengers. Sam introduces Steve and Bucky to the modern-day wonder of miniature golf.

“So maybe playing mini golf with a sniper was a bad idea.”  Sam tilted his head as he watched Bucky sink a hole in one on the first course of eighteen.  

Steve raised an eyebrow and tipped his head in a maybe gesture.  “Maybe for you.”  Steve lined up his shot and ricocheted it off the sides and corners for a hole in one of his own.

Sam sighed.  “The shield. Right.”  

He lined up his own shot and after two putts, with much resignation, wrote in on the scorecard:

Sassy, 1; Grumpy, 1; Wilson, 2.

By the fifth hole, Bucky had still not missed a single shot. Steve had reluctantly taken a par 2 on the fourth hole thanks to a windmill.  

“I thought you said this would be challenging.”  Bucky smirked.  

Sam turned his golf club in his hand to hold it by the club, pointing the handle at Bucky.  “The fencing is the challenging part.”  He grinned.

Bucky laughed and turned his club to match Sam.  Steve only hesitated a handful of moments before joining in and they were fencing across various obstacles and courses.

“So, uh.  I’m like, a super huge fan.”  Came a voice fro behind them. “But I’m supposed to tell you that you have to stop and, um, leave.”

Steve turned to see an incredibly uncomfortable looking teenager in an Ice Cream Mountain Miniature Golf polo and khakis.  And a group of miniature golf players –families and teenagers and young people on dates (Who says ‘young people’ Steve? You are young people Tony had said once).

“Uh.”  Bucky un-bent his club as inconspicuously as possible and held it at his side.  

“Sorry, um.  I – I really don’t want to throw you out.  I mean, I’m pretty sure if you just like, go back to playing golf and don’t do that again, my boss will probably let you stay.”  He shuffled his feet a little and adjusted his visor.  

Sam, looking sheepish, righted his golf club too.  “Sorry man.  My fault.  We’ll behave.”

The teenager nodded and after a few moments of hesitation and shuffling, turned back to the club rental hut.  Bucky, Sam, and Steve jostled each other as discreetly as possible through the remainder of the courses and managed to only get a few sour looks from the person they assumed was the manager.   

As they left, they took a few pictures with the teenaged employee after he agreed to point them in the direction of the bumper cars (they were thrown out there).


Moving Forward with Paralympian Beatrice Vio

This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world.

Paralympian Beatrice Vio’s (@bebe_vio) relationship with fencing started at age 5. “It was love at first sight,” says the gold medalist, now 20, from Venice, Italy. In 2008, Beatrice contracted meningitis, which resulted in the amputation of both legs from the knee and both arms from the forearm, with severe scarring to her face and body. “Getting back into fencing was the only thing I had on my mind,” she says. “Some people said it was impossible, but I did it!” Today, Beatrice competes in wheelchair fencing, using a special prosthetic device, created by her father, to hold her foil (a fencing weapon). “In wheelchair fencing, you can’t move backward — you can only attack,” she says. “This is the same thing that you have to do in life, and I always do.”

An Analysis on Daggers: Gripping a Dagger

As requested, I will proceed to blurb about how to hold a dagger, I have even spent some time drawing some demonstrations on how to hold them as well.

Before we get started, I’d like to introduce the dagger. There are tons and tons of variations of the dagger as there is really no true standard in defining them other than a short one handed dagger (aka, smaller than a sword). While there are many variations of a “small handheld sword” I will e touching on two main types:

  • Parrying Dagger
  • Rondel Dagger

Keep in mind there are other techniques other than what I will touch upon, based on era, country, and dagger variations. I am just discussing how and why to hold a rondel or parrying dagger. Feel free to correct me, ask me questions, or add more to what I have to say.

So Let’s Get started!

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Which Witch

Summary: Dan and Phil are neighbors, witches, and enemies. Their feud leads to Dan cursing Phil, only for Phil to curse him right back. 

Genre: smut

Word Count: 4.9k

TW: slightly neglected aftercare

(i had this in my drafts in google docs with everything except the smut scene written and i’d completely forgot about it so!!! enjoy my dudes)

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Neil and Andrew getting the cats before leaving PSU + foxes reactions!! (Also your writing is life)

