holding onto each other to get through it


Summery: “Cuddly night with Harry and you can’t stop playing with his hands.”


“You know you’ve got great hands right?” You question your boyfriend Harry.

The two of you have been sitting on the couch for about a hour watching Bob’s Burgers. Well that is until you had gotten bored with the show so you turned to him and began to play with his hand. This is a normal act for you to do so he continues watching the show while giggling to himself.

It takes a few seconds for him to register that you said something.

“Thanks babe.” He says between laughs still not paying attention to you. You begin to trace the veins. He really does have big hands, they don’t look that big until there right there in front of you. You bring his hand closer to your face and begin to lightly kiss each knuckle. That gets his attention.

“What’re you doin’?” He asks lacing his fingers through yours.

“You know I like your hands.” You say as he tugs you onto his lap to where your straddling him. You both let out a giggle. When you’d successfully situated yourself on top of him he grabs your other hand and laces it with his free one.

All of a sudden Harry starts moving your arms around like crazy and makes you do weird motions. You both crack up laughing.

“Your gonna be a STAR!” He yells in a funny voice while holding your arms out and shaking them.

“Quit I’m gonna pee!” you yell between laughter. Harry had the hugest grin.

After a few more weird motions he finally lets go of your hands and put his on your thighs. Still giggling you bring your hand up to your eyes to wipe away the tears. When you finally calmed down you noticed he was looking at you with the goofiest grin.

“What?” You ask raising your eyebrow.

“I’m just so fuckin’ in love with you.” He says bringing your hand to his lips leaving a kiss. Now you break in to a goofy grin.

“And I’m so fucking in love with you.” You say then you grab his face and kiss him.

Goofy Harry was always your favorite Harry.


Sorry I haven’t wrote in SOOO long, I’ve been going through like a mid life crisis (I’m 16 and dramatic please ignore me). But I hope you liked and please send in requests I’m actually going to do them this time! :)


  • the different reactions after defeating Zarkon and after all of the fights that they didn’t have to fight just to keep the universe safe
    • pidge and matt turning to each other with tears in their eyes before they throw their arms around each other and just holding on for hours 
    • lance bouncing on his toes, his fists punching the air, with an unbreakable grin stretched across his face because he gets to go home
    • hunk having to sit down and take a breather because he feels light-headed to the point where he thinks he’s going to faint…and maybe vomit
    • keith gazing down at his sword, thinking about his parents and the family he lost, and then breaking down into silent tears after he realizes that the people around him have become the family he always wanted
    • and then shiro, ripping off his prosthetic arm as hard and fast as he can; throwing it across the room and watching it bounce off a wall and hit the ground, its wires and lights flickering and sputtering until it finally dies; his chest heaving as he tries to calm the sudden rush of visions and thoughts in his head; staring with wide, teary eyes at the rest of his team as they wonder what’s going on with their captain; his knees buckling and his limbs giving out; collapsing to the ground and just s o b b i n g, not even bothering to keep it down
  • the slow realization that shiro isn’t mad or angry or upset; he’s ecstatic 
  • allura and coran being the first to sit down next to him and wrap their arms around his shoulders 
  • keith pulling his head out of his hands to look up, and then immediately running towards shiro and falling right in front of him to press his forehead against shiro’s 
  • pidge and lance following after them, both attempting to hug him from either side 
  • hunk allowing everyone to go before him just so he can hug shiro from behind, gently slipping his arms past everybody else’s, nodding at the other paladins if they came too close to the stub where his arm once was
  • the long, silent walks down the hallways of the castle
    • staring at the healing pods and remembering all those times they thought one of the other paladins was dead, and then remembering the first time they met Allura and Coran
    • laughing at the remaining food goo that hadn’t been cleaned up after the little “incident” (Crystal Venom, I think) 
    • running their hands up and down their beds, knowing they won’t have to sleep there anymore
  • the hope that there’s another monster out there so that they don’t have to go home 
  • the flight back to Earth, passing through endless wormholes and past planets celebrating the Galra defeat 
    • everyone, including lance, asking if allura could slow the ship down so they stay together longer 
  • the panic and then endless excitement from the people down on Earth when Allura first speaks to them and explains what the paladins have done to protect them
  • the swim to shore after they decide to land in the ocean 
    • because of gravity differences and after however many months/years in space, most of them have forgotten how to swim in Earthen waters, but they eventually remember, and then fall over instantly once they reach land
    • lance accepting his fall and kissing the ground beneath him 
    • pidge and matt running their hands through the dirt and sands of the beach realizing that they forgot how soft it is
    • hunk and keith holding onto each other and laughing as they brush sand from each other’s faces so it doesn’t get in their eyes
    • shiro still crying; thankfully calmed down, and now being supported by coran and allura as he’s swarmed with paramedics and reporters
  • the interviews in the hospital 
  • the insane amount of excited kids running in to ask their favorite paladins questions about space and about all of their adventures
    • the paladins deciding that they talk together, and then moving their congregation of fans into the lobby so all of them can be together again and add onto their stories
  • t h e  r e u n i o n  w i t h  t h e  m c c l a i n  f a m i l y 
  • the sudden rain that starts pouring down once they leave the hospital
  • the international, breaking news reports with headlines such as “heroes return from intergalactic space mission: real or fake?” “ALIENS HAVE TOUCHED DOWN ON EARTH” “president awards paladins medal of honor” “world holiday decided today for Voltron heroes” 
  • the laughter as they read conspiracy theories together 
  • the celebration at the Garrison and the immediate ceremony in shiro’s honor
  • the excitement lance feels when someone tells him they’re planning on building a statue for each of the paladins

