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A Blind Path Home, part 7

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?Masterlist

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Snap Decision

My very first fanfic! I’m terrified! But I’m also excited. It seems I have a ton of beginnings and middles to different fics started, but this is the first one I’ve actually completed. I can’t believe I finished one! This is completely unbeta’ed, so all the mistakes are mine. I’m not a writer by trade, so I’m sure there are plenty!

Thank you so much to @loveinpanem​ for hosting the New Author’s Month. This was exactly the push I needed to actually put something out there. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism. Also, as much fanfic as I read, I’m not sure what the etiquette is for posting a full story on tumblr, so you can read this in its entirety on AO3!

Her sister, Prim, had insisted she download the Snapchat app. So technically, it was her fault that she was in this predicament to begin with. Well, Madge had also put the idea in Katniss’s head, so she could shoulder some of the blame too.

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Magyk Re-read! (Spoilers, of course)

- The warm wetness Silas felt in his cloak was Jenna’s, ehm, “metabolic waste”

- Sarah spent 6 months with a purple-eyed baby without realizing only one bloodline in the entire Castle had eyes like those

- Simon, how on Earth do you hold a fishing rod on one hand and a book on another? How do you turn a page? How do you reel a fish in? WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING

- LOL at Alther falling into Marcia’s bed (extra LOL for thinking she used hair curlers)

- LOL at Marcia being 83% thinner and resembling an anrgry purple stick insect (I relate to the mirror’s difficulty in Math if it doesn’t involve whole numbers 😂😂😂)

- Damn, Marcia was actually MEAN then!

- LOL at the door making Marcia fall

- Marcia is actually CLUMSY

- Discovering a whole lotta things about Marcia, ngl

- Yaaas to the defining moment Jenna found out she was gonna be Queen and 👏took 👏 responsibility 👏 of 👏 it 👏


- Spit take at Sally thinking Silas left Sarah FOR MARCIA 😂😂😂

- Merrin Meredith 🙄🙄🙄

- This thing with normal things spelled with capital letters is getting kinda old and at the same time really cute 😅😂😅😂 (a Sighting, a Trail, Maxie is Not Allowed in Front)

- Chapter 20. ❤ Nuff said.

- Got lost doing this somewhere in the middle because I went in DEEP.

- Alther didn’t feel uncomfortable when Zelda’s elbow Went Through him. Let’s talk about that.

- How did the ring grow smaller? Did the amount of tail the dragon was biting get longer or did the dragon just get shorter?

- I’m so happy, Marcia chose Boy 412 BEFORE they found out he was Septimus, the seventh son of the seventh son. Marcia was taking Boy 412 in without being absolutely sure of his power. She was willing to give him a chance despite the fact that he had no history and no idea with Magyk. This 👏 is 👏 beautiful 👏

A Fluffy Little Beast

Pairing: Brock Lesnar X OC/Reader

Word Count: 2,428

Contains: Fluff! I think. A new pet shop opened across the hall from OC’s workplace, and she absolutely has to drag boyfriend Brock in to see the animals. No smut! This was the result of me struggling to figure out how to write fluff, so I hope it’s okay - special thanks to @omgmissmillie and @macfizzle for helping me out with planning this <3

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

The mall was busy and bustling with people, but I hardly noticed it. Scrolling through my Facebook feed while lounging on a bench, I was waiting for my boyfriend Brock Lesnar to arrive to pick me up from work. I’d been working at the mall’s bookstore since high school, and now that I was a manager, there was a part of me that suspected I’d never leave. The fact that my boyfriend was a professional athlete who made lots of money definitely helped, since I could work for fun instead of working because I was desperate to pay bills.

A few times while waiting, my eyes had wandered upwards from my phone. A new shop had opened up across the hall from mine today, a pet shop with a large, colourful bird in the window. He tended to squawk at the passing people, and a few of my own customers had mentioned how cute the animals were over there. My curiosity was just beginning to peak when I saw Brock approaching, and I leapt up from my seat on the bench.

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Afterward (Week 3)

But first, a few notes: 1. THANK YOU for all the many lovely notes about this fic. I don’t have many followers here and I am writing it simply out of a love for the material and characters, so please do keep sharing it, but either way, your words are appreciated. 2. I know I have some prompts from you all in my inbox, and I haven’t forgotten about them. 3. WARNING: this installment of Afterward edges up to NC-17, and next week’s is definitely adult rated. So kids, consider yourselves warned. 