AWWWW this prompt is everything I ever wanted & thank youuu

Warning: Brief descriptions of animal cruelty

  • During Neil’s sophomore year and Andrew’s junior year at PSU, the foxes came to the understanding that they will never ever completely grasp all aspects of Neil and Andrew’s relationship
  • Andrew always did what Neil “asked” and they could never figure out how Neil managed it
    • Nicky is convinced that Neil is offering sexual favors
    • Matt covers his ears every time this theory is raised, unable to face the fact that his little bro is having sex
  • So the foxes were understandably baffled when they walked into the monster’s dorm room and found two kittens sitting on Andrew’s lap
  • And when asked about them, Neil said that he “asked Andrew if they could keep them, and Andrew said okay”
  • Honestly the real story was a bit more complicated than that
  • But the foxes didn’t need to know what transpired between the two when they first found the kittens, shivering underneath the bleachers at the Foxhole Court and mewling at the body of their dead mother
  • Andrew and Neil were running late to their midnight practice with Kevin, having come from a weekend trip in Columbia
  • It was storming pretty fiercely, the loud thunder creating a rumble of anxiety in the pit of Neil’s stomach as they approached the court doors
  • Andrew stopped in front of the padlock but didn’t put in the code
  • “The code is Abby’s house number.”
  • “I know.”
  • “2269”
  • Andrew looked at him like he was stupid, which was such a common occurrence at this point that it didn’t faze Neil
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • Andrew pointed downwards and towards the left
  • Neil followed his gaze past the chain-linked fence towards the underside of the bleachers, a sea of darkness greeting him with the occasional obstruction of industrial supports
  • His shoulders tensed with foreboding. He didn’t know what was under there, but the unknown never treated him kindly before. A resounding thunderclap startled Neil to the point of impatience. “Andrew.”
  • In response, Andrew crouched down so he was eye-level with whatever he was looking at. Neil bent over beside him, blocking his boyfriend’s shoulders from the rain with their shared umbrella.
  • Something moved at the base of the chainlink fence, and as Neil’s eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness he started to make out two small, writhing kittens. They were crawling on top of a larger cat, similar in color to her children. “She’s dead, isn’t she?”
  • Andrew nodded as he watched the kittens with a careful eye. Even though one was slightly larger than the other, they were both obviously malnourished and mangey looking.
  • “Do we call animal control? Maybe maintenance?” Neil started to pull out his cellphone, but was interrupted by Andrew suddenly standing up. He grabbed hold of the chainlink fence, took a minute to find footholds, and then hoisted himself up and over to the other side in one smooth motion.
  • “Andrew?”
  • Andrew didn’t respond, instead choosing to crouch down next to the dead cat and lift the two kittens by the scruff of their necks.
  • “What if they have diseases?”
  • “Then they’ll be perfect murder weapons.”
  • “Not if they murder you first. Andrew, you can’t be serious.”
  • Andrew glared and held the kitten in his left hand above the fence, indicating that Neil should take it. Neil hesitated for a second, but then rolled his eyes and held out his hands. The kitten was deposited safely, but Neil held it about two feet away from him. He had never held an animal before in his life.
  • Andrew handed him the second kitten, and Neil repeated the process of holding it away from his person like they were Kevin’s old Exy socks. Andrew dug his phone out of his pocket, sent out a quick text, and then climbed back over the fence.
  • “We’re going back to the dorm.”
  • “But what about practice?”
  • “Kevin knows not to expect us.”
  • “Oh joy.”
  • They loaded back into the Maserati, the kittens settled on Neil’s lap and wrapped up in Andrew’s PSU hoodie. Neil didn’t want to ask questions, he knew that he and Andrew were done with the truth for truth game, but he had no idea why Andrew felt the need to rescue some abandoned kittens. They were pretty cute, despite probably having a few diseases, but Neil knew that Andrew didn’t care about such things.
  • He stewed over it in silence on their way back to the dorm. When they reached their room, Andrew went to their bedroom and came out seconds later with his laptop. Neil sat down next to him on the couch, the kittens sleeping soundly in his arms. They were still shaking from the cold, but they had stopped meowing about halfway through the car ride. Neil didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.
  • Apparently neither did Andrew, since judging by his google search results he was researching the exact same thing.
  • A few hours passed, Andrew researching everything he could about cat care while Neil held the kittens and dozed off. Occasionally Andrew would stand up, get something, and then sit down. At one point he grabbed a bowl of milk and microwaved it, setting it at Neil’s feet and coaxing the kittens into drinking from it with small nudges of his hand.
  • Neil swung his feet onto the couch, since a half an hour had gone by and Andrew wasn’t budging from his cross-legged position on the floor next to the cats. He was just beginning to doze off again when Andrew spoke up.
  • “Cass had kittens once.”
  • Neil shifted on the couch to face him and the kittens, his full attention hanging on every word Andrew spoke. “What happened to them?”
  • Andrew’s eyes went dead and Neil’s stomach dropped, “Her son partially buried them in the backyard and then ran them over with a lawn mower.”
  • Neil swallowed. That sounded like something Nathan would do. His eyes travelled to the helpless kittens climbing over Andrew’s lap, softly mewling healthily now that they had their fill of warm milk. “Where’s the closest store that sells pet supplies?”
  • Andrew looked up at him slowly, his expression carefully blank. “Cats can live for up to 18 years.”
  • “I’m sure we can manage to stay alive for that long.”
  • “The average cost of owning a cat is five hundred dollars a year.”
  • “We could appoint Matt as their godfather if we do die.”
  • “That’s $18,000 out of your precious paycheck.”
  • “They could be the Exy team mascots. Dan would eat it up.”
  • “They’ll pee all over our clothes and scratch all the furniture.”
  • “Maybe Nicky could name them. God knows we could never come up with anything he’d approve of.”
  • “Kevin will kick them out of the dorm the moment he sees them.”
  • “Since when do you ever listen to Kevin?” Neil was off the couch, sitting on the floor in front of Andrew with his legs spread out on either side of him. The kittens slept peacefully between their laps, oblivious to whatever was happening. Neil leaned in, his lips dangerously close to Andrew’s. Their breaths mingled together, the smell of cigarette smoke that clung to Andrew like it was his natural scent electrified the air and encouraged Neil to lean in even closer, his lips brushing against the shell of Andrew’s ear.
  • “Andrew, yes or no?”
  • Andrew leaned away from Neil and sent him a glare, but Neil knew better than to take it at face value.
  • “Yes.”
  • The dorm door burst open right as Neil was about to take Andrew up on his double meaning. Nicky, Matt, Dan, Allison, and Renee stood shell-shocked in the doorway, wide eyes and open mouths abound.
  • Unfortunately they all started shouting at once
    • “We heard something meowing and–”
    • “Oh my god were you guys just about to make out–”
    • “I thought you guys were at night practice–”
    • “–we just wanted to make sure you weren’t torturing any cats in here.”
    • “Don’t glare at us Andrew–”
    • “–and we MISSED IT?!”
  • Andrew made to stand up, but at his movement the kittens were jostled and unfortunately revealed to the gaping foxes. A resounding gasp from each fox rang out as they noticed how little and small and cute and oh my god their little faces!
  • One glare from Andrew shut up both Matt and Nicky simultaneously
  • “Okay, one question and then we’ll shut up and leave you guys alone,” Allison pushed her way to the front of group, pointing at the kittens that Neil had snatched up and hidden from their excited outburst, “how the hell did you convince the monster to get kittens?
  • Neil gave her a blank stare.
  • “I asked.”
Pinwheel || Seokmin || Oneshot

Originally posted by the1the8

Word Count: 2184

Genre: fluff (?), angst (?)

Summary: Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to grow up. Sometimes you lose things but sometimes, you’ll get them back. Even if it’s a long way into the future. Based off of Seventeen’s Pinwheel

You rushed out of your room, nearly slipping on the carpeted floor as you flung yourself to the door before you paused to shove your feet into your shoes. You glanced at the umbrella stand and frowned. There were two umbrellas but there was something missing.

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Please? Part Twelve

This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  10. Please?
  11. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 2066 words
  • Warnings: Language

Only two prisoners survived that day. You were lucky that Daryl was there to keep you safe, to keep you sane. Watching as the others killed those men, it wasn’t exactly unnatural anymore. You just weren’t used to it.

But with the bad ones gone, things were peaceful around the prison, getting back to semi-normal life wasn’t so hard once everyone started working together, including Daryl. He was a lot happier knowing you could go on runs now, that you know how to kill walkers without hesitating.

You had moved everything into a cell at the end of the block, hoping Daryl wouldn’t mind. He had a few things to grumble about but all-in-all, he was just happy to be there with you, without much of anything to worry about except for getting this place up and running.


“Rick?” You walk over and touch his shoulder gently, waiting for him to turn around and face you.

He turns and smiles, a genuine smile. “How can I help you?” He asks, his drawl thick and a little rough, though still very welcoming.

“Have you seen Daryl?” You ask, taking another look around the field. It’s completely empty of bodies now, just lots of space to do whatever with. It starts to feel like Hershel’s farm again, a nice, homey feeling.

“Here!” Daryl pops his head around the truck that’s overturned in front of you. Startled, you take a few steps back and Daryl cracks a long smile, trying to hold back a chuckle. “Sorry, darlin’. You was asleep an’ Rick needed me.”

You shrug your shoulder and shake your head. “It’s fine. I was just worried they sent you off without me.”

Rick chuckles. “I don’t think he will go anywhere without you, Y/N.”

“’Ey.” Daryl walks over and throws his arm around you, pulling you close to him for a kiss on the side of your head. The affectionate side of Daryl was nice, especially when he lets his guard down and does little things like that in public. “Can’t leave her behind. She’s got my back.”

Rick nods and smiles, looking over the two of you to Carol, who is helping T-Dog with something on the other side of the truck. “Where’s Glenn and Maggie?”

She looks over, shrugs, and turns back to T-Dog before the two walk over, Carol with her hands on her hips and T-Dog with a smile on his face, as always. You shoot him a warming smile before Daryl starts speaking.

“Tower.” He lets go of you and points to the tower you saw the two lovebirds disappear in last night.