kevin and neil headcanons because i dont see nearly enough for them

☆neil: what is ‘dabbing’ kevin: absolutely not
☆kevin has to chop vegetables into tiny pieces and sneak them into neils dinners because his eating habits are shit
☆they go grocery shopping together and neil keeps putting junk food in the cart and kevin keeps shoving it back onto random shelves with varying levels of rage
☆neil: do i even weigh anything to you? kevin, holding him a foot off the ground: no. its like holding a bag of grapes
☆whack each other w their exy racquets when they get too Extra during practice
☆scary movie ride or die fans
☆kevin curls up and watches through his fingers and neil punches kevins leg when a jumpscare gets him
☆kevin: *mentions anyone who has even slightly inconvenienced him* neil: you should kill them
☆kevin can always sense neils bullshit and he will, inevitably and invariably, be able to tell when neil is doing Something Stupid
☆neil photobombs kevins interviews at/after games ALL THE TIME
☆kevin: it was a tough game but our hard work paid off
☆neil: in the background wearing 3 pairs of sunglasses and dumping an entire gatorade over his head while maintaining eye contact with the camera
☆neil can suplex kevin
☆they are savage at dragging like god help whoever brings down their Roasting Session upon themselves bc they will taste the wrath of a god
☆neil makes a game of how many outlandish claims he can make and still have kevin believe him
☆neil: did you know i once spent a week in australia and had to eat nothing but jellyfish and twinkies to survive
☆kevin, wide eyed and scandalized: how are you alive
☆neil WILL pick a fight in a fast food restaurant and kevin has to bail him out
☆kevin listens to 80s pop music when he works out and neil finds out. neil Finds Out.
☆neil plays 21 loops of tom jones’ ‘whats new pussycat’ and kevin tells him to put in 1 ‘its not unusual’
☆kevin will send neil a million texts until he gets a response. like in a row, in the span of 15 seconds buzz buzz bitch where are you
☆neil watches chopped and kevin loses his mind because neil will drag a contestant for mixing caviar with peppers while at the same time eating like mac n cheese with nutella
☆they get too into laser tag and get kicked out

thanks i love them

anonymous asked:


- it would be super cliche like they richie was getting constantly hit on by a girl he doesn’t like and even after countless times of telling her he isn’t interested he ends up blurting out “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND, IM SUPER GAY”

- the girl obvs wants to see his boyfriend so poor eddie is dragged across the room and richie just begs him to play along

- eddie holds his hand and even kisses richie’s cheek in front of him and the girl eventually backs off

- people notice this though so now everytime richie goes out with eddie and the others everyone is asking how their relationships is going

- “oh you know, same old same old, can’t keep his hands off of me”

- “i cant keep my hands off you?? then how do you explain last night, asshole?”

- the losers would think its funny at first and tell everyone about the new power couple eddie and richie and everyone just automatically believes it because they’re so close already

- eventually richie and eddie just started holding hands randomly throughout the day and richie always had an arm wrapped round his shoulder

- eddie once kissed richie’s cheek goodbye and didn’t acknowledge it and the losers were like?? ARE YOU TOGETHER??

- stan is very impatient and once the two were giggling to each other ni the corner at a sleepover and he just threw a pillow at them


- eddie asked richie out when HE climbed through richie’s window one night out of a small act of rebellion, he ended up falling onto richie’s floor and busting his lip but richie still said yes as he was cleaning eddie’s cut

Just Married

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Wedding Smut w. you and Luke on your Honeymoon to Bora Bora

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Anon request: Fighting with Jungkook + drabble
It’s not the same as Yoongi’s but I thought this fit better. 
I am so sorry it has taken so long, it has been sitting in my drafts for weeeeks (ask you can tell by the date of the text) I am so sorry
I hope you like it! 

Jungkook x Reader
Warnings: Implied Smut
Words: 1250

You knocked once on the bathroom door and waited for a response. After receiving a text from Yoongi, you rushed out of the door and into the nearest taxi. Reading over the texts again and again, you felt your stomach twist as the guilt set in. Fuck, what had you done. The fact Jungkook thought he was a bad boyfriend made your heart squeeze into your throat. He was far from it, in fact he was the best boyfriend you have ever had, going above and beyond anyone ever had. Making you smile when you needed it, telling you that he loved you nearly every day even when he was on tour. He would always make you feel so loved and important and you couldn’t even let him off this one time. You were being selfish and you needed to fix it. You phone beeped with another text, this time from Taehyung.  

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professor || s.s || p.3

Part One | Part Two

Relationship: Professor!Sebastian x reader

Summary: A one night stand turns into more of a problem when you realise that your professor is your one night stand.

Warnings: Smut (18+), unprotected sex, professor/student dynamics, age gap (10 years), fluff

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: okay this wasn’t supposed to be a smutty part but what can i say things happen when i think of professor sebastian (i do not own the gif!)

