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Cockles things that happened in January 2016

gOD THIS HAS BEEN A GREAT MONTH. We’re all gonna die when Jibcon happens. 

i tried to put this in order so it may or may not be idk

  1. Misha tweets congratulations to Jensen for winning ‘Favorite TV sci-fi Actor’ in the 2016 PCA’s 
  2. Jensen’s PCA acceptance video with Misha 
  3. Jensen replies to Misha’s congratulation tweet for his PCA
  5. Jensen and Misha holding up each others legs in a photo op
  6. The Skittles photo op 
  7. The cockles shells photo op 
  8. Another photo op at Jaxcon that has a J2M in it with jensen/misha riding a dinosaur aka the platonic bros”
  9. Jensen jumping on Misha at Jaxcon
  10. It looks like Misha wore Jensen’s jacket he wore at Karaoke 
  11. all the other gross adorable stuff that happened at Jaxcon
  12. oh hey look more cockles at Jaxcon
  13. SPN BTS photo with Misha’s chest reading “I am coming” with Jensen pointing at it. 
  14. Misha tweets at Jensen asking about destiel 
  15. Jensen replies to Misha’s tweet above with “ I blame u…for this and generally everything else”
  16. Misha replies to Jensen asking if he’s responsible for everything including “skinny jeans” ??? DORKS 

Who knows if Jensen replies again lol, But that’s all i’m aware of that happened this month.  If I missed something, point it out to me and i’ll add it to the list. 

ppl keep saying ‘well buckynat cant happen bc they’re not on the same team’ and its like a) thats not true at all and also b) have you considered buckynat clandestine meet ups after the teams go at it to check up on each other and hold each other tenderly in the pale moonlight 

“I feel like women have always written incredible songs, but I feel like right now what’s so rad is we’re all taking back the conversation and supporting each other and holding each other up. We’re taking notice of each other earlier on in each other’s careers.”

A quote by Hayley Williams featured in an article about the Grammy nominations. x

It totally took me by surprise when I got an invite from Vijay Sir to his office. He had loved ‘Premam’ and sincerely appreciated the efforts behind :)

Such a simple and down to earth person with no aura of stardom around him. We had a quality time discussing about cinema and his love for Kerala. A memorable day !!
Appreciations from people of his stature are priceless and that always gives us an extra push and encouragement to do more good movies. His honest behaviour and simple life were all a treat to watch. Thank You Sir :)
And Sir, we all are eagerly waiting for Theri…!! :)

Okay for real

No one can tell me that stydia isn’t a thing after that episode. Stiles has constantly been there to help Lydia and now Lydia is telling him how much he means to her because of it. They hold each other up and fight for each other throughout every season. So a big FUCK U for anyone who doubted that shit cause damn you got schooled

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My first thought when I heard Aaron was leaving I thought he would at least say goodbye to Robert first, but from the new spoilers I have a feeling he will just leave or try. I can see Robert just reaching Aaron as his getting in the taxi. Robert would be pleading with him to stay he would be trying to hold back tears as he tells him again how much he loves him. Aaron would say something about him needing to leave. A touch or look can say so much more than words sometimes so maybe Aaron takes Roberts hand and squeezes it or Robert cups one side of Aarons face, his thumb rubbing small circles. Each gesture conveying a simple message of sadness. Maybe without thinking about it they both have ended up wrapped in each others arms holding on incredibly tight. The hug telling how much they are going to miss each other. Aaron and Robert would slowly let go of each other and Aaron would get into the taxi. Robert would be barely holding it together as Aaron takes one last look at the window. Aaron would have tears slowly rolling down his checks.

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I feel like sc will never have moments like se in 1x18 where Elena insists soothingly that she's not afraid and he clings to her like she's his only rock in the world and whispers that he loves her so much. De never had that either, never had those soft moments where Elena hushed away Damon's demons. She just pushed them under the rug and said she didn't care about them. She stopped trying to help him be better once they were a couple

I 100% agree, anon. SC and DE are obviously different relationships than SE and it’s fine to have different dynamics and different shades to a couple but the thing is neither of those ships have the profundity of SE, have that implicit knowledge of each other that SE have, that kind of intimacy because in 1x18 that hug is more than a hug,it’s almost as if Stefan and Elena actually entwine themselves in each other’s arms and Elena is holding him up as he’s crumbling inwardly and the way he whispers, “I love you so much” is full of such intense emotion, gratitude and affection and there’s even awe there, like he can’t believe himself just how much he loves this woman who is holding him up at one of his breaking points. And it’s the same thing with 2x09 where Elena is on the verge of breaking down, her voice is cracking and she’s about to completely fall apart and Stefan simply moves toward her and she’s already in his arms and she clutches his back and wails but then can put her head on his shoulder and just let him hold her up in that moment. There’s a certain synchronization to Stelena that the other couples lack, DE because as you said, Elena never confronted Damon’s demons, she simply ignored them or worked herself into psychological knots to put them on someone else and with SC,as friends I think they got each other through a lot of hard times, as friends I think they worked as a kind of safe haven for each other but as a relationship, sometimes it just doesn’t work, two people who seem like they should fit, simply don’t and that’s SC to me; they’re insecure and secretive and awkward with each other so it’s like well, how could they possibly have that type of intimacy when it’s such a struggle for them to communicate the simplest things? JP has a quote about how this relationship is supposed to be like a “real” relationship in contrast to SE, which was epic and love at first sight and “naive” whereas SC is meant to be mature but, like, I need to know what JP defines as “mature” because Stefan and Elena had the most mature relationship, they were both perfectly secure in their relationship, they both trusted one another, did Elena take leaps of faith concerning Stefan that were risky? Yes. Did she ever regret them? No. Why? Because their relationship was strong enough, their love was strong enough to make those risks pay off. Perhaps Stefan began his relationship with Elena naively, thinking he could hide his vampirism from her, thinking it wouldn’t affect and effect their relationship but he quickly let that go and he even says in 1x18 “I said I would never keep anything from you so I’m telling you” (something to that effect) and he’s angry that Elena sees him as a junkie, angry that he’s losing control, tells her he doesn’t want her to know that that side of him exists but that’s normal? What boyfriend who is so completely in love with his girlfriend wants her to see the darkest aspects of himself? SC on the other hand … I feel like JP is writing them like they’re still in high school and they should be written as adults. Caroline is meant to be mature and she’s in college now and Stefan is over a century; whereas, ironically, SE wasn’t written like a high school relationship in high school because their connection went beyond the superficiality of that and no other couple on the show have or had that. And the Dobsley chemistry is a part of that too.