Previous installments: First read Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Week 2.

Originally posted by bobblehatworshipper

“I think I want to try to surf this year,” Mike announced cheerfully at the dinner table.

“Surf?” Michael questioned, amused. “Where? On the Finger Lakes?”

Mike didn’t seem dissuaded. “No, in Panama,” he clarified brightly.

Sara stopped chewing. Michael turned to her. “You’re going to Panama?” He wasn’t sure how he felt about this: on the one hand, he and Sara had enjoyed all-too-brief moments of real happiness there. On the other hand, she’d been tortured in Panama. They’d both been locked away from one another. He’d thought her dead there.

Mike hadn’t stopped making his case. “LJ always says he’ll take me out to try,” he said.

“When are you going to Panama?” Michael asked again.

“We always go,” Mike supplied. “Every November, for a whole week.”

Sara found her voice. “I don’t know if we’ll go this year, Mike,” she said quietly.

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Everything in this picture is ridiculous.
A refugee wouldn’t be wearing a life jacket holding a composite fishing rod laughing as they cross into unknown land and away from their homes. A refugee. Wouldn’t be wearing a jacket like that looking relax. A Syrian refugees most likely African American
In the second part of the picture it is obviously a different person. Apparently because of white people’s ignorance every black man is the same. So in ten days the Refugee crossed Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and the English Chanel and acquired a AK47 and is living with his mates in a flat without other refugees. There is no evidence that the man is Syrian. A Muslim, working for Isis, lives in Britain. This guy could very well just be your garden verity of your gang members. English Defence League and Britain first randomly picked out 2 pictures of 2 remotely similar man and tries to blame Innocent Refugees. For shame.

Aman walks into a bar.

To the right of him is A Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook. There is a gun on the counter, and behind the counter a stack of books. He takes a seat at the counter and orders a drink, looking rather glum. The Bartender asks the man why he is so down. Aman says “My life is a joke”
The Bartender scoffs and replies to Aman “You wanna make something of yourself?”
Aman nods.
The Bartender says “Everyone in here is about to die, only you can find the culprit and stop them”
Aman looks up “Okay I’ll do it” he says and stands up.
“It’s too late” The Bartender says “They’re about to kill us all right now”
Aman replies “Then I must go back and stop them”
“Thank you” says the bartender
“But how do I go back and stop them?” Aman ask
“You know how” says The Bartender.

Aman walks into a bar.
To the right of him is A Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook. There is a gun on the counter and behind the counter a stack of books. He takes a seat at the counter and orders a drink, looking rather glum.
He ask the Bartender “What was the murder weapon?”
“A punch line” The Bartender replies
Aman scoffs, “This is too easy, I know who did it”
“Then save us” The Bartender replies.
“One last thing” Aman says “Is my drink ready?”
“It will be ready soon” replies The Bartender

Aman walks into a bar.
To the right of him is A Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook. There is a gun on the counter and behind the counter a stack of books. He takes a seat at the counter and orders a drink, looking rather glum.
Aman picks up the gun on the counter and shoots Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook.
“She does it” He says “She had the punch line”
“No she didn’t,” replies The Bartender “ and she doesn’t do it, only a fool would believe that”
Aman sighs “Is my drink ready”
“It will be ready soon” replies the Bartender

Aman walks into a bar.
To the right of him is A Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook. There is a gun on the counter and behind the counter a stack of books. He takes a seat at the counter and orders a drink, looking rather glum.
Aman picks up the gun on the counter and shoots Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook.
“I need to stop believing that the Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook does it, that she has the punchline” says Aman “How do I stop being a fool”
“You could get a formal education” says the bartender “But thats a heavy price”
“A price I am willing to pay” says Aman.
“You will need these” says the Bartender as he picks up the stack of books from behind the counter and sets them down.
“Thank you” says Aman as he picks up the stack of books “Is my drink ready?”
“It will be ready soon” replies the bartender

Aman walks into a bar.
To the right of him is A Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook. There is a gun on the counter and behind the counter a stack of books. He takes a seat at the counter and orders a drink, looking rather glum.
Aman picks up the gun on the counter and shoots Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook.
Aman sets down the stack of books on the counter
“Can I get a formal education?”
The Bartender takes the stack of books and sets them behind the counter, he then pours Aman a formal education and gives him the odd specifically named drink.
Aman drinks the formal education and feels a bit smarter.
“Thanks” Aman says “Though I think I may now have a headache.”
“Don’t blame the bar” says The Bartender “Blame yourself for walking into it”
Aman reflects on his life choices and ask “Is my drink ready”
“It will be ready soon” replies the Bartender