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as much as I love the angst potential of Steve and Tony being willing to die for each other, i also want Steve and Tony being willing to do anything to get back to each other.

give me Steve outnumbered in a fight, staring down some villain who’s holding an unconscious Tony hostage. what would you do for your precious lover, Captain? sneers the villain, or something cheesy like that, and Steve’s answer is tear all of you apart and that’s exactly what he does. then he calmly scoops Tony into his arms so he can get him to medical and afterwards they can go home.

give me Tony trapped in a room without his suit while some other baddie gloats over the intercom how he’s torturing Captain America in the next room, given the ultimatum i’ll only let one of you go, Stark, who’s it going to be? and Tony plays along, crying and begging for them to take him instead, and when they actually fall for it, he detonates the handmade explosives he had made and planted while the goddamn idiots weren’t looking. he neatly picks his way through the rubble, finds Steve, and calls for extraction, so he can get Steve to safety where Tony can hold his hand while he heals.

give me either of them battered, beaten, and bone-tired, about-to-collapse exhausted, hanging onto their last shred of life, and they don’t close their eyes and think it’s okay if i die, because at least i’m keeping him safe. instead they push themselves back on their feet and grit their teeth and keep fucking fighting because yeah they’d die for each other, but above that, above everything else, they’d live for each other.

Mirrors (M) | 01

Drabble game request: Jungkook + “Don’t argue. Just do it” + Friends with Benefits au | for @jeonggukes & important banana anon

Character / Genre: Jungkook x reader | FWB!au, smut, angst

Word count: 3,460 words (idk what happened)

Warning: Smut. A little bit of exhibitionism and a much graphic smut. Please read with much caution.

Parts: 01 | 02 (end)

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anonymous asked:

May I please request list form of cuddling with Monsta X? Thank you lovely!

Cuddling with Monsta X


  • giant teddy bear + always warm + huge arms = the best cuddler on the planet !!
  • loves it when you put your head on his chest
  • plays with your hair, sometimes tries to braid it while you’re asleep
  • you wake up with your hair in a weird knot and he claims not to know what happened
  • cuddles anywhere ! and everywhere !
  • you’re laying in bed reading a book? cuddles
  • Watching a movie? cuddles 
  • Making dinner? turn the stove down because Shownu’s gonna wrap his arms around you and not let go
  • i see him being the type to sit you on the counter and wrap his arms around your waist and put his head on your chest so you’ll play with his hair

Originally posted by yoongisbigassforehead


  • a lot of posts I’ve seen hyper sexualize him but tbh he’s a lil squish
  • playful as heck
  • would tickle and poke you randomly to start a war when you’re cuddling in bed and you’re too close to falling asleep for his liking
  • because he’s actually a giant baby that gets bored easily
  • if you’ve ever seen fancams of him at fanmeets you’ll know what I mean 
  • runs his fingers through your hair and kisses your forehead
  • secretly loves being the little spoon/laying his head on your chest while you’re on your back
  • loves the feeling of your fingers in his hair and you lips on his forehead
  • even in the summer when it’s so hot you feel like your skin is on fire he demands to be cuddled

Originally posted by wonho-be-mine


  • this tol bean wouldn’t even be getting out of bed in the first place
  • so cuddles would be near constant
  • not super picky, will cuddle you however as long as you don’t make him get up
  • loves spooning because he can just completely cocoon you
  • but also loves having your head on his chest because its a little less suffocating when it’s hot
  • you can’t resist kissing his cute little face all over even when he threatens to push you out of bed/off the couch so he can have some peace
  • would cuddle the giant koala plushie he got from a fan instead
  • claims he’s joking, he’s not

Originally posted by hyungvon


  • loves cuddling in bed and just talking
  • ideally you have dinner, take a bath together and get into bed a little early
  • so you can just face each other and talk about whatever while giving each other little eskimo kisses and he’s playing with your hair
  • gets annoyed if you don’t dry your hair first because you start sneezing and he complains that you wouldn’t have if you dried you hair
  • realistically his skincare routine takes so long you’re falling asleep before he even gets in bed
  • so five minutes into cuddling… you’re asleep
  • and he’s laying there rolling his eyes, wondering why you look so damn cute wearing his shirt

Originally posted by prettytae


  • literally a boa constrictor
  • wraps himself around you and won’t let go
  • hugs you tighter and tighter until you stop breathing
  • jk
  • but he’s clingy as heck when he cuddles, so you better not have any plans for the rest of the day if you’re cuddling in the morning
  • wakes you up the same way he does with Jooheon in that cute ass video, you know the one
  • except he doesn’t get off
  • he’ll just lay on top of you until you roll him off onto the floor
  • jumps back up and attacks you with kisses until you submit

Originally posted by wonhontology


  • because he’s always working into the early hours of the morning he wouldn’t get much chance to cuddle with you while you’re still awake
  • so the days he does get with you he’d cherish and just transform into the biggest teddy bear
  • lets you snuggle up to him like a little koala *gif* and plays with your hair
  • kisses your head a lot and tells you how much he loves you
  • similar to Wonho, loves being the little spoon/you cuddling him
  • isn’t shy about it
  • comes home and flops onto your lap and buries his face in your stomach and just lays there with his arms around your waist and your hands work through his hair/rub his shoulders

Originally posted by wonhontology


  • loves when you approach him first for cuddles, bc he’s a lil shy
  • thinks you’re the softest thing on the planet
  • completely envelops you in his arms
  • doesn’t even have to be laying down, you guys will be standing in the hallway just hugging each other for like 10 minutes before you realize you haven’t moved
  • refuses to let go of you and waddles while still holding you and drops onto the couch with you on top of him
  • you talk about how both of you days were and just lay there for a while enjoying each other’s company

Originally posted by altwonhoseok

So I haven’t posted anything substantial in like 50 years and I’m so sorry, I hope this makes up for it, I’ve been writing a lot of different things but I haven’t been able to finish any one thing because I’ve been getting pretty bad writer’s block..but I’m working through it! So hopefully I can keep this up again, all I can ask is please don’t spam my inbox asking for updates! It can make me feel pressured and actually is counterproductive …

Roman Godfrey x Reader (Little Prince)

Scenario: You’re a new student at Hemlock Grove, and you draw the attention of, none other than, Roman Godfrey.

