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Prompt: Lucy and Wyatt break Flynn out of jail. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx

Anonymous said: Fic prompt if you’re up for it: Lucy and friends breaking Flynn out of prison and their angsty reunion

The black site is somewhere in the ass-end of the California desert, miles from anywhere, surrounded in a jungle of barbed wire and KEEP OUT signs, a complex of low military buildings designed to blend into the scrub. You could be a hundred meters away and still have trouble actually seeing it. The GPS went out several miles ago. It is a long dirt road to nowhere, and as they edge the pickup forward, Wyatt driving, Lucy clenching her knuckles white in the passenger seat, and Rufus typing madly on his laptop in the back seat, trying to hack into the local intranet and shut things the fuck down, everyone has one last chance to consider what a terrible idea this is. But they honestly have no other choice.

“Speak now or forever hold your peace,” Wyatt says under his breath as he rolls down the window and scans the stolen badge. At this rate, they have to be successful, or spend the next several years (or decades) in the next cell over. Lucy hasn’t seemed to breathe much since getting back from her mom’s, telling them what she learned. They thought about going to Denise, about trying to explain to her what an awful mistake she made, but Lucy is too angry for it, and doesn’t trust her to understand. Being used as unwitting bait will do that.

And so, here they are. About to bring things around and steal a time machine in turn, get hold of the Lifeboat and carry it off. Homeland Security isn’t going to help them. Rittenhouse is pissed that they’ve lopped off a few of its middle-ranking limbs, but the head of this hydra is very much alive and kicking. They quite literally have no time to waste, and in the most murderous of all imaginable ironies, there is only one man on the planet who can help them.

And he, of course, now absolutely hates their guts. And is a prisoner in a secret government facility, accused of the most serious terrorism charges the law can think of (they’re lucky he isn’t in damn Gitmo), and they have thirty minutes to break him out. Nobody said this was going to be easy. But this is suicide.

After a nerve-shredding moment, the scanner beeps green and the gate cycles up. Wyatt lets out a breath and drives through, keeping carefully out of range of the security cameras poised like gleaming beetle eyes at every entrance and exit. “You said you were jamming them, right?”

“Working on it.” Rufus’ fingers fly over the keys. “Come on. . . come on, you piece of junk… okay. Oh shit, okay. Override is launching. Takes effect in 3…2… and we are on the clock.”

“Just as usual, right?” Wyatt opens the door and jumps out, as the monitor attached to Rufus’ laptop scrolls down from 00:29:59. “Let’s do this.”

“Yeah,” Rufus mutters. He is not a fan of this plan at all. “Let’s rescue Señor Psychopath. Fun.”

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This is my absolute favorite piece to play on flute. I had the amazing opportunity to study it with two amazing and insightful professors and it’ll forever hold a special place in my heart.

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Spn spoilers ahead

Ok, so we have an epic episode where Cas almost dies and tells everyone that he loves them. But he’s not even mentioned this week?! Not even a simple, “He’s binging something on Netflix, resting up.” I honestly would have accepted that over Dean briefly talking to him on the phone. Boo!!!! I’m just choosing to picture him spending a week in bed with someone that actually responds when he tells them that he loves them.

The part I got excited for, but thought it was poorly done. They ‘repaired and improved’ Lucifers original vessel so it could hold him forever. 😐Don’t get me wrong, I am crazy excited for Mark to be back as Luci. But, it’s such a weak explanation. Whatever, I’ll let it go because Mark is back.

The rest? I kind of didn’t really care about. But I am still terrified about these supposed “Cosmic Consequences” that have yet to happen.

all this gay subtext

what she said vs what i saw:

Kara: you eat donuts right? me: DONUTS RLLY? DAS GAY KARA, U KNOW IT

Lena: “i am human” me: she means she’s gay, she eats donuts cause das gay she gay dis is gay activity

Kara: *takes a big bite right away while staring at lena* me: ok she’s bi we get it

Lena: *plays with the donut while she talks* *takes a little piece then eats it and licks her fingers* me: GAY ACTIVITY ALERT HELLO KATIE QUEEN OF LESBIAN SUBTEXT I SEE WHAT U DOING THERE GIRL

plus all that flirting 

more like “FRIENDS dont do shit like that, u are much more than a friend to me” 

and then being all sad and broken hearted after kara calls her a friend

bonus points: 

You chose her. You married her. You have a kid with her. So why is it when you’re lying in bed awake at 3:00 am I’m the one you call. Why is it that when you’ve had a rough day my number is the first you dial just waiting for me to say “Hi Prince.” You left me for her so why is it that you still have my pictures saved and even after 5 years of being apart you’ve still managed to hold on to them. You’re with her so why is it that every year on my birthday at 12:00 am you’re the first to say “Happy Birthday.” You’re married to her so why is it that when we both walk past you, your eyes linger on me. Why did you choose her if you love me?

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #350


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