when anyone says any of the boys names in public I just feel like I’m being personally called out.. like someone will be like “Harry Styles” off-handedly and I’ll be like… please leave my personal life out of this

I just want to remind everyone that homosexuality and any non-straight sexuality is not an adult theme or ‘pornographic’ in any way. 

Two girls holding hands or two boys having a crush is not an adult theme. It is as innocent as a crush between a boy and a girl and should be presented as such

If it is acceptable and viewed as adorable for a 15 year old boy to have a crush on a 15 year old girl then it is equally as acceptable and cute for a boy to crush on a boy. Just because it is the same gender does not make it ‘adult’ or ‘unfit for kids to see’

Please stop sexualizing same sex relationships and remember that it is innocent and gentle affection just like any relationship. 

are you a stay in or go out kind of person? a making playlists for your partner or singing songs for them kind of person? a long drives or long walks together kind of person? a rose or carnation kind of person? a hugs or a kisses kind of person? an intertwining fingers or a locked palms kind of person?