WARNINGS: Some swearing and mentions of blood

Word Count: 904

Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

When you first toured this school, it didn’t seem all that complicated. It was just like any other high school. But now that you were navigating the halls with arms full of books and binders and people jostling you as they passed, you were getting a little overwhelmed. Through the crowd of your now classmates, you finally spotted your locker. You made your way through the unforgiving mass of high schoolers to get to the one place in this unfamiliar school that you can call yours. Opening the locker door, you knelt down and put everything you were holding in your arms onto the floor. One by one, you put each book and binder into your locker. Out of all the things to forget on the first day of school, how the hell did you forget a backpack? You shake your head at your huge oversight when you hear a voice above you.

“Where are the decorations?”

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You know what needs more appreciation in this fandom??

Yuuko and Yuuri’s friendship,,, like

-Yuuko being the one to teach Yuuri how to skate?? Yuuko holding onto Yuuri’s hands as he balances on the ice for the first time, slowly leading him through the motions until they’re skating side-by-side

-Yuuko and Yuuri watching Viktor’s performances together, spending hours replicating his routines and emulating it in their own skating.

-Yuuko always knowing exactly what to get Yuuri for his birthdays and Christmas and vice versa, buying each other only the best Viktor Nikiforov Merchandise

-Yuuri always has Yuuko to cheer for him from the sidelines, her voice usually louder than most other peoples’ at Yuuri’s performances. 

-Yuuri helping look after the Nishigori triplets shortly after they’re born and their poor parents are terribly worn out. 

-Yuuri heading to Detroit and calling Yuuko a few times for comfort before he got comfortable enough with Phichit to go to him. Slowly, he calls less and less and drifts a bit further from his friends and family in Hasetsu.

-When he comes back after five years, he and Yuuko spend plenty of time catching up. Staying up late and watching Viktor’s old performances for nostalgia’s sake, even going skating together, just like old times.

-Yuuko is basically fangirling like crazy when Viktor shows up, not to mention how happy she is for Yuuri to be coached by his idol. 

-She also forms a very close friendship with Makkachin while Yuuri and Viktor are off competing, he reminds her of Vicchan whom she also spent a lot of time caring for when Yuuri was away.

-At Viktor and Yuuri’s wedding Yuuko and Yuuri both get a bit tipsy (let’s be honest, by the end of the night Yuuri’s broken out the strip pole again) and start speaking in a language of inside jokes that no one but them understands and people are mildly concerned and very confused about why they are both laughing so hard they can’t breath

-Yuuko and Takeshi babysitting Viktor and Yuuri kid(s), who immediately becomes friends with the triplets

-A beautiful friendship that lasts for the rest of their lives thanks


requested by: n/a

warnings: language as always

pairings: tom holland x reader

summary: the holland family invite you over for christmas! because you came up a few days prior to christmas (so you could spend christmas with family back home), everyone exchanged gifts before you left. a little gift intended for you is ‘misplaced’, until harry finds it on his ‘bathroom break’ while sam plays the piano, and the holland’s + you dance.

a/n: this is a list!! it’s also the first one i’ve done. this is also a story that doesn’t use any type of pronouns so it could read as any gender!! hope you all enjoy! p.s. the summary is vague for a reason ;)

