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*she smiles warmly, a glint of fear shimmering in her eyes for the briefest moment, before holding the gift up even more* I know your not one for flashy jewelry but I made something to symbolize us being together! *Smiles warmly, adjusting my sweatshirt nervously* I hope you like it!

“If its something you made, of course I will like it. And I loved it, my dear.” He smiled, instantly putting it on. Kissing you on your forehead, Zen took his phone. “Oh, look! It fits perfectly. Thank you sweetheart. I’ll wear this everyday, just to show the world how cute my girlfriend is. Shall we take a selfie to remember this day?”

Little first moments between the Inquisitor and their love interest that it makes my heart happy to think about:

- The first time Cassandra finds he’s left something for her, a rose lying across her favourite book or a little message scrawled on a piece of parchment cut into the shape of a heart, and realises that the flowers and the candles and the moonlit glade weren’t a one-time thing, this is going to be forever. The first time she picks up the gift and holds it close, knowing it’s not just a gift but a promise that he’s always going to make her feel like one of those women from her books, always going to see the woman inside the armour.

- The first time Blackwall wakes up beside her after she learns the truth, and remembers that he’s not hiding anything from her anymore, she knows exactly who he is and what he’s done and she’s still right here in his arms. The first time he looks at her lying there, and feels tears of a kind he’s not familiar with sting his eyes, tears charged by joy, and at last there’s no burning pang of guilt and grief clawing at his insides - because she knows, and she still chose him, and he can just look at her and be happy.

- The first time Bull slips off his eyepatch, feeling… not awkward, exactly, just very aware that this is the first time his kadan has seen him without it, that so, so few people have ever seen his face just as it is. The first time his lover smiles at him and reaches up and takes his face into their hands, traces the jagged lines of his scars with gentle fingers and presses their lips against them, and murmurs to him that he’s beautiful (and hot, of course).

- The first time Dorian kisses the Inquisitor in a street or in the throne room or in the courtyard, where everyone can see, and his smug grin has a touch of wonder behind it because yes, they can do this, they can show what they feel in front of the entire world and no one is going to come up to them and wrench them apart. The first time he glances at the people who’ve seen them and realises that some of them are even smiling to see them together, that the people around them want them to be happy.

- The first time Solas looks at her and realises with a jolt that he’s stopped seeing the vallaslin, that the silent voice inside him has stopped screaming about the wrongness of it every time he sees her, that while he still wishes it were gone, her face has become the most important thing. The first time that the way she smiles and the warmth in her eyes seem to outshine the marks of her slavery and ignorance, and he aches to think of all she doesn’t know, but she is so beautiful, so beautiful.

- The first time Sera hears the Inquisitor call something shite or frigging and stands frozen for a moment, her grin too wide for her face, because her girlfriend’s speaking like her, those are her words coming from the mouth of the woman she loves. The first time she realises that she’s become a part of the Inquisitor, part of the way she speaks and thinks and lives, and feels joy sweep through her because the Inquisitor is part of her, too, always will be.

- The first time Cullen goes through a whole day with no feverish longing, no shaking, no sick feeling in his stomach, and he knows the battle isn’t over and that all the pain could come back tomorrow, but right now he can look at the Inquisitor and think, this is what the rest of our life could be like. The first time he can really picture long nights and longer mornings beside her with no nightmares and restless sleep, years ahead of listening to her laugh, and he almost cries from the terrifying beauty of it.

- The first time Josephine pens a letter to her family and then stops and stares at what she’s written, because she’s told them all about the Inquisitor and how she hopes to introduce them some day, and just like that it seems so official, it’s set down in ink on parchment that she wants the Inquisitor to be part of her future. The first time she gazes at the letter in awe, because it suddenly seems to be the most precious thing in the world.

As Seymour Staunchly Trudge Along
His Genius Mind Produce A Song
Because Poor Seym Has Naught To Do
He Thinks He Will Share Song With You.

On Sands I Walk, I Make My Trade
I Dig My Sands With Hoof And Spade
But This Bleak Land Holds Only Muck
My Little Hoove Doth Splash And Sluck
Through Endless Goop, Eternal Sludge
The Labor Of A Simple Drudge
Geroldic Work Must I Endure
To Leave This Land For Sandest Pure
I Only Seek To Find Way Out
I Sniff And Snorch Winds With My Snout
But All I Smell Is Foulest Gunk.
No Good Smells Here To Grace My Trunk.
Still I Press Onwards, Ever On
No Night Or Day Here, Dusk Or Dawn
This Mire Holds Not The Gift Of Time
All Things Stands Still In Glork And Slime.
But Tapirs Endures Any Trial
With Every Inch And Feet And Mile
I Grow More Close To Victory.
In Time The Goop Will Yield To Me.
So Seymour’s Hooves Thumps Countless Thuds
Through Endless Gunk And Boundless Muds
To Reach The End, My Only Goal
Then I Return To Tapirs Hole
Plan Murder Of The Mother Fuck
Who Put Seym In This Realm Of Muck.