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how do u think sugamon would work out

tbh sugamon would be quite a good couple, they would chill out in the early mornings writing lyrics, not rly talking but just enjoying each other’s company. yoongi would probs drape his legs over namjoon when its too hot, or stuff his feet under namjoon’s thigh when its cold n soak up all his heat…

they’d probably be that couple who squabble a lot n casually bully each other but also hype each other up n hold hands under the dinner table :o

This might sound bad idk but i literally just do not care about being successful and achieving personal goals usually doesnt make me happy, what actually does make me happy is having and maintaining friendships which is something i struggle a lot with and i always end up friends with rly goal oriented ppl and just dont understand their pov, and i wish i had a friend group that like did whatever they did for money but the center of their lives wasnt their job or salary or anything like that it was each other and holding each other up, thats more beautiful than any career goal in the world imo and i wish that it was valued more and that friendship was valued more than “success” in general

Find your female tribe and love them hard! ✨👯💓
I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for women to have a good group of girlfriends.
Girlfriends who motivate, inspire, and push them.
Girlfriends who empower one another, lift each other up, and make you better.
Girlfriends to hold your hand, lend a shoulder to cry on, and not let you cry over boys.
Girlfriends to have meaningful conversations and get your “creative vibes flowin”. @clairemrphy 😏
Girlfriends who will wake up before the sun to hike to the top of the tallest mountain in your city. 🌄🌞🏃
Girlfriends who make you happy. ✨☺️
Tag your girlfriends below 👇 (at Top of Cowels Mountain, San Diego,CA)


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As usual, Marcus was enjoying another casual date with his boyfriend Miles. After showing him around his world a bit more, the young couple had decided to relax in a near by park. Since the Prince was a bit drained he tethered with his lover with permission of course, and continued to smile softly as they walked around. Since Miles was to shy to hold hands in public, they subtly held each others pinkies instead. 

Perking up when he sensed a Great Spirit near by, he blinked in surprise to see his Aunt Milla standing near by. Considering that she didn’t visit the human realm often he silently wondered what she was doing here…And why she looked so disturbed. 

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Why shouldn't we talk about Luke riding thighs? Michael has amazing thighs and Luke would look amazing on top of Michael, getting himself off. When Luke is getting close, Michael would grab his hips to guide him so their crouches are rubbing together. Luke would get so floppy after he'd finished, so Michael would shift Luke so he could grind against Luke's thigh. When Michael finished they would just hold each other, gently kissing before cleaning up and falling in the same bed to cuddle.

SHUT UP OMG *dies*

Things that would actually happen if Slon got Erika drunk:

– Erika suggesting that she and Slon “try on each other’s clothes”

– Erika holding two hairbrushes up to her eyebrows “LOOK WE ARE TWINS”

– Erika asks to watch a dirty movie but Slon puts on children’s cartoons instead, and Erika doesn’t know the difference

– Erika uses the bathroom with the door wide open while Slon stands in the corner facing the wall

– Erika makes a prank phone call to Slon’s cell and he pretends that he has no idea who it is

– Erika says “I’m gonna go to my room now” and locks herself in the closet

– Erika calls Slon’s phone again, this time to order takeout

– Erika writes a song for Slon, but there are no words and no melody

The Tender Night

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by letthesongtakeflight

Tumblr post by ntashas: ppl keep saying ‘well buckynat cant happen bc they’re not on the same team’ and its like a) thats not true at all and also b) have you considered buckynat clandestine meet ups after the teams go at it to check up on each other and hold each other tenderly in the pale moonlight.

Words: 516, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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“Hold your head up high, she would want you to.”

Soulmate (Part 2)

The first time I kissed a British boy
He leaned left, instead of right
And we ended up laughing, noses touching
Holding each other under a street light,
Around the corner from my house
Sometimes, we bicker over the pronunciation of vowels
But we have the same accent, the same passport
He was the first boy I kissed
Who didn’t have a flight ticket in his back pocket
The first time something that was started
Could be ended by anything other than geography
This is the first time I’m dating someone
Who takes their tea the same way as me-
Milk, no sugar
The first time that could be the last time
The first time we can meet in the coffee shop
Across the street from where I grew up,
Shaking off our jackets
From an English rain storm