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don’t you just love it when jungkooks eyes go : ✨🌠💫✨💫🌠✨✨🌠💫✨⭐🌟✨💫🌠🌟✨💫⭐🌠💫🌠✨🌟🌟⭐✨💫🌠⭐⭐💫💫🌠🌟⭐🌠💫✨

i forgot to post this back when i got it but honestly… it’s still the most ridiculous photo prompto has taken in my game

@icanhinatashouyoutheworld and i were talking about young Victor with pastel ombre hair

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Namjin's hand holding habit is adorable. They've spoken about giving each other comfort and reassurance in past hard times and the unconscious hand holding could also be a physical way of reassuring each other, maybe.

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I miss the feeling I got when you held my hand, when you smiled at me when I was walking towards you. I miss that feeling I got when I said something and you looked at me like you were in love. Oh my I miss the way you looked at me and how you held eye contact when we had nothing to say. And how you moved to see me when I was crying. Your hand was always so warm and comforting. But do not mistake this for me missing you. I could never miss a monster.
—  I do not miss you, just the feeling from when I was with you.

“And as the world comes to an end
I’ll be here to hold your hand”

King And Lionheart // Of Monsters and Men



Ok so first of all let’s see what got ton of gems corrupted… 

Centi tells Stevo that everyone was running away from something, and after that, it was all noise… “You heard something. From the sky, a sound. A song? And then…”

And this is also further handled on “Same Old World” where Lapis shows that everyone was running in a hurry out of the earth and because of that they leaved her on earth trapped in the mirror. 

That looks like a light, sure, a blinding light, but what got me is when Centipeedle CLEARLY talks about SOUND and not LIGHT.

In the same episode, Garnet talks about how “It’s sort of like if MC Bear-Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm, but the fabric of his mind.”, so the nuke (let’s call it like that so is easier kie?) wasn’t spreading a kind of virus or something that messes with their body structure, aka, their light.

Now, back to an episode, season 1B, first Stevenbomb, “The message”. 

What’s so important about it? I think is a lil picky, but re-watching season one it really got my attention the way Amethyst reacted to The Wailing Stone

At first it was kind of just covering her ears and being a lil moody, but time passed and there was a point where she was getting desperate. 

(weirdly, Garnet and Pearl seems kind of okay, but that may be because they are in general more resistant, i think)

And you see, for the ones who don’t know, sound is basically waves that travel through matter, a constant and loud sound can get to the point of physically hurting you.

Actually, one of the discovering that Nikola Tesla did was that, with vibrations, you could make something shake, and if it was constant and strong enough, it would break, it’s exactly what earthquakes do! and guess what, sound is, in fact, vibrations!. 

Now, the most common experiment about this is putting some sort of glass and turning the volume slowly as loud as possible, after a moment the vibrations would be so much that it basically shatters.

What does this has to do with gem corruption? as I said before, sound needs MATTER to “travel around”, so OF COURSE they couldn’t make the bomb attack from space as a sound!, thats where the light makes the job.

You see, light is also waves that travel around, thing is, light doesn’t need a medium to travel, so Homeworld basically found a way to make a light explosion, turn it into sound, and attempt to shatter the gems in that way. 

But how did they turned the light into sound? Waving stones.

You see, in Gem Hunt we get a pretty short view of what is possibly a HUGE waving stone. 

Homeworld probably put them all around the world so they would make the sound travel without problem, the original waving stones where probably little and used to send messages from homeworld/space to earth (Like Lapis did),but then they found out that they could use it for shattering gems, their plan was basically use “vibrations to break glass” but in a massive way. 

So, why didn’t the gems shattered? they… kind of did! Corruption is basically their “light forms” shattered, its like the noise didn’t exactly broke the gem, but broke the coding of the gem, corrupted it, like when someone messes with the data of a video game and it gets all glitchy! they shattered their data, their “brains”. 

Of course, they didn’t literally SHATTERED them, but having in mind that Homeworld made the cluster experiments with Crystal Gems (As Garnet says explicitly) then it was probably a way to prove their weapons again. They basically used their enemies, the rebels, as lab-rats, to see if their massive weapon would work, just like the cluster.

Homeworld pretty  much tortured the gems with a screeching, loud and constant sound long enough to shatter their light forms.

min yoongi probably.....
  • *bangtan in 40 years*
  • Namjoon: alright who's gonna pay the bill
  • Jungkook: i think it's seokjin-hyungs turn
  • Seokjin: really? you're going to make me, the one who trended as the ever handsome car door guy, pay?
  • Yoongi: it's been yea-
BTS reaction to you kissing them and running away

Rap Monster: “H-Hold on a minute, come back here now, y/n! You can’t just leave like that!” *laughs like the cutiepie he is*

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J-Hope: *chases after you to kiss you a thousand times more because you’re just too cute*

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Jungkook: *scoffs* “If she thinks she can get away with this…”

I’m sorry I just had to use that gif 🌚

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Jin: “Wait, where are you going, y/n! Come back here! You can’t just run away after kissing me!! It’s only fair if you let me kiss you too!”

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V: "Y/n!! That wasn’t enough! C'mon, give me another one!” *screams for you to come back and literally runs after you*

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Suga: *stops you from running away* “Hell no! You’re not going anywhere until you give me another kiss, y/n”

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Jimin: “Oh god, she’s driving me crazy…” /blushing mess/

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