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The Day He Called Her A Friend [ Gladion x Moon ]

someone help me.

1. this is one of the fluffiest things I’ve ever written even if it is really short

2. my titles are shit 

3. I’ve decided to add in a new character because of specific reasons and she’s going to be getting a lot of love in upcoming fics ;)

Gladion scoffed, bitting his lip in frustration as he eyed the Synthetic Pokémon in front of him. Bruises and scratches littered its body and its breathing seemed labored. Silvally looked like he was about to collapse but kept a brave face for his trainer.

Across from the blonde was the Alolan Champion, holding the polished Poke Ball that held her starter Pokémon with pride. She shot him a wary glance and raised an eyebrow. He blinked at her for a quick second before sighing, raising his partner’s ball in defeat.

Silvally disappeared in a thin beam of red. Gladion huffed, straightening his back and reaching his arm outward.

“You just keep getting better,” he mumbled gruffly, “no wonder why nobody’s been able to beat you.”

Moon skipped over to her opponent with a giggle, taking his hand and giving it a friendly shake, “oh, don’t make that face! It was a fun battle! Silvally and Lucario seemed really into it this time!”

Gladion crossed his arms, “Lucario’s a little arrogant, he puts himself on such a high pedestal if he manages to land the tiniest scratch on his opponent.”

Moon shoved him with her elbow. She pouted, “give him some credit, that’s his way of motivating himself. He even managed to take out one of my Pokémon, as did Silvally.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

The blonde boy stretched his arms over his head before readjusting the backpack on his back. His lips creased slightly, “well, expect me to be back tomorrow.”

“You always are,” Moon smiled before her face lit up, “wait! Did you forget?”

“Forget what?”

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Palkia- lv 100, modest nature, evs 252 sp attack, 252 speed, 4 defense, holding a draco plate, in a ultra ball, full ivs.

moveset: spacial rend, hydro pump, thunder, fire blast

Serentis the Milotic- lv 100, male (he’s beauty, he’s grace…? i like the sound of that !) adamant nature, evs 252 hp, 252 sp defense, 4 defense, holding nothing, in a poke ball, full ivs.

moveset: scald, recover, ice beam, haze 

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