“That tower? Weren’t they there last night?” Rick puts his hands on his hips and looks up, then shields his eyes from the burning sun.

Daryl smirks and takes a few steps ahead. “Glenn!! Maggie!!!” He calls, his voice causing your brain to rattle, but in a good way. The quiet ones are always the loudest.

A head shoots up, moving quickly around the tower and poking out of the door. It’s Glenn, and he’s fussing with the zipper on his jeans. He’s shirtless and you can hardly see his face, but you know he’s blushing.

Everyone laughs, watching Maggie appear then disappear again, a little bit of her head still seen as she pulls her shirt on, still inside the tower.

You glance at Carol, whose beside you, and laugh, bumping your knuckles with her. “Awe, aren’t they cute?” You tease in a whisper.

Daryl places his hands on his hips, mimicking T-Dog and Rick, squinting up as he watching Glenn fix himself. “Ya comin’?” He calls, that smirk still smeared across his face.

Glenn pauses then glances inside, looking at Maggie with confusion across his face. “What?” He calls back, his fingers are still fumbling with his belt.

You, Rick, Carol, Daryl, and T-Dog all bust out in a fit of giggles. It isn’t a secret that Glenn and Maggie sneak around, finding hiding places for themselves almost every chance they get, but it isn’t often when half the group finds them and gets to tease them.

Daryl clears his throat. “You comin’?” He laughs as he asks, he shifts his weight from one foot to the other and glances back at you, giving you a wink.

Glenn is silent, but Maggie walks out and shoots Daryl a nasty look, her shirt all askew on her tiny frame.

“Alright, enough fun.” Rick chuckles, trying to pull the attention away from the two. “Come on.”

There’s a pause after he turns away. You follow his gaze and notice two figures walking up, one much shorter than the other. That’s when you realize it’s the prisoners.

“Come with me.” Rick motions for Daryl and takes off to meet them halfway.

“Stay.” Daryl catches your hand and keeps you still, looking you dead in the eyes. He takes off without letting you reply, following Rick and taking his place behind him.

Not wanting to argue, you stay closer to Carol, listening in to the two men complain about the dead bodies they had to burn, try to argue their case to live with the rest of them, tell Rick they were good guys, just went the wrong way once.

It doesn’t take long. Daryl and Rick shoot them down, send them back. None of you want them around, not after what happened. You don’t feel comfortable around them, Carol doesn’t feel comfortable around them, and it isn’t just because of their uniforms.


“I wonder if there are any razors in there.” Carol lets out a breathy laugh and puts some of the firewood into the truck that the men already brought over. “It would be nice to know the feeling again.”

You have the door open, sitting in the driver’s seat. You giggle and nod your head, some hair falling into your face. You have wondered about cutting it once or twice. “Oh, don’t even mention that! I just want to feel what it’s like to see my legs again.”

Carol laughs and she leans against the truck, her foot crossed over her other. “I imagine Daryl doesn’t care what those legs look like.”

“Carol!” You giggle and playfully throw a twig at her. It misses her, landing just in front of her. “He doesn’t pay attention to things like that.”

“Really?” Carol crosses her arms and glances over at them. Daryl, Glenn, and Rick are walking up to the fence with armloads of wood. “Honestly, I picture him as the type that wants a clean shaven woman.”

“I don’t think he knows what he wants.” You reply, watching Daryl stretch out his arms, flexing them unknowingly, and holding back the fence for Rick and Glenn to get through. “He doesn’t seem to understand how relationships work.”

Maggie walks over and leans on the door that is open and looks at you, her face still bright from the events of this morning. “Daryl? How do you mean?” She scrunches up her nose when she asked.

“It’s no big deal. I mean just little things, like when we first got here, he thought I would want a cell to myself. We haven’t been apart in months and suddenly he thinks I don’t want to sleep with him anymore.” You explain.

“Wait, haven’t you guys…?” Maggie trails off and bites her lip.

Carol exchanges a look with you before you both look over at Maggie. “We aren’t rabbits like you and Glenn are.” You huff. A little blush spreads across her cheeks. “But… no. We haven’t. And I’m not going to push him.”

“Too bad they don’t have vibrators in there.” Carol kids, a huge smile spreading across her face.

“Carol!” You laugh. The thought has crossed your mind, you didn’t want to admit it. Daryl just wasn’t into anything beyond a little kissing or holding. Not even before, on Hershel’s farm. Those long nights in his tent while he was injured, most of them were spent with his head in your lap and nothing else.

Not that you’re complaining. The times you get to spend with Daryl alone are fantastic, even if nothing happens. You’re just happy he wants to do anything at all. It’s better than having him mad at you and the group.

“Go Hershel!” Glenn’s voice carries across the land, scaring you and Maggie, but all three of you turn to see Hershel walking across the road, a pair of crutches supporting him.

You smile. You’re glad he’s doing great, walking on his own. You were afraid he wouldn’t want to get up and do anything, but then again this is Hershel, and he cannot stand to be the man down. Even in his old age, he did a lot of the work when you were on the run, staying in random houses. He fought a lot.

He has two daughters he has to protect, and then you. Hershel helped you so much, so many times, you feel like you owe him something.

In your thoughts, you didn’t notice the figures behind Hershel, Carl, and Lori. You don’t notice until someone screams and Carl’s face falls, turning around to see what’s behind him.

Jarring you out of your thoughts, you see walkers, nearly two dozen, spewing out around the three. They’re fast, faster than normal.

You and Carol race up the hill, Maggie just ahead of you. You can’t remember where your gun is, or if anybody else has one.

Half of them prove you wrong with guns going off left and right. You hear Daryl and Rick calling for you and Lori. Carol hands you a gun and both of you start to shoot, aiming at heads and running over to one of the gates, after making sure Hershel and the others are safe somewhere.

Maggie calls for you and Lori, waving you over through a door. You look over your shoulder and see Carol is gone and so is T-Dog.

“Y/N!” Maggie calls, shooting at a walker that was sneaking up on you.

After a jump, you run over, running by Maggie and helping Lori and Carl through the hallways.

“Was Daryl okay?” You ask. “Carol? T-Dog?”

“I saw Hershel and Beth. They’re safe.” Lori nods and waddles her way through hallway after hallway, trying to avoid the walkers as they come from each and every direction you try to go.

It’s hell all over again—the farm. This brings back memories you thought you had hidden away, causing you to panic just a little more.

Carl is being the front man, leading you all through the doors with little to no monsters, shooting the ones he could. He’s so brave, he doesn’t deserve this. He doesn’thave the chance to be a kid, a teenager, a son.

“Oh!” Lori falls against the wall and holds her stomach. “No…”

“What?” Maggie lowers her gun and looks over. Your heart speeds up the second you see her face. That is the face of someone under a lot of stress, and someone about to deliver a baby.

“The baby is coming…” She mutters.

Maggie and Carl freeze, glancing at each other before you and Maggie grab her and pull her into a room. Carl shoots off a walker and runs in after, closing the door and locking it the best he can.

Alarms start sounding. Lori screams. You cover your ears and sit against the wall, the gun still in your hand. You feel helpless, wondering if this is going to be your resting place.