Aman walks into a bar.
To the right of him is A Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook. There is a gun on the counter and behind the counter a stack of books. He takes a seat at the counter and orders a drink, looking rather glum.
Aman says “The Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook did not do it and she does not have the punchline”
“Well only a fool would think she did” The Bartender says
The bartender offers Aman a bag of ice.
“No thanks” Aman replies “I like my formal education warm.”
“You need to stop walking into this bar” says the Bartender “It is probably the cause of your headache”
“This isn’t a bar,” says Aman “it’s a punch line”
Aman readies himself and ask the Bartender “Is my drink ready?”
“It will be ready soon” replies the Bartender

Aman walks into a bar.
To the right of him is A Lady with a golden tooth holding a golden fishing rod with a golden boxing glove as the hook. There is a gun on the counter and behind the counter a stack of books. He takes a seat at the counter and orders a drink, looking rather glum.

He quickly grabs the gun on the counter and whirls around and points it into the bar he just left.
He sees himself in the past getting a bag of ice from the bartender, further back he sees himself getting a formal education, before that receiving a stack of books, before that foolishly shooting a lady before that him asking the bartender about a the murder weapon, and at the begging, him telling the bartender his life is a joke.
Aman grits his teeth and pulls the trigger.

Aman grips his chest, riving in pain from just being shot and tumbles onto the floor. He manages to pull himself back into his seat and is sobbing loudly.
“I told you!” Aman says to the Bartender

“My life is a joke,”

The Bartender slides him the drink he ordered

“It’s about time!”

Trying out the Chocobros' Hobbies (and enjoying them)

While patiently waiting for requests and it just popped up in my head, so might as well XD
Oh and slight fluffs ahead XD

Noctis (Fishing)

Alright let’s face it: the dude fishes whenever he sees a pond, a lake, or ANY body of water that’s inhabited by fishes. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is. He just enjoys what most people find boring— fishing, and hearing his S/O wanting to try it low-key excites him. Noct would tell them tips and tricks in catching fishes and— *ahem*, “casually” wrap his arms around his S/O for the sole reason of “teaching them how to hold the fishing rod properly” (the smooth, clever bastard XD).

The first time his S/O fished, they had some good catch thanks to Noct’s help. Funny thing was when his S/O tried to fish without his help, they caught a rather large and rare fish. They had to struggle reeling in and the line was about to snap, but managed to catch the fish.

Or so they thought XD

The fish jerked hard enough to snap the line when Noct’s S/O was looking at their catch. And so the fish swam away, much to their dismay. Noct would just pat their back lightly and say something like “there’s always next time”. His S/O, though, said something that brought a smile to the Prince’s face.

“Let’s fish again some time”

Prompto (Photography)
There’s only one camera the group carries and it’s Prompto’s. While this precious, chocobo-loving boy let’s his friends use his camera often, he would not not tell them to be careful. That’s his camera right there. When it’s his S/O we’re talking about though, it’s a different story. The moment they said they wanted to try taking good shots of… well, pictures, Prompto was energized and hurriedly took them to a scenic spot near the camping sight at the perfect time: sunset by a hill.

Like Noct, Prompto would tell them simple tricks he uses when he takes his pictures. Oh and he even demonstrated his skills using his S/O as the model, much to their slight embarrassment but they knew they had to be used to it. He’d give his camera to them and let them take a shot of the scenery with him smiling behind them.

Prompto would be so happy that his S/O was enjoying the same thing he loves doing that he would constantly suggest trying a different spot to take a photo.

“Oh oh! Try taking a picture of me from there!”
“Remember what I said about apertures and depth of fields? How about you blur the scene behind me?”
“Let’s take a selfie!”

All were said with a huge smile plastered on this precious chocobro.

Gladiolus (Training/Exercising)
What better way to make this man smile first thing in the morning? Oh I don’t know, wake up as early as he does and volunteer to exercise with him might do the trick. Yes it will, but he’d probably be smirking and asking his S/O only one question: “You sure you want to train with me? ‘Cause I ain’t going easy on you”.But come on would they really wake up early in the morning to joke?

So what was it? Jogging and exercising. Gladio was a man of his words. He never went easy on his S/O. Beating them in jogging and outmatching them in exercises such as push-ups and crunches.

