holding odin's eye patch

iamtheaether-blog  asked:

Q didn't bother to contact him, there was no point. He had a little boy, back in London, called Jack. And when Jack was six months old Q was ordered to go back to America to get him checked out. He was growing too quickly. So he got off the plane and headed straight to SHIELD, trying not to think about the fact that Wade might have been alerted to his presence here. ((*and then rolls away*

Of course Wade had been alerted, not that many people thought he should know. Most of the agents didn’t want Deadpool within 20 feet of children, or people for that matter but he luckily had some friends on that side. By the time Q got there, he had already been walking around SHIELD for a few hours, he had came early—through a window of course. He was in full Deadpool gear and drawing a picture of Fury and Odin holding hands and being ‘eye patch buddies’ on the white board.