“I have to give birth. Now.” Lori stammers.

You open your eyes and look over.

“Carl. You’re going to have to help me. Y/N—“

“I can’t.” You bite your lip.

Maggie sighs and waves Carl over as she helps Lori out of her pants and onto the floor, spreading her legs. “Nothing… I can’t tell!” Maggie sounds frustrated, yet serious. Then again, she is always serious these days, hardly ever cracking a joke. She’s tough as nails.

This isn’t how things are meant to go. Lori is supposed to have the baby in a nice, calm area in the prison. This building was meant to be safe. Carl is supposed to be living like a kid, playing around in the grass. You and Daryl should be lying in your bunk right now, holding each other and knowing everything will be alright.

Will Byers and the Strange case of the Not Gays

A few house keeping details before I get into it. If you don’t know “a case of the Not Gays” is when writers put in needless plot points (a boyfriend or girlfriend who is useless and does nothing) or random dialogue into a story (film, TV whatever) to show that a character isn’t gay. 

secondly I think we can all agree that the Duffer Brothers were aware of and influenced by fan ideas/theories when it came to season 2. I mean we just need to look at Barb to see that (am I misremembering or does Nancy literally say “Justice for Barb” at one point?) 

So to what I wanted to talk about. Will Byers case of the Not Gays in season 2. I want to make it clear I don’t think that Will’s character was suppose to be gay. Stranger Things is very much rooted in a straight white make nerd experience. As such it would be, unexpected for Will’s character to be intentionally have been coded gay. However many people noticed a few things. In the first case Will himself is small slight, delicate physically, he’s really the least athletic of the Stranger boys, he’s very much into art, and has a close relationship to a loving and supportive mother but a bad relationship with a gruff hyper masculine father. These are all common stereotypes about gay people in general and show up in media a lot.

From there we have what is said about Will. When Joyce reports him missing she says that Will’s father said he was gay (I forget how she put it) and Hopper asks if he is, Joyce does not deny it and asks “does it matter?” Now all of this is rather odd I mean Will is missing why does what his shitty father says about him matter? Also it’s 1983 being gay is not okay in general society and surely not a thing that a 12 year old is support to be in the 1980s. So if in 1983 some one asks if your kid is gay the normal reaction no matter how open minded you might be would be a sharp “NO!” People jumped to the rather logical idea that Joyce full of fear and anxiety was thinking through her fears for her son. He’s missing it’s the worst nightmare so all the other stuff she stresses about with Will is bubbling near the top of her mind. She’s worried he’s gay says it to Hopper. Also Joyce is Will’s champion always, so when confronted by Hopper’s question she can’t say no. This is has been a lot of people’s reading of that moment.

Likewise the bullies, Troy and James, call Will gay at least twice. Now calling someone a “fag” is a pretty common insult, particularly for middle school boys. However these bullies seem to have picked out each of the Party’s nicknames to hurt on a deeper and more personal level. Frog Face for Mike, Toothless for Dustin, and Midnight for Lucas, why pick something impersonal for Will? Why use a generic insult against Will but not the other 3? Why not make fun of his size, the fact that he’s poor, or his bowl cut? People, fans have suggested that maybe that’s because they know/understand slaps at Will’s sexuality are more cutting then other things might be. 

Finally some people have pointed to the scene where Mike tells El that friends can tell each other anything, even stuff they can’t tell parents. Some people have read that as awn implication that Will came out to Mike, or at least talked about it with him. 

This fan idea got big enough that Noah Schnapp addressed it directly on his Instagram. Again I’m not saying that the character of Will was ever meant to be gay, or even that he “should” be. I’m only saying there was some gay subtext to the character that many fans saw and talked about on-line and it’s very unlikely if Noah knew about it that the Duffers did not. 

So lets look at Will in season two. Much like season one Will spends most of it “out of it” not really interacting with people in a normal context, however there two moments when he does interact with peers in a normal way. One is in Episode 1 of Season 2, Mad Max. The boys are watching Max skate board and debating if she is the Mad Max that beat Dustin’s high score on Dig Dug. Will is in the front of the group holding on to the fence and when Dustin calls her awesome for skate boarding Will smiles. When the boys lose her it’s will who first turns to look for her and finds her, he Dustin and Lucas all break into a run at once to fish out what she threw in the trash. This whole time Will is interested and engaged with this girl watching thing, he smiles and talks and runs, etc.

In the very next scene Will has a doctor’s appointment and we’re told by his friends that he was quiet, Mike is clearly worried about him. Meanwhile through the whole Max watching scene Mike hangs behind his friend, doesn’t run to fish out Max’s trash, throws cold water on the whole thing. So why if the point of the next scene is “boy we’re worried about Will, he seems withdrawn” why would do a scene where Will seems very lively and engaged, particularly when you clearly have a character who is not into it, is withdrawn while still being with people in Mike? 

Will never again interacts in any way with Max who becomes the center of a Lucas Dustin love triangle. Which raises the question why give Will the central role of speaking first in the scene and noticing her when she “gets away” and have him run side by side with Lucas and Dustin? why miss a visual chance to set up that this is Dustin and Lucas’ “thing”? Well one easy answer is the Duffers (or whoever) wanted to show that Will is interested in girls. 

Second moment is in Episode 9 of season 2. Will has beaten the odds again, and is at the Snow Ball, and a random girl we have not met before this moment asks him to dance which he does. This is very strange, in fact nearly bizarre. For one thing all of AV Club are losers, like the biggest nerd who no one else likes right? thats a core part of their story. Noah has a number of school scenes were clearly he’s very uncomfortable EVERY one is looking at him in an unfriendly way it’s meant to bring up uncomfortable feelings many people had about school. Also we have a long scene where Dustin, now with new hair and self confidence tries to ask a number of girls out and the turn him down flat, it seems very strange that we have that with Dustin but a random girl goes to dance with Will for no reason.

Even thematically it’s weird for that to happen to Will, the rest of the gang is there to deal with some pretty major character stuff. Dustin is there to have a moment with Steve show their new brothers type relationship, to have Nancy dance with him and give him the loving and supportive speech that so many people needed to hear at that age, and to full circle with the pizza moment in season 1. Lucas is here to finish the love subplot with Max and get the kiss. Of course Mike is here to reunite with with El and dance with her, I mean people have been writing them getting reunited at the Snow Ball fics for a year now, fans and the story demands it. 

So why is Will there? what character business does he have to settle? none? placed next to these big character moments all the other character his age has it seems weirdly mismatched to have him just walk off with some girl. Unless him WITH A GIRL is suppose to get our attention, right? like our brains are all keyed up to “big moments!” because they’re happening to everyone and what’s Will’s? a girl a random girl is like “dance with me” hm I mean I’m not a Duffer or anything but wouldn’t a moment with Johnathan make more sense? after all he said Will was his best friend and Will said nothing back to that. 

As a foot note, people call Will queer and a fag all through season 1, not to his face, but it’s in the season a fair bit. It doesn’t happen at all in season 2, he’s only ever “Zombie Boy” it gets used about other characters, but never Will, even though he’s being pretty actively bullied, make of that whatever you want. 

