holding microscope


Just came from a “after MLK” film and discussion event after doing a silent march.

Every time one of us looses we ALL loose.

Do you really think people would still be dying of Cancer, Hep C, A.I.D.S. , heart disease, or premature birth death if every black and gay person and every woman were all given the chance to hold a microscope in their hands  like most white, straight men do?

 I help promote slavery.

Today, January 16th 2017.

In America.

My college like most colleges funds prisons which are essentially slave labor.

Capitalism cannot work w/out slave labor.

Look it up.

Why do you think we needed the “3 strike rule” after the civil right movement? We needed to put our black slaves back in their place.

But what do I do? drop out? fight back and get kicked out? Live in poverty or live off black unpaid labor?

We need change and we need it now. Before we all loose more. Before more families get torn apart.

I think socialism and a fair tax is where we need to start.

What do you think?

and more importantly my fellow white friends what are you going to do to make sure you  are not taken away next?

The lines and poetry of sacred geometry and mechanical movement come to life before the Virgo eyes.
Sacred geometry is the sort of experience the Ancients believed was nourishing for the soul. Virgo becomes intimate with the earth and its divine faculties with more voracity than any sign. There are details perceivable to only the
Virgo, like nervous signals jump from their fingertips into their
surroundings and electrify the invisible engineering. The Virgo individual is very sensitive to elements, precision, accuracy, and seemingly insignificant components, but nothing is simple to the Virgo, and they recognise
the duty and usefulness of everything, the whole dynamic of seasons and earth, the equilibrium and the silent movement. This is what makes Virgo tremendous at occult studies, specifically those requiring analysis like astrology and numerology, and those involving healing properties like minerals and witchcraft. Through intense observation of surroundings, through holding a
microscope to every leaf and flower, through watching the reverent dance of the sunrise as they measure the motion by time,
they identify with the part of themselves that is infinite. They can unify with the part of themselves that is pure, that is untainted awareness and magnificence and beauty.