holding poke ball

She's beauty, She's grace giveaway !


these three pokes are majestic, but you won’t know what hit ya in battle. 

So heres the lineup…

Diancie- lv 50, modest nature, evs 252 hp, 126 defense, 126 sp. defense, holding a pixie plate, in a cherish, full ivs.

moveset: diamond storm, light screen, moonblast, psychic 

Palkia- lv 100, modest nature, evs 252 sp attack, 252 speed, 4 defense, holding a draco plate, in a ultra ball, full ivs.

moveset: spacial rend, hydro pump, thunder, fire blast

Serentis the Milotic- lv 100, male (he’s beauty, he’s grace…? i like the sound of that !) adamant nature, evs 252 hp, 252 sp defense, 4 defense, holding nothing, in a poke ball, full ivs.

moveset: scald, recover, ice beam, haze 

my deposit pokemon is FEMALE luvdisk, and the code for this giveaway is beautykueen.

this giveaway will go until 11 pm central.

And don’t forget- my milestone box giveaway ! I’m going to make a post about it after i make this. one like = one chance, one reblog = one chance, you can get up to two chances, yada yada… go check it out for more details !

now get depositing ! and boosts are always appreciated :)