Gladio would probably be amused seeing his S/O trying to do heavy exercises, but he’d be there coaching and encouraging them. Being rather protective in his nature, he would occasionally tell his S/O not to push themselves too hard and rest when they absolutely feel the need to.

Overall, Gladio would definitely enjoy having a partner in training. Having an S/O willing to train with him? He’d definitely love them more.

Let’s not forget that they— his S/O, would probably end up with an aching body the next day.

Ignis (Cooking)
His S/O wanting to try cooking would pique his interest and curiosity. It’s not like they didn’t how to cook, but they wanted to cook something different rather than the usual beginner recipes like eggs and such. The two would look for the ingredients they needed and Iggy would probably write down the step-by-steps of the recipe should his S/O wanted to try cooking on their own.

But this mother hen of a man would probably end up helping them with the cooking anyway. One such help is— *ahem again* having to wrap his arms around his S/O just to show how to cut a damn Leiden. Potato. Best part of that? He’s just chill about doing that.

Iggy would be satisfied seeing that his S/O was enjoying his hobby that the latter didn’t notice that mother hen had slowly stopped assisting them and allowed them to cook on their own towards the later part of the recipe. And when I do mean later part of the recipe, I mean by towards the last two steps. Mother hens will always be mother hens.

Ignis would definitely be the first to taste test their recipe. By the end of it, both of them would’ve enjoyed not only cooking, but each others company.
Hey, maybe discovering new recipes together? Oh yes.

[Translation] official Sourin MOOK original drama (complete)

scans by @sunyshore


Matsuoka Rin as Police of Samezuka Station
Yamazaki Sousuke as Police of Samezuka Station
Mikobashi Seijuurou as Chief of Samezuka Station
Nitori Aiichirou as Phantom Thief Duck
Mikobashi Momotarou as Phantom Thief Sea Otter
Uozumi Takuya as Smuggler A
Minami Kazuki as Smuggler B
Nakagawa Shouta as Billionaire

○ Inside a club (at night)

Club-goers dance wildly to the loud music blasting at full volume on the dance floor.  Sousuke walks in wearing plainclothes.  He surveys the hall with piercing eyes.


At a far corner, two suspicious-looking men stand, holding a suitcase.  They are Uozumi and Minami.

Sousuke dances to the music and slowly walks toward the center of the dance floor.  Ignoring the women trying to approach him, he dances his way past the dance floor to the bar counter.

Uozumi is just opening the suitcase on the counter. It is filled and tightly packed with used competition swimsuits. A trafficking deal caught red-handed…

Sousuke: Bingo…

Sousuke whispers to himself.  He takes his gun out and points it at Uozumi and Minami.

Sousuke: Hold up…

Uozumi: Dammit…!

Uozumi launches at Sousuke. Sousuke roundhouse-kicks him gracefully.  Uozumi is sent all the way to the back of the counter. Wine bottles and glasses crash and break into pieces.  The club-goers scream…
Minami tries to escape, and Sousuke grabs him by the arm and presses him onto the floor.

Minami: Ouch! It hurts!
Sousuke: Give it up.

At the same time, Uozumi gets up, and still wobbly, holds up a stool and is about to attack Sousuke from the back.

Sousuke: …!

And then-


A hand reaches out in time to stop the stool and subdue Uozumi…

Rin: You always mess up at the last stage don’t you, Sousuke?

Sousuke: Rin!?

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a/n: Welcome to the second part and I’m very happy to know many people (uhh can I count it as many? 40+ is a lot of notes for me!) liked the first part and waited for this :’) What will happen in this chapter? Hope this train will lead you to a safe place (?)

This chapter, as I’ve ever mentioned, inspired mostly by my favorite llw song, Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku of course, also Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan. Personally, I’m not really satisfied by what I just typed … like I want to indulge more in umimaki but I have to wait for some other time to do it.

And well, I do encourage anyone to post some umimaki for Maki’s birthday too! Haha!

Do enjoy~

Pairing: UmiMaki
Setting(s): Semi-canon. Adulthood timeline.

[03/15]04/19. ~6000 words 

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So I have over 100 story drafts/ideas/sample chapters saved on my phone, and I found a Hijack one. Its a Modern AU, but with Jack as a Merman. Though I need to tweak it, I thought I’d post it. If anyone wants more, I will happily continue.

