holding hands comic


kid!destiel + puns + fluff = happy halloween! 🎃

based on (x)

I saw so many Hinatas today my heart is exploding with all the pureness 



(click the pics bc tumblr resizing made it blur)

what nozomi realized is all up to u

nozomi would prob be that person who would be VERY happy hearing simple loving words

this is set in their 2nd year bc i think nozomi would be p not used to having a friend for a long period of time


30 Days OTP Challenge!!!!!

Day 1 :Holding hands >w<!!:

Little comic in which Killua timidly grabs Gon’s hand (more like just one finger xdd) while he’s distracted but Gon realizes that and grabs his full hand =w=  Basically Killua trying to be affectionate but failing xd

Yes,it’s as cliché-esque as it sounds LOL