It seems to me, and this is just me, but that the Duffers saw the internet theory about Will’s character and quickly penciled in a case of the “not gays”  for Will. Again I’m not saying Will should be gay, but I would like it, if a character is straight and people think he/she isn’t in large numbers maybe come up with a non-ham fisted way to show they’re heterosexual? Don’t actively put things into your story that don’t work just to show a character is not gay. Also if you have a cast of 13 or so major characters and everyone is 100% heterosexual…. can we all agree to treat that the way we would if a show had that many characters and everyone was white for no reason or everyone was male for no reason? just saying. 

I want to say I liked Stranger Things 2 and it’s worth watching, I didn’t expect bravery or anything from them when it came to this and wasn’t disappointed, I will say they missed a great opportunity because the Upside Down is a great metaphor for being closeted. In any case I just wanted to point something out that’ll bug me if I don’t get it off my chest and I think it’s important to point out the “not gays” when ever they pop up in media. 

Android Comapnion: RAV N0X (Aeternia build)

(thanks for the request anon ;w; i’m in love with this au too!)

happens in the same universe as this AU (chocobros) and this continuation of it (nsfw + ravus)

The coin lands on Heads, which you’ve decided beforehand would grant him mercy:

  • the android that broke through your window is on your floor in a pool of it’s own inky black oil, he smells like burning wires
  • you approach it slowly because you’re aware of the monstrous strength and resilience in that indestructible body, you’ve seen the youtube videos
  • “Pitioss” you command, the universal voice command for system shut down, it works with all androids as per international law
  • RAV N0X twitches repeatedly and turns what’s left of it’s face towards you
  • the only functioning optic repeatedly switches shutter dilatation to focus on your mouth, desperate for relief

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I can’t believe that we’re almost at the end of season one.

Roland is exciting because it has the first new ties we’ve seen in a while. That’s pretty much the only thing that’s exciting about this episode. Except for Mulder running.  And Scully too.

A warning that  Roland is another one of these episodes that I can’t bring myself to show a lot of interest in, so the plot is going to be pretty much ignored.


Mulder feels special in his new Half Moon tie, but while Scully is talking technical stuff in the lab he feels starved of attention. Also that other dude’s tie is looking at him with squinty eyes and it’s making him feel uncomfortable.   He stalks off and stands and points at a whiteboard covered in mathematical equations in the hope that it rubs off on him and Scully will think he’s as smart as she is.  Oh well, he tried.  Later, when they visit Roland, arms-akimbo!Mulder becomes jealous once more when Roland points out the stars she just happened to have on her blouse. Scully never has patterns on her blouses.  If only he’d picked a new tie with stars rather than half moons he could have had that attention.  

Mulder has another chance to impress Scully the following day with his computer skills but he’s wearing the Baffling Baffle tie which decided to baffle him. . But he discovered that his bafflement had its rewards… the stupider he was, the more Scully leaned across to help.  Later they demonstrate their preference for walking through doors together plastered together, face to face.  Mulder’s noticed that she’s put on a few pounds lately and hopes she puts on a few more as it means they’ll need to press closer together to do their special door thing.  

The next day a freshly confident Mulder is wearing the much admired red tie, which I have finally given a working title of Bewitchery in Red. Mulder loves a chase and he took off as fast as his skinny little legs would take him after whoever that was he was chasing.  I noticed that his tie is rather short in the pics where he’s running but gets longer later…  That’s not the only thing that gets longer as Scully got so worked up watching his display of boyish agility that she dragged him into a supply closet where she used her special doctor skills to do a full body inspection.  After fixing his tie it was off to the cryo-lab.  At the cryo-lab, Scully suggests that he might want to cryogenically freeze that incredible organ of his, then laughs when he automatically goes to protect his manhood rather than his brain.  Despite having a heated difference of opinion with Scully, which he almost  feels guilty about being turned on by, he’s still rather pleased with how well Bewitchery in Red has worked for him this time.

The new classy Paisley Paperclip tie makes him feel like quite the executive. He’s looking so business-like in the Seattle Field Office that Scully suggests that he does his share of the paperwork from now on. A phone call comes in and they know squinty tie man has something to do with something and Roland does too, so they go back to the lab, running through the halls.  In the lab they’re aghast to see how bad the acting/effects are that are trying to make us believe  squinty tie is in danger.  Mulder’s a very touchy feely guy, which I love, but I swear one day he’s going to touchy feely one autistic person too many .  Fortunately the ghost inhabiting Roland doesn’t mind so much and goes on to  prevent squinty tie from the horror of having to act like he’s in danger any longer, saving us all.  

Mulder has another new tie in the closing scene.  It has circles on it which look kind of like UFOs if you look funny (which I do).  In a perfect world he’d wear it every week, but in this world it only has one very depressing encore appearance in Season 2.

thecitylightshow  asked:

"The kids, they ambushed me!" If you're still accepting prompts :D

I’m doing 616 (in the old happier times) for this, because reasons!

“How..,” Steve took a breath and wrangled the urge to laugh under control as Tony turned a gimlet glare his way, “How did all of this happen?”

Tony had a penchant for dressing up and costumes, something Steve had learnt well enough over the years of Renaissance fairs and Tony’s strange fascination with Comic Cons. He was a stickler for details, eyes seeking out nooks and crannies of every detail necessary to make costumes look ‘believable’, no matter if people didn’t look so closely most often. Steve remembered Jan’s eyes lighting up when Tony came up with costumes that kindled the designer in her.

He definitely remembered the time Tony had dressed up as Captain America, the costume hugging every inch of him like it had been designed with him in mind.

Steve didn’t think that was far from something that he would have done himself, considering how having Tony in mind was pretty much a constant for him nowadays.

“This is all your fault, just so you know,” Tony declared, standing proud in his Dread Pirate Roberts costume, holding a broken fencing sword. 

“Fascinating how that happened,” Steve answered, letting his eyes roam over Tony casually, silently noting the way Tony’s blue eyes widened a little, “considering that you told me you were going to an investors’ meeting.”

“Steven, you’ve caught bigger lies of mine,” Tony scoffed blithely and Steve wondered what it said about them that such a statement was mere fact and not an awkward accusation, “and you know that Halloween is near -”

“It’s a month away”

“- and Carol is dressing up as Johnny Bravo -”

“She hasn’t even decided - wait, what -”

“ - which is hilarious, well, for her,” Tony jabbed his broken sword in Steve’s direction, “So obviously, I need to get a more classic costume to have better dialogues to quote.”

“So you went with Westley?” Steve asked, not minding the way the black shirt opened at the neck low enough to show Tony’s collarbone and the mask gave a reminiscing quality of the days when Steve could only see Iron Man’s eyes.

“Of course, I did, buttercup,” Tony grinned and Steve rolled his eyes even as he resisted the urge to kiss the grin off the man’s lips. The endearments were a common thing for Tony but Steve could feel his heart clench every time it happened nowadays, ever since he had opened his eyes to the possibility of having more than just a best friend in this man. 

“How does that explain the broken sword and, uh,” Steve coughed to hide the chuckle but it wasn’t completely successful if the way Tony narrowed his eyes was any indication, “the bitten off pants?”

Tony pursed his lips and Steve’s eyes were drawn to them again, the push to lean forward and close the distance rearing up for the umpteenth time.