I wish I could put this note thing in bold but I’m on mobile since its 01:33 am.

Anyways, this would evolve to be Hijack. Enjoy this little idea. Take note of the following:

1) Stoick is the Mayor of a Rich Seaside town, near the Island of Berk, and runs a technology business.

2) Hiccup looks how he appears in HTTYD 2, same with the other characters.

3) Idk. Enjoy?

Title: Shimmering Scales

(Title not finalized, I’m open to suggestions)

This is a hella long chapter.


“HICCUP HADDOCK! If you don’t get your ass down here this instant, we’re leaving without you!”

Hiccup groaned as Astrid’s shouting abruptly woke him.

“IM UP, ASTRID! Geez.” Hiccup shouted back.

Stretching, Hiccup dragged himself out of bed. Stumbling around the room, he quickly dressed, in simple green swim trunks, and a matching wetsuit shirt.


“I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT!” Hiccup retorted, slinging on his backpack, and hastily slipping on flip-flops. Grabbing two sports bags, and the case containing his fishing equipment, he rushed downstairs, quickly pocketing his mobile phone.

“Son, you be safe out there. Call every night.” Stoick patted Hiccup’s shoulder awkwardly.

“Yeah, dad. I will.” Hiccup rolled his eyes.

“Hiccup?” Astrid gaped.

“Astrid!” Hiccup turned to face his childhood friend. “Woah! I’m taller than you!”

Astrid swiftly punched him in the stomach.

“Don’t get cocky.” Astrid smirked. “You know, shrimp, I actually missed you.”

“I missed you too Astrid.” Hiccup grinned.

“C'mon, the guys are waiting at the port.” Astrid rolled her eyes, hands on her hips, wearing a black wetsuit.

“Hiccup, keys.” Stoick threw him the boat keys.

“Yeaah I might need those.” Hiccup nodded to Stoick, before jumping into the passenger seat of Astrid’s blue convertible, dumping his bags in the back.

Astrid got in beside Hiccup, and the two waved at Stoick before driving off, the cool summer breeze rushing through their hair.

“Fifth annual fishing trip!” Hiccup grinned goofily, hastily combing his hair, after noting how messy it looked.

“Diving too. And snorkelling. Snotlout got his dad to lend him the gear. The twins bought the food this year, seeing as your dad is fuelling the boat, and you’ve got most of the gear we need.” Astrid smiled.

“Sweet. So, a whole month on the boat, huh?” Hiccup leaned back in his seat.

“Mhm. Well, it’s our fifth annual trip, its gotta be special. ‘Sides, Hic, we’re all done with college. Celebrations are in order.” Astrid turned the car into the port’s car park. “I can’t wait to see Snotlout’s face when he realizes you’re taller than him now!”

“Only by a couple of inches, Astrid.” Hiccup rolled his eyes.

“GUYS!” Fishlegs ran over, panting.

When Hiccup got out of the car, he abruptly stopped. Fishleg’s mouth dropped.

“Hiccup! Dude!” He rushed over, and fist-pumped the green eyed teen. “Looking good!”

“Thanks, Fishlegs.” Hiccup grinned sheepishly.

“Oh, Astrid? My mom says she’ll take your car back for you.” Fishlegs turned to Astrid, who nodded.

“Fishlegs, slow down.” Fishlegs mother joined them, rather out of breath. “Hiccup! You’ve grown.”

“I know.” Hiccup blushed as he pulled on his backpack, balancing all his equipment.

“Thanks for looking after my car, Mrs Ingerman.” Astrid smiled, hanging the woman her car keys, also balancing her bags.

“No problem, Astrid sweetheart.” Mrs Ingerman smiled warmly.

“We better be going.” Fishlegs glanced at his waterproof watch.

“You have a good time!” Mrs Ingermen called as they rushed off. “Call me every night, son!”

After several minutes, they finally reached where Stoick’s boat was docked, a luxurious, modern ship that had all the bells and whistles, standing out from the speedboats either side of it.

“Finally!” Snotlout stood up, from where he had been previously sitting on the wooden docks, wearing similar swimming gear to Hiccups, just in a dark blue.

“You guys took forever.” Tuffnut complained. He went shirtless, unashamedly.

Ruffnut elbowed him, wearing a simple black, short wetsuit. She blinked upon noticing Hiccup.

“Snotlout, the shrimps taller than you now.” Astrid grinned.

