holding on


I sometimes forget
That other things are involved.
WES have to suffer their
We’re not allowed to thrive
In the knowledge
Gained from the prospects
Yet we try
To get inside
Finding nothing but these
Walls we need to get through.
Is it us?
Is it others?
Worse, is it us and not others?
We can go round in circles
Never to find a way.
Holding on
Begging that we stay.

-H. Murcia 3:38PM 10/24/2016

Holdin’ On - original print from The Worship Project.

I re-discovered this song this past week, and ever since then it’s been in my head. I’ve learned that often that’s the way that Jesus speaks to me for this project, so when a song gets stuck in my head, it’s time to ink those lyrics!

I know that with a project like mine, there will always be people following, viewing each art piece, from the hardest season of their life. So at the risk of saying things many times, I want to offer some encouragement again.

In this world we all have trials, and things that we have to walk through - no matter how hard we might pray asking them to be removed.

Temptation is such a real struggle for everyone. Whether it’s the temptation to ‘give in’ to struggles with sexuality, drugs, alcohol, loosing your temper, suicide, lying, unfaithfulness, jealousy….lift your head above the waves of the situation and cling to Jesus’ hand - He’s ALWAYS reaching out for you.

Often the way through, is simply surrending to Him and accepting His help in our darkest time. I pray these lyrics from Stacie Orrico encourage you to keep you heart focused on Jesus - in every situation.

“Some days I’m driven by the things that I want, more than the things that I need. When I’m weakest, they sparkle the brightest it’s true. But they’ll never shine brighter than You. When my mind is uncertain, my heart keeps holding on.”

* * *

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‘Edward,’ she said softly. It was the first time she had called him by name. 'Learn this from me. Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves.’
—  Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven
He gets angry when I cross the road without looking right. He says, “for Christs Sake, stop drinking coffee and have some tea instead.” He walks to my house in the dark when I’m crying and he stands outside in the pouring rain while I pick myself up. He gathers all my loose strands of hair and calls me a lion. He laughs with me when I am clumsy- which is often. He says hugs are better than kisses because you use your whole body and I would tend to disagree, except his arms feel so much like home. When he’s sad he rests his head upon my shoulder, when I make him sad, he’s quiet and hurt; but never cold. When I make him laugh I think the sun was modeled in his smile. You’ll ask me what love feels like and I’ll say “safety.” You’ll exclaim, “But that’s not enough! Tell me more” But the truth is, it’s not important. If you find someone who’s worth writing poems about, don’t you let them go
—  I’m holding on too tight
No one really understood why I couldn’t let go of him, even after he broke my heart. What they couldn’t comprehend was that the bond that had grown between us was invincible. No amount of denial could destroy it. I knew what facial expression he wore just by a single text message. I knew his response before I even asked the question. Sometimes I knew him better than I knew myself. Now tell me how you’re supposed to let go of a bond that is beyond a physical connection. How do you separate two minds that have become one?
—  We are one - Jess Amelia