  • you and tom had been together for roughly three years (how fuckin cute)
  • this year, for christmas, tom had invited you up to his house to spend it with his family!!!
  • with this being the first time you and tom would spend a huge holiday together, it had to be perfect
    • it was like walking into disneyland during the winter season
    • listen there would be mistletoe hanging in every doorway
    • and the mixed smell of cinnamon and vanilla bean would fill the house from all the candles tom safely lit
    • a little stocking hanging beside tom’s with your name on it that he totally made by hand
    • and lets not forget about the huge christmas meal tom helped dom and nikki prepare in hopes of impressing you even more
    • plus how he’d run out last minute before you arrived to grab hot chocolate packets along with apple cider packets
  • christmas songs being sung by everyone, even if you had to beg tom to sing
    • DEFINITELY singing run run rudolph with dom into the karaoke mic
  • but when it started to get late, that’s when the presents started to roll in
    • you had packed a luggage bag JUST for presents for the holland’s
    • and BOY did they do the same for you
    • you were like “look at all these presents i- YOU GOT ME??? OH MY GOD
    • let me tell you, everyone would spoil you so much
    • like
    • you were tom’s long term lover, everyone knew you well, and you didn’t feel awkward about any gifts being given to you at all because they were all what you wanted!!!
    • even harrison left you a gift
  • but after every present from the family was given to you, and all of your presents were given to them, you and the family had just kinda sat around drinking the last minute packets tom picked up
  • until nikki suggested sam play some music on the piano
  • when he agreed, everyone migrated to the den with the piano sitting tucked against the wall
  • sam began to play soft, sweet christmas love songs
  • nikki and dom eventually started dancing, and that prompted tom to ask for a dance
    • which was obviously cut short when paddy asked to cut in
    • and that left tom really pouty
    • probably to the point where he acted as though he was dancing with an imaginary you
  • but everything was be interrupted when harry said he was going to the bathroom
  • so everyone just kind of stopped dancing, and sam stopped playing, but gathered around the piano and just chatted a bit about the day
  • you thanked everyone for all of the gifts once again, and said you loved everyone
    • they said it back without hesitation (WOW i love that idea)
  • a few minutes went by, and you noticed everyone was trying to hide a smile, including tom
  • when you asked what was going on, dom just said it was the christmas spirit tickling everyone
  • that was passed off, until harry came back in with a tiny, neatly decorated present
  • “hey, i think we missed one for you, y/n”
  • you were now facing the family, except for tom, who was in your blind spot
  • harry handed you the present and took a step back
  • “you guys didn’t have to get me so much, oh my god. i feel so loved”
    • a “you are loved” coming softly from tom
    • and a “it’s HOMEmade” coming from dom
  • you carefully lifted the top of the small box that had a “to y/n, from the holland’s” tag on the top
  • you revealed a small key with a cursive ‘H’ engraved at the top, and a key chain of tessa that everyone else in the family had on their key ring
  • you narrowed your eyes in confusion and were like “is this a key? to this house?”
  • and nikki was like “yeah! everyone in the family has one. it’s about time you had one too!”
  • you’d be like “you consider me family? i know i’ve been around for awhile but still!!”
  • and then dom puts his arm around nikki and says “well, you do carry the holland name.”
  • and you’re like “??????????????????????????? i’m a(n) y/l/n
  • then tom would speak out in a volume that sounded like he was at a much lower height than you, and say “that’s if you say snow.”
  • and your eyes would widen, and you’d turn around to see tom on one knee with a snowflake shaped engagement ring (because he’s extra as fuck)
  • he’d say something something REALLY cheesy, like “marry christmas me?”
  • and you’d be crying and laughing along with everyone else, and just lay your head down onto the piano while you cried
  • and he’d get up and talk to you like “listen, if i knew that pun would make you this emotional, i wouldn’t have used it”
  • and you’d just laugh a little more and finally raise up and hug and kiss him, all while he’s holding the ring
  • then the family would look at each other, and paddy would blurt out “well, are you my in law or not?”
  • and you’d finally verbally say yes through coughs and tears
  • everyone would be screaming and clapping out of pure joy
  • harry would rush out of the room, only to come back with a camera he had set in a place where you couldn’t see so he could record it all
  • “Y/N SAID YES!!” would be screamed by everyone while looking at the camera
  • the rest of the night was filled with you and your new in laws singing along to and with sam, who would be playing songs like ‘joy to the world’, and ‘i’ll be home for christmas’ on the piano
    • also, not to mention drinking a little celebratory champagne
  • later the next day, the video would be edited and uploaded to tom’s instragram, which would captioned as “Well, y/n didn’t say s(no)w.”
  • nikki and harry would also post cute pictures they took of you both after the proposal happened!!!
  • so, all in all, it was a beautiful surprise that no one will ever forget.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Word Count: 2,221ish
T/W: Fluff! (little bit of angst, Alex has anxiety)
A/N: “IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY MY WHOLE LIFE! Can you do a Hamilsquad fluff where the reader is like really busy and the Hamilsquad thinks that the reader is avoiding them? -Flower Bee anon” 
Tags:  @applesislife ✨ @iworshipmusicals ✨  @othermia ✨

“Good morning ma belle,” Laf purred, placing a kiss to your neck. 

You were the last two in bed. Stretching out, you hummed at Laf’s affection, up until you turned to look at the clock. It was well past when you were supposed to be up. Work was already crazy enough and your boss was stressing you out to no end. Blinking your eyes you groaned, yep, you were late. 

“Shit!” you tossed the covers back and started pulling clothes out of your dresser.

Not realising you had abruptly left Laf’s embrace, you headed to the bathroom to get ready and leave. Laf thought it was strange, but got up, going to the kitchen. Herc was in his studio as usual, but Alex and John were already at work. Laf started to get out ingredients for breakfast. You walked out, dressed for work and hopping as you tried to put your shoes on while standing. As you double checked your work bag, Laf’s arms wrapped around your waist. He placed one more kiss against your neck, before you wiggle out of his grasp. 

“Bye, I’ll see you later tonight,” you gave him a peck on his cheek, closing the door behind you on your way out. 

It was very, very unlike you. Usually you loved the attention. Laf furrowed his eyebrows, walking into Herc’s office. Herc was at work with a soft pink dress, meant to be for you. Laf wrapped his arms around Herc’s neck from behind. 

“Did she try it on for you?” Laf asked, placing a kiss to Herc’s jawline. 

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anonymous asked:

In a perfect world, how would you want Sheith to become canon? Would it be subtle like korrasami or more of a straightforward "I love you"?

Okay, so–let’s assume we’re right about Kuron being a clone, and Shiro is trapped in the astral plane. Finally, Black lion manages to astrally project, and Keith finds Shiro there. And he just, runs right up and flings his arms around him and they crash together in a spray of stardust, holding onto each other as intimately as they did during the hug. Keith’s head nestled in shiro’s shoulder, the fingers of Shiro’s galra hand gently combing through his hair. 

And it’s just them in a world that’s completely still, this liminal space between realities. Their own little corner of the universe. And so, displaced from time and afraid he’ll never get this chance again, Keith starts talking. Ranting, really. He goes on and on about how long he’s been searching, how much it hurt like hell to lose Shiro again, how hard it’s been without him, how much they need him–and then he stops. “How much I need you,” he says instead. 

The confession is clumsy and rushed, it’s Shiro’s strong arms around him while he breaks apart at the seams and chokes back tears that he’s never shed. It’s knowing he doesn’t have a body but still feeling his throat close up like he can’t breathe, and he’s saying everything he should’ve said since Kerberos. It’s Shiro’s gentle ministrations, his soothing voice and soft nature. It’s how he offers Keith a smile and says, “I need you too,” and then in the same breath–“I love you.” 