Maybe it was that distraction why Steve didn't understand what Tony mumbled at first.


“The kids,” Tony repeated, a prim look on his face as he silently dared Steve to laugh, “they ambushed me.”



“Ambushed you”


“Ambushed you”

“You have a wonderful vocabulary this evening, Cap,” Tony said deadpan and Steve blinked at him for a minute before he lost it. Completely and utterly lost it.

“It’s not funny!” Tony protested weakly but Steve was too busy imagining the whole scenario.

“You’ve - you’ve faced evil masterminds in your thong,” Steve gasped out in between laughs, grinning at Tony with unabashed glee, “and you had your pants bit off by kids. In a costume store. Armed with a sword.”

“I am so glad that you find my humiliation amusing, Winghead,” Tony commented but Steve could see a reluctant smile breaking out on the man’s face, “Stop it, come on.”

“I am never letting this day be forgotten,” Steve promised and Tony rolled his eyes, the smile growing as Steve reached out and ruffled Tony’s hair to tease him. 

“I don’t know why I keep you around, Cap,” Tony informed him, poking Steve in the abdomen with the blunt sword, “You are absolutely no help. None at all.”

“Aww, don’t lie, you love me,” Steve teased and caught Tony stilling, a momentary reaction but pronounced when Steve saw his smile freeze and become numb, brittle and breakable. It was the reaction Tony had when someone tore down one of his numerous veils, took off his unending masks and saw something he had thought invisible to the world.

It was the reaction he got when someone revealed a truth he had locked away in his core.

Steve felt his gut clench when Tony relaxed, a practiced smile taking over and blue eyes averting from Steve’s to glance forward like there were more interesting things to observe.

It was a joke. It was a joke they had both made for years now.

I know you love me.

Love you too, Shellhead.

You know it’s all out of love, Mr. Stark.

Steve had teased Tony for years with variations of this. Tony had teased him back, always prompt, always ready.

It was a joke. Wasn’t it?

Steve remembered all the times Tony had smiled differently at him. All the times he had been drunk off his mind and had cried only to Steve. All the times he had resisted help but had finally agreed when it was Steve.

All the times when he had called him endearments that he never called his other friends.

The mornings he called him beloved over a cup of coffee. 


“I swear, if they weren’t kids, I would have considered fighting -”

Steve could see the gears turning in Tony’s mind, as clear as the dreams he had seen of this. A dream that could slip now if he didn’t grab hold of it.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you for months,” he blurted, too sharp, too loud in the rambling torrent of Tony’s monologue. It wasn’t romantic. It didn’t even begin to encompass what he actually wanted to say.

It was everything.

Tony stilled again, the second time in the day, and Steve found blue eyes snapping up to meet him again. Sharp eyes that had always loved him, even when he had been blind.

Tony didn’t ask him to confirm it, repeat it, make him prove it with explanations. He simply stared at Steve, eyes tearing away Steve’s inhibitions and seeking the truth that words never told.

A shuddering breath left his lips and Steve knew that he had been seen. That Tony had found him, the him who loved Tony even before he knew it himself.

“Well,” Tony said, voice a rattle in confidence but clear, absolutely clear in its openness, “Buttercup does deserve a kiss.”

Steve huffed out a chuckle, disbelieving and weak and relieved. This was a dream, he told himself.

The distance was the easiest that Steve had crossed, easier than the leaps he had made through fire and over cracking Earth. Touching Tony’s lips was the most terrifying and satisfying moment Steve had lived through.

This was a dream, he told himself as Tony smiled against his lips.

This was reality, Tony told him as he made Steve smile along with him.

Some general shitty angst


You were standing on top of the school building. It was a nice day so most of your classes had been held there. The next period was meant to be kept on your own class, so none of your classmates would come up there. It was rather rare for people to come there on lunch anyway, so you were safe. Nobody would be there to see you. You had climbed over the fence and were now standing on the edge of the roof. You were holding onto the fence behind you. It was a bit windy, just enough to raise your hair with the air current. You looked down, the school yard seemed to be so far away. You would certainly die if you were to fall from there.

You turned around and closed your eyes for a moment. You didn’t want to see any of it. You wanted your last sight to be the blue sky. You took one last deep breath and opened your eyes. At the same moment you heard the door that led to the roof open. It creaked loudly and you could see your classmates flood to the roof, talking cheerfully and laughing with each other. You were frozen in place. You didn’t want an audience, excpecially your classmates, or All Might for that matter. He was supposed to teach you this class so he was there too. Nobody had noticed you yet, and you dropped your head down, hoping they wouldn’t, but of course someone did.

“(Na-name), what are you doing there?”, Midoriya asked.

Everyone turned their attention to you. They all looked at you with confusion on their faces. You didn’t move or speak and neither did they.

“Hey, come back to this side.”, Kirishima said carefully.

“The fuck you doing there? Hurry up and drag your ass to this side of the fence, loser.”, Bakugou growled.

“Bakugou!”, the whole class hissed.

“Just come here, please (Name). You shouldn’t do something like that.”, Uraraka sniffled.

“Please, just come here.”, Asui pleaded.

Everyone nodded and mumbeled in agreement with their statements.

“Shut up! Shut up all of you!”- you yelled.-“You don’t know shit about me or my situation! So stay out my business!”

Everyone went quiet, glancing at each other and you. They looked worried.

“Youngster, come here or I’ll come to get you. I will not let you commit suicide.”, All Might said.

There it was, the word, the tabu, suicide. It felt like the tension in the air had multiplied. Just with that one word. That one word supposedly meant the easy way out. Did he think any of this was easy? It wasn’t. You had struggled for so long, longer than you ever thought possible.

“So if I don’t climb back by myself you are going to come and get me? Are you sure you’re still fast enough?”, you laughed.

You felt calm, it was almost scary how quiet your thoughts had gone. There were no more nagging voices in your head. No more scary delusions or paranoia. You were totally calm in such an intense situation. Everyone looked like they were ready to jump forward if you moved even a muscle, but they also knew they were all way too far to get to you in time.

“You’ve got a shit ton to live for so get your ass over here.”, Bakugou growled. He regretted his words almost immeadiatly after.

“A shit ton to live for you say? Does that include my parents who care only about my success in school? Or the depression, that they don’t take seriously? Does it include the fact that nobody actually cares?”- you hissed.-“do these give me a reason to live?”, you said as you pulled up your sleeve, to show them the scars scattered all over your forearm.

The moment you had pulled your sleeve up you realized you weren’t holding on to anything anymore. You were falling backwards. You saw your classmates trying to reach you, but none of them could, you knew it and so did they. So you looked up to the sky. The blue sky would be the last thing you saw after all. You felt peaceful, it was weird, but you also felt regret. This was somethig you couldn’t take back. This might have been partly an accident but it didn’t matter anymore. You knew that you would hit the ground any second now, but then you felt someone grab you. It was All Might, he had jumped after you and now did a magnificent hero landing to the ground, holding you.