“He is not.” Snotlout marched up, only to see that Hiccup was indeed several inches taller. “I’ve still got more muscle.”

“Good to see you too, 'muscles’.” Hiccup rolled his eyes sarcastically.

Tuffnut snorted.

Snotlout rolled his eyes back, smirking, but nodded and grinned. He turned back to the boat.

“So, we getting on or not?” Ruffnut raised an eyebrow.

Hiccup put down his bags, and got out the remote-like keys for the boat. Pressing a button, he grinned as the door in the side of the boat opened, stepping back as the slope slid down, before fastening securely to the edge of the dock.

“Definitely bigger than the photos you sent.” Astrid shook her head before walking up the slope, and disappearing into the boat.

“It is good to see you, fishbone.” Ruffnut grinned as she followed after Astrid, helping her brother to push in the huge trolley of food.

Hiccup waited until the two returned for their bags, before he and Snotlout followed, also dragging their heavy bags. Once they were all inside, Hiccup pressed another button, and the slope slid back, under a panel in the floor, and the door closed.

“Dude…” Snotlout whistled.

Hiccup turned round, and also gaped. The ship was even more impressive in real life. The small hallway led into a huge lounge, with plush sofas, and an equally large television. Glass display cabinets of movies and games lined the walls, along with tasteful paintings and posters.

There was a circular platform with a modern round table, and the kitchen, also a respectful size, opened up into the lounge. Two large glass sliding doors opened up onto a balcony, which went all around the ship. At the bow of the boat, the balcony widened, and they were surprised to see a hot tub there.

“Hey, there’s a note for you.” Tuffnut handed Hiccup a note he had found on the table.

Raising an eyebrow, Hiccup proceeded to read the note aloud, at the urging of his friends, who now held mischievous glints in their eyes.

“Son,” Hiccup began reading. “This boat is my gift…to you. I want to make up for treating you so bad. I’m proud of you, I know I don’t say it enough. Just know that I am. You passed your Boating, Engineering, and Mechanics courses four years early. Your mother would be proud. I know this doesn’t excuse my behavior…but I hope it helps to show..even a little…how sorry I am. I’m going to stop writing now, or you’ll think I’ve gone soft. Can’t have that.”

“Its double sided.” Snotlout noted.

“Fuel tank is completely full, and I’ve made arrangements for you and your friends to have the uh…small island, Berk, to yourselves this month. Take care of yourself, or you’ll never hear the end of it.” Hiccup’s jaw dropped. He looked at his friends. “You guys knew??”

“Keeping quiet is not natural for me.” Tuffnut grinned.

“Stoick told us a week ago.” Astrid shrugged.

“Dude, this is your boat. This is pretty cool.” Snotlout elbowed Hiccup, smirking.

“Well…let’s unpack. Then we can get going. Berk awaits!” Hiccup grinned


It took a full hour for everyone to unpack, get the solar power going, and to unpack the food and drink. Tuffnut and Ruffnut were currently hooking their PS3 up to the large television. Still shocked, Hiccup marvelled at the upper floor of the boat, which held three bathrooms, and six single rooms, all a decent size, yet more stairs leading to the topmost part of the boat, which was covered.

“I’m going to take a look at the top of the boat.” Snotlout nodded. Hiccup handed him the remote-like key to get up there.

Shaking his head, he followed Astrid downstairs,  where the two joined Ruffnut and Tuffnut in hooking up their games consoles.

“Holy shit. This wasn’t on the photos.” Snotlout laughed from the top floor.

The rest of the group rushed up three flights of stairs, to join Snotlout on the now open-top of the boat. And promptly, they choked on the bottles of Pepsi they had been drinking. There was a diving board at the bow of the ship, and there was a low table, and leather beanbags for drinking while playing cards in the evening- there was even a mini fridge

The controls for the ship were on the left, in a separate little booth.

“Wow.” Hiccup admitted. “Okay, now that we’re all done looking at my dad’s ridiculous gift, can we go now?”

“Okay, walking fishbone.” The others smirked.


Several hours later, just as the sun was setting, the gang collapsed into the beanbags on the top of the boat, Hiccup having dropped anchor. The evening was warm, perfect temperature, the city was nowhere to be seen behind them, and they could faintly make out Berk Island in the distance. The waves were practically nonexistent.

“I’m going to do some fishing, maybe I can catch something for dinner.” Hiccup decided, getting up.