And then when they get back, there’s these small differences here and there. But they’ve always been so openly fond of each other, and the change is so slight and gradual, it just feels very natural. Almost like nothing’s changed–they’ve loved each other all along. It was just something they never got to say. When all is said done, they return to Keith’s little shack. His home. Their home. “It’s good to have you back,” Keith idly comments, carrying in some of Shiro’s luggage. He smiles. “It’s good to be back.” 

Just deserts

There,  I fixed it.  For @thegladelf and her “boy thinks the worst of himself and is proven radically wrong by his loved ones kink” 6x13 continuation, aka SPOILERS

She couldn’t stop smiling.  And if he let himself forget for a moment, get lost in her delirious joy, in light giggles and soft kisses; In soft looks and her hand reaching for his-  

It’s what he always wanted for her,  and that he was the one to bring her such joy was an honor beyond anything he could have imagined in all his dark years.  But she’s burying her head in his shoulder on the couch, some movie or another long forgotten on low volume in front of them and he’s never felt like such a villain in his entire existence.  

His ring sparkles on her finger and he can hardly take his eyes from it.  It fit perfectly, a sparkling reminder that Emma Swan wanted to spend the rest of her life with him,  with a pirate.   With the man who murdered her grandfather.  He bent and pressed a kiss to the top of her head,  memorizing this moment.  He could let it go,  bask in her light for a while longer,  let her keep the unconcerned joyous smile on her lips for just a little while longer  She was saying something and he tried to focus on her words caching the tail end of a sentence.

“-we both know that mom is going to turn this into an extravaganza.   Dancing and dresses and sparkling lights and you know what Killian?  I don’t care.  I’ll wear the biggest fricken dress that she can come up with and throw all the stupid flower petals wherever she wants as long as at the end of the day I can be married to you.”


“Hmmm?”  she hummed contentedly.  

“I love you.”

“Yeah.  I love you too,  got the ring to prove it-” she teased.

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Nobody Gotta Know - Jack Avery

A/N: I know I’m supposed to be continuing my ‘a different post for every song off of Invitation’ project but I keep on coming up with new ideas and I’m an impulsive person and it’s bad ahhhhh

Summary: You’ve been very close with the WDW boys ever since they met, considering you’re Jonah’s younger sister. But you’ve especially been getting close with a certain band member, Mr. Jack Avery.

Warning: some cursing

“Y/N!” you heard 5 boys cheer as the front door open. You looked up from your phone, smiling as you stood up from the couch.

“BOYS!” You mimicked, letting out a giggle as you went through the line.

Jonah gave you a kiss on the cheek, “hey baby sis”

Zach gave you a hug, “long time no see Y/N”

Corbyn grabbed your hand and spun you around, “What’s up Y/N?”

Daniel gave you a high five and locked your fingers, “how’s it going, girl?”

You walked straight past Jack, trying your hardest to not give him a second glance.

“How was your session?” You grinned, the 4 boys rambling on simultaneously while you felt a pair of eyes burning into your side. Goddamnit Jack.

“That’s great!” You cut them off, pushing them toward the couch and having them sit, you made eye contact with Jack, nudging your head toward the kitchen before smiling back at the rest of the band. “I’ll go get some snacks”

You turned the corner and opened the door to the fridge, hearing faint mumbling coming from the room you just left.

“Where you going, Jack?” You heard your brother question, you froze, knowing that Jack was capable of screwing this up with his choice of words.

“What? Um… I-I’m going to go get some water, I’ll be right back” you let out a sigh at his response, that boy was hot as all hell, but he sure could be dumb at times.

Before you could even turn around, you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist. “I missed you, Y/N” he hummed, sending chills down your spine. You turned to face him, placing your hands on his chest.

“Water huh? Nice save Mr. Avery” you giggled, keeping your voice low so the boys couldn’t hear you through the paper thin walls.

He pressed his lips onto yours, your hand cupped his cheek gently as you smiled into the kiss.

He pulled away and placed his forehead on yours.

You stood there for about another minute, just taking each other in, letting your breaths sync as Jack hummed one of their new songs to you.

You opened your eyes and sighed, grabbing Jacks hands that were wrapped around you, now holding them in yours.

“You should get out there, they’re gonna get suspicious” you whispered, not wanting this moment to end.

“Okay.” he huffed, placing another quick but meaningful kiss on your lips before turning to walk out.

“Wait” he stopped in his tracks as you spoke, turning to face you once again.

You then placed a water bottle in his hand, wrapping your arm around his neck and pulling him down for another kiss.

“You may be cute, but you sure are dumb” you giggled, vocalizing the thought you had earlier.

He mouthed a quick “thank you” before walking back into the room with the other 4 boys.

You heard the boys begin talking about some nonsense and sighed in relief.

You and Jack had been seeing each other in secret for about 4 months now. He made you happy but you knew that Jonah would never allow it. His little sister dating one of his best friends was the farthest thing from his mind, and it should stay that way. Even though it was hard keeping the secret from your brother, to whom you told everything, and you wanted to go on dates with Jack, but you knew that it couldn’t happen.

You stood there, leaning your back against the island, deep in thought before you heard a sentence that stopped your heart.

“So Jack, what’s with you and Sabrina?” (Once again, a random name) your breathing hitched in your throat, without thinking you barged out of the kitchen and back into the living room, planting yourself down between Corbyn and Jonah.