When he put you down, your legs gave in and you dropped to your knees. You were crying. Now you were terrified. The fear hit you now, when there was nothing to be afraid of anymore. You heard the your classmates voices in the distance, and you could hear them getting closer. They all surrounded you and Asui and Uraraka hugged you. They were both bawling their eyes out and so were a few others. You hugged the two and tried to calm them down. You told everyone you were sorry and that you were fine now. You never knew they would care so much, but now that you did, you were glad. Glad to know there was always a few people who cared.

The Joker x Reader - “Forgive and Forget”

You are 8 months pregnant. The Joker didn’t want the baby at all and you had a terrible fight. Again. In the heat of the moment, he pushed you down the stairs, wanting to get rid of both of you once and for all. This is something you can never forgive…or forget.

Best friends saga: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/153980061476/the-joker-x-reader-best-friends




You scream in pain while the doctor is cutting and snipping at your body under the bloody sheets. After that terrible fall you started feeling worse and worse and by the end of the day your bleeding won’t stop. The Joker brought you the doctor you usually use at your hideout and he is trying the best to help, but the situation doesn’t look too good.

“Would you give her something for the pain so she will shut up?” the Joker sighs, annoyed, watching you squirm from his chair.

“You…you son a bitch, you pushed me…” you utter through your clenched teeth, panting, feeling dizzy from the pain.

“I didn’t mean to,” he bitterly replies.

“Yes, yes you did, you never do anything you don’t mean…” you whisper, wanting him dead for what happened.

“Busted,” he smirks. “I don’t want you or your stupid kid, why didn’t you just die, hmmm? It would have been easier on everybody.”
Normally words like this wouldn’t hurt you, but now the circumstances are different.

“Shut up, don’t say that!” you beg him, holding tight to your sheets while the doctor injects you with a mild pain killer. He can’t give you something stronger because you’re pregnant. It doesn’t help too much but it’s better than nothing.

“I say whatever the hell I wanna say. And stop whining, you’re a hit woman, one of the best, so just tough it out, God dammit!” he scoffs, his eyes burning holes through you.

“I’m going to kill you for trying to get rid of my baby, I swear!” you scream, taking deep breaths, trying not to push. The doctor told you it’s not a good idea so you are trying to do just that.

“Well, fuck, just do it then,” he mutters, getting up from his chair. He takes the gun from his holster and comes to your bed, places it in your hand, then points it at his forehead. “Do it! Free shot! Come on! Do it!” J snickers, looking you in the eyes. Your hand is shaky from the agony you’re going through but you really want to pull the trigger. After a few seconds you just lower your hand, then you press it on the Joker’s chest, giving the gun back to him.

“Get out! I never want to see you again, you monster,” you whisper, feeling another wave of contractions will hit you soon. “Get out, NOW!!!” you shout as loud as you can.
“Gladly,” he smiles, placing his gun back in his holster. “I don’t need you, I don’t need anybody.”

You watch him getting out of the room and you hate yourself for that little part inside of you wanting him to stay.

“Come on, Frost, let’s go!” the Joker urges his henchman that was waiting at the door for him.

“Sir, how is she doing?” Jonny asks, starting to walk besides his boss.

Frost suddenly hears you scream and stops in his tracks. J continues to walk.

“Move it, I don’t have all night!” J growls at his henchman.

“Why…why are you leaving, sir?”

“Because I don’t want to be here, I don’t care,” he shakes his head, amazed Jonny didn’t get it yet.

“With all due respect, boss, I am going in there and I am going to stay with her, she shouldn’t be alone right now.”

“Wh-what?! I told you to come with me,” he licks his silver teeth, getting mad.

“She’s my best friend, sir, and you know it. I am going to stay with her.”

Frost turns his back on the Joker and starts walking to the room where you are kept.

Suddenly, J pushes him against the wall, getting in his face, irritated as hell.

“You dare defying me???!!!”

They stare at each other for a while until Frost slowly unclenches the Joker’s fists from his shirt.

“Sir, she shouldn’t be alone, both of them could die, do you realize that?…”
The Joker takes a deep breath, releasing his hold.

“I fucked up,” he slowly says, stepping back. “But then again I always do so it doesn’t matter.”

He passes his fingers through his hair and begins to walk towards the exit. In a moment of weakness, you scream his name when your pain reaches unbearable heights again.

J stops for a few moments, biting his lips, then covers his ears and runs out.

Frost pulls himself together and steps inside, trying to hide his grimace when he sees so much blood.

Jesus Christ, he thinks, scared for your life. In the meantime the doctor hooked you up to an IV and he’s trying to keep you conscious for as long as possible.

“Jonny, come here,” you faintly smile, exhausted, signaling him to come by you.

“How are you holding up, Y/N?” he frowns, taking your hand and kissing it.

“Not too good…He left?” you ask, feeling tears building up in your eyes.

Frost nods a yes and he squeezes your hand tighter, trying to comfort you.

“Promise me something, Jonny,” you plead with shaky voice.

“Anything, you know that…”

“If I die and my daughter survives, please don’t let him kill her. Please! Please take care of her and don’t give her away ! Would you do that for me?”

“He’s not going to kill her and you are not going to die, ok? Everything will be fine.”

“Oh, Jonny, you are such a bad liar,” you try to joke, bringing his fingers to your red, sweaty face. He caresses your cheek, not liking the fact that it’s so hot. You close your eyes.

“Hey, Y/N, do you remember when we were 14 and I asked you to marry me?”

You open your eyes again and look at him. You giggle a little bit.

“How could I forget?” you place your right palm against his, looking at your tattooed wedding rings. “We were so stupid we got these tattooed on the wrong hand.”

“My old man kicked my ass for this ink,” he laughs, trying to cheer you up.

“Mine too, I was grounded for 3 months,” you wink, but the discomfort you feel building up again all over your body makes you wince.

“I never told anybody what this means, do you know that?” he confesses, kissing your hand again.

“Me neither. I’ll never tell, it’s our little secret, right?”


“I should have married you at one point…” it’s the last thing you manage to tell him before letting out a loud scream.

“You should have,” Frost mumbles while the doctor starts moving around the bed frantically.

“She’s bleeding too much; I really have to stop the bleeding. Y/N, don’t push, please!”
“I…I…can’t…I’m trying…” you answer, loudly breathing. You let your head slip back on the pillow, all of the sudden feeling very tired.

“Y/N, don’t fall asleep,” Jonny sighs, struggling to keep you awake.

You didn’t fall asleep; you actually fainted from the blood loss.

As soon as your eyes closed, The Joker rushed inside the room, screaming at the doctor with the gun in his hand:

“If she dies, you die and everybody that you ever loved and cared for will die too, got it???!!!!”

There’s no way for you to know, but he came back after Frost got inside and waited at the door, listening. J actually almost made it to his car when something weird took place: he suddenly felt a strange pain in his chest and he thought his heart stopped for a few seconds. He stood there, trying to breathe, not understanding what is happening to him. He took another step and then all he was able to do was not to move, stunned, realizing that what he was feeling was probably remorse and regret. But he wasn’t too sure since he always told himself he really has no feelings.

The doctor was able to save you and the baby and when you woke up the only one still with you was Frost. The Joker didn’t want you to know he came back but Frost told you anyway. You didn’t care; all you cared about was to run away into safety, as far away from Gotham and HIM as possible.