Snotlout decided to join Hiccup, and the two headed down, grabbing their equipment. Deciding to sit on the lower balcony, they threw the fishing net into the water, attaching it correctly to the boat, so they could pull it up quickly. Soon enough, they settled into deckchairs, holding their fishing rods, waiting.

“This is going to be a good summer.” Snotlout commented.

“For once, I agree with you.” Hiccup grinned.


After a full hour, and two cold beers each, they began to hear thrashing noises from something in the net, and Snotlout’s fishing rod seemed to catch something. Bubbles rose to the surface. Hiccup attempted to pull the net up, and Snotlout attempted to reel it in, but it was far too heavy. Frowning, Hiccup took off his flip flops, pulling his goggles from the pocket of his swim trunks.

“What are you doing?” Snotlout asked.

“I’m going to check, we could’ve accidentally caught a dolphin, can’t be too safe.” Hiccup nodded, pulling on his goggles, before taking a deep breath and diving into the water, Snotlout holding an electric lantern above, so Hiccup could see better.

Swimming deeper, Hiccup found the end of the net, and found a long, large, blue, scaled tail, with large regular fins, as well as side and dorsal-like fins, which were of a lighter shade of blue, and looked feather-soft. The scales glimmered as if they had a sheen silver covering. Many deep bite marks covered the beautiful tail. The fish continued to thrash. Diving deeper, Hiccup almost choked.

It wasn’t a fish.

Oh no.

It was a Merman. A genuine merman, as in the legendary mythical creature. This…Merman…had pale skin, with strange blue markings adorning his arms…along with many cuts and bruises. He was thin, and…Hiccup noted…the Merman was, truthfully, beautiful. Wide, electric blue eyes were set in an almost porcelain-like face, his ears were elegantly, almost elven pointed, and his hair was snow white.

Shaking his head to attempt to alleviate the shock, Hiccup noted the situation at hand. The merman had ceased his thrashing. Hiccup felt a twinge of guilt when he saw how tangled up the poor thing was- the net was wrapped round its neck, blocking his…gills, choking him, and his tail was equally as stuck. What’s more, the large hook of Snotlout’s fishing rod was piercing his lower tail, where a human’s ankles would normally be. He looked bewildered, and scared.

Hiccup was running out of breath. He gave the Merman a comforting look, before making a sawing gesture with his hands, trying to convey he was going to get a knife and cut him free. He then swam back up, gasping for air when he broke the water’s surface.

“Dude, I was beginning to think you drowned or something.” Snotlout frowned.

“I need a sharp knife.” Hiccup blurted.

“Dolphin?” Snotlout asked.

Hiccup didn’t reply. Snotlout rushed to the kitchen, and quickly returned with a serrated knife. Hiccup took it, thanking the other teen, and dove back under.

The merman had since lost consciousness, and his lips and face were an interesting shade of pale blue. Working quickly, he soon freed the merman, and gave an apologetic look before pulling the hook of Snotlout’s fishing rod free, a large amount of blood following it. Hiccup held the handle of the knife in his teeth, and got an arm round the merman’s waist. He struggled to the surface, willing himself to he strong.

Several moments later, he broke the water’s surface. Snotlout fell off his chair when he saw the merman, holding up the lantern, gaping when he saw the tail…and the blood. Snotlout took the blade from Hiccup, and put it aside, before helping his friend pull the merman aboard, fully onto the deck of the lower balcony.

“I know I didn’t have that much beer.” Snotlout pinched himself. “This is for real, isn’t it?”

Hiccup rolled his eyes, before beginning chest compressions on the merman, muttering curses under his breath.

“Go…get…the…others.” Hiccup spoke between compressions.

Snotlout rushed off. Moments later, the merman finally let out a shuddering cough. His eyes were dazed, and unfocused, and he looked confused, as well as more than a little scared.

“Hey, it’s ok.” Hiccup spoke reassuringly.

“Oh.my.Odin.” Astrid gasped as she appeared next to Hiccup. The others also crowded round, and the merman tried to back away,  but found he could get no further than sitting up.

“Give him some space.” Hiccup shooed them all away, and the others kept their distance.

Feeling even guiltier as the merman began to lose the energy to remain upright, Hiccup let him lean his head on his shoulder, getting his right arm round to support the merman’s back.

“He’s really hurt.” Astrid tentivately knelt down opposite Hiccup.

Hiccup followed her gaze, now able to see better in proper light.

“Oh shit.” He cursed.