“Sorry I took so long” You spoke through your teeth, raising an eyebrow at your secret boyfriend, his eyes widened.

“Didn’t you say you were going to get snacks?” Zach asked you shot him a glare as he was sitting in a beanbag chair diagonal from you.

“Get them yourself” you hissed, a fake smile plastered on your face as you crossed your arms. Zach was taken back by your harshness and sunk deeper into his chair.

“So what are we talking about?” You tilted your head to Corbyn who had made the original comment. He let out a laugh and pointed his finger at Jack.

“Mr. Lady’s Man over here is gonna go on a date!” He laughed, Jack’s eyes locked with yours, trying to tell you a million words at once but you looked over towards Daniel, your heart beating out of your chest.

“Oh really? Who is the lucky lady?” You questioned, Daniel furrowed his eyebrows but answered your question anyways.

“Her name’s Sabrina, she works at the Subway near the recording studio, Jack goes to see her every day. TOTAL BABE!” Daniel wiggled his eyebrows and you were seeing red, you let out a forced laugh.

“N-No I don’t! It’s the only place to eat within a 3-mile radius, it’s just a coincidence that she’s always there.” Your boyfriend tried to explain himself, keeping his eyes locked with yours. You felt your face heat up.

“BULL!” You felt Jonah’s laughter vibrate through the room. “She wrote her number on your sandwich wrapper today!”

“Did she?” You gasped, playing it off as a joke but you really wanted to know. You couldn’t believe that, while your boyfriend sat across from you, your brother and his friends were trying to set him up with someone else.

“Okay, maybe she did, but I threw away that away!” He objected, you rolled your eyes and leaned into your brother. Maybe Jonah was right, the boys were great friends but bad news when it came to boyfriends.

“Good for you Jack, maybe it’s about time you get a NEW girlfriend” your words were harsh as you stood up off the couch. “I think I’m going to go upstairs and take a nap, I’ll see you guys later.”

Without looking back, you ran up the stairs that lead to the second story. Trying your best not to let the hot tears stream down your face, but it was too late.

You walked into your room and locked the door behind you, plopping yourself onto your bed.

Of course, he wanted someone else, who wants a girlfriend that they have to hide from everyone?

You felt your phone buzzing like crazy, you finally decided to pick it up and have a look.

Noodle Head Jones<3 :

“Y/N please come back downstairs”

“Y/N, you know that I wouldn’t do that to you.”


“Y/N, this is a huge miss understanding”

“Come downstairs”

“Fine I’m coming up”

Within seconds of getting that last text, you heard a knock on your door making you jump slightly.

“Y/N?” His familiar voice was soothing. “Y/N, open the door”

You let out a sigh and stood up, unlocking the door to reveal your boyfriend standing in front of you. You cut him off before he could speak, “no it’s fine I get it. I’m just your band mates little sister, and you want someone that you can take on dates, and post cute pictures with. I’m not that girl” he shook his head and grabbed your hand.

“No! Y/N, I don’t care if I have to sneak around with you, just like I don’t care if your brother decides to beat my ass when he finds out about us. All I know it’s that you’re it for me. You’re the only one that I want. And I understand if you want me to never see Sabrina again, I’m fine with driving that extra mile to go to Quizno’s.” His words took your breath away. You had no words, so you kissed him instead, a kiss you would remember for a while. And so would your brother.

“Y/N!” You were pulled out of your moment to see your brother standing in your doorway, anger seething from his body.

“Shit” you whispered.

Part 2

clickyourheelsandaskforseb  asked:

What about when Bucky comes back from a long mission and he hasn't seen you in so long?

  • he would be so tired on the ride back, just wanting nothing more than to take off his gear and just collapse onto a bed
  • so when he quietly makes his way into your bedroom and finds you curled up in one of his sweaters hugging his pillow he’s only got one thing on his mind 
    • he’d make sure to set his bag down quietly 
    • shedding his gear silently leaving him in only his boxers 
  • he wants to just slide into bed with you but he needs a shower 
    • so he quietly slips into the shower
    • it’s the fastest shower he’s ever had
  • by this time you’ve started to stir in your sleep because no matter how quiet Bucky is, you can never sleep without him 
  • you hear the water stop and the door open, the light pouring through wakes you 
    • “m’buck s’that you?” You mumble sleepily as you feel the bed dip beside you, “s’me doll, go back to sleep,” he whispers, brushing some hair out of your face
  • you’re too tired to answer so you just hum and nod 
    • you feel Bucky’s arms wrap around you pulling you into his chest before you fell asleep again 
  • the next morning you were the first to wake up
    • smiling when you felt the weight of his metal arm on your waist 
  • turning your head you see his cheek smushed against the pillow, lips pursed as deep breaths leave his lips
    • “it’s rude to stare, doll,” you hear him say, a smirk on his lips as you scoot closer to him
    • “I wasn’t staring, I was admiring,” you state matter of factly, brushing your fingers through his hair as he opens his eyes
    • “that’s my job, darlin’,” he chuckles before pressing his lips to yours in a sweet kiss
  • you both stay in bed for a little while longer, holding each other 
    • you telling Buck about what you did while he was away 
    • Buck telling you the ways the team annoyed Steve on the mission 
    • kisses and giggles all around
  • you both finally get up to make breakfast, listening to 40′s jazz you had downloaded for Buck onto his phone 
    • “I missed all this,” he says as you’re plating some eggs for him, “I missed this too, Buck,” 
  • you’d have to wash his gear so when you’re doing the laundry you feel two strong arms wrap around your waist
    • “Buck stop, you know how hard it is for me to get blood out,” you laugh as he nuzzles his nose into your neck, “I’ll buy more gear jus’ come spend time with me,” he whines
  • you can never say no to him so the rest of the ay is spent cuddling and well, other stuff (((;

Untamable - Liam Dunbar

Author: @chwendie

Pairing: Liam x Y/N

Word Count: 1051

Warnings: none?…angry liam…fluff?…

“Liam? Is everything alright?” you whispered to him. Since study hall started he’s had his head in his hands, not saying a word. You turned to Mason who sat to your right. “What’s wrong with him?” you asked him. Mason didn’t talk because he knew Liam would hear him, so wrote on the back pages of his notebook.