Empty Houses
  • 1st: "I am Invisible," Introverted. The type that hides from the spotlight or behind others. Doesn't really give off any kind of vibe (which can be both positive and negative).
  • 2nd: "I am Minimal," material items aren't a concern of those with an empty 2nd House. They aren't possessive. Generally hold experiences above gifts. (Really hard to buy gifts for because they'd rather do something than get something).
  • 3rd House: "I am Neutral," these people aren't swayed toward any side of things. Tend to be of average intellect for the sign that lands here. No specific pride or feelings that aid with intellect unless something interacts with Mercury.
  • 4th House: "Without Nurture," the family life didn't play a huge role in this persons personality, whether it be the normalcy of their family unit, lack of parental action, ect. (How that is depends on the sign the house is in).
  • 5th House: "I Enjoy," these people are less passionate about things and rather enjoy life as a whole. They're love life heavily depends on their Venus. These people may find little enjoyment in life, so they're generally thrill seekers and risk takers. They aim to feel... in any way possible.
  • 6th House: "I am Healthy," these people have no specific health difficulties or proficiencies. They generally don't find people as a whole interesting and may show little care for areas that you'd be considered a "People Doctor" for, which includes Psychology and other Doctorly practices.
  • 7th House: "I am Alone," These people are totally independent and will not change for anyone. They may fear loneliness, but they refuse to change to increase their chances. They are capable of Love, but they will not be forced to do anything. Traditional affairs are far and few between in love, and they may be considered unlucky. Marriage is unlikely, or at least unlikely to work out, due to personal choices, or legality issues. This does not, however, mean they will not find a life long romantic/sexual partner.
  • 8th House: "I am Disinterest," Very few people with this placement end up in Astrology or anything occult, with general skepticism and disbelief. (This goes double if the 12th is empty as well). These people are somewhat unaware of the possibility of death, and when it's brought to their attention they may get somewhat upset. These people do not have a central point of common change, and may undergo almost complete personality changes at times.
  • 9th House: "I am Surface," These people are exactly how they appear. They hide nothing. Some people would say they have disinterest in things like politics, philosophy, and spiritual journeys, however I would say that they are simply unwilling to present or discuss information without being told to. The Aunt that tells everyone to stop talking about politics at dinner? Empty 9th House.
  • 10th House: "I am Above," These people find social classes and the divide between types of people irrelevant, and care not of the social repercussions of their actions. They don't care about honor. Possible anarchists.
  • 11th House: "I am Individual," These people have secular social groups, and their goals, ambitions, and interests tend to benefit themselves, or are random acts of kindness with little dictation. These people tend to steer clear of large groups, but not avidly avoid.
  • 12th House: "I am Forward," These people have little imaginative dictation. What happens in their mind stays in their mind. Skeptics. Average memory. Fact based. Little to No enemies. Keeper of Secrets. Truth Speakers. May also steer clear of large social groups. May have a tendency to isolate themselves.
  • *Please keep in mind there is little information on these, and it really does differ from sign to sign in each house. This is a general statement, and if seen as incorrect feel free to message and discuss this with me, as I am to become a better astrologist and if I'm spreading some sort of misinformation, I strive to fix my mistakes. Thank you.

i posted this on instagram and people seemed to think it was interesting

Mom: Honey, I need you to rap something for me.

Me: (ears perking up) You want me to rap something for you?!

My mind: *I never thought I’d live to see this day*

Mom: Yes, come in here.

Me: (bursting in the room) Lafayette! I’m taking this horse by the reins making Redcoats redder with blood stains. Lafayette! And I’m never gonna stop until I make em drop and burn em up and scatter their remains.



Mom: (holds up gift wrap)


So I’m watching the ladies skate their short program in the Russian Figure Skating Championships today.

And I’m watching the adorable Evgenia Medvedeva skate her short program which was great by the way of course. (which you can watch the clip of her short program here on Youtube)


A fan gives her a gift after her performance before she skates to the kiss and cry booth. Evgenia takes it and is looking at it with love and amusement.

She goes back to her coach, turning the gift around, showing it to her in which her coach laughs. She then takes it as Evgenia gets off the ice and puts her guards on her blades.

She then holds the gift out to the camera showing it to the world like a proud mama.




8850 gifts of Just Hold On!

Another batch of emails just went out. We have now sent all the emails we’re able to with the sponsors we have. We will continue to take signups for the 2nd week of charting.

If you’d like to sign up to give or receive copies, check out this post. 

Make sure you check out @projectjholdon​ for more info about the project and other ways to participate and promote the song. Let’s have a strong week 2!

Not the first time I’ve said it, and I’m confident it won’t be the last, but this fandom continues to blow me away. The response has been, well… 


♥ Happy birthday to Rukia Kuchiki! ♥

Well, her birthday was on January the 14th, so I’m late as usual

I wanted to show Rukia’s loved ones appreciating her in different ways - there’s a little party at school (it was Orihime’s idea to throw confetti on the birthday girl), a bigger one at Soul Society (she’s holding a gift box with candies from Ukitake) and then a quiet one with her boyfriend. (◡‿◡✿)

Rukia’s and Renji’s clothes in the 2nd pic are from this New Year’s illustration. I have no idea if one would wear something like this for a birthday party, but I just really liked them.