You covered your tracks very well, jumping from one identity to another in the following year, moving from LA to Boston, New Jersey to Washington, and now New York for the next month or so. You barely keep in touch with Jonny too, afraid the Joker might sniff you out.

You are heading back to the house on the lonely alley that leads to your fence, holding your daughter in your arms. She keeps on talking gibberish, pulling your earring with her tiny hand.

“Auchie, Evie, that hurts, baby girl. Stop doing this to mommy, will you?” you bounce her into your other hand, starting to look for the keys in your purse.

“Need help with that, Baby Doll?”

Your hand freezes on your handbag and you slowly lift your eyes to see J right in front of you. You gulp, panicked, holding your daughter tighter and turning sideways so you can protect her better in case he tries something.

“How…how did you find me?” you wince, wishing you had at least a knife on you.

“I…ummm, persuaded good ol’ Jonny to tell me. You know I can be very convincing,” he tries to joke but it freaks you out. “Don’t look so scared…Mrs. Frost. I took the liberty of looking through your mail box. Now, that was a shock!” he dramatically gestures with his shoulders. “I didn’t know that was one of your identities, Princess. Now, are you coming back and work for me again? I have a huggeee black list for you to take care of.”

“Go to hell!” You gather your courage and start walking, passing him by as fast as you can. His grin freezes on his lips when he notices how upset you are. You lift Evie higher on your hip and she keeps on waving at her dad, happily smiling for some reason, probably liking his green hair. As the distance between you two grows, you hear him say:

“She looks just like you.”

You keep walking, trying to get to the door when you realize the porch is full of flowers so you can’t even get there. You start kicking the flowers, annoyed and the frustration building up inside you makes the tears rolls on your face without you even noticing. Why did he have to find you? Now you have to move again, and fast.

“Can I see her?” The Joker’s voice is right behind you and you turn towards him, holding Evie so tight she starts whimpering, uncomfortable. You fastly wipe your tears with one hand, backing out.

“If you touch my daughter I WILL kill you, mark my words! Why are you here? Leave us alone, you didn’t want us!” you yell so loud it makes you tremble.

Evie starts crying, scared; she doesn’t know what’s going on. You try to soothe her, rocking her in your arms while staring at the Joker’s blue eyes, completely ready to do something crazy if you have to.

“I’m dying…” he whispers, looking away, hoping you will feel sorry for him.

“We all die!” you shout, kissing Evie’s head and stepping back again when he comes towards you.

“I don’t have much left so I guess you could say karma is a bitch, hmmm? Cancer is going to kill me soon so I just wanted to see you one more time.”

“Please go away,” you whisper. You are so distracted and tense you barely hear what he’s saying.

“Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

“No, I know you’re lying, you bastard, I can always tell when you lie!” you huff, trying to find your keys again.

“Yeah, you could always tell when I bluff, one of your special talents…” the Joker sadly smiles, taking another step towards you.

“Stay right there, I mean it!” you threaten him, aggravated, wiping more tears from your face. Evie buries her little head with ponytails in your chest, cooing.

“Can I hold her?”
“You must be shitting me! Try to touch her and you’ll see what happens to you!!!” you start bowling, finally getting the keys out of your purse and trying to open the door.

“Here, let me help you,” he tries to reach around you and you push him away, crying so hard you can’t even see the lock.

“I said go away!!”

His hands grab you from behind, stretching to reach Evie too.

You struggle to escape and he presses himself against you, making you unable to move since you are holding your daughter too.

“Don’t touch my kid,” you beg him through tears, afraid he will hurt her. “Don’t you dare…”

“I am not doing anything, Princess, I just wanted to hug you both,” the Joker mutters in your ear before letting go, lifting his hands in surrender when you turn towards him. “Can I please hold her?” That’s a word he’s not too familiar with.

“No, never…” you shake your head in denial, forgetting to cry.

“Can you forgive me?”
You give him such a look he feels that weird pain in his chest again.

“N-never,” you cut him off. “I will never forgive or forget what you did.”

“And I don’t want you too,” he is fast in agreeing. “…Can I see her at least?”

“No, she’s upset,” you caress her back, leaning against the door, sniffling.

“Can I just sit here and look at you two?”

You close your eyes and slowly turn Evie towards him even if she fights it.

“Here she is, now leave,” you command, moving her back in the safety of your embrace after a few seconds.

“She really looks like you, baby Doll. And I like the name; but you could have asked me too when you chose it… Sorry, bad joke,” J sighs, seeing the sour expression on your face.

“Go away, J, I don’t want you here.”

“You know, it’s not a good feeling…not being wanted I mean.  Must have been worse for you, after what I did.”

“Don’t you dare playing your mind games with me!” you frown, rocking Evie again because she’s getting impatient.

“I’m not, I swear,” he reassures you, watching you unlock the door and getting inside your house. “Can I come in?”

“NO!” you slam the door in his face, locking it behind you.


You keep on watching him patrolling up and down your porch all night until you fall asleep with Evie on the couch.

When you open your eyes in the morning, it takes you a few seconds to realize she’s not there. Did she crawl down the couch? Sometimes she does that.

“Sweetie, where are you?” you ask, worried, starting to look around the living room, then head towards the kitchen when your heart stops: the Joker has Evie on the kitchen table, holding her waist while sitting on a chair in front of her.

“You are cute, you know that? You look like me too,” he smiles and her eyes get big, no doubt mesmerized by his silver teeth. “I can’t believe I almost killed you,” he talks in a low voice, stroking her cheek and she giggles. “Your dad is a jerk, did you know that?”

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing? How’d you get in here?” you shriek, darting to get her.

“Back door,” J points towards it, and you snitch Evie away. “It was opened.”

Dammit, with everything going on you forgot about the stupid back door.

“Out of my house, now!” you snarl, unhappy J touched Evie.

“I didn’t do anything to her, we just…caught up,” he cracks his fingers, yawning. “I’m so tired, didn’t sleep all night. Can I crush here?”
“No, get out!!!”
Evie is starting to reach her little hands for the Joker when he waves at her.

“See? She knows I’m her dad, lemme hold her, I think she likes my hair,” he snickers, happy at his little victory.

Evie keeps on reaching for him while you struggle to keep her calm.

“No, baby, he’s a bad man,” you tell her and she starts whimpering because she can’t get to him.

The Joker rises up and walks towards you with his arms reaching for his daughter.

“Come on, I want to hold her!”
She squirms really badly and whines until you finally let him have her.

“See? I’m not doing anything,” he emphasis, reaching for the back of his jacket with one hand. He takes out his gun and gives it to you:

“Here, it’s loaded; you can shoot me at any time. But I’m not going to hurt her.”

He then starts walking around the kitchen, lifting her up while she laughs and screams, delighted. It makes your skin crawl.

“I’ll never forgive you,” you remind him, aggravated.

“I don’t want you to,” he stops for a moment, looking your way, wanting to hug you but you will probably pull the trigger so he gives up on the idea. He starts playing with Evie again. “Can you please change your identity? Mrs. Frost sends shivers down my spine.”

“Don’t care,” you grouchily reply.

“Fair enough, hmm?” he addresses Evie while she bounces in his arms, excited. “Mom can keep it for a while.”