“Scott is trying to help him with his phasing.”

“Why? I thought he had it under control.”

“Well, lately something’s been throwing him off.” Mason handed you the paper. What could be throwing him off? The bell rang and as you turned to say something to Liam he was gone. You packed your things and walked out with Mason.

“I’m gonna go to Liam’s house after school, to see what’s wrong.” you said to him.

“That’s not a good idea. Scott said he doesn’t want any of us alone with him.” Mason explained to you.

“I trust that Liam’s not gonna hurt me, and that you’re not gonna tell Scott where I’m going.” you lightly tugged at Mason’s shirt giving him your puppy eyes.

“He can tell when I’m lying, you know?” he sighed. Corey appeared out of nowhere.

“Not if he can’t see you.” Corey grabbed Mason’s hand and winked at you just before disappearing. “Be careful,” Corey said. You blindly thanked him for taking Mason away and walked to your jeep.

You were hesitant, but you had to know. You parked in his driveway next to his car. You let yourself in as you usually did, being that you’ve been friends with him and Mason since you were all kids.
“Liam?” You called out, closing the front door behind you. He wasn’t in the living room, or anywhere else downstairs, so you went to his room. “Hello?” you asked slowly walking in closing the door behind you. There he was, sitting on a swivel chair, spinning handcuffs gracefully around his index finger.

“They wanted to use these on me, you know?” he said getting up. “Because I ripped through the ropes,” he crushed the handcuffs in one hand. “But these don’t work either.” He tossed them to your feet. You suddenly felt like coming to Liam’s was a terrible idea. “Scott thinks I’m untamable,” he flashed his eyes to you, circling around you.

“I don’t believe that,” your voice was shaking and for a second you wondered if you screamed loud enough if Scott would hear.

“You think I’m lying?!” Liam growled while pushing you against his door.

“I don’t believe Scott thinks you’re untamable.” you explained so Liam wouldn’t get angrier. He only scoffed out loud and took a step away from you.

“I heard him tell Lydia ‘he’s untamable, I don’t think there’s anything I can really do’.”

“You know he didn’t mean it like that,” you said defending Scott.

“Y/N go home before you really start to piss me off.” Liam spat at you inching closer. You thought about going home, but you didn’t have your answer.

“No.” you said semi confident, but in seconds Liam had you against his door again, growling inches away from your face completely wolfed out. He slammed his fists against the door next to your head and you were sure you heard the wood splintering. You turned so you wouldn’t have to look at him because you were too afraid to move. He grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at him.

“Look at me!” He growled forcefully turning your head. You calmed down your breathing and looked at his shining eyes. He listened for a few seconds to the sound of your heartbeat. “Why aren’t you scared?” he asked softly this time.

“Because I know you’re not going to hurt me.” your voice was low because you weren’t completely confident in what you said.

“You don’t know that,” he stepped away from you and ran his hand through his hair.

“Liam, just tell me what’s wrong.” You said getting closer to him. You found the courage to grab his hand, although his hands were massive compared to yours so you held onto his middle and index fingers. His facial features went back to normal and you both sat in the floor across from each other, you still holding onto his fingers.

“When Scott said that to Lydia, I felt like he gave up on me.” Liam finally said, but he avoided eye contact. His eyes were glowing again and you grabbed on to his other hand.

“You know Scott didn’t mean it,” you whispered squeezing your grip on his fingers and his blue eyes came back. You could feel some pulses in his fingers and you knew he was calming down.

“Why do you care so much?” He asked you.

“Because you’re my best friend, and I hate seeing you dealing with this alone when you have me and Mason and Corey.” You said to him, fully interlocking your fingers together. You could see him struggling not to let his eyes turn, or his fangs come out, but they did anyways.

“I can’t even control myself anymore!” He growled letting go of your hands to show you his claws. “What if I hurt someone or kill-” you couldn’t let him ramble and dwell on the things he might do, so you kissed him. You grabbed the sides of his face and kissed him. You felt his fangs against your lips and his claws around your neck, but the longer you kissed him the less you felt of his claws and fangs. When you finally pulled away you looked back at his blue eyes.

“How did you do that?” he sighed out loud.

“I didn’t do anything,” you lightly chuckled.

“I don’t believe you, that was amazing.” He said pulling you into another kiss that quickly heated up. He sighed when both of your phones went off.

“Can you be at my house by 7?” Scott sent you.

“From Scott?” Liam asked, and you nodded.

ldquo;I should go,” you smiled while getting up.

“Y/N, wait.” Liam said. “Thank you for coming over, and I’m sorry if I scared you.” He spoke lowly again. You pulled him down by his shirt collar and kissed him gently.

“I’ll see you at seven, Liam.” You smiled and walked back to your car.

Hey guys! Once again I’m sorry if this was completely terrible! Please let me know what you think! (: