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So I was watching the birth in 6x08 again and was focusing on the parts that featured Sister Julienne and Shelagh as I remembered Stephen McGann saying those were his favorite parts, and as such, I wanted to take a look at them more closely. And when I did, something occurred to me.

We’ve seen the midwives help their patients into many different positions, but I don’t recall many, if any, situations before this one where the midwife has the patient lying against their chest and then is literally rocking them and patting their back. While I know this is a possible midwife position, it struck me here because this is also how mothers often comfort their babies. That’s been seen many, many times in the show itself. Maybe I’m overthinking it but the symbolism of one “mother” rocking her “baby” while her “baby” is having a baby is pretty powerful, and I don’t think accidental. Especially since mothers are featured so prominently as support during other births that occur in this series.

  • *in a cab; on the way to the christening*
  • Molly: *happily* Oh isn't this exciting? I bet she looks lovely. And John and Mary are wonderful parents...
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Mmm.
  • Molly: *sighs* Oh, her name is just beautiful *giggles* I always wanted to name my daughter Persephone.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Hey, I was eleven at the time and really into all that mythology stuff.
  • Sherlock: *still typing* There are worse names for a child than Persephone Holmes.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* Why would it be Holmes?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I always assumed you'd take your husband's name.
  • Molly: *scoffs* Yeah, well, I'm not going to marry Mycroft!
  • Sherlock: *confused* We've been sleeping together and you think-
  • Molly: *giggles* No, I mean, I just thought you weren't the marrying kind.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Sex, Molly. I don't do that with just anyone.
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* You love me?
  • Sherlock: Obviously.
  • Molly: *smirks* I'm sorry? I didn't catch that.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I love you.
  • Molly: *takes his hand* I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *coughs* So you'll...marry me, then?
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Of course I will.

I had to split this photo into two because my feels overwhelmed me when I realized that Catherine is holding onto her two babies while throwing an absolute over-the-moon smile at her sister, Pippa. These two girls have been under constant scrutiny since news leaked of Catherine’s involvement with William. Countless rumors, and useless gossip, that followed Catherine’s wedding to William, featuring sister Pip, could have broken these girls. But today, they stood as sisters and Catherine got to see her little sis become a beautiful bride. I can’t even explain how happy this makes me & how beautiful this one photo is when you’ve seen nearly their whole adult life unravel before the cameras. MIDDLETON SISTERS FTW ♡♡

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Wow, are you telling me it's been over a week and Cheryl and Liam and the baby haven't been papped yet?? But I thought paps just found people because it's a big story

I know right? And Liam AND Cheryl are famous, so that’s double fame right there! Why aren’t the paps stalking them at their houses and waiting for the doctor visit one day after the kid was born? 🤔


My mom’s cat had kittens and they’re sooooo cuuuteeee, they’re a week old in this pic and they try and hiss if you touch them without mom around, but all that comes out is this little KHCK sound and they jump a little bit.

EXO Reaction To You Sitting/Laying in Their Lap

Xiumin: You entered the living room with two cups of hot chocolate in your hands. Rain pounded against the window and lighting flashed every few seconds. Xiumin saw you come into the living room and he opened his arms out to you, inviting you to cuddle with him. You smiled at his cuteness and placed the mugs on the coffee table in front of you before hopping into his lap. He wrapped his arms around you gently, rocking you back and forth in his lap as the two of you relaxed to the sound of the rain against the windows.

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Suho: Suho was reading in his large, comfy, worn out chair in the corner of the living room. The sound of him turning pages was the only sound in the room, until you came home. You kicked off your shoes and sighed, running a hand through your hair. Suho looked up from his book and instantly noticed how tired you were. He watched you quietly; watching you throw your keys in the bowl by the door, hanging up your jacket, and leaning against the front door with a soft thud.

“Y/N.” Suho would call softly. You’d look up, your eyes heavy and tired. Suho would pat his lap, allowing you to tiredly crawl into his hold as he read to you; softly lulling you to sleep in the process.

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Lay: Lay would be strumming his guitar softly, sitting outside on the balcony as the music got ate up by the noises down below, the only one to hear it would be him. You’d go outside and watch him play, smiling softly at him.

“Can you teach me to play?” you asked him quietly, moving to stand in front of him. Lay would smile sweetly at you and place you in his lap, overlapping his fingers with yours as he positioned your hands in the right places. He’d guide your hands and fingers to play the instrument as his chest pressed into your back in a warm embrace.

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Baekhyun: You’d be out with Baekhyun and all the other guys as you stayed in and had a movie night. Regrettably, because of all the people, there was no where else for you to sit. Baekhyun would pat his lap, raising his eyebrows suggestively as he made you sit down on him. The other guys would tease Baekhyun at his eagerness, making you blush, but Baekhyun wouldn’t care. He’d be smug and proud to have his girl on his lap in front of everybody; showing how you belonged to him and only him as he rested his chin on your shoulder to place numerous kisses on your cheek.

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Chen: You and Chen would be playing around on a sunny afternoon; chasing each other and goofing off without a care in the world. After diminishing most of your energy, the two of you would sit down and bask in the sun and cool breeze that rustled the leaves and the trees. You’d crawl into Chen’s lap, enjoying the day with your lover by your side. He’d playfully groan and pinch your sides gently.                                                                                                                     ”Geez baby, you’re gonna crush me! I’m kidding, I’m kidding you’re not heavy at all. I love you.”

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol would be sitting at his desk, writing down new lyrics for the song he was working on. You’d come in and see him working intently and you would sigh sadly. It had been a long day and really you just needed some love from your boyfriend. You’d poke his shoulder repeatedly until he’d look up at you. You’d give him puppy dog eyes, poking your lower lip out cutely.
“Chanyeol, can you pay attention to me?” you’d ask, sitting in his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. Chanyeol would chuckle softly and caress your cheek.
“Of course jagi, you are my favorite distraction after all.”

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D.O: You would sit in D.O’s lap randomly, making him look up from whatever he was doing. He wouldn’t mind the close proximity as you cuddled into him, going back to what he was doing previously. If you started to yawn he’d look at you curiously.
“Jagi are you tired?” if you nodded your head yes then he’d put down whatever he was doing and gently place your head down on his shoulder as he sang to you softly, holding you like a mother would hold her baby. He’d help you fall asleep and keep you in his lap as he went back to whatever he was doing before.

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Kai: You’d come home from work or grocery shopping one day and find Kai at home, laying on the couch with his beloved dogs resting beside him. They took up the entire space of the couch, sprawling out there legs over the cushions in different positions. You’d smile at how happy Kai looked being with his furry babies, but you’d feel a little sad that you couldn’t curl up into his side. Instead, you plopped yourself down into the only seat that was left; his lap. Kai would smile and hold you close, gently carding his fingers through your hair.                 ”All my babies together in one place, I must be the luckiest guy in the world right now.”

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Sehun: “Yah, jagiya, what have you been eating?” he’d tease playfully as you plopped yourself into his lap, your back resting against his legs with your head and feet on oppisite ends of the couch. You’d scowl at him and poke your tongue out at him playfully as he put on a movie. Soon you’d fall asleep in Sehun’s lap, blissed out from the feel of Sehun against your body. Sehun would shake his head playfully at you and click his tongue in annoyance as he petted your hair gently.
“Aish, Y/N, you should’ve waited until the movie was over, then we could’ve cuddled together.”

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I need some fluff right now soooooo HC for the easiest way for MC to make RFA + others blush?


  • Call him “oppa”
  • That’s it.  That’s all MC needs to do.
  • He loves it.
  • It isn’t even kinky; he feels super important and in charge when MC calls him that.
  • Generally acting cute and lovey-dovey when he isn’t expecting it or when he’s feeling down makes Zen blush.


  • Praise him!
  • Tell him he’s so manly or smart or hard-working and he’ll blush
  • He’s so happy that his efforts are paying off and his girlfriend appreciates it.
  • MC compliments him and he blushes bright red.
  • Doesn’t even have to be a particularly deep compliment; his blushing emoji shows up all the time.


  • When MC is particularly forward or romantic
  • Jaehee can be very reserved, so when she isn’t expecting an ‘attack’, she gets thrown off-balance.


  • He’s a tough one.
  • He never gets fazed by anything.
  • MC tried flashing him, once.  She rushed into his office, leaned against the door so that nobody could come in, and then flashed him. All he did was raise his eyebrows before leaning back and admiring the view.
  • “Get frickin’ embarrassed, already!!”
  • He technically surprised her with the blush, when she finally saw it.
  • She was with one of her friends, and she was holding their newborn child.
  • Suddenly, Jumin imagined her holding his baby.  She would look like a goddess, he thought.
  • She looked up and his cheeks were crimson.


  • Surprise texts with cute love messages make Seven blush.
  • He’ll be working, and suddenly she sends him a reminder of how much she loves him.
  • It’s a light dusting of the cheeks, but it’s there.  He loves the gesture that she’s thinking of him throughout the day.


  • When she calls him “Sexy,” or gives him bedroom eyes.
  • He likes that she sees him as a sexual creature, too.
  • Most women only see his quiet, romantic side, and get surprised by how passionate he can be.
  • He loves when she acknowledges that other, more carnal side that he has.


  • He comes home and finds MC wearing his clothes.
  • She looks super cute in his sweaters or shirts, and yet sexy, too, the way the clothing doesn’t fit quite right.


  • Surprise kisses when they’re feeling grumpy.
  • MC loves them in spite of their prickly personality, and the random kisses remind Vanderwood of that.
  • Not even romantic kisses; even kisses on their nose or hands will set Vanderwood off.
Promise of New Life

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins (mentioned)

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Warnings: fluffy fluff, a tiny bit of angst and another one that is a spoiler so check the tags.   

Wordcount: 1400ish

A/N: So this was a one shot that got another part and then you guys wanted more so a third part. This one is the fourth and it will be the last one for sure.

Thanks to the my annoying, but still amazing lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for being my beta



Y/N chewed her lip nervously. Everything had happened so fast and it just kept going faster. Within the past year, she had confessed her feelings for Jensen in a drunken haze. He had kissed her the following morning and 6 months later she owned a house in Austin with him. 10 months after their first kiss, Jensen had asked Y/N to marry him to which she had said yes. The wedding had taken place among their closest friends the same afternoon.

Y/N loved Jensen dearly and she did not regret a thing that had happened between the two of them. The speed however meant she had never gotten a chance to talk to him about the things normal couples talk about before they get married. Hell, Y/N hadn’t even gotten to talk to Jensen about much after the wedding, since the two of them hadn’t been able to keep their hands off each other for the two months his hiatus later. That exact lack of self control around each other had been what had landed her in this situation in the first place. She knew that and still she didn’t regret a thing. Y/N loved Jensen more and more with each passing day, even if she didn’t think it possible. She loved the way his hands and lips felt against her skin and the way his muscles flexed under her caresses. He was all she had ever wanted and so much more. She couldn’t regret anything that had to do with him. Not that her new situation was a regret, more a concern that she wasn’t sure how to approach Jensen about.

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The Secret (9)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

Baekhyun could feel his heartbeat pounding hard against his chest, loud and fast as he slowly weaved through the chairs towards you and a shy Zoe. He’d never felt this nervous for anything in his life, not even when he debuted and performed at his first showcase with the rest of EXO. He didn’t want to mess this up: his daughter was too important and this was his chance to make up for the years he’d lost.

He introduced himself cheerfully, trying not to let his nerves shine through his voice. He flashed his daughter a bright smile that he hoped would comfort her a little. On the inside however, his stomach was doing somersaults.

“I’m your dad.”

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