Black and purple bruises covered the merman’s torso, and the deep bite marks in his tail looked even more gruesome. Numerous cuts and bruises covered his arms, and the fishing net had left bruises round his throat. The merman’s cheeks were flushed with what Hiccup presumed was a fever.

“Hey, can you understand me?” Hiccup looked down at the merman’s pale face, which was now covered in a sheen of sweat. “We’re going to help you.”

The merman nodded weakly. Hiccup bit his lip. The merman was too heavy to carry, and it would be awkward finding him a place to rest. The merman sensed Hiccup’s confusion, and closed his eyes, seemingly concentrated. A soft, blue light covered his tail, and, to the group’ shock, his tail slowly began to vanish, slender legs taking shape. Getting what the merman was trying, Hiccup pulled his towel off of his deckchair, and wrapped the merman in it, the huge towel almost like a bathrobe on the shivering creature.

Within minutes, the merman had legs…albeit covered with scales the same color as his tail, and still with gruesome wounds.

“Hey, Tuff?” Hiccup spoke up, holding the shivering, now…more human-like teen closer to him, making sure the long towel was covering him. “Go grab a pair of my shorter swimming trunks. Snotlout, uh…put the fishing equipment away…Ruffnut, grab a bowl of clean water. And…Astrid? Grab a first aid kit.”

No one objected to being ordered around for once, and rushed off to grab their assigned items.

Hiccup frowned as he felt the increasing temperature of the scaled young man, who was now unconscious, and winced at the slightest movement, & gave soft, almost pitiful mewls of pain. He had lost a dangerous amount of blood. Luckily, the others quickly returned, and left Hiccup alone when he asked.

Taking a deep breath, Hiccup took the towel off, breathing out when he saw no leg wounds were above the lower thighs. Averting his eyes, Hiccup managed to get the short, blue trunks onto the former merman, before gently lying him down, with the rolled up towel for a makeshift pillow.

Silently thanking his mother for passing on her medical knowledge, Hiccup opened the first aid kit, and using gauze dipped in the basin of cold water Ruffnut had brought, began to clean away the blood from the scaled legs. He breathed a sigh of relief when he found no veins or arteries had been nicked, then groaned when he realized the amount of stitches he had to do. He disinfected the needle, and threaded it, before getting to work.

A full half hour passed before he was done with the leg wounds, and Hiccup stretched, finishing the job with bandaging.

Yawning, Hiccup moved on to clean and bandage the cuts on the former merman’s hands and arms, applying salve to the bruises, including the net marks on his neck. Upon further inspection, he found that the poor guy had two broken ribs, and the rest were cracked and severely bruised.

He tightly wrapped the guy’s chest in the correct way for healing. Wiping the sweat from his own forehead, Hiccup nodded at his good work, before calling the others back out.

“I’ll..take care of this.” Astrid retrieved the first aid kit and water basin, before disappearing into the boat.

“Not how I expected the first night to go.” Tuffnut stretched.

“So…why didn’t we take him to a hospital?” Snotlout asked.

“Merman? Mythical creature of legend?” Hiccup rolled his eyes. “The media would be all over him, and scientists…who knows what they’d do.” He shuddered.

“You have a point.” Ruffnut agreed.

Hiccup slid a hand under the former merman’s slender, scaled, and bandaged legs, the other under his back. He slowly stood up, marvelling at how light the guy was now, and how he must be a head shorter than Hiccup. Carrying the guy kind of bridal style, he made his way up one flight of stairs, calling back to Astrid to get a coldpack from the freezer.

“There’s this spare room…he can rest there.” Hiccup got Snotlout to open the door to said room, which, like the others, had a large double bed. He used his elbow to turn the light on.

Astrid pulled back the soft, thick duvet, and Hiccup gently placed the former merman on the bed, so he was resting on his back, head resting on the plush pillows.

“You guys…um…could you make dinner? I’ll make sure our…friend here is alright.” Hiccup nodded.

Exchanging concerned looks, the others left. Hiccup pulled the duvet up until it rested just under the guy’s chin. Just as he was placing the blue ice/cold pack on the guy’s clammy forehead, he began to stir, eyes slowly opening. To Hiccup’s shock, tears began to fall.

Tentivately, he reached to wipe the tears away.

“Its ok, it’s ok.” Hiccup spoke soothingly. You’re safe now.“


Oh my glob I actually like this idea of mine. Why the hell didn’t I pick it up again?